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Full text of "Genealogy of the Dexter family in America; descendants of Thomas Dexter, together with a record of other allied families;"

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Descendants  of  Thomas  Dexter 

Together  -with  the  record  of  other 
allied  families 

Compiled  by 

William  A.  Warden      Robert  L.  Dexter 

fVcrcater,  Mass.  Mattapoisett,  Mass. 

Worcester,  Mass.,  U.S.A. 

I  905 



-  y 


So  much  interest  has  been  manife.sted  at  the  Dexter  family 
reunions,  in  the  history  of  the  family  ancestors,  that  tlie  com- 
pilers decided  to  secnre  such  adcliticmal  data  as  was  possible 
to  add  to  Avhat  they  had  on  hand  and  to  publish  a  (ienealogy  of 
the  Dexter  family,  together  with  mention  of  other  families  con- 
nected by  marriage. 

We  do  not  expect  this  ^\•ork  is  free  from  errors,  but  we  have 
tried  to  have  them  as  few  as  possible,  and  we  would  esteem  it 
a  favor  if  any  of  our  readers  will  inform  us  of  any  errors  that 
may  come  to  their  notice.  We  would  be  very  glad  to  receive  any 
additions  to  family  records  for  use  when  occasion  may  offer. 

In  compiling  this  work  we  have  made  free  use  of  public  libra- 
ries, family  Bibles,  records  of  cities  and  towns,  churches,  anti- 
quarian and  genealogical  societies,  together  with  extended  cor- 
respondence with  scores  of  individuals,  and  every  other  source 
of  information  within  our  reach ;  and  we  wish  at  this  time  to 
thank  all  those  who  have  contributed  in  any  way  to  the  success 
of  this  work. 

In  arranging  this  record  we  have  given  each  person  a  serial 
number  in  Arabic  figures,  and  the  family  number  in  Roman 

The  column  of  figures  on  the  left  margin  of  page  is  from 
beginning  to  end  the  general  enumeration,  and  where  they  are 
followed  by  an  asterisk  [*]  it  shows  that  the  record  of  family 
is  found  under  that  number.  By  this  plan,  to  trace  out  any 
particular  one,  you  have  only  to  take  the  number  at  the  head  of 
chapter  or  paragraph  and  turn  back  to  same  number  in  the 
margin  and  you  will  there  find  the  i)arentage,  and  the  same 
process  continued  Avill  take  vou  .back  to  the  first  generations. 

Thomas    Dexter 


Of  the  early  life  of  Thomas  Dexter,  the  first  ancestor  of  this 
line  of  Dexters  to  arrive  in  this  country,  but  little  is  known. 
He  came  either  with  Mr.  Endicott  in  1629  or  in  the  fleet  with 
Governor  Winthrop  in  1630.  He  brought  with  him  three  of 
his  children  at  least,  and  several  servants,  but  as  there  is  no 
record  of  his  wife,  it  is  presumed  that  she  died  before  they 
sailed  from  England.  There  is  some  reason  to  believe  that  they 
belonged  in  the  neighborhood  of  Bristol,  England,  for  in  the 
years  that  followed  he  had  considerable  dealing  with  people 
who  lived  there.  In  1640  he  gave  a  mortgage  of  his  800-acre 
farm  at  Lynn  to  Humphrey  Hooke,  alderman  of  Bristol,  Eng. 

He  had  received  a  good  education,  and  wrote  a  beautiful 
hand,  as  papers  now  in  existence  will  show ;  was  a  man  of  great 
energy  of  character,  public-spirited,  and  ever  ■  ready  to  con- 
tribute to  the  support  of  any  enterprise  he  thought  to  be  of 
interest  to  the  colony;  always  independent,  and  fearless  in  the 
expression  of  his  opinions.  Such  were  the  leading  traits;  but 
it  must  be  admitted,  says  one  writer,  "that  his  energy  of  char- 
acter bordered  on  stubbornness  and  his  independence  of  thought 
on  indiscretion  and  self-will." 

In  1630,  in  the  prime  of  life  and  with  ample  means,  he  set- 
tled on  a  farm  of  800  acres  in  the  town  of  Lynn,  INIass.  He 
had  many  servants,  and  was  called  "Farmer  Dexter."  The 
house  was  on  the  west  side  of  the  Saugiis  River,  about  where  the 
iron  works  were  afterward  erected. 

In  1633  he  built  a  bridge  over  the  Saugus  River  and  stretched 
a  weir  across  it.  and  a  little  later  built  a  mill  near  bv. 


He  was  greatly  interested  in  starting  the  iron  works,  which 
were  the  first  to  be  built  in  this  section  of  the  country,  getting 
the  iron  ore  from  the  Cape.  He  interested  English  capital  in 
the  enterprise  and  became  the  general  manager.  Some  years 
later,  becoming  convinced  that  the  enterprise  could  not  prove 
satisfactory,  he  withdrew. 

He  became  a  freeman  in  1631,  but  soon  lost  the  honor,  for  he 
was  disfranchised  on  the  4th  of  March,  1633.  He  had  many 
quarrels  and  many  vexatious  lawsuits.  In  1631  he  had  a  quar- 
rel with  Captain  Endicott  (afterward  Governor),  in  which  the 
Salem  magistrate  struck  Mr.  Dexter,  who  had  him  complained 
of  in  court  at  Boston.  Mr.  Endicott  said  in  his  defense :  "I 
hear  I  am  much  complained  of  by  Goodman  Dexter  for  striking 
him.  Understanding  since  it  is  not  lawful  for  a  justice  of  the 
peace  to  strike,  but  if  you  had  seen  the  manner  of  his  carriage 
with  ■  such  daring  of  me,  with  arms  akimbo,  it  would  have 
provoked  a  very  patient  man.  He  has  given  out  that  if  I  had 
a  purse  he  would  make  me  empty  it,  and  if  he  cannot  have 
justice  here,  he  will  do  wonders  in  England,  and  if  he  cannot 
prevail  there,  he  Avill  try  it  out  with  me  here  at  blows.  If  it 
were  lawful  for  me  to  try  it  out  at  blows  and  he  a  fit  man  for 
me  to  deal  with,  you  would  not  hear  me  complain."  The  jury 
gave  Mr.  Dexter  a  verdict  of  £10. 

In  1633  the  court  ordered  Mr.  Dexter  to  be  set  in  the  bilboes, 
disfranchised  and  fined  £10  for  speaking  reproachful  and  sedi- 
tious words  against  the  government  here  established. 

Mr.  Dexter,  having  been  insulted  by  Samuel  Hutchinson,  met 
him  one  day  on  the  road,  ' '  and  jumping  from  his  horse  bestowed 
about  twenty  blows  on  the  head  and  shoulders  of  Hutchinson, 
to  the  no  small  danger  or  deray  of  his  senses  as  well  as  sensi- 
bilities." These  facts  would  indicate  that  Mr.  Dexter  was  not 
a  meek  man. 

In  1637  he  and  nine  others  obtained  from  the  Plymouth 
Colony  court  a  grant  of  the  township  of  Sandwich.  He  went 
there  and  built  the  first  grist  mill.  He  did  hot  remain  there 
long,  however,  for  in  1638,  he  had  350  acres  assigned  to  him  as 
one  of  the  inhabitants  of  Lynn.  He  remained  in  Lynn-  until 
16-46.     About  this  time  he  purchased  two  farms  in  Barnstable, 



one  adjoining  the  mill-stream  and  afterwards  occupied  by  Ms  son 
William,  and  tlie  other  farm  on  the  northeastern  declivity  of 
"Scorton  Hill."  His  dwelling  was  situated  on  the  north  side 
of  the  old  county  road,  and  commanded  an  extensive  prospect 
of  the  country  for  miles  around.  Here  he  lived  a  quieter  life, 
yet  could  not  keep  entirely  free  from  lawsuits,  for  in  1648  he 
had  no  less  than  six  lawsuits  in  court,  all  decided  in  his  favor. 

His  greatest  lawsuit  was  with  the  inhabitants  of  Lynn  over 
the  ownership  of  the  land  where  Nahant  now  is.  This  land 
]\Ir.  Dexter  bought  of  the  Indian  chief  Pogiianum,  or  "Black 
"Will,"  paying  for  the  same  a  suit  of  good  clothes.  This  he 
fenced  in  and  used  it  to  pasture  his  cows.  The  title  to  this 
was  disputed  by  the  other  inhabitants  (1657)  who,  if  his  claim  was 
denied,  would  share  in  the  division  of  the  land.  The  result  was 
a  defeat  for  him  and  his  heirs,  although  they  kept  it  in  court 
over  thirty-eight  3'ears. 

In  1657  Mr.  Dexter  took  the  oath  of  fidelity.  He  was 
admitted  freeman  of  Plymouth  Colony  on  June  1,  1658.  For  the 
next  eighteen  years  he  lived  a  quiet,  retired  life  on  his  farm. 
During  the  later  years  of  his  life  he  appears  to  have  conveyed 
his  mill  and  his  large  real  estate  in  Sandwich  to  his  son 
Thomas^,  Jr.,  and  his  "West  Barnstable  farm  to  his  son  William, 
retaining  his  Scorton  Hill  farm  and  his  personal  estatefm^  his 
own  use.  He  sold  this  last  mentioned  farm  in  1673  to  William 
Troope  (Throope). 

He  then  removed  to  Boston,  that  he  might  spend  the 
remainder  of  his  days  with  his  daughter,  who  was  the  wife  of 
Captain  Oliver.  He  died  there  in  1677,  and  was  buried  in  the 
Oliver  tomb  in  King's  Chapel  burying-ground. 

Taken  all  in  all,  he  was  one  of  the  foremost  men  of  his  times. 
He  had  faults ;  and  who  has  not  ?  No  attempt  has  been  made  in 
this  to  veil  them.  He  was  not  one  to  hide  his  light  under  a 
bushel,  and  in  estimating  his  character  we  must  inquire  what 
he  did,  not  what  he  might  have  done.  Who  did  more  than 
Thomas  Dexter  to  promote  the  interest  of  the  infant  colony  at 
Lynn,  with  the  l)uilding  of  the  weir,  the  bridge,  the  mill  and 
the  great  iron  works?  Who  did  more  at  Sandwich  and  at 
Barnstable,  where  he  built  bridges,  mills  and  roads,  improve- 


ments  that  the  public  took  interest  in?       For  these  acts  he  is 
deserving'   credit,   and  they  will   forever   embalm   his  memory. 
As  to   religions  matters,   he   was   a  member   of  tlio   Pnritan 
Church,  yet  tolerant  and  liberal  in  his  views. 

Children : 

2"      i     Thomas-  Dexter,  b.  England;  m.  Elizabeth  Vincent,  1648. 

3*    ii     "William-  Dexter,   b.   England;   m.   Sarah  Vincent,  1653. 

4*  iii     Mary^   Dexter,   b.    England;    m.    (1)    John   Frend,   m.    (2)    Captain 

James  Oliver. 
5*    iv     Frances"  Dexter,  b.  England;   m.  Richard  Woodde,  or   [Woodee]. 

XoTE. — Thomas  Dexter  and  Edmund  Freeman  were  both  among  the  grant- 
ors of  Sandwich,  and  both  came  from  Lynn  and  were  neighbors,  and  in 
the  fifth  generation  the  families  were  united.  Samuel  Dexter  of  Hardwick] 
married  Thankful  Freeman,  a  descendant  of  Edmund  Freeman. 

Thomas-  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas^  Dexter,  was  l)orn  in  England 
and  came  to  this  country  with  his  father.  In  1647  he  was 
chosen  constable  for  the  town  of  Sandwich.  This  proves 
that  he  miLst  have  been  born  before  the  family  came  to 
America,  as  he  must  have  been  over  twenty-four  years  of 
age  when  elected  constable.  In  1648  he  kept  the  mill  that 
his  father  built  in  1640.  In  1655  he  was  commissioned 
Ensign  of  a  company  of  militia,  which  office  he  held  many 
years,  and  was  known  as  "Ensign  Dexter."  He  served 
upon  the  jury  very  often  between  1652  and  1659,  and  was 
elected  surveyor  of  highways  and  collector  of  taxes  1675, 
and  the  record  says  he  was  an  inn-keeper  1680.  He  did 
not  have  the  fondness  for  lawsuits  that  his  father  had,  l)ut 
he  did  inherit  some  of  his  father's  quarrels  about  line 
fences,  but  these  he  settled  by  adjustment.  In  one  case 
when  there  was  a  dispute  between  the  town  of  Sandwich 
and  him,  the  matter  was  left  to  ]\Ir.  Thomas  Prence,  ^Nlr. 
Thomas  Hinckley  and  ]\Ir.  Constant  Southworth  to  settle. 
These  men  were  among  the  most  prominent  men  in  the 
colonv.     In  1663  Mr.  Thomas  Hincklev,  Mr.  Constant  South- 


wortli  and  he  were  a  committee  to  settle  the  boundary 
between  Sandwich  and  Plymouth.  In  1655  he  was,  ac- 
cording to  tlie  usag-es  of  the  times,  entitled  to  the  honor  of 
lieing  styled  "]Mister,"  and  in  the  latter  part  of  his  life. 
lieing  a  large  land-owner,  was  styled  "Gentleman."  He 
appears  to  have  been  a  worthy  man,  enterprising,  useful,  a 
good  neighbor  and  a  good  citizen.  In  addition  to  the  land 
received  from  his  father,  he  was  granted  100  acres  upland 
in  Sandwich  in  1667. 

He  married  Elizabeth  Vincent,  8  Nov.,  1648,  and  they  had 
five  children,  all  being  alive  except  Thomas'  at  the  time  of 
his.  death  (which  occurred  29  Dec,  1686),  and  are  men- 
tioned in  the  division  of  his  property,  which  was  as  fol- 
lows, viz. : 

Agreement  for  division  of  property  of  late  Thomas- 
Dexter,  Gentleman,  February  16,  1686-7,  between  Eliz- 
abeth Dexter,  Daniel  Allen  of  Swansea  for  his  wife  Mary, 
Jonathan  Hallett  of  Yarmouth  for  his  wife  Abigail,  and 
John  Dexter:  "The  mdow  to  have  one-third  part  of  all 
the  movable  estate  and  chatties,  the  mill  excepted,  also  to 
enjoy  ye  westerly  end  of  the  dwelling  house,  both  cellar 
and  two  lower  rooms  and  chamber  and  garrett  for  the  rest 
of  her  life ;  but  if  she  sees  fit  to  rent  her  part  she  is  to  let 
her  son  John  Dexter  or  his  heirs  have  the  refusal  of  it.  at 
same  price  othei's  would  pay.  She  is  also  to  have  the  corn, 
rye,  wheat,  butter  and  meat  she  now  possesses;  and  her  son 
Jolm  is  to  cut  and  carry  home  for  her  suitable  and  suffi- 
cient firewood  while  she  dwells  in  Sandwich,  to  winter  and 
suiiuiifi-  two  cows  for  her  and  to  pay  her  £9  per  annum 
wliile  she  lives.  The  son  John  to  have  the  rest  of  estate 
lioth  real  and  personal  paying  to  his  sister  Elizabeth  Dexter 
£55  (£5  down  and  balance  in  four  years,  but  if  she  marries 
Avithin  three  years  the  £50  is  to  be  paid  within  one  year 
after  her  marriage).  To  Jonathan  Ilallet  £50,  one  half  on 
next  Michaelmas  day,  the  rest  within  three  years  from  date 
of  agreement.  To  Daniel  Allen  £16  on  or  before  16  Feb., 
1688-89.  John  is  to  pay  all  debts  and  receive  all  debts  due 
th<- estate." 

DKXTEK     FA.M1LV     (;ENKAI>()(i  V.  1] 

[Elizabeth  Dexter,  Jr.,  and  .I()Iki11i;iii  Ilallett  si^iiccl  l)y 
marks.  Witnesses  were  Stephen  Skiff,  James  Pereival,  Wni. 
Bassett.  Jnne,  1687.] 

Children,  hoi-n   in  Sandwich  : 

6*      i-   Mary'  Dexter,  b.    11    Aug.,  1(349;  in.  12  Oct.,  1670,  Daniel  Allen  of 

7  ii     Elizabeth'  Dexter,  b.  21  Sept.,  1651;   died  young. 

8  iii     Thomas-'  Dexter,  b.   1653;   died  1679. 

9*   iv     John'  Dexter,  b.  1656;  m.  Mahitabel  Hallett,  10  Xov.,  1682. 
10       V     Elizabeth'  Dexter,  b.   7   Apr.,   1660.     In   1714  her  mother  left  her 

all   her   estate. 
11*    vi     Abigail'  Dexter,  b.  12  June,  1663;   m.  Jonathan  Hallett,   30  June, 


Note. — This  record  may  be  of  interest  to  some : 

Account  of  settlement  of  dispute,  September,  1647:  "We  whose  names 
are  here  under  written  doe  give  our  full  and  free  consent  that  Thomas 
Dexter  the  younger  shall  have  those  two  Islands  of  upland  that  lye  in  his 
mersh  near  John  Freeman's  house.  Witness  our  hands  this  20  Sept.,  1647, 
Edmund  Freeman,  Edward  Dillingham,  Wm.  Wood,  Gorg  Knot,  Thomas 
Dexter,  Thomas  Tupper. 

' '  I  doe  acknowledge  myself  freely   willing  hereunto.     Thomas  Prence. ' ' 

William"  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas^  Dexter,  was  born  in  England, 
came  to  America  with  his  father,  and  was  in  Barnstable  in 
1650.  He  lived  on  one  of  the  two  farms  that  his  father 
bought.  He  took  oath  in.  Barnstable  in  1657.  He  removed 
to  Rochester  about  1679  and  died  there  in  1694.  He  was 
one  of  a  party  of  thirty,  which  included  such  men  as  Wil- 
liam Bradford,  Kenelem  Winslow,  Thomas  Hinckley  and 
Rev.  Samuel  Arnold,  who  became  the  grantees  of  the  town 
of  Rochester.  When  he  died  he  owned  considerable  land 
both  in  Barnstable  and  in  Rochester  which  he  gave  to  his 
children,  as  follows:  James^  Dexter,  Thomas^  Dexter  and 
John^  Dextei-  had  the  Rochester  lands,  while  Stephen^ 
Dexter,  Philip^  Dexter  and  Benjamin''  Dexter  had  the 
Barnstable  land.        The    children    all    went    to    Rochester 


except  Philip,  who  removed  to  Falmouth,  Mass.,  and 
Stephen,  who  remained  in  Barnstable  and  who  was  the  only 
one  of  the  name  in  the  town  in  1703. 

William-  married  Sarah  Vincent,  July,  1653,  and  they 
had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Barnstable : 

12  i     Mary"  Dexter,   b.   Jan.,   1654;    m.   Moses  BarloTr.        Eemoved   to 

13"      ii    Stephen'  Dexter,  b.  May,  1657;  m.  Ann  Saunders. 
14*     iii     Philip'  Dexter,  b.  Sept.,  1659;  m.  Alice  Allen;  d.  1741. 
15*      iv   James'   Dexter,    b.   May,    1662;    d.   15    July,    1694;    m.   Elizabeth 

16*       V    Thomas'  Dexter,  b.   July,   1665;    m.    (1)    Mary  Miller,   1695,    (2) 

Sarah  C.  March,  1702 ;  d.  31  July,  1744.     No  issue. 

17*      vi   John'  Dexter,  b.  Aug.,  1668;  m.  Sarah  ;   d.  31  July,  1744. 

18*    vii   Benjamin'  Dexter,  b.   16  Feb.,  1670 ;   m.   Sarah   Arnold ;    d.   1784. 

Mary-  Dexter,  daughter  of  Thomas^  Dexter,  was  born  in  Eng- 
land and  came  to  America  with  her  father  and  settled  in 
Lynn.  She  married  (1)  John  Frend,  October,  1639,  and 
(2)  Captain  James  Oliver,  an  eminent  merchant  of  Boston. 
They  had  no  family,  but  her  father  came  to  live  with  them, 
and  was  there  in  1677  when  he  died,  and  Captain  Oliver 
was  one  of  the  administrators  of  his  estate. 

Captain  James  was  the  son  of  Thomas  and  Ann  Oliver, 
who  came  from  England  in  1632.  Thomas,  the  father,  was 
one  of  the  ruling  elders  and  of  wide  influence  in  the  affairs 
of  the  new  town.  Captain  James  was  admitted  freeman 
1640,  was  of  the  artillery  company  1651,  was  Lieutenant 
1653  and  Captain  1656  and  1666 ;  was  selectman  1653,  and 
for  several  years  inspector  of  the  port.  He  was  Captain 
of  first  military  company  of  Boston  1673,  was  appointed  to 
command  of  the  company  in  the  Narragansett  campaign,  and 
was  one  of  the  few  officers  that  passed  safely  through  the 
"great  swamp  fight." 


Frances-  Dexter,  daughter  of  Thomas^  Dexter,  born  in  England. 
It  is  not  certainly  known  whether  she  came  to  America  with 
her  father  or  came  later.  She  married  Sergeant  Richard 
Woodee,*  Jr.,  son  of  Richard  and  Annie  Woodee,  in  1647, 
and  they  had  eight  children,  born  in  Roxbury,  Mass.  The 
records  say  that  the  father  and  Samuel,  Richard,  Mary, 
Martha  and  Elizabeth  w^ere  dismissed  to  Third  Church, 
Boston,  in  1673. 

Children : 

19  i     Thomas^  Woodee,  b.  12  Dec,  1648;   d.  13  Oct.,  1650. 

20  ii     Maiy^  Woodee,  b.  21  Aug.,  1650;  m.  John  Dafferu;  three  children. 

21  iii     Martha'  Woodee,  b.   25  Feb.,  1651-2;  was  a  widow  1695. 

22  iv     Elizabeth'  Woodee,  b.  19  Sept.,  1653. 

23  V     Ann'  Woodee,  b.  12  July,  1655. 

24  vi     SamueP  Woodee,  b.  11  Sept.,  1656. 

25  vii     Eichard^  Woodee,  b.  3  Dec,  1658. 

26  viii     Sarah'  Woodee,  b.  26  March,  1661 ;  d.  23  Aug.,  1661. 


Mary^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Thomas-  [Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth 
[Vincent]  Dexter,  was  born  11  August,  1649,  at  Sand- 
wich, Mass.,  and  married  Daniel  Allen  of  Swansea,  12  Oct., 

They  had  nine  children,  born  in  Swansea: 

Mary*  Allen,  b.  17  Dec,  1671. 
Elizabeth*  Allen,  b.  28  Sept.,  1673. 
Thomas'  Allen,  b.  13  Oct.,  1676. 
Sarah'  Allen,  b.  13  Aug.,  1678. 
Daniel'  Allen,  b.  29  Aug.,  1680. 
Ebenezer'  Allen,  b.  31  Aug.,  1682. 
John'  Allen,  b.  6  Dec,  1684. 
Samuel'  Allen,  b.  16  May,  1687. 
Joseph'  Allen,  b.  21  May,  1690. 

*This  n^me  is  sometimes  spelled  Woodde. 




















John'  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas^  [Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth  [Vin- 
cent] Dexter,  was  born  in  Sandwich  1656.  He  was  admitted 
freeman  1681.  He  was  a  member'  of  militia  in  1675,  and 
while  acting  as  gnard  was  beaten  by  one  Joseph  Burge. 
Said  Burge  was  fined  £5,  and  10s.  was  given  to  John.  ■ 

He  married  10  Nov.,  1682,  Mehitabel  Hallett.  She  was 
■  the  daughter  of  Andrew  Hallett,  Jr.,*  of  Yarmouth,  who 
was  one  of  the  wealthiest  men  in  that  place. 

In  1686  he  sold  to  his  brother-in-law,  Jonathan  Hallett, 
a  negro  slave  called  "Harry,"  aged  29  years,  for  £20. 

Four  children,  born  in  Portsmouth,  R.  I. : 

Elizabeth*  Dexter,  b.  1  Nov.,   168.3. 

Thomas*  Dexter,  b.  26  Aug.,  1686;  m.  Mercy  Fish,  1710. 
Abigail*  Dexter,  b.  26  May,  1689;  m.  Job  Lawton,  10  Sept.,  1713. 
John*  Dexter,  b.  11  Sept.,  1692;   m.  Mercy  Manchester,  12  Dec, 


Abigail''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Thomas-  [Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth 
[Vincent]  Dexter,  was  born  12  June,  1663,  at  Sandwich, 
Mass.  She  married  Jonathan  Hallett  (on  30  June,  1683-4), 
the  son  of  Andrew  Hallett,  Jr.,  of  Yarmouth.  After  the 
death  of  his  father  he  removed  to  Yarmouth,  and  was  the 
wealthiest  man  in  that  town.     He  was  constable  in  1684. 









*Andrew  Hallett,  Jr.,  the  son  of  Andrew  Hallett  of  Weymouth,  England,  came  over 
in  1636  at  the  age  of  28.  His  father  came  over  at  an  earlier  date  and  was  known  as 
Schoolmaster  Hallett. 

Andrew,  Jr.,  settled  in  Lynn,  moving  to  Yarmouth  in  1637.  Admitted  as  freeman 
before  1640.  In  1642  he  bought  of  Giles  Hopkins  the  first  house  known  to  have  been 
built  by  white  men  in  town,  also  ten  acres  of  land.  He  afterward  purchased  other  lots 
until  he  owned  300  acres.  He  had  rights  in  the  common  land  for  500  acres  more;  he  also 
had  land  in  Barnstable. 

He  was  a  shrewd  calculator  and  good  business  man,  and  before  his  death  his  taxes 
amounted  to  one-twentieth  of  the  whole  tax  of  the  town.  He  died  in  1684,  aged  76 
years,  and  by  his  will,  after  providing  for  his  wife,  Annie  (who  was  a  daughter  of  An- 
thony Besse  of  Sandwich),  remembered  his  daughters  and  grandchildren  liberally. 
and  giving  to  his  oldest  son,  Jonathan  (who  married  Abigail  Dexter)  the  little  calves' 
pasture,  so  called,  as  a  token  of  his  right  as  oldest  son.  His  sons  John  and  Jonathan 
to  divide  the  rest  of  the  property  peacefully  between  them.  His  estate  was  valued  at 
£1180.    Much  of  his  landed  estate  remained  in  the  family  for  years. 






DEXTER     FA^rilA'     OEXEAT.OGV.  If) 

They  lived  in  the  same  house  with  his  mother  until  her 
death  in  1695,  when  he  built  a  new  house.  He  was  not  an 
ediTcated  man.  but  succeeded  in  o-etting-  together  considera- 
ble property  for  those  times.  He  died  14  Jan.,  1716-17, 
aged  69 ;  his  wife  died  12  Sept.,  1715,  aged  52,  and  they 
were  both  buried  in  the  old  burying-ground  at  Yarmouth. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  born  at  Yarmouth: 

MehitabeP  Hallett,  b.  ;  m.  Edward  Stm-ges,  2.5  Nov.,  1703. 

Ebenezer*  Hallett,  b.  ;   d.  1760;  married  three  times. 

Thomas*    Hallett,    1).    1(501;     d.    1772;    married    four    times;    no 

43  iv     Deacon   Jonathan*    Hallett,   b.    1693;    d.    1783;    m.    1719,    Desire 

Howes ;  eleven  children. 

44  V     David*   Hallett,  b.  ;   m.   1719,  Mary,  daughter   of  John   An- 

nable ;   ten  children.       Eemoved  to  Hyannis,  and  was  first  to 
build  there. 
4.5        vi     Abigail*  Hallett,  b.  ;  m.  Hatsuld  Freeman,  18  Jan.,  1710. 

46  vii     *  Hallett,  b.  ,  and  lived  to  be  over  100  years  old. 

47  viii     Elizabeth*  Hallett,  b. ;  m.  Paul  Crowell,  21  Oct.,  1714. 

48  ix     Timothy*  Hallett,  b.  1702;   d.  1771.     He  was  a  farmer  and  had 

six  children ;   was  married  three  times. 


Stephen^  Dexter,  son  of  William-  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vin- 
cent] Dexter,  was  born  in  Barnstable,  Mass.,  May,  1657, 
where  he  spent  his  whole  life.  He  married  Ann  Saunders 
on  27  April,  1696,  and  they  made  their  home  on  the  farm 
which  was  originally  his  grandfather  Thomas',  at  Dexter  lane, 
"West  Barnstable.  In  1703  he  was  the  only  one  of  the  name 
left  in  Barnstable.  He  died  in  1729,  his  will  being  probated 
17  March,  1729-30. 

Thej"  had  ten  children : 

49*        i     Mary*  Dexter,  b.  24  Aug.,  1696;  m.  Samuel  Chead,  a  March,  1717. 

50  ii     A  son  who  died  in  infancy,   23  Dec,  1698. 

51  iii     Abigail*  Dexter,  b.   13  May,  1699. 


52  iv  Content*  Dexter,  b.  5  Feb.,  1701;  m.  Eben  Saunders,  1725. 

53*  V  Ann'  Dexter,  b.  3  March,  1703 ;   m.  John  Williams,  1725. 

54  vi  Sarah''  Dexter,  b.  1   June,    1705. 

55  vii  Stephen' Dexter,  b.  26  July,  1707;  m.  Abigail  Collins,  1736.     Had 

his  father's  homestead. 

56  viii     Mercy'  Dexter,  b.  5  July,  1709. 

57  ix     Meriam'  Dexter,  b.  8  March,  1712. 

58  X     Cornelius'  Dexter,  b.   21  March,  1714;   never  married. 

Note. — Cornelius  and   Molly  lived  in  a  two-story  house  on   east  side  of 
Dexter  lane,  opposite  the  mill  pond. 


Philip^  Dexter,  son  of  AVilliam^  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vincent] 
Dexter,  was  born  at  Barnstable,  Mass.,  September,  1659. 
He  spent  his  early  days  in  Barnstable,  but  at  the  time  of 
his  marriage  to  Alice  Allen,  he  moved  to  Falmouth,  where 
he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life.  He  died  1741,  aged  82. 
He  was  miller  there  many  years.  At  one  time  he  was  com- 
plained of  for  charging  too  high,  but  as  he  was  the  only 
miller,  the  people  were  dependent  upon  him.  A  committee 
was  sent  to  consult  with  him,  but  the  record  does  not  reveal 
the  result,  but  at  a  later  period  he  was  paid  by  the  town  £30 
for  his  part  of  the  mill  and  the  land  that  the  pond  covered, 
so  it  may  be  that  the  matter  was  settled  in  that  way.  In 
1712  he  and  Thomas  Bowerman  were  appointed  to  lay  out 
land  of  the  "New  Purchase"  into  lots,  etc.  He  was  select- 
man, and  also  town  clerk. 

They  had  nine  children : 

59  i     Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  ;   m.  1756.       He  had  pew  number   10  in 

the  neAv  church  at  Falmouth. 

ii     Philip'  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Tamer  Chadwick,  19  Jan.,  1752. 

iii     Jabez'  Dexter,   m.   Mary  Dexter,   daughter   of   James'  Dexter   of 
John'  Dexter,   b.  • ;    d.   1723. 



















James^  Dexter,  son  of  William-  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vincent] 
Dexter,  was  born  in  Barnstable,  IMass.,  INIay,  1662.  He 
went  to  Rochester  with  his  father,  where  he  married  Eliza- 
beth Tobey.  They  had  three  children  born  in  Rochester. 
In  1712,  after  the  death  of  the  father,  INIary,  the  daughter, 
being  a  minor  over  11,  chose  Jabez  Dexter  (a  kins- 
man) for  guardian,  and  Deborah  chose  Samuel  Hunt  for 
her  guardian. 

Children : 

68  i     Elizabeth*  Dexter,   b. — — . 

69  ii     Mary*  Dexter,  b.  5  Aug.,  1692;   m.  before  1715  to  Jabez  Dexter 

of  Falmouth.      (See  No.  61.) 

70  ill     Deborah*  Dexter,  b.  Rochester,  22  July,  1697;  m.  before  1720  to 

Samuel  Hilman  of  Chilmark.     In  1718  she  sold  sixty  acres  of 
land  to  Moses  Barlow  for  £250. 


Thomas'  Dexter,  son  of  William-  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vin- 
cent] Dexter,  was  born  at  Barnstable,  Mass.,  1665 ;  died 
1711.  He  married  (1)  Mary  jMiller,  17  July,  1695,  and  had 
by  her  one  son;  married  (2)  Sarah  C.  March  in  1702-3. 
The  son  must  have  died  before  his  father,  for  he  is  not  men- 
tioned in  his  will,  and  he  leaves  most  of  his  property  to 
Constant  Dexter,  who  had  been  brought  up  by  him.  He 
gave  land  to  INIary  Sherman,  wife  of  William  Sherman,  who 
was  a  daughter  of  his  brother  John.  He  also  gave  land  to 
Rose,  or  Rest,  Dexter,  daughter  of  his  brother  John.  He 
gave  £3  each  to  the  four  daughters  of  his  brother  John  and 
to  the  two  daughters  of  his  brother  Benjamin.  He  gave 
£5  to  the  church,  and  all  the  balance  to  Constant  Dexter, 
son  of  his  brother  Benjamin. 

71     i     William*  Dexter,  b.   22    April,   1696;    died  before    1741. 



John-  Dexter,  son  of  William^  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vincent] 
Dexter,  born  in  Barnstable,  August,  1668;  died  31  July, 

He  was  called  yeoman  in  1690.  He  sold  land  to  Samuel 
Arnold  and  John  Hammond,  and  in  1714  to  James  Wins- 
low,  and  in  1716  to  Thomas  Dexter. 

He  married  Sarah in  1702,  and  had  seven  children, 

all  born  at  Rochester.     His  wife  died  21  Jan.,  1755. 

Children : 

72"        i     Gershom^   Dexter,   b.   5   Jan.,    1703;    m.   MeMtable   Bolls,    1   Oct., 

73  ii     Hannah*  Dexter,  b.   6   Nov.,   1705 ;   m.   James  Steward,  16  April, 


74  iii     Eose  [or  Best]'  Dexter,  b.  25  Feb.,  1708. 

75  iv     Dinah*  Dexter,  b.  14  Oct.,  1711. 

76  V     Fortunatus*  Dexter,  b.  6  Aiig.,  1715;  d.  5  Dec,  1715. 

77  vi     Mary*  Dexter,  b.  3  Aug.,  1719;  m.  William  Sherman. 

78"     vii     John*  Dexter,  b.  16  Dec,  1727;   m.  Sarah  Handy,  11  Dec,  1746. 

Copy  of  the  will  of  John^  Dexter,  9  June,  1744 : 

1st.  I  give  to  Sarah,  my  dearly  beloved  wife,  the  whole  improvement 
and  income  of  my  whole  estate,  both  within  doors  and  without,  so  long  as 
she  shall  be  my  widow,  and  in  case  of  her  intermarriage  to  have  her 
thii'ds  of  the  income  of  my  lands  for  one  year,  and  this  bequest  not  to 
hinder  her  and  her  sou  Gershom  agreeing  for  her  maintenance  if  they  can 
agree  otherwise. 

I  appoint  my  son  Gershom  sole  executor,  and  order  him  to  pay  all  my 
just  debts  out  of  my  movable  estate  in  case  there  be  sufficient  to  do  it 
with.  After  the  legacies  hereafter  mentioned  are  paid  and  in  case  there 
are  not  sufficient  to  pay  legacies  and  debts,  he  shall  pay  them  out  of  my 
lands    which  I  shall  leave. 

I  give  all  my  real  estate,  consisting  of  house  and  lands,  to  my  sons, 
Gershoin  and  John,  to  be  equally  divided  between  them  after  my  wife  shall 
have  done  with  it,  and  it  is  to  be  to  them  and  their  heirs  forever.  And  in 
case  they  shall  not  divide  it  in  their  lifetime,  it  shall  be  in  the  power  of 
their  heirs  or  either  of  their  heirs  to  divide,  and  in  case  either  of  my  sons 
shall  see  cause  to  sell  in  the  lifetime  of  the  other,  he  shall  first  give  the 


offer  to  his  brother,  who  shall  have  liberty  of  buying  by  giving  as  much 
as  another  will.  And  this  I  give  them  on  condition  that  they  shall  pay  out 
the  legacies  that  1  order  them  to  pay  to  their  sisters. 

I  give  to  my  daughter  Mary  fifteen  acres  of  land  out  of  my  grants,  to 
be  hers  forever,  taken  up  as  the  grants  will  allow  of. 

I  give  to  my  three  daughters,  Hannah,  Dinah  and  Mary,  £5  each,  to  be 
paid  in  bills  or  movables  within  one  year. 

I  give  to  my  daughter  Eest  £20  in  bills  of  good  credit,  old  tenor,  and  a 
liberty  in  my  dwelling-house  during  her  single  life,  with  firewood  and  such 
conveniences  for  her  as  she  and  her  mother  may  order. 

This  is  my  last  will. 

John  Dexter. 


Benjamin'  Dexter,  son  of  William-  [Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Vin- 
cent] Dexter,  was  born  in  Barnstable,  Feb.,  1670;  removed 
to  Rochester  with  his  father,  where  he  died  in  1732. 

He  married  Sarah  Arnold,  the  daughter  of  Rev.  SamneP 
Arnold,  who  was  the  second  minister  at  Rochester,  and  also 
one  of  the  grantees  of  the  toA\Ti.  Her  grandfather,  Rev. 
SamueP  Arnold,  was  third  minister  of  Marshfield. 

Benjamin  was  a  farmer  and  sold  land  in  1693  to  Moses 
Barlow,  in  1699  to  Jolm  Hammond,  in  1723  to  Edward 
Winslow,  in  1715  to  John  Corning.  All  of  this  land  was 
inherited  from  his  father. 

He  died  in  1732,  estate  valued  at  £1047.  They  had  eleven 
children,  all  born  in  Rochester.  At  the  father's  death 
James  Dexter  was  made  gaiardian  of  the  two  young  chil- 
dren, Seth  and  Joanna. 

Children : 

79"^  i  Noah*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  26  March,  1697;  d.  1755. 

80"^  ii  James*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  22  July,  1698;  d.  1775. 

81*  iii  Benjamin*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  4  March.  1700. 

82  iv  Sarah*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  1  July,  1702. 

83*  v  Josiah*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  12  Nov.,  1704. 

84*  vi  Constant*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  27  Nov.,  1706. 

85*  vii  Samuel*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  14  Dec,  1708. 

86*  viii  Ephvaim*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  27  May,  1711;  d.  4  Nov.,  1774. 


87  ix     Daniel*  Dexter,,  b.  in  Eochester,  29  July,  1713. 

88  X     Joanna'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  12  Dec,  1715;  m.  John  Barrows, 

22  Nov.,  1737,  by  Eev.  T.  Euggles. 
89^      xi     Seth'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  3  Oct.,  1718 ;  d.  6  April,  1793. 

The  will  of  Benjamin  Dexter: 

In  the  name  of  God,  Amen:  this  15th  day  of  August,  Anno  Domini  one 
thousand  seven  hundred  and  thirty  two  (1732),  I  Benjamin  Dexter  of  Eoch- 
ester in  the  County  of  Plymouth,  in  the  Province  of  Massachusetts  Bay  in 
Xew  England,  Yeoman,  do  make  and  ordain  this  my  last  will  and  testa- 

First,  I  give  my  soul  to  God  that  gave  it,  and  my  body  to  ye  groimd 
to  be  buried  by  my  Execvitors  after  my  decease  at  their  discretion.  And  as 
to  my  worldly  estate  which  God  has  pleased  to  bless  me  with,  I  give,  and 
dispose  of  ye  same  in  ye  manner  &  form  following 

First,  I  give  to  my  son  Noah  the  homestead  he  now  lives  in,  containing 
something  above  forty  acres,  and  his  bounds  to  begin  at  the  water-side  on 
the  Westerly  side  of  my  land,  and  to  run  straight  up  to  the  place  called 
the  gate,  and  from  thence  by  the  stone-wall  down  to  the  salt-Avater  again,  con- 
taining ui^land  and  salt-meadow,  and  ye  same  to  be  to  him  and  his  heirs  and 
assigns  forever. 

Item: — I  give  to  my  son  James  all  the  lands  of  all  sorts  which  descended 
from  the  Eev.  Mr.  Samuel  Arnold  of  Eochester,  his  Grand-father,  to  my 
wife  and  me,  and  also  that  which  descended  from  our  brother  John 
Arnold  to  us,  or  either  of  us,  the  same  to  be  to  him  his  heirs  and  assigns 
forever,  be  the  same  more  or  less  in  Eochester  or  elsewhere,  excepting  a 
certain  forty  acres  wh  was  given  to  my  wife  by  deed:  and  since  there  may 
arise  a  dispute  in  law  whether  I  have  power  to  will  the  said  lands  wh 
descended  from  the  said  Arnolds  to  my  Wife  deceased.  And  that  the 
same  may  be  secured  to  these  I  shall  give  it  unto,  my  Will  is  that  all  my 
other  children  and  heirs  in  Law  of  my  S<i  Wife  deceased,  shall  as  they 
come  to  lawful  age  and  s^  James  or  his  heirs  shall  demand  it,  give  him 
and  them  a  quit-cJaim  of  all  their  rights  thereunto:  and  upon  their,  or 
either  of  their  refusal  so  to  do,  my  will  is  that  sixty  pounds  worth  of  that 
estate  which  I  shall  in  this  my  will  give  to  any  of  them  so  refusing  to  do 
it  shall  be  taken  out  of  his  or  her  part  and  portion  of  my  estate  and  be 
giveYi  to  my  said  son  James  and  ye  same  to  be  to  him  and  his  heirs  forever. 

Item :  My  Avill  is  that  my  two  sons  Benjamin  and  Josiah  shall  have 
equally  divided  between  them  or  their  heirs,  and  ye  same  to  be  to  them  and 
their  heirs  and  assigns  forever,  all  the  lands  where  they  live,  being  what  I 
bought  of  John  Mumford,  containing  their  homesteads  to  be  equally 
divided  between  them  as  they  may  agree  or  if  they  cannot  then  by  two 
men  equally  chosen  by  them  or  their  heirs,  and  also  the  land  adjoining 
which  I  have  laid  out  there  in  my  own  right,  and  each  to  have  his  half 
wliore  liis  house  stands. 


Item: — My  Will  is  that  my  sou  Samuel  shall  have  throe-score  acres  of 
my  granted  lands,  wch  are  not  laid  out,  but  granted  to  be  laid  out,  ad.ioin- 
ing  to  my  homestead  as  may  best  suit  him,  so  as  to  take  in  the  land  he 
hath  broken  up  beginning  about  ten  Eod  above  the  Mill-dam  and  so  as  to 
include  the  sd  three-score  acres  with  the  allo^vance,  and  also  I  give  him  the 
one-third  part  of  ye  mills  and  appurtenances,  ye  same  to  be  him  &  his  heirs 

Item: — I  give  to  my  son  Ephraim  and  ye  same  to  be  to  him&  his  heirs 
and  assigns  forever,  also  ye  like  quantity  of  sixty  acres  of  my  granted 
lands  which  is  not  taken  up,  but  already  granted  to  be  taken,  on  the  vrest- 
erly  side  of  Samuel 's  grants  adjoining  to  my  homestead  with  the  one- 
third  part  of  ye  mills  &  appurtenances. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  Daniel  my  son,  shall  have  twenty  acres  of  my 
granted  lands  and  take  it  up  where  it  shall  suit  him  best,  and  the  same 
with  one-third  part  of  my  mill  and  appurtenances  to  be  to  him  and  his 
heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  my  son  Seth  shall  have  my  homestead  that  I 
now  live  on,  and  the  same  to  be  to  him  and  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever, 
by  the  sd  homestead  I  mean  to  contain  what  lands  I  have  already  laid  out 
and  recorded  where  I  now  live,  with  ye  housing  on  the  same,  not  to 
include  the  Mill  course. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  my  son  Constant  shall  have  twenty  acres  out  of 
my  eighty  acre  grant,  to  be  taken  up  as  the  grant  will  allow  of,  but  not  to 
interfere  with  any  of  his  brethren  in  laying  out  the  same  so  as  to  deprive 
them  of  their  choice  and  ye  s<i  twenty  acres  to  be  to  him  his  heirs  and 
assigns  forever. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  my  daughter  Sarah  shall  have  out  of  my  movable 
estate  eighty  pounds  paid  her  out  of  my  movable  estate  by  my  executors 
over  and  above  what  I  have  already  given  her,  ye  same  to  be  to  her  and  her 
heirs   forever. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  my  daughter  Joanna  shall  have  one-hundred 
pounds  out  of  my  movable  estate  paid  her  by  my  executors.  Also  my  will 
is  that  my  son  Daniel  shall  have  that  forty  acres  of  land  which  was  my  sd 
Wife's,  his  mother's,  by  a  deed  or  conveyance  from  her  Hond  Father 
Arnold,  the  same  to  be  to  him  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever.  ■  And  my 
Will  is  that  all  his  brothers  and  sisters  sign  him  a  Quit-Claim  of  all  their 
rights  thereunto  as  they  shall  come  of  lawful  age,  when  desired,  &  that 
if  any  of  them  leave  heirs,  before  they  quit-claim,  they  are  also  obliged 
thereimto  as  they  are  to  my  son  James,  and  upon  their  refusal,  my  Will 
is  that  thirty  pounds  worth  of  ye  estate  which  I  herein  give  to  such  as 
refuse  shall  be  taken  and  given  to  my  said  son  Daniel  to  be  to  him  his 
heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

Item: — My  Will  is  that  what  salt-meadow  I  bought  in  Eochester  afore- 
said which  did  belong  to  Ye  Ancient  Freeman  called  Freemans  rights  to  be 
divided  among  my  two  sons  Benjamin  And  Josiah  as  also  two  lots  of  my 
Salt-Meadow  at  the  Pine  Islands  so  called  in  sd  Eochester,  shall  be  to  my 


sd  two  sons  Benjamin  and  Josiah  and  to  their  heirs  forever:  And  it  is 
to  be  noted  that  all  the  lands  before  willed  lyeth  in  Rochester  aforesaid, 
also  my  will  is  that  my  son  Samuel  shall  have  two  lots  of  salt-meadow  -at 
Pine  Island  to  be  to  him  and  his  heirs  forever,  and  my  son  Ephraim  two 
lots  at  Pine  Island  to  him  and  his  heirs  forever,  also  my  son  Daniel  two 
lots  more  at  Pine  Island  to  him  and  his  heirs  forever. 

And  I-  do  hereby  ordain  and  appoint  my  three  sons  Samuel  and  Ephraim 
&  Seth  joint  Executors  of  this  my  last  Will  and  Testament,  and  my  will 
is  that  if  there  be  any  part  of  my  movable  estate  left  after  my  just  debts 
and  funeral  charges  and  charges  of  settling  my  estate  are  paid  &  Sarah 
has  her  eighty  pounds,  and  Joanna  has  her  himdred  pounds  out  thereof,  as 
money  shall  then  pass  of  this  province,  that  the  Surplussage  be  equally 
divided  among  my  sons  Samuel  Ephraim  &  Daniel. 

Also  my  will  that  whatsoever  other  lands  I  have  or  do  own,  be  ye  same 
whatsoever  or  wheresoever  that  I  have  not  in  this  my  Will  given  away  shall 
be  equally  divided  among  all  my  sons  to  be  to  them  and  their  heirs  forever. 

In  testimony  of  this  my  last  Will  and  Testament  I  have  hereunto  set  my 
hand  and  seal  the  day  and  year  first  written. 

Benjamin  Dexter.      [Seal] 

Signed,  sealed,  published,  pronounced,  and  declared  by  me  the  s^  Ben- 
jamin Dexter,  as  my  last  Will  &  Testament. 

In  the  presence  of  us  John  Hammond,  Samuel  Winslow,  Rowld  Hammond, 
George   (his  X  mark)   Danford,  Timothy  Ruggles. 


Thomas^  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [Thomas^  Thomas^]  and  Mehit- 
abel  [Hallett]  Dexter,  born  26  Aug.,  1686;  married  Mercy- 
Fish  of  Portsmouth,  28  April,  1710.  Was  elected  Repre- 
sentative in  1738.     Was  on  jury  in  1733. 

Children : 


i     MehitabeP  Dexter,  b.  15  March,  1710-11. 

91        ii     ZurieF  Dexter,  b.  16  Dec,  1712. 


Abigail'   Dexter,    daughter  of  John'    [Thomas^,   Thomas^]    and 
.M<'hital)el    [Ilallett]    Dexter,   born   26    May,    1689,    died   6 


Aug.,  1725.  Married  in  Portsmouth,  R.  I.,  10  Sept.,  1713, 
Job  Lawton,  son  of  Isaac  and  Elizabeth  (TaUman)  Lawton 
of  Portsmouth;  he  was  born  1691. 

Children : 

92  i     Thomas'  Lawton,  b.  16  June,  1715. 

93  ii     Job''  Lawton,  b.  31  Oct.,  1717. 

94  iii     Isaac"  Lawton,  b.  20  Jan.,  1719-20. 

95  iv     John'  Lawton,  b.  11  March,  1721-2;   d.  1740. 

96  V     George"  Lawton,  b.  9  June,  1724. 


John'  Dexter,  son  of  John'  [Thomas-,  Thomas^]  and  Mehitabel 
[Hallett]  Dexter,  was  born  11  Sept.,  1692 ;  married  Mercy 
Manchester,  12  Dec,  1717. 

They  had  seven  children,  born  in  Portsmouth,  R.  I. : 

97  i     Thomas'  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  24  July,  1718. 

98  ii     John'  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  26  July,  1722. 

99  iii     Benjamin'^  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,   23  Dec,  1724. 

100  iv     AbigaiF  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  30  Nov.,  1726. 

101  V     Stephen''   Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,   9   April,  1728. 

102  vi     Willianr'  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  1  July,  1730. 

103  vii     Mary'  Dexter,  b.  in  Portsmouth,  16  Dec,  1734;  m.  Noah  Sprague, 

Jr.,  28  Nov.,  1756. 


Mary^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Stephen^  [William-,  Thomas^]  and 
Ann  [Saunders]  Dexter,  was  born  24  Aug.,  1696;  married 
Samuel  Cheard. 

Children : 

104  i     David'  Cheard,  b.  before  1729. 

105  ii     Elizabeth'  Cheard,  b.  before  1729. 



Ann^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Stepheir  [William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Ann  [Sannders]  Dexter,  was  born  3  March,  1703;  married 
John^  Williams  before  1729. 

One  child: 
107         i     Antf  Williams,  b.  before  1729. 


Philip^  Dexter,  son  of  Philip'  [William^  Thomas-j  and  Alice 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Fahnonth;  married  Tamer 
Chadwick,  19  elan.,  1752. 

One  child: 

108         i     Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  22  March,  1753. 


Jabez^  Dexter,  son  of  Philip^  [William-,  Thomas^]  and  Alice 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Falmonth,  Mass. ;  married  Mary 
Dexter,  daughter  of  James^  Dexter.  He  was  constable  in 
1738;  was  called  yeoman;  was  on  jnry  1758. 

109  i     Alice^  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  9  Nov.,  1715;  d.  1  Sept.,  1746. 

110  ii     AbigaiP   Dexter,   b.   in   Rochester,   6   Nov.,    1717;    m.   Nathaniel 

Snow,   8   Sept.,   1774. 

111  iii     Willianr  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  14  May,  1719. 

112  iv     Sarah=  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  19  Feb.,  1720;  d.  25  Aug.,  1721. 

113  V     James"  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  18  July,  1722;  d.  11  June,  1723. 
114*      vi     Seth^  Dexter,   b.   in  Eochester,  17  Feb.,   1723;   m.  Mary  Kirby, 

21  May,  1753. 

115  vii  Elizabeth'^  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  15  June,  1725;  m.  Isaac 
Stephens,  26  Nov.,  1747. 

116"  viii  Jabez'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  11  May,  1728;  m.  Patience  Ham- 
mond, 7  Nov.,  1751. 


117  ix     ThankfuP  Dexter,  b.   ia  Koehester,  20  March,  1729. 

118  X     Elnathan^   Dexter,    b.    in   Eochester,    17    June,    1732;    m.   Mercy 

Snow,  26  Feb.,  1758^  d.  before  Feb.,  1759. 

119  xi     Marjr*  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  20  May,  1734;  d.  1761.   (See  wilh) 

Also   mentioned   in  their  will   a   daughter   Hannah  who   Avas   living  in 
1759,  and  a  son  Jonathan,  deceased. 

Will  of  Mary^^  Dexter,  the  daughter  of  Jabez  and  Mary  Dexter 
of  Eochester,  made  January,  1761 ;  allowed  June,  1761 : 

Being  sick  with  wasting  sickness,  etc.,  I  give  to  my  beloved  brother,  Jabez 
Dexter,  all  my  right  and  title  to  the  estate  belonging  to  me  in  town  of 
Eochester,  or  which  I  am  lawful  heir  of,  wherever  the  same  may  be,  to  be 
his  and  his  heirs  forever. 

I  give  to  my  brother  Jabez  my  sidesaddle,  wearing  clothes  and  apparel, 
also  a  chest  and  a  chest  of  drawers  belonging  to  me. 

I  appoint  my  brother  Jabez  my  executor. 

Mary  (her  X  mark)   Dexter. 

Ephraim  Dexter,  "~\ 

Benj.  Bowls,  '-  Witnesses. 

Joshua  Snow,         ) 

Will  of  Jabez*  and  Mary  Dexter  of  Eochester,  ]\Iass.,  made  27 
Feb.,  1759 : 

1st.     We  give  our  son  William  one  shilling. 

2nd.  We  give  to  our  son  Jabez  all  tlie  land  we  are  possessed  of  where 
he  now  dwelleth  as  it  is  laid  out  upon  record.     To  him  and  his  heirs  forever. 

3rd.  We  give  our  grandchild  Elnathan,  the  child  of  our  deceased  son 
Jonathan,  twenty  acres  of  land,  in  French  meadow,  to  be  set  off  to  him  by 
east  and  west  lines  at  north  end  of  homestead  if  he  lives  to  the  age  of 
21  years. 

4th.  We  give  to  our  daughter  Mercy,  the  widow  of  our  deceased  son 
Elnathan,  the  liberty  and  use  of  our.  southeast  room  during  her  widowhood, 
and  liberty  to  cut  firewood  and  a  privilege    of  apples  for  her  own  use. 

5th.  We  give  to  our  daughter  Mary  the  privilege  of  living  in  our  north- 
easterly room  so  long  as  she  shall  remain  single;  also  we  give  said  daughter 
Mary  one  bed  and  bedding  and  other  conveniences  for  housekeeping,  and 
firewood  cut  and  drawn  to  the  door;  also  the  improvement  of  half  the  little 

6th.     We  give  to  our  daughter  Thankful  £10. 

7th.  We  give  to  our  three  daughters,  Hannah,  Aljigail  and  Elizabeth, 
one  shilling  each. 


8th.  We  give  to  our  son  Seth  our  whole  homestead  excepting  what  is 
set  off  as  above;  also  our  stock  and  outdoor  movables,  upon  condition  of 
his  fulfilling  the  aforementioned  articles,  and  supporting  us,  his  parents, 
during  oiu*  natural  li%es. 

We  give  to  our  son  Seth  one-half  lot  of  salt  meadows  at  Pine  Island,  and 
also  appoint  him  to  be  our  executor. 

Feb.  27,  1759. 

Approved,   1773. 

Jabez   Dexter. 
Mary  Dexter. 


Gershom^  Dexter,  son  of  John'  [William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah 

[         ]  Dexter,  was  born  5  Jan.,  1703.    He  married  (1)  Ruth 

■  Shrive  of  Portsmouth,  R.  I.,  14  Jan.,  1738-9 ;  she  was  the 

daughter  of  John,  Jr.,  and  Mary  (Soule)   Shrive,  and  was 

born  20  July,  1715.     He  married  (2)  Mehitable  Bolls,  1755. 

They  had  five  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

120"        i     Joshua'   Dexter,   b.   in   Eochester,    24   May,   1756;    m.    Thankful 
Dexter,  30  Dec,  1782. 
Deborah^  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  5  April,  1758. 
Patience"  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  15  March,  1761. 
Philij^"  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  15  Jan.,  1763;  d.  Nov.,  1832;  m. 
Patience   Eandall,    28   Dec,   1786. 
124         V     Elizabeth''  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  9  June,  1766. 


John*   Dexter,   son   of   John^    [William^,   Thomas^]    and   Sarah 
[  ]    Dexter,   was  born  16   Dec,    1727.     He   married 

Sarah  Handy,  11  Dec,  1746.     She  died  15  Oct.,  1809. 

They  had  ten  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

125  )     Hannah''  Dexter,  b.  1  Feb.,  1747;  m.  Nicholas  Snow,  8  Dec,  1768. 

126"       ii    Jolnr   Dexter,   b.   16   Sept.,   1749;    m.   Eebecca  Hillis,   9   March, 

127       iii     Elenor'  Dexter,  b.  29  Oct.,  1751. 
128*      iv     Silas''  Dexter,  b.  9  Oct.,  1753;  m.  Elenor  Bumpes,  25  Oct.,  1778. 








129  V     Sarah'  Dexter,  b.  12  Jan.,  1756. 

130  vi     Ruth'  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1758;  no  family. 

131*     vii     David''  Dexter,  b.   17   June,   1760;    d.   14   Sept.,   1854;   m.   Mary 

Butler,  1  April,  1780. 
132*  viii     Jonathan'   Dexter,   b.    7    Sept.,    1762;    d.    9    Nov.,    1841;    m.    (1) 

Hannah  Church,   (2)  Dolly  White,  1800. 
133*      ix     Eeuben"  Dexter,  b.  26  Jan.,  1765;  d.  3  April,  1846;  m.  (1)  Mary 

Tobey,  (2)  Anna  Tobey,  1791. 
134         X     Nathan'  Dexter,  b.  2  May,  1767;    d.   8   Feb.,   1801;   m.  Bahama 

Hathaway,  d.  22  May,  1805;   one  dau.,  Bethiah"  Dexter,  b.  12 

March,   1800;    m.   John   Martin. 


Noah^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [William-,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah 
[Arnold]  Dexter,  was  born  26  March,  1697.  He  married 
Epipheny  Hammett,  and  died  1755,  leaving-  property  to 
value  of  £800  to  wife  and  children  as  follows :  A  committee 
comprisino'  Joseph  Barlow,  Benj.  Hammond,  George  Barlow, 
Nathan  Hammond  and  Noah  Spragiie  set  off  the  wife  dower, 
viz.,  eighteen  acres,  which  was  laid  out  to  Noah  in  1744, 
also  a  wood  lot  of  five  acres,  also  two  acres  of  saltmarsh, 
also  the  great  room  in  the  low  part  of  the  dwelling,  and  that 
only  with  the  liberty  of  a  way  ont  from  the  north  door  west 
to  the  land  first  set  off',  and  room  to  lay  wood  near  north 
door  and  to  draw  water  at  the  well,  reserving  liberty  to 
bake  in  the  oven  for  such  as  may  live  in  the  chambers.  The 
oldest  son,  Edward,  had  two-sixths  of  the  remainder  of  the 
land,  and  all  of  the  dwelling  except  that  set  off  to  the 
widow.  He  also  pnrchased  the  share  of  Kenben.  Benjamin 
had  one-sixth  of  land  set  off  to  him  and  Jedidah  and  Jane 
each  had  one-sixth  to  them.     This  was  done  July  20,  1756. 

Children : 

135*        i     Edward''  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  13  Sept.,  1730;  m.  Annie  , 

1755;    (2)    Mary   Babcock. 
136        ii     Reuben'  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  11  July,  1732. 
137*     iii     Benjamin'  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,   25   Sept.,  1734;    m.   Priscilla 

Benson,  19  Oct.,  1756. 


13S        iv     Jedidah"  Dexter,  b.  iu  Rochester,  25  Dec,  1738;  m.  Seth  Hatha- 

■svay  of  Dartmoutli,  1767. 
139         V     Jaue'   Dexter,  b.   in  Eochester,   5   Jan.,   1749;    m.  Benson. 


James^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah 
[Arnold]  Dexter,  born  27  July,  1698;  died  Dec.  11,  1775. 
He  married,  29  May,  1723,  Lois  Sherman  of  Marshfield; 
she  was  born  1690;  died  1780. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Rochester.  He  left 
his  property  to  wife,  and  after  her  decease  to  daughter 
Sarah  and  grandchildren,  so  it  would  seem  that  his  sons 
and  other  daughters  must  have  died  before  he  did.  He 
received  some  of  his  property  from  his  Grandfather 
Arnold 's  estate,  as  the  following  note  will  show : 

''1720.  Sarah  Arnold,  wife  of  Samuel;  Samuel  Arnold; 
John  Hammond  and  wife  Mary;  John  Bourne  and  wife 
Elizabeth;  Benjamin  Dexter  and  wife  Sarah,  release  all 
their  right  to  forty  acres  of  land  and  deed  the  same  to  James 
Dexter,  singleihan,  for  divers  years  of  service  for  Sarah 
Arnold,  his  grandmother,  since  the  death  of  her  husband, 
Rev.  Samuel  Arnold." 

He  was  fence  viewer  in  1740,  1743,  1744,  1756;  was  on 
grand  jury  1742,  1762,  and  on  jury  1740. 

Children : 

140  i     Thomas^  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  25  Sept.,  1725. 

141  ii     Lois'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  31  Jan.,  1727;  d.  1748;  m.  Eichard 

Church,  27  Nov.,  1746.     One  son,  Charles  Church. 

142  iii     Jean'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,   9  March,  1729. 

143  iv     James'  Dexter,  Jr.,  b.  in  Eochester,  1730;   d.  1767. 

144*       V     Sarah'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  12  Dec,  1732;  m.  Stephen  Perry, 
20  Nov.,  1755. 

AVill  of  James^  Dexter  of  Rochester. 

I  give  to  my  beloved  -svife,  Lois,  one-third  of  all  the  profits  of  my  estate, 
both  real  and  personal,  during  her  natural  life,  and  at  her  death  my  will 
is  that  what  T  give  to  her  shall  descend  to  the  heirs  of  my  daughter,  Sarah 


Perry.  Two-thirds  to  the  male  heirs  and  one-third  to  the  female  heirs 
of  my  said  daughter,  to  be  to  them,  their  heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

I  also  give  to  my  said  wife  one  good  feather  bed  and  furniture,  to  be  to 
her,  her  heirs  forever. 

I  give  to  my  grandson,  Charles  Church,  son  of  my  daughter,  Lois  Church, 
deceased,  to  him,  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever,  that  lot  of  land  I  own 
lying  near  Seth  Snow's  in  Eochester,  laid  out  to  me  in  1748.  I  also  give  to 
my  grandson,  Charles  Church,  £100,  in  lieu  of  what  will  come  to  him  by 
heirship  in  his  uncle's,  James  Dexter,  deceased,  estate,  to  be.  paid  him  by 
my  executor  on  condition  that  said  Church  doth  quit-claim  his  claim  to  the 
aforesaid  estate  and  give  a  deed  of  it  to  my  grandson,  Thomas  Perry,  son 
of  my  daughter  Sarah ;  but  if  he  refuse  to  deed  said  property,  then  I  direct 
my  executors  to  pay  him  £44  13s.  4d.  in  eighteen  months  after  my  decease, 
this  to  be  in  lieu  of  the  £100  also  on  his  refusal  as  aforesaid.  My  will 
is  that  my  grandson,  Thomas  Perry,  have  the  sum  of  £45  6s.  paid  to  him  on 
his  arrival  at  age  of  21. 

J  give  my  son-in-law,  Stephen  Perry,  the  same,  to  be  his,  his  heirs  and 
assigns  forever,  that  lot  of  land  and  orchard  known  as  the  '  *  Old  Orchard ; ' ' 
also  I  give  him  my  negro  man  named  Cezar;  the  said  Cezar  to  do  choars  for 
my  widow  as  needs  and  necessity  require. 

I  give  to  my  grandson,  James  Perry,  son  of  Sarah,  the  same  to  be  his, 
his  heirs  and  assigns  forever,  all  the  salt  meadow  I  own  at  a  place  called 
Occot  in  Eochester. 

I  give  to  my  daughter,  Sarah  Perry,  the  wife  of. Stephen  Perry,,  all  my 
estate,  both  real  and  personal,  whatsoever  that  I  have  not  given  away 
otherwise  by  this  will,  to  be  to  her  during  her  natural  life,  and  also  the 
improvement  thereon  to  her  husband,  Stephen  Perry,  during  his  life,  or 
until  his  marriage  with  another  woman,  and  after  her  death  and  his  inter- 
marriage two-thirds,  to  be  equally  divided  between  the  male  children  that 
my  daughter  may  have  by  husband  Perry,  and  one-third  to  the  female 
children  that  she  may  have,  to  be  theirs,  their  heirs  forever. 

In  case  my  daughter  shall  lose  her  husband  and  shall  marry  and  have 
other  children,  my  will  is  that  each  child  shall  have  £13  6s.  8d.,  to  be  paid 
to  them  on  their  arrival  at  age  21  years  by  the  children  of  my  daughter  by 
Perry,  the  male  children  paying  two-thirds  and  the  female  children  paying 

I  appoint  Stephen  Perry,  my  son-in-law,  as  my  executor. 

Dated  31  Jan.,  1774. 

James   Dexter.     [X] 

Joseph  Hammond. 
Seth  Blackwell 
Tisdale  Winslow. 

Property  valued  £1396  10s.  Id. 
Probated  1  Jan.,  1776. 



Benjamin^  Dexter,  sou  of  Benjamin^  [William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarali  [Arnold]  Dexter,  was  born  4  March,  1700 ;  died  1738. 
He  married  Hannah  Barrow,  8  June,  1721 ;  had  six  children, 
born  in  Rochester,  Mass.  He  died  1738  leaving  all  young 
children,  and  Ebenezer  Barlow  was  appointed  guardian  of 
the  children.  Was  one  of  petitioners  to  have  part  of  town 
where  they  lived  set  off  into  a  precinct  in  1735.  He  was 
constable  in  1735  and  1736 ;  was  one  of  jury  in  1734. 

Children : 

145*        i     Peleg"  Dexter,  b.  16  April,  1722;  m.   Catherine  Cosby,  14  Feb., 

146'      ii     Jonathan'  Dexter,  b.  30  April,  1724;  m.  (1)  Hannah  ,   (2) 

Philippa  Vincent. 
147       iii     Enoeh=^  Dexter,  b.   6  March,   1726;   m.   Jedidah  Morse,   7   Sept., 

1755.     She  died  1787.     No  children. 
148'      iv     Ebenezer'  Dexter,  b.  6  Aug.,  1728. 
149*       V     Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  27  Feb.,  1731. 
150       vi     Isaac'  Dexter,  b.  19  July,  1734. 


Josiah'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin'  [William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah 
[ArnoldJ  Dexter,  was  born  12  Nov.,  1704;  married  Abigail 
Dexter  13  Nov.,  1740,  and  had  seven  children.  He  was  con- 
stable in  1743.  H-e  was  a  farmer  and  cordwainer  in  1746.  He 
recorded  the  following  as  the  distinguishing  mark  for  his 
cattle :  ' '  Slit  in  top  of  left  ear ;  half  penny  cut  out  of  each 
side  of  same;  crop  cut  off  the  top  of  right  ear."  The  in- 
ventory of  his  estate  in  1769  was,  personal  estate,  £200;  real 
estate,  £240. 


151"        i     Benjamin'-  Dexter,  b.  19  Dec,  1741;  d.  15  Feb.,  1790;  m.  Mary 

Hathaway,  29  Sept.,  1774. 
152        ii     Philip'  Dexter,  h.  5  Jan.,  1743. 


153  iii     PauP  Dexter,  b.  20  Dec,  1745;  d.  8  April,  1746. 

154  iv     Hannah''  Dexter,  b.  26  Nov.,  1747. 

155*       V     David'   Dexter,   b.   9   Nov.,   1749;    d.   30   Dec.,    1826;    m.    Sarah 
Alleu,  5  Nov.,  1779. 

156  vi     Alice-"  Dexter,  b.  29  July,  1751 ;  d.  8  July,  1752. 

157  vii     Jonathan''  Dexter,  b.   20  Au^.,   1753. 


Constant^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Arnold]  Dexter,  was  born  27  Nov.,  1706 ;  died  1756. 
He  married  Meribah  Dilloway  1731,  and  had  nine  children, 
born  in  Eochester.  He  sold  land  to  his  brothers,  Benjamin 
and  Josiah,  in  1733.     He  was  on  jury  1739. 

Children : 

Bettf  Dexter,  b.  19  March,  1733. 

Meribah'*  Dexter,  b.   16  Jan.,   1735;   ni.   16  March,   1758,  Joseph 

Child  of  Barnstable. 
Drusilla'  Dexter,  b.  12  March,  1737. 
Sarah''  Dexter,  b.  28  Jan.,  1739. 
Nathan"  Dexter,  b.  8  Feb.,  1741. 
Isaac^  Dexter,  b.  13   June,   1744. 
Thomas^  Dexter,  b.  7  March,  1745. 
Stephen"   Dexter,   b.   3   Jan.,   1747. 
Gideon"  Dexter,  b.  29  June,  1750;   m.  Mary  . 

Will  of  Constant  Dexter : 

In  the  name  of  God  amen  I  Constant  Dexter  of  Eochester  in  Co  of 
Plymouth  in  New  England.  Yeoman  being  enlisted  in  the  expedition 
against  Crown  Point,  sencible  of  the  uncertainty  of  life  Do  make  this  my 
last  Will  &  Testament. 

I  desire  to  commit  myself  &  my  family  into  the  mercyfuU  hand  of 
Almighty  God,  earnestly  pray  for  his  protection  over  us,  his  guidance  of 
us  and  his  blessing  upon  us  through  the  coiu-se  of  each  of  our  lives  that 
we  may  behave  thro'  our  lives  here  that  we  may  be  all  made  pertakers  of 
his  eternal  favors  and  merceys  in  the  world  to  come  thro'  Jesus  Christ  our 

As  touching  my  outward  estate  I  do  hereby  give  and  bequeath  the  whole 
thereof  of  both  real  &  personal  estate  to  my  beloved  wife  Meribah  for  her 
use  &  improvement  so  long  as  she  shall  be  my  widow  Hereby  granting  to  my 




















said  wife  full  ^jower  after  my  debts  are  paid  to  divide  the  remainder  of 
estate  among  my  children  Betty,  Meribah,  Drusilla, '  Sarah,  Nathan,  Isaac, 
Thomas,  Stephen  &  Gideon  in  such  manner  as  she  shall  think  best,  but  if 
my  wife  should  be  taken  away  without  making  any  division  or  settlement 
of  my  estate  among  my  children,  my  will  is  that  my  real  estate  be  equally 
divided  among  my  five  sons  and  what  remains  of  my  moveable  estate  be 
equally  divided  among  my  daughters. 

I  hereby  make  my  Wife  &  my  son  Nathan  my  executors. 

Signed  9th  of  June  1756. 

Constant  Dexter.     [X] 
Geo.  Barlow,         "\ 
Israel  Hamond,      C  Witnesses. 
Benj.  Hammond,  j 


SamueP  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [William^  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Arnold]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Rochester,  Mass.,  14 
Dec.,  1708.  He  spent  his  early  life  in  that  place,  and  on  18 
]\Iay,  1732,  was  married  to  Mary  Clark  by  Rev.  Timothy 
Rng'O'les.  He  remained  there  until  after  1734,  for  two  of  his 
children,  Joseph  and  Samuel,  were  born  there.  He  moved 
from  there  to  Hardwick,  and  then  in  1736  he  was  at  Athol, 
where  his  son  Ichabod  was  born ;  but  he  must  have  returned 
to  Hardwick,  for  the  records  give  the  births  of  the  remain- 
ing children  at  Hardwick. 

While  Samuel  was  not  one  of  the  first  grantees  of  Athol, 
he  was  one  of  the  very  early  settlers,  coming  there  the 
beginning  of  the  second  year.  The  five  families  that  came 
the  first  year,  September,  1735,  were  Richard  Morton, 
Ephraim  Smith,  Samuel  Morton,  John  Smeed  and  Joseph 
Lord.  Those  that  came  the  second  year,  spring  of  1736, 
were  Aaron  Smith,  Samuel  Dexter,  Noah  Morton,  Robert 
Young,  Robert  IMarble,  Nathaniel  and  Eleazer  Graves  and 
"William,  John,  James  and  Robert  Oliver. 

The  Indians  troubled  the  settlers  so  much  that  many  of 
them  left  this  locality  for  a  more  secure  place,  and  it  may  be 
that  Samuel  removed  to  Hardwick  and  remained  there  from 
1740  to  1753,  but  in  the  deeds  of  land  which  he  sold  in 


1743,  1745,  1753  and  1759,  his  residence  is  given  as  Paijuoag 
(Athol).  He  was  called  husbandman,  and  must  have  been 
a  man  of  considerable  property  for  those  times. 

In  September,  1743,  he  sold  fifty  acres  of  land  on  West 
Hill  to  Jason  Babcock.  (This  is  the  Babcock  who  was  cap- 
tured by  the  Indians  in  1746  and  carried  off  to  Canada,  but 
who  was  afterwards  redeemed  and  returned  to  Athol.)  In 
October,  1743,  he  sold  house  lot  No.  7,  West  Hill,  to  Thomas 
Hunter.  In  1744  he  bought  of  Jason  Babcock  two  lots  in 
Athol,  being  Nos.  6  and  14.  In  May,  1745,  he  sold  thirty 
acres  (lot  No.  63,  second  division)  near  river  to  Ebenezer 
Davis.  In  March,  1753,  he  sold  to  his  oldest  son,  Joseph 
(then  of  Hardwick),  two  lots,  Nos.  14  and  15,  in  Athol.  In 
1755  he  sold  lot  53,  a  tract  of  land  on  both  sides  of  Tully 
Brook,  to  Abraham  Nutt.  In  1759  he  sold  three  tracts  of 
land  in  Athol  to  his  son,  lehabod  Dexter.  In  1775  was  a 
member  of  the  Committee  of  Correspondence. 


1(37  i     Joseph'   Dexter,   1j.    in  Eochester,   2   May,   1733.     Was  in   Harcl- 

v,'ick  1753;  removed  to  Athol  1761;  was  field  driver  1762. 
SamueP  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  13  Oct.,  1734. 
Ichabod'  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol  (T),  1736-7. 
Job'  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  8  March,  1740-1. 
Mary'    Dexter,    b.    in   Hardwick,"    11    Jnly,    1743;    m.    Benjamin 
172^      vi     Sarah'  Dexter,  b;  in  Hardwick,  8  May,  1745;  m.  Solomon  John- 
son, 28  Dec,  1762. 
173"     vii     Benjamin'  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  17  Nov.,  1747. 


Ephraim^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Willianr,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Arnold]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Rochester,  27  JMay, 
1711.  He  was  a  yeoman,  and  resided  in  Rochester.  He 
married  (1)  Martha  Clark  in  1735.  She  died,  and  25 
Nov.,  1754,  he  married  (2)  Martha  Waite.  He  died  1774. 
Will  probated  1775;  sons  to  be  executors.    (See  will.) 










Children,  all  by  first  wife: 

174         i     Ruth''  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  20  Dec,  1737;   m.  Hatch. 

17o        ii     Alice' -Dexter,  h.  iu  Rochester,  28  March,  1740;  d.  20  April,  1820. 
176"     iii     Ephraim'    Dexter,    Jr.,    b.    in    Rochester,    31    Dec,    1741;    d.    5 
April,  1823 ;  m.  Kesiah=  Sober,  29  Dec,  1771. 

177  iv     Abigail-'   Dexter,   b.   in   Rochester,   16   March,    1745;    m.    Joseph 

Cannon,  24  Nov.,   1768. 

178  V     Lois"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,   5  Dec,  1748;   m.  Timothy  West, 

27  August,  1768. 
179*      vi     Caleb"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  13  April,  1751;   d.  3  Oct.,  1831. 

The  will  of  Ephraira  Dexter  (October  10,  1774)  : 

In  the  name  of  God  Amen,  I  Ephraim  Dexter  of  Rochester  in  the  County 
of  Plymouth  in  the  ProTince  of  Massachusetts  Bay  in  New  England,  yeoman, 
i-alljng  to  mind  the  uncertainty  of  Life  do  make  and  ordain  this  my  last 
Will  and  Testament,  and  first  of  all  I  do  freely  resign  my  soul  to  God 
who  gave  it,  and  my  body  I  commit  to  the  dust  to  be  decently  buried  at 
the  discretion  of  my  Executor,  and  Touching  the  worldly  Interest  wherewith 
it  hath  pleased  God  to  bless  me,  I  dispose  of  it  in  the  manner  following 
viz. — 

Impris^, — To  my  faithful  and  beloved  wife  Martha  I  give  and  bequeath 
one  third  part  of  the  improvement  of  all  my  real  estate  during  her  natura". 
life,  also  the  use  of  one-third  part  of  all  my  out-door  personal  estate 
during  the  said  term.  Also  the  use  of  an  horse  to  ride  when  she  pleases, 
and  fitrthermore  I  give  her  all  my  household  furnittu'e  as  her  own  prop- 
erty to  use  and  dispose  of  as  she  thinks  proper. — 

Item: — To  my  dutiful  daughter,  Ruth  Hatch,  I  give  that  piece  of  lane 
joining  to  Jabez  Dexter,  David  Randall,  Solomon  Young,  Timothy  West 
and  Jonathan  Sturtevant,  also  twenty  acres  upon  the  north  part  of  my  lot 
lying  upon  Perry's  Swamji.  Also  one  quarter  jjart  of  a  lot  of  Cedar 
Swamp  originally  part  of  doty's  share  and  which  was  left  to  me  by  my 
Hond  Father,  all  which  I  bequeath  to  my  said  daughter  Ruth,  her  heirs 
and  assigns  forever,  reserving  to  my  wife  the  improvement  of  one-third 
as  above-mentioned. 

Item: — Bequeath   to  my  dutifidl  daughter  Allice  Meggs  to  her  her  heirs 
and  assigns  forever  one-third  part  of  the  lot  which  I  bought  of  Jonathan 
Burnell  of  Nantucket,  to  be  taken  on  the  north  side  of  said  lot,  also  one 
:juarter  of  the  Cedar  swamps  above  mentioned  reserving  to  my  wife  onf 
third  of  the  improvement  as  above  provided. 

Item: — I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  dutiful  daughter  Abigail  Cannon, 
and  to  her  heirs  and  assigns  forever  one-third  part  of  the  aforesd  lot 
which  I  bought  of  William  Burnell  to  be  taken  off  the  Southerly  side  of 
f-aid   lot    joining    upon    the    road    wliicli   goes   from  Ebenezar   Meggs's  to 

DEXTER     FAMILY     (iENEALOGY.  '.]') 

^lattapt    Meeting-    House.     Also    one    quarter    i)art    of    the    above-mentioned 
cedar  swamp  excepting  the  improvement  of  a  third  as  above. 

Item: — To  my  dutifull  daughter,  Lois  West,  I  giv*  and  bequeath,  the 
other  third  of  the  lot  which  I  bought  of  Wm  Bur nell  also  the  other  quarter 
of  the  aforementioned  cedar  swamp,  all  which  (excepting  the  reserve  to  riiy 
wife)   I  give  to  my  said  daughter  to  her  heirs  and  assigns  forever. 

Lastly: — To  my  two  dutifull  sons  Ephraim  and  Caleb  I  give  all  the 
residue  of  my  estate  of  whatever  nature,  to  be  equally  divided  between 
them,  obliging  them  to  pay  equally  my  funeral  charges  &  all  other  debts 
which  I  may  owe  at  my  decease,  obliging  them  also  to  keep  a  good  riding 
beast  for  my  beloved  wife  for  her  to  ride  -on  when  she  thinks  proper. 

Also  I  appoint  my  two  sons  Executors  of  this  my  last  Will  and  revoking 
all  others  I  do  constitute  this  to  be  my  last  Will  and  Testament.  In  testi- 
mony of  which  I  do  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal  this  tenth  day  of 
October  in  the  year  of  our  Lord  one  thousand  seven  hundred  and  twenty 

Ephraim  Dexter.     [Seal] 
In  presence  of — 
Ebenezar  Cannon. 
Justice   White. 
Isaiah  Dexter.. 


Seth^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [William-,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah 
.  [Arnold]    Dexter,   was   born    3    Oct.,    1718.       He   was  a 
clothier.    He  died  6  April,  1793,  aged  75.   He  married  Eliz- 
abeth   — :  she  was  born  1718;  died  13  Oct.,  1793.     lie 

was  executor  of  his  brother  James'  estate  in  1775;  inv., 
£1396  10s.  Id.  He  was  one  of  the  Committee  on  Correspond- 
ence before  the  War  of  Revolution,  1772-3.  "In  1777  he 
Avith  two  others  were  a  committee  to  supply  families  of 
soldiers  who  are  in  the  army. ' '  He  was  a  deacon.  He  was 
town  clerk  in  1750,  1751,  1752,  1753,  1755,  1756.     (See  will.) 

They  had  nine  children : 

180*        i     Seth'^  Dexter,  b.  28  Dec,  1743;  m.  Deborah  Haskall. 

181  ii     Elizabeth"  Dexter,  b.   5   June,   174.5;    m.   Ebenezer   Clark,   Jr.,   5 

Jan.,  1764. 

182  iii     Prince'   Dexter,  b.    12   June,   1747.     Xot   mentioned   in   father's 

Avill,  1791. 
183*      iv     Elijah''  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1749. 


184  V     Davicr   Dexter,  h.   30   Sept.,  1751.       Xot  mentioned  in  father's 

ATill,  1791. 

185  vi     Thomas^  Dexter,  b.  22  Aug.,  1753;   d.  1753. 

186  vii     Joanna'^  Dexter,  b.  26  Jvlj,  1754: ;  m.  John  G-ibbs,  Jr.,  13  Nov., 


187  viii     Constauf^  Dexter,  b.   12  Nov.,  1756;   d.   Oct.,  1785.    No   family. 
188*     ix     ThankfuP    Dexter,     b.     19     Ang.,     1759;     m.    Zebulon    Haskall, 

3  Feb.,  1782. 

I  Seth  Dexter  of  Eochester,  Clothier,  being  of  advanced  age  &c — 

1  To  my  beloved  wife  Elizabeth  I  give  all  my  personal  est.  except  only  the 
Money  &  notes  of  hand  that  may  be  due  at  my  decease,  &  so  much  of  that 
as  may  be  necessary  with  the  improvements  of  my  E  E  for  her  comfortable 
support  &  passage  through  life  also  I  give  her  the  use  &  improv  of  all  my 
real  Estate  during  her  life  except  what  I  here  in  otherwise  dispose  of — 

I  give  to  my  son  Seth  Dexter  my  House  &  land  that  formerly  was  owned 
l)y  Thomas  Haskall  or  so  much  money  as  that  will  fetch  is  sold  also  % 
half  of  my  wearing  apparell  &  my  ' '  Willard  's  Body  of  Divinity ' ' 

I  give  to  my  son  Elijah  Dexter  my  Corn  Mill  &  Saw  Mill  with  the  usual 
part  of  the  stream  &  dam  together  with  all  the  land  I  own  on  the  easterly 
side  of  mill  stream  with  half  a  lot  of  land  I  own  at  the  head  of  the  Mill 
pond — also  the  Salt  meadow  I  o'wn  on  Charles  Neck  also  my  Pew  in  the 
Meeting  house  &  excepting  one  half  a  lot  of  land  I  own  below  parlows, 
to  come  into  possession  after  his  mothers  decease — also  I  give  to  said 
Elijah  ^2  Diy  wearing  apparel  all  the  above  to  be  his,  his  heirs  and  assigns. 

I  give  to  my  daughter  Elizabeth  Clark  18£ — together  with  one  half  of 
the  moveable  estate  that  my  Widow  doth  not  dispose  of  &  is  left  at  her 

I  give  to  my  dau  Joanna  Gibbs  18£  together  with  the  other  half  of  the 
moveable  estate  that  is  not  disposed  of  as  above — 

I  give  to  my  Grand  children,  sons  of  my  dau — Thankful  Haskall  the  one 
half  of  my  homestead  lands  &  buildings  I  own  near  the  westerly  side  of 
Mill  river,  together  Avith  half  the  fulling  mill,  the  one  half  &  the  usual 
part  of  the  Stream  &  dam  &  one  half  the  lot  of  land  I  .own  below  the 
Parlow  's  &  at  the  head  of  the  mill  pond — to  be  to  them  forever. 

I  give  to  my  son  in  law  Zebulon  Haskall  the  other  half  of  my  home- 
stead, Lands,  building  &  fulling  mill  &c — during  his  natural  life  and  after 
his  decease  to  descend  to  my  two  grand  children  to  be  divided  between 
them,  if  either  of  them  decease  under  lawful  age  then  to  be  to  the  surviving 
child  to  him  or  theni  their  heirs  and  assigns. 

DEXTER     PA:\I1IA'     GENEALOGY.  37 

The  use  &  iiiijn'ovemeut  of  all  the  above  estate  to  be  for  the  comfortable 
support  &  iiiainteuance  of  my  Widow  during  her  Xatural  life  &  not  to  come 
into  possession  until  after  her  decease — 

I  appoint  my  Son  Elijah  Dexter  &  Zebulon  Haskall  Exr — 

22  Nov  1791 

Approved  22  May  1793 — 


Seth'  Dexter,  son  of  Jabez^  [Philip^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and 
Mary  [  ]  Dexter,  was  born  17  Feb..  1723.    He  married 

Mary  Kirby,  21  IMay.  1753. 

They  had  seven  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

189*        i     Jabez"  Dexter,  b.  10  Aug.,   1758;    d.   14  Jan.,  1814;    m.  Eachel 

190*      ii     Ellas''  Dexter,  b.  ;   d.  15  Dec,  1821;  m.  Mercy  Sampson, 

1  Dec,  1796. 

191*     iii     Elizabeth^  Dexter,  b.  ;  d.  18  March,  1827;  m.  . 

192*      iv     Elisha''    Dexter,    b.    ApvW,    1/65;    d.    14    Jan.,    1834;    m.    Eunice 

193*       V     Sarah"  Dexter,  b.   2  Sept.,  1755;   d.  8  August,  1833;   m.  Josiah 


194       vi     Mary"  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Charles  Ellis. 

195*     vii     Isaiah"  Dexter,  b.  31  Dec,  1752;   m.  Mary  Davis,  29  Oct.,  1775. 


Jabez''  Dexter,  son  of  Jabez*  [Philip^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and 
]\Iary  Dexter,  was  born  11  ]\Iay,  1728 ;  married  Patience 
Hammond,  7  Nov.,  1751. 

One  son  : 
196         i     Eufus"  Dexter,,  b.  in   Rochester,  3   Sept.,  1762. 


Joshua''  Dexter,  son  of  Gershom^  [John^  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Mehitabel  [Bolls]  Dexter,  was  born  21  May,  1756 : 
married  Thankfnl  Dexter,  30  Dec,  1782. 


Two  f'hildren  : 

197  i     Abigail"  Dexter,  h.  in  Eocliester,  16  Kov.,  1786. 

198  ii     TTamiah"  Dexter,  b.  in  Eocliester,  22  June,  1789. 


Philip'  Dexter,  son  of  Gershom^  [John',  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
:\rL'hitabel  [Bolls]  Dexter,  was  born  15  Jan.,  1763;  died  18 
Nov..  1832:  married  Patience  Randall,  28  Dec,  1786.  Philip 
was  a  farmer  and  the  record  says  he  marked  his  cattle  the 
same  as  his  grandfather,  John  Dexter,  did,  viz. :  "  A  slit  in 
the  end  of  the  left  ear  and  a  half  penny  underside  of  the 
right  ear."     This  was  entered  for  record  7  Jan.,  1794. 

One  child :         . 

199*       i     Betsey'"'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eoehester,  1788;   d.  1866;  m.  Isaac  Hatha- 


John''  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [John^,  William-.  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Hardy]  Dexter,  was  born  16  Sept.,  1719.  He 
maiM-ied  TJebeeca  Hiller  on  9  INIarch,  1777. 

They  had  six  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

200  i     Caleb'"-  Dexter,  b.  2.3  May,  1779;   d.  2  Oct.,  1831.     No  family. 

201  ii     .Jonathan"   Dexter,  b.   14  March,   1781;    d.   4  March,    1860.     No 

202"     iii     Charles'"'  Dexter,  b.  July,  1782;  m.  Hannah  Sno^Y,  3  March,  1808. 
20.3        iv     Betlniel'"'  Dexter,  b.   20  July,   1784;   d.   13   Dec,   1855;   m.   Jane 

Blankenship,  24  July,   1807.     No  family. 

204  V     Dt'sir^  Dexter,  b.  9  Dec,  1786;   d.  4  Sept.,  1864;   m.  Ebenezer 


205  vi     Zoath'^  Dexter,  b.  1.')  .luly,  179.1;  d.  16  Jan.,  1875;  m.  (1)  Betsey 

;   {2)  Alice  Holmes,  24  Dec,  1846.     No  family. 




Silas"'  Dexter,  son  of  Jolm^  [John'".  William-,  Thomas']  and 
Sarah  [Haudy]  Dexter,  was  born  1)  Oct.,  1753;  married 
Elenor  Bumpes,  25  Oct.,  1778. 

20G  i     Oliver"  Dexter,  b.  12   Sept.,   1779.  ' 


David'  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [ John^  William-,  Thomas'  |  and 
Sarah  [Handy]  Dexter,  was  born  17  June,  17r)0:  died  14 
Sept.,    1854;   married   Mary   Butlei-,    11    April.   1782. 

94  yrs.  -2  mos.  17  days. 

The  following'  is  a  sketch  furnished  In-  his  R-randdauoliter : 

Davii]  Dexter,  born  in  Eodiester,  Mass.,  June  17,  1760,  enlisted  in  June; 
1776,  being  then  a  boy  of  sixteen,  to  serve  as  private  in  the  Eevolutionary 

Army,  under  Captain  Turner,  his  Colonel  being  Marshall.     He  took 

the  place  of  an  older  l>rother.  who  had  a  family  and  who  was  drafted. 


He  married  Mary  Butler,  born  in  Tisbiiry,  Martha's  Vineyard,  July  15, 
1755.  She  Tras  the  eldest  child  of  Thomas  and  Eebecca  (Butler) 
Butler.  The  date  of  this  marriage  was  April  11,  1780,  during  which  year 
he  served  six  months  more  in  the  army  imder  Captain  Lee  and  Colonel 

He  was  present  at  the  hanging  of  Andre  at  Tappan-on-the-Hudson, 
October  2,  1780.  Avery  J."  Dexter  remembered  hearing  his  grandfather 
tell  of  the  execution,  and  that  Washington  was  present  and  cried  like  a 
child.  He  said:  "Grandfather  would  tell  it  over  while  the  tears  would  run 
down  his  cheek. ' ' 

David  Dexter,  with  his  younger  brother  Jonathan,  born  in  Eochester, 
Mass.,  Sept.  7,  1762,  came  to  Vermont  in  1783,  and  lived  on  Newfane  Hill, 
while  making  a  home  in  the  wdlderness  of  what  was  then  Wardsboro,  after- 
ward Dover.     Here  David  's  first  child  Charles  was  born,  October  3,  1783. 

When  the  log  house  was  ready  the  family  was  moved  in,  following  blazed 
trees  to  the  new  home. 

Jonathan,  who  married  Hannah  Church  of  Newfane,  cleared  up  the  adjoin- 
ing farm,  afterwards  known  as  the  Colonel  Woods  farm.  There  is  no 
record  of  this  marriage,  but  the  first  child,  Eeuben,  was  born  October  9, 
1788.  In  an  old  burial-place  in  Wardsboro,  may  be  seen  this  inscription: 
' '  Mrs.  Hannah,  wife  of  Mr.  Jonathan  Dexter,  died  May  29,  1800,  in  the 
38th  year  of  her  age. ' ' 

David,  in  the  early  days,  used  to  come  out  to  Newfane  Hill  and  work  for 
Captain  Kenny,  taking  his  pay  in  corn,  which  was  ground  in  a  mill  near 
by,  the  foundation  stones  of  which  may  be  seen  near  the  outlet  of  Kenny 
Pond.  Taking  the  bag  of  meal  on  his  back,  David  would  retrace  his  way 
through  the  forest  by  marked  trees. 

Euth  Dexter,  a  sister  of  David  and  Jonathan,  came  later  from  "Old 
Eochester"  and  lived  some  years  with  her  brother  Jonathan  in  the  south 
part  of  Wardsboro.  She  was  born  Feb.  22,  1758,  in  Eochester,  Mass., 
and   died  in  Wardsboro. 

207*        i     Charles"  Dexter,  b.  3  Oct.,  1783;  d.  29  Sept.,  1852;   m.  Lucinda 
Bascom,  5  Feb.,  1788. 

208  ii     Mary-^  Dexter,  b.    29   Dec,   1784;    d.    16    Sept.,    1862;    m.   Henry 

Underwood,  23  April,  1812. 

209  iii     Nathan"  Dexter,  b.  16  Sept.,  1786;  d.  22  April,  1866;  m.  — 

Park,  2  May,  1810. 
John''  Dexter,  b.  1  March,  1788;   d.  18  Feb.,  1858. 
David"  Dexter,  b.  20  April,  1790;   d.  6  Jan.,  1871. 
Daniel"    Dexter,   b.    30   May,    1792;    d.    30   May,    1862;    m.    (1) 

Hadassah    Johnson,    1824;     (2)    Eoxalana    Johnson,    24    Dec, 

213*     vii     Silas"  Dexter,  b.  6  Dec,  1794;   d.   7  April,  1850;   m.    (1)   Irene 

Hall,  1826;    (2)   Maria  Taylor,  10  Jan.,  1833.     He  was  Eep- 

resentative  in  1831-3. 








J  32 

Jonathan'  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [John".  AYilliam-,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Handy]  Dexter,  was  born  7  Sept.,  1762;  died  9 
Nov.,  1841;  married  (1)  Hannah  Church;  (2)  Dolly  AVhite, 
11  Nov.,  1800. 

He  had  six  children  by  first  wife  and  eiiiht  by  second  wife : 

214  i     Eeuben''  Dexter,  b.  in  Wardsboro,  Yt.,  9  Oct.,  1788. 

215  ii     Hannah"   Dexter,   b.   in   Wardsboro,   Yt.,    20   Xov.,    1790;    d.    25 

Oct.,  1865 ;  m.  Warren  Wood. 
21G       iii     Eleanor"'  Dexter,  b.  10  Nov.,  1794;   d.  14  April,  1867;  m.  Lewis 

Lamb,  2,3  Dec,  1819. 
217*      iv     Jonathan  M."  Dexter,  b.  26  April,  1798;  m.  Harriet  Morse. 

218  V     Sally"  Dexter. 

219  vi     Dolly"  Dexter,  b.  1796;  d.  1806, 

220  vii     Deborah"  Dexter,  b.   20  Sept.,  1801 ;   d.  S  Oct.,  1828. 

221"   viii     Oliver"   Dexter,  b.   11   Dec,   1802;    d.   5   April,   1882;    m.   Louisa 
Preston,  14  Sept.,  1830. 

222  ix     Joseph  H."  Dexter,  b.  27  May,  1804;  d.  6  Nov.,  1806. 

223  X     Silvia"  Dexter,  b.  9  Aug.,  1807;  d.  23  Sept.,  1810. 

224  xi     Sarah  H."  Dexter,  b.  23  May,  1809;  m.  Hiram  Havs'ley. 

225'    xii     Joseph  W."  Dexter,  b.   14   April,   1811;   m.  Mary   F.  Morse,   11 

Nov.,  1834. 
226"  xiii     Linus  W."  Dexter,  b.  24  May,  1813 ;  m.  Caroline  Carpenter. 

227  xiv     Silvia"  Dexter,  b.    12   Oct.,    1814;    d.   10   Xov.,    1846;    m.   W.    H. 



Reuben"^  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [John-\  William-,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  [Handy]  Dexter,  was  bom  26  Jan.,  1765;  died  3 
April,   1846;  married    (1)    Mary  Tobey,   1787;    (2)    Anna 

Tobey,  1791. 

Seven  children,  all  by  second  Avife : 

228  i     Leonard"  Dexter,  b.  in  Eoehester,  1  April,  1797;  d.  26  Sept.,  1867. 

Xo  childrenl 
229"       ii     Anne"  Dexter,  b.  11  July,  1799;  d.  5  Dec,  1867;  m.  Abuer  Hall, 
4  Xov.,  1819. 


230  iii     Nathan"  Dexter,  h.  2  July,  1801 ;  d.  7  Oct..  1826.     Not  married, 

231  iv     Susannah  P."  Dexter,  b.  3  April,  1803;    d.  24  Jan.,  1888.     Not 

232*       V     Clarissa''  Dexter,  b.  25  May,  1805 ;  d.  23.  March,  1867 ;  m.  Edward 

Buell,  31  July,  1834. 
233"      vi     Mary"  Dexter,  b.   4  Feb.,   1808;    d.   23   July,   1896;   m.   Nathan 

Barstow,  27  Dec,  1829. 
234*     vii     Caroline"  Dexter,  b.  14  March,  1814;  d.  2  July,  1856;  m.  Daniel 

Smith,  1  Jan.,  1840. 

135  . 

Edward'  Dexter,  sou  of  Noah*  [Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Epiplieny    [Clark]    Dexter,  was  born  13   Sept.,  1730: 

died  1798:    married    (1)    Annie  • ,   1755;    (2)    Mary 

Babcock.  At  death,  of  father  the  land  was  divided  between 
the  boys  and  the  personal  property  among  the  girls.  The 
son  Edward  was  executor.     He  was  tithing-man  1792. 

Will  of  Edward  Dexter : 

16  Aug.  1795 

In  the  name  of  God  amen  I  Edward  Dexter  of  Eoehester  in  the  county  oi 
Plymouth  yeoman — Do  make  &  ordain  this  my  last  will  &  testament,  my  soul 
I  commit  to  God,  &  my  body  I  would  have  interred  in  a  decent  Christian 
manner  &  my  earthly  estate  I  would  dispose  of  in  the  manner  following — 
viz — 

Whereas  I  am  possessed  of  two  pieces  of  land  which  are  divided  from 
each  other  by  land  belonging  to  Ebenezer  Cannon,  it  is  my  will  that  all 
which  lies  on  the  westerly  side  of  said  land  of  Ebenezer  Cannon  shall  be 
the  property  of  my  dutiful  son  Edward  obliging  him  to  pay  all  my  just 
debts,  funeral  charges,  he  having  all  debts  due  me  and  all  my  land,  meadow 
&c  lying  on  the  east  side  of  the  land  of  said  Ebenezer  Cannon  shall  be  the 
jiroperty  of  my  dutiful  son  Samuel — 

And  it  is  my  will,  that  all  my'  personal  estate,  be  equally  divided  between 
my  three  daughters  Etmice,  Anna  &  Mary  and  I  oblige  Edward  to  provide 
for  them  Sufficient  house  room  during  their  Single  Estate. 

I    appoint    Edward,    my    son.    Sole    Executor. 

I  do  hereunto  set  my  hand  &  seal  16  day  Aug  1795 — 

Edward  Dexter.     [Seal] 
Nat  Cowin 
Nathan  Cannon 
Lot  Perkins — 

Presented  tor  Probate  9  Nov.,  1798 

DEXTER     FAMIl.V     (JENEAI.OGY.  43 

Two  children  by  first  wife  and  six  hy  second  wife: 

235  i     Noah"  Dexter,  1).   in  Rochester,   17  Oct.,  175;") ;   d.  1 7()(). 

236  ii     Anna"  Dexter,  b.   in  Rochester,   2  Jan.,  1758;   d.   175S. 
237"     iii     Edward"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  13  Nov.,  1766;   d.  1845. 
238"      iv     Samuel"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  30  Sept.,  1773.- 

239  V     Eunice"  Dexter,  1).  in  Rochester,  1768. 

240  vi     James"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,   4  Oct.,  1771;   d.  before  1795. 

241  vii     Anna"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  10  Dec,  1778;  m.  David  Austin. 

242  viii     Mary"  Dexter,  b.  in  Rochester,  15  Dec,  1783;  m.  Gideon  Dexter, 



Benjamin'^  Dexter,  son  of  Noah^  [Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Epipheny  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  25  Sept..  1734; 
died  1804;  married  Priscilla  Benson.  19  Oct..  1756. 

.Nine  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

243  i     Experience"  Dexter,  b.  15  Feb.,  1757;  m.  Seth  Bimi]). 

244"       ii     Joseph"  Dexter,  b.  3  Jidv,  1759;  m.  Mary  Luce,  1779. 
245"     iii     Noah"    Dexter,   b.    4   June,    1762;    d.    25    April,    1816;    m.    Mary 
Delano,  1788. 

246  vi     Thankful"   Dexter,   b.     21     Aug.,     1764;     m.     Savery    Clifton    of 


247  V     Epipheny"    Dexter,    b.    25    April,    1767;    in.    Paul    Hammond    of 


248  vi     Priscilla"  Dexter,  b.  14  Jan.,  1770;  m.  Israel  Cowin  of  Rochester. 

249  vii     Jane"  Dexter,  b.  5  Jan.,  1773;   m.  David  Mendell  of  Rochester.- 

250  viii     Susanna"   Dexter,   b.    26  May,   1775;    m.   Perez   Coombs   of   Mid- 

251"      ix     Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  18  July,  1778;   d.  14  Sept.,  1846;   m.  Ruth 
Delano,  1  Jan.,  1797. 


Sarah'  Dexter,  daughter  of  James^  [Benjamiir,  William-, 
Thomas^]  and  Lois  [Sherman]  Dexter,  was  born  12  Dec, 
1732 ;  married  Stephen  Perry,  20  Nov.,  1755.  Stephen  and 
wife  had  land  given  them  bv  James^ 



Six  cbildi-eii,  born  in  Eochester,  Mass.     They  had  land 
left  them  by  their  grandfather  James. 

252  i     James"  Perry,  b.  22  March,  1758.     Eeceived  land  from  his  grand- 


253  ii     Elizabeth"  Perry,  b.  31  July,  1760. 

254  iii     Thomas"    Perry,    b.    3    June,    1761.     Eeceived    money    from    his 


255  iv     Louis  (dau.)"  Periy,  b.  12  Oct.,  1763. 

256  V     Lucy"  Perry,  b.  25  Feb.,  1769. 

257  vi     Sarah"  Perry,  b.  3  April,  1771. 


Peleg''  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin*  [Benjamin',  AVilliam^,  Thomas^] 
and  Hannah  [Barrow]  Dexter,  was  born  16  April,  1722; 
married  Catherine  Cosby,  19  Feb.,  1743. 

Three  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

258  i     John"  Dexter,  b.  27  June,  1745;  drowned  15  March,  1761,  in  N.  S. 

259  ii     Elisha"  Dexter,  b.20  July,  1747  ;  drowned  15  March,  1761,  in  N.  S. 

260  iii     Jesse"  Dexter,  b.  18  May,  1750;  m.  Widow  Nickerson. 


Jonathan'    Dexter,    son    of    Benjamin*    [Benjamin^,    William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Barrow]  Dexter,  was  born  30  April,  ^ 
1724;  married  (1)  Hannah  Vincent;  (2)  Philippa  Vincent.   ■' 

One  child: 

261  i     Isaac"  Dexter,  b.  at  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  15  Oct.,  1751 ;  m.  3  July, 

1776,  Anna  Foster,  who  was  b.  Chilmark,  Mass.,  29  June,  1756, 
dau.  of  EdAvard  and  Mary  Foster.  Edward  Foster  went  to 
Liverpool,  N.  S.,  1760  or  '61,  and  Avas  one  of  the  original 


Ebenezer'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin*  [Benjamin',  William-, 
Tliomas^]    and     Iliiiinah    [BarroAv]    Dexter,    Avas    born    in 

DEXTER    PA.Mii.N'    ( ;i:xi:.\i ,( X^'.  4,') 

Rochester,    6   Aiiii.,    1728;    iiiarried   Lydia   Jiydei;    (said    to 
have  been  his  cousin),  27  March,  1755.     Tie  was  a  fanncf. 

Fonrteen  childi'en,  1)oi-m   in  Dartmouth,  ^lass. : 

262  i     Hannah''  Dexter,  b.  15  Sept.,   1756;   d.  in  Nova  Scotia,  24    i-'eb.. 

1783;  ni.  James  Nickerson,  son  of  Eldad  and  Mary. 

263  ii     Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  23  March,  1758   ( Eoch ester )  ;   d.  1787;   m. 

Mary  Harrington.     Descendants  live    in   Hants  County,   X.    S. 
Son,  Enos  Dexter. 
•26i       iii     Eebecca"  Dexter,  b.  10  May,  1760  (Rocliester)  ;  ni.  26  Dec,  1776, 
Stephen  Gardner. 

265  iv     Lydia"   Dexter,  b.    23   July,    1762    (Liverpool,    X.   S.)  ;    d.    1854; 

m.  Jesse  Xickerson. 

266  V     Elisha"  Dexter,  b.  23  April,  1764  (Liverixx)!,  X.  S.)  ;  d.  19  May, 


267  vi     Ebenezer"  Dexter,  b.  20  July,  1766    (Liverpool,  X.  S.)  ;   d.  1835; 

m.  Azubah  Godfrey. 

268  vii     Katherine"  Dexter,  b.  1769;  m.  William  Gardner,  1  Jan.,  1789. 
269'--  viii     Enoch"  Dexter,   1).    1771;    d.    1831;    m.   Soloma  Pindel,    10    Xov., 


270  ix     Samuel"  Dexter,  b.  1773;   m.   Hannah  Godfrey. 

271  X     Experience"    Dexter;    m.     (1)    William    Gardner;     (2)    Hampton 

Stokes,  27  August,  1800. 

272  xi     Ariedana"  Dexter;    m.  Xathaniel  Cleveland. 

273  xii     Bertha"   Dexter;    m.    (1)    John   Purgers;    (2)    Joseph   Woods,    6 

Sept.,  1792. 

274  xiii     Esther"  Dexter;  m.  Peter  Frost,  22  Dec,  1796. 

275  xiv     Reuben"  Dexter;   died  young. 


Joseph'     Dexter,    son    of    Benjamin*     [Benjamin^      William-, 
'    Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Barrow]  Dexter,  was  born  27  Feb., 
1731 ;  married  Azubah  Godfrey. 

Children,  born  in  Nova  Scotia : 

276  i     Son,  b.    16   Feb.,   1762. 

277  ii     Eunice"  Dexter,  b.  17  July,  1763. 

278  iii     Posana"  Dexter,  b.  15  March,  1766. 

279  iv     Azubah"  Dexter,  b.   30  April,  1768. 

280  v     Jediah"  Dexter,  b.   19   June,   1790.       For  too  much  freedom  of 

speech  he  had  to  flee  to  Xew  England. 















Benjamin''  Dexter,  son  of  Josiali^  [Benjamin^,  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Abigail  [Dexter]  Dexter,  was  born  19  Dec, 
1741 :  died  15  Feb.,  1790 ;  married  Mary  Hathaway,  29  Sept., 

After  the  death  of  Benjamin^,  George  B.  Nye  of  Kochester 
Avas  api^ointed  guardian  for  the  fonr  young  children,  Han- 
nah, Benjamin,  Josiah  and  Philip,  they  being  nnder  fourteen 
years  of  age. 

Six  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

Sarah  C."  Dexter,  b.  12  Aug.,  1780;  d.  26  May,  1814. 
Abigail"  Dexter,  b.  4  Nov.,  1777. 
Hannah''  Dexter,  b.  28  June,  1779. 
Josiah"  Dexter,  b.  14  June,  1781. 
Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  11  March,  1783. 
Ti     Philip"  Dexter,  b.  20  Aug.,  178-5. 


David"  Dexter,  son  of  Josiah^  [Benjamin^,  "William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Abigail  [Dexter]  Dexter,  was  born  9  Nov.,  1749 ;  died 
22  Jan.,  1827 :  married  Sarah  Allen,  5  Nov.,  1779.  He  was 
a  farmer,  and  the  record  says  he  marked  his  cattle  "with 
"two  slits  in  the  end  of  left  ear."  This  is  recorded  29 
July,  1778. 

Seven  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

287  i     Sarah  C."  Dexter,  b.  12  Aug.,  1780;  d.  26  May,  1814. 

288*      ii     Jonathan"  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1782;   d.  27  Feb.,  1841;  m.  Mary 

Studley,  17  March,  180-5. 
2S9       iii     Mariah"  Dexter,  b.   23  Oct.,  1784.     Xo  family. 
290       iv     Mercy"  Dexter,  24  March,  1788 ;  d.  6  May,  1832.     Xo  family. 
291*       V     E.  Allen"  Dexter,  b-  13  Jan-,  1792;  m.    (1)   Cynthia  Pitcher,  11 

March,  1834;  (2)  Martha  Mayhevs% 

292  vi     David"  Dexter,  b.  26  Xov.,  1794;  d.  20  Nov.,  1824. 

293  vii     Benjamin"   Dexter,    b.    29    June,    1800;    d.    24   Aug.,    1827;    m. 

Hannah  Brownell,  1826.     Xo  children. 



Isaac'  Dexter,  son  of  Constant^  [Benjamin".  William-,  ThomasVJ 
and  ^Meribah  [Dilloway]  Dexter,  Avas  ])(>rn  13  June,  1744; 
died  15  Dec,  1804;  nuirried  Kezia  Wing-. 

Nine  children.  l)Oi"n  in  Wayne,  IMaine: 

294*        i      (Deacon)  Constant''  Dexter,  b.  9  Aug.,  1767;  d.  26  :\rai-ch,  1842; 

m.  Eebecca  Billington. 
29.'5        ii     NathanieP  Dexter. 
296*     iii     Freeman"  Dexter;  d.  7  Dec,  1840;  m.  Polly  Thurston. 

297  iv     (Eev.)   Stephen"  Dexter. 

298  V     Gideon"  Dexter. 

300*      vi     Isaac"   Dexter,   b.    18   Feb.,    1783;    d.    21    Aug.,   1864;    m.   Sally 

Wing,  1803. 
301*     vii     (Deacon)    Amasa"   Dexter,   born    6   July,    1786;    d.    30    August, 

1874;  m.  Martha  Burgess,  28  Oct.,  1807. 

302  viii     Mercy"  Dexter. 

303  ix     :Meribah"  Dexter. 


Gideon''  Dexter,  sou  of  Constant*  [Benjamin^  William-, 
Thomas^]  and  ^Meribali  [Dilloway]  Dexter,  was  born  29 
Jan.,  1750;  married  Mary  . 

Two  children  : 

304  i     Joseph"  Dexter,  b.  12  July.  1774. 

305  ii     Gideon  F."  Dexter,  b.  21  Oct.,  1781. 


SamueP  Dexter,  son  of  SamueP  [Benjamin',  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Mary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Rochester,  13  Oct., 
1734.  He  Avent  with  his  parents  to  Hardwick  and  Athol. 
He  married  25  Nov.,  1759,  at  Hardwick,  Thankful,  daugh- 
ter of  Deacon  John  Freeman.     She  was   a  descendant  of 


Elder  William  Brewster  of  "Mayflower"  fame.*  She  died 
20  :\lay.  1811.  aged  69.  He  married  (2)  Sebbelah  (Sibyl), 
widow  of  Samuel  Thurston,  26  Sept.,  1811 ;  she  died  1849, 
aged  100  years. 

They  resided  in  Hardwick  near  the  Barre  line.  He  was 
one  of  the  "minutemen"  who  marched  to  Cambridge  in 
1775,  and  in  January,  1776,  was  Captain  of  a  company  sta- 
tioned at  "Roxbury  Camp."  He  was  afterwards  involved 
politically  in  the  Shays  Rebellion,  but  was  forgiven.  He  was 
a  farmer,  sold  land  in  1765  to  Elisha  Hedge,  Jr.,  and  to 
Ebenezer  Lawrence  the  same  year.  He  sold  sixty-eight 
acres  of  land  in  Barre  to  his  sons,  Samuel  and  Jonathan, 
in  1811.     He  died  3  May,  1824,  aged  nearly  90  years. 

He  had  eleven  children,  born  in  HardAAdck : 

306^        i     Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  17  March,  1760;   d.  1792;   m.  Anna  Mayo 

of  Eutland,  10  Oct.,  1784. 
Mary"  Dexter,  b.  18  Jan.,  1763 ;  m.  John  Gotham,  3  June,  1784. 
Eleazar-'  Dexter,  b.  5  July,  1765;  m.  (1)  Abigail  Dexter,  8  AjDril, 

1784;   (2)  Charity  Williams,  Jime,  1786. 
Mercy"  Dexter,  b.  16  July,  1767;  d.  14  March,  1774. 
Ichabod"  Dexter,  b.  23  April,  1770;   d.  5  March,  1774. 
Samuel"  Dexter,   b.   9   May,   1773 ;    d.   1861 ;    m.   Sally  Williams, 

vii     Seth"  Dexter,  b.   5  March,  1775. 

Jedediah"  Dexter,  bapt.  26  Oct.,  1777;  d.l827;  m.  Abigail  Eager; 

she  was  b.  1778. 
ix     Susanna"  Dexter,  bapt.  26  Sept.,  1779. 
Thomas"  Dexter,  bapt.  19  May,  1782. 
Jonathan"  Dexter,  b.  about  1786;  d.  1856;  m.  Eoxana  Dean,  1812. 

♦Edmund'  Freeman  of  Lynn,  1635,  was  one  of  the  grantors  of  Sandwich.  1637.  He 
died  in  1682.  He  had  a  wife  Elizabeth.  They  had  two  sons,  Edmund^  and  John=. 
These  sons  married  daughters  of  Governor  Prence  and  his  wife  Fear  (Brewster) 
Prenee.  Fear  Brewster  was  daughter  of  Elder  William  Brewster,  who  was  one  of 
the  most  important  men  that  started  with  the  Pilgrims. 

John=  Freeman  was  Captain.  167.=).  in  King  Philip's  War:  was  Major  1685;  also  dea- 
con of  church  ten  years:  deputy  at  General  Court  seven  years:  judge  of  Court  of  Com- 
mon Pleas  after  the  union  of  Plymouth  and  Massachusetts.  He  was  born  in  1621:  died 
in  1719.     His  widow  died  29  Sept.,  1711,  aged  80. 

John^  Freeman  was  born  in  1651  and  died  in  1721.  He  married  (1)  Sarah,  daughter  of 
William  Mirrick.  1672:  (2)  Mercy,  widow  of  Captain  Elkanah  Watson,  of  Plymouth. 
They  had  eleven  children. 

.lohn'  Freeman  was  born  in  1678.  He  married  Mercy,  daughter  of  Captain  Elkanah. 
Watson.  1701.    They  had  eleven  children. 

John''  Freeman  was  born  13  Aug.,  1709.  He  married  Joanna  Rickett  of  Plymouth,  1730. 
He  went  to  Rochester  about  1723  and  to  Hardwick,  where  he  died  in  1804.  His  widow 
died  29  March.  1797,  aged  87. 

Thankful"  Freeman  was  born  in  1741.  She  married  Samuel  Dexter  as  above.  He 
died  20  May.  181 1,  age  69. 





















DEXTER     FAMILY     GENEA1>()(;V.  49 


Ichabod''  Dexter,  son  of  Saiiiut'l'  |  Px'iijjiiiiin',  William-, 
Thomas' I  and  JMary  [Clark]  Dextei',  was  hoi-ii  in  Athol,  24 
June,  1787.  He  passed  his  early  years  in  Athol  and  ITard- 
wick.  He  learned  tlic  blacksmith  trade,  and  according'  to 
tradition  was  in  the  French  and  Indian  AVar,  and  was  at  the 
taking  of  old  Fort  Ticonderoga,  when  all  the  men  in  line  on 
both  sides  of  him  w^ere  shot  down,  and  his  clothes  were 
riddled  with  bullets,  bnt  none  happened  to  draw  blood.  He 
and  his  brother  Samuel  were  taken  prisoners  by  the  Indians, 
at  one  time,  who  started  with  them  for  Canada,  but  as  they 
camped  one  night  the  brothers  awoke  and  finding  their 
captors  were  all  asleep,  they  sent  the  whole  company  to  the 
"happy  hunting  grounds"  and  started  through  the  wilder- 
ness for  home.  They  found  it  almost  impossible  to  travel 
through  the  woods  or  to  obtain  food,  and  were  obliged  to 
kill  and  eat  a  dog  which  was  with  them.  They  finally 
reached  home,  but  thoroughly  used  up  and  half  starved. 

He  was  elected  selectman  of  Athol  in  1768,  and  at  the 
alarm  at  Lexington  he  led  a  company  of  minutemen  from 
that  town.  He  was  afterward  Captain  of  a  company  in  the 
field.  He  moved  to  Hardwick  in  1780,  and  was  selectman 
there  in  1781- '82,  1785;  elected  Representative,  1782-1783. 

In  1752  the  General  Court  granted  325  acres  of  land  on 
the  west  line  of  Athol  (Pequoig)  to  Rev.  Benjamin  Ruggles 
of  Middleboro,  IMass.  This  grant  became  in  March,  1762, 
a  part  of  Athol,  but  in- 1783  was  in  the  part  set  off  to  Orange. 

Ezekiel  Wallingford  is  said  to  have  located  as  early  as 
1747,  and  Avas  not  long  afterward  killed  by  the  Indians. 
Mr.  Dexter  bought  the  right  to  Wallingford 's  land  and  lived 
upon  it  many  years.  He  afterwards  returned  to  Hardwick. 
He  also  bought  a  farm  of  fifty  acres  of  Jason  Babcock,  which 
was  set  off  with  lot  No.  7  on  West  Hill.  He  also  owned  a 
farm  in  Orange  called  the  Battle  Farm.  He  was  an  active 
promoter  of  Shays'  Rebellion  in  1786,  but  afterward  made 
his  peace  wdth  the  government.  He  was  a  man  of  ability 
and  courage,  as  a  record  of  his  career  shows. 


He  married  Abigail ,  and  had  seven  children.     His 

Avife  was  bom  21  July,  1742,  and  died  7  April,  1797.  He 
died  of  apoplexy  13  Feb.,  1797.  His  estate  was  administrated 
by  his  sons,  Clark  and  Benjamin.  His  brother  Job  was 
appointed  gniardian  of  Lydia  and  Betty,  minor  children, 
they  receiving  £400  each.  He  bought  a  pew  in  the  meeting 
house  at  Athol  of  IMoses  Goddard  for  £10,  in  1789,  although 
he  was  then  living  in  Hardmek. 

Cliildren : 

317  i     Clark"  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Alice  WinsloTr,  the  dan.  of  Ezra^  and 

Eosamond  (Spooner)  WmsloTr  and  a  descendant  of  Hezekiah*, 

1713;  Eiellard^  1685;  Job=,  ;   Kenelm^  Winslow,  16  Oct., 

1796.     They  removed  to  Barnard,  Vt. 

Miriam''  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Asa  Hedge,  31  May,  1780. 

Benjamin"  Dexter,  b. . 







Lucy"   Dexter,   b.    6    July,    1762;    d.    19   May,    1833;    m.   Moses 

Cheney,  4  July,  1782. 
321         V     Ehoda"  Dexter,  b.  1769;   d.  9  Aug.,  184-5;  m.  Phineas  Battle  of 

Orange,  7  Nov.,  1793.     He  was  b.  1768,  d.  1838. 

322*     vi     Lydia"  Dexter,  b. ;  m.  Sherman  Battle,  12  Aug.,  1800. 

323       vii     Betty"  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Abner  Smith  of  Warvriek. 

Note. — Bevolutionary  record.     See  Massachusetts  Eecord. 

Ichabod  Dexter  of  Athol,  Mass.  Captain  of  a  company  of  minutemen. 
Colonel  Doolittle's  regiment,  which  marched  on  alarm,  19  April,  1775;  service 
five  days.  Also  Captain  in  Col.  Benjamin  Euggles  Woodbridge 's  (25th) 
regiment;  list  of  oflScers  recommended  for  commission  by  Committee  of 
Safety,  dated  Cambridge,  15  June,  1775;  ordered  by  Congress,  21  June, 
1775, to  be  delivered.  Captain  same  regiment;  muster  roll  dated  Aug.  1, 1775; 
engaged  April  24,  1775;  service  three  months,  fourteen  days.  Also  Captain  in 
Colonel  Doolittle's  regiment;  list  of  officers  of  Massachusetts  militia  (year 
not  given). 


Job''  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel*  [Benjamin",  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Mary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hardwick,  8  March, 
1740-1,  and  spent  most  of  his  life  there.  He  married  Mercy 
Hinkley  of  Hardwick,  17  July,  1766.  She  Avas  born  1744 
and  died  28  July,  1810;  wa.s  the  daughter  of  Thomas  and 


Ruth  [IMerrick]  TTiiil<l('y.  and  was  probabls-  a  (Icscendant  of 
Governor  Thomas  ITiiikley.  He  married  (2)  ^lary  Walkei- 
of  Barre,  pub.  1  Nov.,  1811.  She  was  born  1755  and  died 
October,  1824,  a<ied  69  years. 

Job  was  a  farmer  and  resided  ab(mt  a  mile  and  a  half 
northerly  from  the  CommoiL  He  was  Lieutenant  in  Captain 
Paige's  company  at  Bennington,  August,  1777;  was  a  select- 
man fifteen  years,  between  1789  and  1805.  He  died  10  July, 

Job  had  ten  children,  all  by  his  first  wife: 

324*        i     John"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  3  Jan.,  1769;  d.  7  May,  1836;  ni. 

(1)  Lucy  Dennis,  1803;    (2)  Persis  Gilbert,  1821. 
325*      ii     Anna"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  22  July,  1770;  d.  20  March,  1804; 

m.  Thomas  Wheeler,  Jr.,  3  June,  1790. 
326*     iii     Kuth"  Dexter,  b.  20  March,  1773;  d.  26  March,  1847;   m.  David 

Allen,  Jr.,  27  April,  1794. 
327*      iv     Tchabod"'  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  19  Dec,  177.5;  d.  18.51;  m.   (1) 
Sally  Eager,  1803;   (2)  Alice  Amidon,  1822. 
Mercy"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  28  April,  1777;  d.  24  July,  1801. 
Joseph"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  1  March,  1779;  m.  Sophia  Hvuit, 
13  July,  1800.     Moved  to  Westford,  Vt.     Two  children  died  in 
inf.   1803. 
Jonathan"  Dexter,  bap.  9  Sept.,  ]  781. 
Sally"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,   16  Oct.,  1783;   d.   18  July,  1811; 

m.  Dr.  Elliot  Beckworth,  9  Nov.,  1806. 
Zenas"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  26  June,  1785. 
Alma"  Dexter,  b.  in  Hardwick,  27  May,  1787;   d.  7  Oct.,  1790. 

Revolutionars^  record  of  Job  Dexter  of  Hardwick : 

He  was  commissioned  2nd  Lieutenant  by  Council,  18  March,  1777;  Lieuten- 
ant, Capt.  Timothy  Paige's  company.  Col.  James  Convers'  regiment; 
engaged  Aug.  21,  1777;  discharged  21  Aug.,  1777 — ten  days.  The  company 
marched  to  Bennington  on  an  alarm.  He  was  also  in  Capt.  John  Crawford's 
company.  Col.  Job  Cushing's  regiment;  engaged  Sept.  7,  1777;  discharged 
29  Nov.,  1777.  Service  three  months  and  three  days,  travel  included.  Also 
2nd  Lieutenant  same  company  and  regiment ;  pay  abstract  for  rations  dated 
Scaresdeal,  30  Nov.,  1777.  He  was  also  1st  Lieutenant  same  company  and 
regiment;  rations  allowed  Oct.  13,  1777;  Dec.  9,  1777,  services  in  northern 
department.  He  was  also  1st  Lieutenant,  Capt.  Denison  Eobinson's  (5) 
company,  4th  Worcester  County  Eegiment ;  list  of  officers  of  Massachusetts 
militia  commissioned  11  June,  1778. 















Mary''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Samuel*  [Benjamin^,  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  ]\Iary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hardwick, 

Mass.,  11  July,  1743,  and  died .    She  married  Benja- 

rain  Morton  of  Athol,  28  Sept.,  1760,  and  went  to  that  place 
to  live. 

Benjamin  was  one  of  the  first  children  born  in  Athol,  he 
being-  born  very  soon  after  the  arrival  of  his  parents,  who 
went  there  in  the  fall  of  1735.  His  parents  came  from 
Hatfield  and  built  the  first  house  and  organized  the  first 
church.  Benjamin's  parents  were  Richard  and  Mary 
(Waite)  Morton, and  he  was  a  descendant  on  his  father's  side 
from  George  ]\Iorton,  born  in  Austerfield,  Yorkshire,  Eng- 
land, 1585,  who  was  the  financial  agent  of  Plymouth  Colony 
and  chartered  the  Mayflower  for  that  memorable  voyage 
which  ended  at  Pymouth,  1620.  He  married  Juliana  Car- 
penter, 23  July  1612,  and  they  came  in  the  Ann  in  June, 

Mrs.  Morton's  sister,  Alice  Carpenter,  married  (2)  Gov. 
William  Bradford,  the  second  Governor  of  Plymouth 
Colony.  Another  sister,  Agnes  Carpenter,  was  the  wife  of 
Dr.  Samuel  Fuller,  one  of  the  passengers  on  the  Mayflower, 
elder  of  church,  one  of  the  most  valuable  Pilgrims,  and  was 
the  first  physician  that  came  to  this  country. 

Benjamin  Morton  was  a  descendant  on  his  mother's  side 
of  Sergeant  Benjaimin  Waite,  the  hero  of  the  Connecticut 
Valley  (Feb.  25,  1731). 

Children : 

334  i     Molly''  Morton,  h.  ;  m.  Solomon  Johnson,  Jr.   (her  cousin). 

335  ii     Benjamin''  Morton,  Jr.,  b.  ;  m.  Hannah  Dexter  (his  cousin). 

336  iii     Sarah"  Morton,  b. ;  m.  Cromwell  Bullock. 

337  iv     Margery"  Morton,  b.  1764;  m.   (1)   David  Johnson  (her  cousin); 

(2)  Samuel  Town. 

338  ■        V     Jonathan"    Morton,    b.    ;    m.    (1)    Jennie    Holt,    1796;     (2) 

Esther  Bennett,  1800. 

339  vi     Submit"  ^lorton,  b. ;  m.  Russell  Barnes,  1798. 


340*    vii     J  allies"  Mortou,  b.  ;   in.   Jcnislia  Forbush. 

341  viii     Lois"  Morton,  b.  ;  cl.  1850;  never  married. 

342  ix     Abraham"  Morton,  b.  ;  m.  Phebe  — — . 


Sarah'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Samuel*  [Benjamin'^  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  ]\lary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hardwick, 
]\lass.,  8  May,  1745.  She  married  Solomon  Johnson,  28 
Dec,  1762,  and  made  their  home  at  Orange,  Mass.  They 
were  in  same  school  district  as  Benjamin  Dexter  and  Asa 
Lord.  Solomon  was  probably  son  of  Zebadiah  and  Esther 
Johnson  of  Shrewsbury,  ]\Iass. 

They  had  nine  children ;  two  of  them  married  cousins, 
the  children  of  Benjamin  and  Mary  ]\Iorton : 

Esther"  Johnson,  b.  — — ;  d.  1807;  m.  Joseph  Lord, 
ii     Solomon"  Johnson,  Jr.,  m.  Molly  Morton  (cousin), 
iii     Patty"  Johnson-;   m.  John  King,  1791. 

David"  Johnson;  m.  Margery  Morton   (cousin). 

Jonathan"  Johnson;  m.  Betsey  Kennedy,  1797;  went  to  Vermont. 

Sally"  Johnson,  b.  ;  m.  Joshua  Tucker  of  Hardwick. 

Polly"  Johnson,  b. ;  m.  Mr.  Giles  of  New  Salem. 

Jonah"  Johnson,  b.  ;  m.  lady  of  New  Salem. 

Daniel"  Johnson,  b. . 




















Benjamin^  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel"*  [Benjamin^  William^ 
Thomas^]  and  JMary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hardwick, 
17  Nov.,  1747,  and  remained  there  until  he  was  eight  years 
of  age,  when  he  Was  bound  out  to  his  brother,  Ichabod  Dexter 
of  Athol,  where  he  remained  until  he  was  of  age.  He 
received  for  his  services  £13  6s.  8d. 

The  year  after  he  became  of  age,  1769,  he  married  Hannah 
Stone  of  Rutland,  Mass.,*  and  went  to  li'^'e  upon  what  is 

*Gregory'  Stone  came  to  America,  1635,  aged  45;  settled  In  Watertown;  removed  to 
Cambridge:  was  deacon.  He  married  Lydia  Cooper.  He  died  30  Nov.,  1672;  she  died 
24  June,  1674.     Six  children,  all  born  in  England. 

John-  Stone  came  over  with  his  father;  was  one  of  the  original  proprietors  of 
Sudbury,  ]63St;  was  large  owner  of  land:  was  elder  of  church;  town  clerk,  1655;  removed 


now  called  the  "Jesse  Worrick  farm."  The  house  is  still 
standing.  The  next  year  he  moved  into  the  west  end  of  the 
Ruggies  grant  upon  the  location  that  is  now  occupied  by 
the  Elihu  Dexter  and  Sylvester  Davis  farms  in  Orange, 
Mass.  "This  Ruggies  grant  was  made  in  1752  to  Rev.  Benja- 
min Ruggies  of  ]Middleboro,  and  consisted  of  325  acres  on  the 
west  line  of  Athol,  but  in  1783  this  was  included  in  the 
part  set  off  from  Athol  to  Orange."  The  first  settlement  on 
this  tract  was  made  by  Jacob  Hutchins,  on  the  eastern  part, 
but  he  sold  to  Abner  Morton. 

Benjamin,  the  subject  of  this  sketch,  began  a  home  upon 
the  hill  west  in  1770,  and  Samuel  Ruggies  began  a  settlement 
in  1776  on  west  side,  and  Lemuel  Ruggies  settled  near  him 
in  1780;  but  in  1770,  when  Benjamin  built,  there  was  no 
house  between  his  and  the  Connecticut  River,  nothing  but 
a  wilderness.  He  spent  the  next  forty  years  in  settling,  and 
they  must  have  been  years  of  hard  labor,  for  the  large 
cleared  fields  and  great  stone  walls  would  indicate  a  vast 
amount  of  work,  and  he  had  only  one  son  to  share  his 
labors.  He  moved  to  Richmond,  N.  H.,  in  1811,  and  bought 
the  Gideon  ]\Tann  place  at  Four  Corners.  This  he  sold  in 
1817  to  Bassett  &  Harkness  and  moved  onto  the  Deacon 
John  Cass  farm,  where  he  died  in  1818. 

When  one  looks  at  the  extent  of  the  old  homestead  of 
Benjamin,  Sr.,  and  realizes  that  with  the  help  of  only  one 
son  he  was  able  to  clear  off  this  large  tract  of  land  and 
])uild  the  walls  that  are  now  in  evidence,  he  cannot  fail  to 
come  to  the  conclusion  that  he  was  a  man  of  untiring  energy, 

to  Cambridge,  1664.  He  married  Anna  How,  daughter  of  Elder  How  of  Watertown. 
He  died  1683.    Ten  children. 

NathanieP  Stone,  born  in  Saxonville,  married  Sarah  Wayt  of  Maiden.  Eight  chil- 

Jonathan-"  Stone,  born  1690,  married  Abiel  Bigelow.  11  Oct.,  1716.    He  died  in  1723. 

Simeon"*  Stone,  born  in  1722,  married  Hannah  Kendall  Jan.,  1745,  in  Southboro,Mass.; 
she  was  born  in  1720,  died  in  1801.  She  was  daughter  of  Eleazer^"  Kendall  and  Hannah 
(Rowe)  Kendall,  granddaughter  of  EleazerJ  and  Ruth  Kendall,  and  great  granddaugh- 
ter t)f  Francis^  Kendall  and  Mary  (Tidd)  Kendall,  who  was  one  of  the  proprietors  of 
Wobvirn,  1640.     Simeon  died  in  Rutland  12  May,  1785. 

Simeon"*  and  wife  moved  from  Framingham  to  Marlboro,  where  Hannah  was  born  15 
Jan.,  1746,  then  to  Rutland,  where  the  other  children  were  born:  Daniel,  1748;  David, 
1749;  Jonas,  1750;  Lucy,  1754;  Daniel,  1757;  Susanna,  1760.  He  bought  land  laid  out  to 
Lieut.  Simon  Davis  and  set  up  a  tannery,  supposed  to  be  the  first  in  town,  where  he 
for  several  years  carried  on  the  tanning  business.  He  bought  and  sold  the  farm 
afterward  owned  by  his  son  Jonas  (originally  granted  to  Samuel  Sewell,  Esq.).  He 
was  one  of  the  minute  men  at  the  alarm,  1775. 


and  that  he  must  have  been  blessed  with  good  health,  for 
when  he  built  the  first  house  it  was  all  a  vast  wilderness. 

Most  of  the  children  married  and  settled  within  a  few 
miles  of  the  homestead.  Hannah,  the  eldest,  however,  some 
years  later  moved  to  New  York  State,  and  in  a  letter  to  her 
parents  she  says  they  were  on  the  road  twelve  days,  but 
found  the  place  Florence,  N.  Y.,  a  nice  place  to  live  in. 

Benjamin  M^as  Selectman  in  Orange  in  1791, 1792 and  1793, 
and  again  in  1808. 

He  dealt  in  land  extensively  for  those  days : 

In  1770  he  bought  of  Joseph  Lawrence  of  Athol  66  acres 
(part  of  the  Ruggles  grant)  for  £106.  This  is  supposed  to 
lie  a  part  of  the  homestead  where  the  Dexters  now  live  in 

In  1775  he  bought  of  Edw.  Hutehins  of  Athol  another 
tract  which  adjoined  land  he  then  owned. 

In  1781  he  bought  of  Zadok  Hay  ward  (blacksmith)  of 
Athol  37  acres  situated  on  both  sides  of  the  road  which 
runs  from  the  saw-mill  to  the  county  road  and  on  the  back 
side  of  West  Brook,  so-called. 

In  1784  he  bought  12  acres  of  Susanna  Taylor,  on  road 
leading  from  Ruggles'  barn  to  West  Hill,  near  land  of 
Thomas  Lord,  bounded  westerly  by  town  line. 

In  1794  he  bought  a  small  piece  of  land  of  Aaron  Lord. 

In  1791  he  bought  of  ^Nloses  Goddard  of  Orange  two 
lots  of  land,  66  acres  in  each,  in  Warwick,  Nos.  29  and  36 
in  fourth  division. 

In  1790  he  bought  of  Josiah  Ford  of  Orange  1-3  acre  of 
bind  on  road  leading  from  county  road  to  Metcalf's  saw- 

In  1792  he  bought  of  Elijah  Ball  of  Orange,  near 
Atwood's  mills. 

In  1799  he  bought  of  William  and  Pressen  Lord  a  meadow- 
lot  of  8  acres. 

In  1800  he  bought  of  Ebenezer  Webb  of  Rutland,  Vt.,  20 
acres  of  land  in  Benson,  Vt.,  for  $2000. 

In  1804  he  bought  of  Clark  Stone  of  Wendell  100  acres 
of  land  in  Somerset,  Vt.,  No.  2  lot  in  2d  survey. 


In  1804  he  bonglit  of  Benjamin  Morton  13  acres  of  land 
in  Erving,  J\lass. 

In  1805  he  bought  of  Benjamin  Goodnow  of  Somerset, 
Yt.,  100  acres  of  land,  being  lot  No.  3  in  2d  survey. 

In  1805  he  bought  another  tract  from  Benjamin  Morton, 
10  acres,  in  Erving. 

In  1810  he  bought  of  Benjamin  "Mann  of  Richmond,  N.  H., 
lot  No.  8  in  6  range  in  Richmond.  Upon  this  he  lived  from 
1811  until  1817. 

In  1810  he  bought  land  of  Anna  Hoar  of  Orange. 

In  1811  he  bought  48%  acres  of  land  in  Erving  of  Levi 
Gage  for  $430. 

In  1812  he  bought  47  acres  in  southerly  part  of  Orange 
of  David  Cleveland,  and  20  acres  in  Richmond,  N.  H.,  of 
George  and  Esek  Buffum  for  $250. 

In  1814  he  bought  300  acres  of  land  in  Richmond,  N.  H., 
of  Timothy  Cole. 

In  1817  he  bought  116  acres  of  land  in  Richmond  of 
Deliverance  Cole. 

In  1783  he  sold  Abner  Morton  a  part  of  the  Ruggles 

In  1785  he  sold  Thomas  Lord  of  Athol  10  acres  near  the 
saw-mill,  on  west  line  of  Athol. 

He  sold  in  1805,  50  acres  of  land  in  New  Salem  to  Elkanah 
Hixson,  and  in  1816  he  sold  50  acres  of  land  in  New  Salem 
to  B.  Smith  of  that  place  for  $400. 

In  1812  he  sold  to  David  Cleveland  of  Orange  three  lots 
in  Orange,  one  containing  the  blacksmith  shop,  formerly 
o^\TQed  by  Levi  Thurston,  deceased;  and  these  are  only  a 
part  of  the  transfers  recorded. 

In  1807  he  sold  to  his  only  son,  Benjamin,  Jr.,  one-third 
of  the  real  estate  in  Orange,  except  the  house  and  land 
aliout  the  house  where  he  lived;  Benjamin,  Jr.,  not  to  sell 
the  same  for  fifteen  years:  also  let  him  the  other  two-thirds 
of  the  farm  for  the  term  of  fifteen  years,  so  that  the  whole 
could  be  managed  by  Benjamin,  Jr.,  one-third  of  the  crops 
to  be  given  to  Benjamin,  Sr.  Before  he  moved  from  Orange 
to  Richmond,  N.  H.,  he  deeded  to  his  daughter,  Hannah 

DEXTER     FAM1L^•      (;i;.\i;.VL()GV.  oT 

IMorton,  for  love,  etc.,  a  tract  of  land  between  Warwick  and 
New  Salem  containing  50  acres,  she  not  to  sell  it  diii-iim'  the 
life  of  her  father. 

In  1815  he  sold  three  tracts  of  land  containing  158  acres 
(which  is  now  the  Sylvester  Davis  place)  to  John  Davis,  the 
husband  of  his  danghter,  Lncy  Dexter. 

Note. — In  a  letter  from  Susanna  (Stone)  Putnam  of  Cambridge,  Mass., 
written  to  her  sister  Hannah,  wife  of  Benjamin  Dexter,  in  January,  1817,  she 
says  that  in  the  first  week  of  June,  1816,  there  was  a  cold  snap  for  five 
nights  and  the  ground  was  covered  with  snow. 

Will  of  Benjamin  Dexter  of  Kichmond,  N.  H.,  made  in 

First  To  my  wife  Hannah  Dexter  all  my  household  furniture  and  seven- 
teen hundred  dollars  in  money — she  having  choice  out  of  my  securities 
except  what  I  hold  against  my  son  Benjamin,  she  to  take  this  in  place 
of  dower. 

To  my  son  Benjamin  all  my  securities  that  I  hold  against  him  and  all  my 
wearing  apparel,  this  with  what  I  have  given  him  make  his  full  share. 

To  my  daughter  Betsey  Wheeler  about  forty  acres  of  land  lying  on  the 
north  side  of  the  turnpike  road  adjoining  my  homestead  farm — the  land 
joins  Enos  Holbrook's  land  on  the  west  &  north — also  1-3  of  a  20  acre 
meadow  I  bought  of  Geo.  &  Eseek.  Buffum.  and  all  the  land  I  own  in 
the  town  of  Perue  Vt  being  about  500  acres — this  with  what  she  has  liad 
before  makes  her  share. 

I  give  &  bequeath  all  the  remainder  of  my  estate  of  whatever  name  or 
nature  to  four  of  my  daughters  viz. '  Hannah  Morton,  Lucy  Davis,  Phebe 
Ball  &  Mercy  Dexter  and  four  of  my  grandchildren,  viz.,  Susanna  Thurs- 
ton, Phebe  Thurston,  Percillia  Thurston  &  Harriet  Thurston  children  of 
my  daughter  Phebe  their  heirs  and  assigns  to  be  divided  as  follows  viz — 
The  said  Hannah,  Lucy  &  Mercy  three  of  my  daughters  to  have  %  of  my 
estate  equally  between  them — my  daughter  Phebe  to  have  the  use  &  profits 
of  one  fourth  of  my  estate  during  the  time  that  my  grandchildren  become 
of  lawful  age  to  act  for  themselves,  viz — Each  to  take  their  share  when 
they  become  of  age — 

I  do  hereby  empower  my  Executor  to  sell  all  my  land  that  remains  not 
disposed  of  in  this  will  and  pay  it  out  and  divide  as  directed. 

I  appoint  Benj  Dexter  Jr  my  son  and  John  Davis  my  son  in  law  as  my 


Will  of  Hannah  [Stone]   Dexter: 

Be  it  remembered  that  I,  Hannah  Dexter  of  Orange,  widow  of  Benjamin 
Dexter,  considering  the  uncertainty  of  this  mortal  life  and  being  in  perfect 
health  and  mind  and  memory  (blessed  be  the  Almighty  God  for  the  same), 
do  make  and  publish  this  my  last  will  and  testament,  in  manner  and  form 
following,  that  is  to  say:  First,  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my  only  son, 
Benjamin  Dexter,  the  siun  of  $160 ;  2nd,  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my 
daughter,  Mercy  Dexter,  the  sum  of  $150 ;  3d,  I  give  and  bequeath  all  the 
rest  of  my  money  or  money  securities  to  my  other  four  daughters,  viz., 
Hannah  Morton,  Lucy  Davis,  Phebe  Ball  and  Betsey  Wheeler,  to  be 
divided  among  them  in  equal  proportions;  4th,  I  hereby  appoint  William 
Wliitaker  of  New  Salem,  sole  executor  of  this  my  last  will  and  testament, 
hereby  revoking  all  former  wills  by  me  made. 

Hannah  Dexter. 

June  11,  1832. 

Children  of  Benjamin  and  Hannah  Dexter : 

352*        i     Hannah'  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol,   5  Dec,   1770;   d.  18   Sept.,  1858; 

m.  Benjamin  Morton,  Jr.,  1787. 
353        ii     Simeon"  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol   (afterwards  set  oif  to  Orange),  31 

Oct.,  1772;  d.  1  March,  1773. 
354*     iii     Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol,  24  Nov.,  1775;   d.  1858;  m.   (1) 

Hephzibah  Ballard;    (2)   Anna  Barret;   (3)  Betsey  Legg;    (4) 

Frances  Tuttle. 
355*      iv     Lucy"   Dexter,   b.    in    Athol,    24    Dec,    1777;    d.    1865;    m.    John 

Davis,  21  Aug.,  1804. 
356*       v     Phebe"  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol,  11  Feb.,  1780;   d.  13  Oct.,  1857;  m. 

(1)  Levi  Thurston,  1803;   (2)  Fordyce  Ball,  1810. 
357*      vi     Betsey"  Dexter,  b.  in  Athol,  6  July,  1782;   d.  21  Dec,  1864;  m. 

Zaecheus  Wheeler,  5  Dec,  1803. 
Susanna"  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  7  Aug.,  1784;  d.  13  Dec,  1787. 
Sally"  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  19  Nov.,  1786;   d.  1789. 
Mercy"  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  21  June,  1788;  d.  10  Nov.,  1841. 


Ephraim"'  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim'*  [Benjamin^,  William', 
Thoma,s\]  and  ]\Iartha  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  31  Dec, 
1741,  and  died  5  April,  1823.  He  married  Kesiah  Sober, 
29  Dec,  1771. 








Eleven  children,  burn  in  Kochester: 

361*        i     :\[artha"  Dexter,  b.   28  Sept.,  1772;   d.  29  Jan.,  18o2;   m.  Prince 

Suow,  1794. 
362*      ii     Anna"    Dexter,    b.    (i    .Ian.,    1774;    d.    18    Aug.,    1860;    ni.    James 

Snow,  20  Dec,  1795. 
363*     iii     Kesiah"  Dexter,  b.   5  Oct..  1775;   d.   2  June,  1835;   ni.   Ebenezer 

Holmes,   1805. 
364*      iv     Luke"  Dexter,  b.  16  Nov.,  1777;   d.  9  Xov.,  1856. 
365*       V     p]phraim«  Dexter,  b.  28  April,  1779;  d.  27  June,  1862. 
366*      vi     Gideon"  Dexter,  b.  7  April,  1781;  d.  30  June,  1827. 
367*     vii     Thomas"  Dexter,  b.  9  March,  1783 ;  d.  22  Feb.,  1871. 
368*  viii     Jane"  Dexter,  b.  6  May,  1785;  d.  21  Nov.,  1875;  m.  James  Cathell. 
369*      ix     Alden"  Dexter,  b.  4  June,  1788;   d.  8  Oct.,  1869. 
370*       X     Polly"  Dexter,  b.  25  Feb.,  1790;   d.  12  March,  1864;   m.  Larnet 

Hall,  May,   1811. 

371  xi     Alice"  Dexter,  b.  15  May,  1792;  d.  1801. 


Caleb''  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim''  [Benjamin',  William-.  Thomas^] 
and  ^Martha  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  19  April,  1751,  and 
died  3  Oct.,  1831.  He  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier.  He 
was  a  caulker  by  trade.     He  married  Hannah  Hatch. 

Four  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

372  i     William  W."  Dexter,  b.   7  March,  1776;   died  young. 

373  ii     Davis"  Dexter,  b.  12  Oct.,  1785;  died  young. 

374*     iii     Rebekah"  Dexter,  b.  9  July,  1790;  d.  1867;  m.  Stephen  Nye. 
375*      iv     Caleb"   Dexter,   b.    23   Jan.,    1794;    d.    7    Feb.,   1827;    m.   Lydia 
Hiller,  19  June,  1821. 


Seth^'  Dexter,  son  of  Seth*  [Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Elizabeth   [  ]   Dexter,  was  born  in  Rochester,  28  Dec, 

1743,  and  died  1  Aug-.,  1797.    He  married  Deborah  Haskall, 
18  Dec,  1768. 

Children : 

376*        i     David"    Dexter,    b.    in    Rochester,    17    May,    1770;    d.    1838;    m. 
Polly  Pilkin,    22  Dec,  1796. 


377  ii     Joamia"  Dexter,  b.  in  Windsor,  23  March,  1772;  d.  1819;  m. 


378  iii     Deborah"    Dexter,    b.    25    June,    1774;    d.    29    Sept.,    1803;    m. 

Jerijah  Barber. 
379*      iv     Seth"  Dexter,  b.   22  Dec,   1776;    d.   31  March,   1841;   m.   Sylvia 
Gaylord,  1808. 

380  V     Azubah"  Dexter,  b.  17  Feb.,  1779;  d.  16  Jan.,  1826;  m.  Conant 

Abernathy   in   1800. 

381  vi     Xancy"  Dexter,  b.  22  May,  1781;  m.  Benjamin  Gates. 

382  vii     XathanieP  Dexter,  b.  23  March,  1784;  d.  1821;  m.  Betsey  ; 

"went  to  Burlington,  Vt. 
383*  Tiii     William"  De.xter,  b.   28   Feb.,   1786;    d.   3   May,   1841;    m.   Sally 

384       ix     Sophia"  Dexter,  b.  28.  Jime,  1789;   d.  1856;   m.  Luther  Hoadley 

of  Winsted,  Conn.,  23  Jan.,  1813. 


Elijah'^  Dexter,  soti  of  Setli*  [Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Elizabeth  [  ]  Dexter,  was  born  22  Feb.,  1749,  and 
died  25  Jnly,  1827.  He  married  (1)  Kezia'h  Winslow,  29 
]\rarcli,  1772;  married  (2)  Martha  Clark,  4  April,  1779.  He 
was  leather  sealer,  also  lumber  dealer  in  1792. 

Will  of  Elijah  Dexter: 

T,  Elijah  Dexter  of  Eochester  this  7th  Nov.  1822— 

I  give  to  my  beloved  wife  the  use  and  improvement  of  all  my  Eeal  & 
Personal  estate  during  her  natural  life  except  such  parts  as  are  otherwise 
disposed  of  in  this  Avill.     I  also  give  her  my  Scotts  Bible — 

•  I  give  to  my  dau — Betsey  Burgess  with  what  I  before  gave  her  one  Bed 
and  furniture — 

I  give  to  my  dau.  Keziah  Athern  in  addition  to  what  I  have  before  given 
her  one  Bed  &  furniture — 

I  give  to  my  dau.  Thankful  Burgess  in  addition  to  what  I  have  before 
given  her  one  bed  &  furniture. 

I  give  to  my  daughter  Sophia  Dexter  her  heirs  &  assigns  one  undivided 
half  of  my  Corn  Mill,  one  undivided  lialf  of  the  dam  on  which  it  stands 
&  one  undivided  half  of  the  privilege  of  the  water '  appertenant  to  said 
mill  ■&  one  undivided  half  of  all  rights  privileges  &c  belonging  to  said  mill. 
I  also  give  to  lier,  licr  heirs  &  assigns  the  salt  marsh  which  I  own  in  com- 
mon &  undivided  with  the  heirs  of  the  late  Thomas  Whiteridge.  I  also 
give  her  my  chaise  &  all  my  household  furniture  not  otherwise  disposed  of 
when  her  mother  has  done  with  it. 


dexti<:r    family    ceneai.oov.  G1 

I  also  give  to  lior  the  use  &  iin|irii\('iiieiit  of  one  of  the  rooms  on  lower 
floor  of  my  dwelling  &  one  of  the  chambers  with  a  privilege  in  the  cellar 
fc  a  place  to  lav  wood  near  the  house  with  right  to  ap|)les  in  the  orcliard  for 
lier  own  use  and  a  sutliciency  of  firewood  to  keepi&niaintain  one  fire — these 
bequests  to  lie  to  her  during  her  natural  life. 

I  give  to  my  son  Elijah,  seventy  dollars  &  one  half  my  wearing  apparel — 
I  give  to  my  son  Seth  one  half  of  my  wearing  apparel. 
I  also  give  him  the  use  &  improvement  of  my  E.  E.  after  his  motlier  has 
done  with  it,  that  is  to  say  of  one  half  of  it  till  my  grandson  John  Gibbs 
Dexter  arrives  at  the  age  of  21 — the  other  half  during  his  natural  life  but 
this  is  not  to  have  any  effect  of  the  half  of  the  Corn  Mill  given  to  Sophia 
or  on  the  shoemakers  shop —    • 

I  give  to  my  grandson  John  Gibbs  Dexter  one  half  of  my  real  estate 
including  14  of  my  Corn  Mill  with  its  appertances  the  same  to  be  his,  his 
heirs  &  assigns  forever,  he  to  come  into  the  possession  at  the  age  of  21  y 
if  my  wife  is  not  living  at  that  time  but  if  she  is  living  he  is  to  come  into 
possess  at  her  death.  I  also  give  to  him  my  shoemakers  shop  &  tools  the 
same  to  be  his  forever — 

I  give  to  my  Grand  sou  Prince  Dexter  the  other  half  of  my  E.  E.  not 
absolutely  given  away  in  this  will  he  to  come  into  possession  at  the  death 
of  my  Son  Seth  Dexter  the  same  to  be  his,  his  heirs  &  assigns'  forever — 

My   will    is   that    after   my   wife's    death    my    stock   be    equally    divided 
between  my  two  Grand  sons  &  my  dau.  Sophia — 
I  app —  Elijah  Dexter  my  Ex-r — 


Elijah  Dexter      [Seal] 

Ten  children ;  Elizabeth  and  Sarah  were  by  first  Avif  e : 

385  i     Elizabeth"  Dexter,  b.  11  May,  1773. 

386  ii     Sarah"  Dexter,  b.  27  May,  1775;  d.  19  Nov.,  1792;  never  married. 

387  iii     Keziah"  Dexter,   b.    5   July,    1780;    d.   9   May,   1861;    m.   Belcher 

388*      iv     Prince"  Dexter,  b.  19  Jan.,  1782;   d.  3  Dec,  1813;   m.  Arlothea 

389  V     Sophia"  Dexter,  b.  18  March,  1784;   d.  20  Oct.,  1845;  m.  Joseph 

Gibbs,  1836. 
390*      vi     Elijah"    Dexter,    b.    1    Sept.,    1786;    d.    10    Oct.,    1851;    m.     (1) 

Clarissa  Crocker,   1809;    (2)    Mary  Morton,   1812;    (3)    Lydia 

Thompson,  1844. 
391       vii     Thankful"  Dexter,  b.  25  Sept.,  1788;   d.  9  Dec,  1848;   ni.  Prince 

Burgess,   6  Nov.,  1807. 


392     viii     Deborah'^  Dexter,  b.  20  Jan.,  1791;   d.  8  Nov.,  1813;   single. 
393*      ix     Seth''  Dexter,  b.  26  March,  1793;   d.  16  Sept.,  1832. 

394  X     Polly"  Dexter,  b.  8  Dec,  1795 ;  d.  3  March,  1814. 


ThankfuP  Dexter,  daughter  of  Seth^  [Benjamin",  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth  [  ]  Dexter,  was  born  19  Aug., 
1759.     She  married  Zebulon  Haskall,  3  Feb.,  1782. 

Two  children : 

395  i     Seth"  Haskall,  b.  7  Marc4i,  1783. 

396  ii     David"  Haskall,  b.  17  Sept.,  1784. 


Jabez*'  Dexter,  son  of  Seth^  [Jabez^  Philip^,  "William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Mary  [Kirby]  Dexter,  was  born  10  Aug.,  1758,  and 
died  14  Jan.,  1814.     He  married  Rachel  Randall. 

Four  children : 

397  i     Delilah'  Dexter,  b.  ;   d.  Sept.,  1886;  m.  Corbett  Chandler. 

398  ii     Lydia"  Dexter. 

399  iii     Charles'  Dexter. 

400  iv     Sarah"  Dexter,  b.  1810;  d.  7  Aug.,  1865;  m.  John  Aiken. 


Ellas''  Dexter,  son  of  Seth^  [Jabez^  Philip',  William^,  Thomas^] 

.  and  Mary   [Kirby]   Dexter,  was  born  ,  and  died  15 

Dee.,  1821.     ITe  married  Mercy  Sampson  1  Dec,  1795. 

Five  children : 

401  i     Lucy'  Dexter;    m.   William   Cambridge. 
40ii        ii     Mary"  Dexter;  m.  Harvey. 

403  iii     Isaiah'   Dexter. 

404  iv     Edward  Dean'  Dexter;   d.  8  Jan.,   1833;   m.  Mary  Dexter. 

405  v     Lemuel'  Dexter. 

DEXTER     FAiMILV     GENEALOGY.  {)'.', 


Elizabeth''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Setli-'  [Jabez\  Phili]r,  William-. 

Thomas^]  and  ^Nfary  [Kirbv]   Dexter,  was  burn  — ,  and 

died  15  ]\Iarch,  1827.     She  married  Dexter. 

One  child : 

406*  i     Samuol    B.'    Dexter,   b.    in    Eocliester,   1796;    d.   .^0   Sept.,    ISfiO; 

m.  Aliby  Blackmer. 


Elisha^' Dexter,  son  of  Seth^  [Jabez*,  Philip^  William^,  Thomas'^] 
and  Mary  [Kirby]  Dexter,  was  born  April,  1765,  and  died 
14  Jan.,  1834.  He  married  Eunice  Bowles,  Dec,  1778 :  she 
died  81  Jan.,  1833,  ag-ed  69  years. 

Eight  children,  born  at  Rochester,  INIass. : 

407  i     Jane'  Dexter,  b.  Jan.,  1779;  d.  10  Sept.,  1848;  m.  Kirby  Beard. 

408*      ii     Betsey  Elizabeth'  Dexter,  b.   30  March,  1781;   d.  9  Dec,  1865; 

m.  Thomas  C.  Ames,  2  Aug.,  1812. 
409       iii     Mary'  Dexter,  b.  5   Oct.,  1784;    d.   11    Sept.,   1854;   m.   Sylvanus 

410*      iv     Elisha'   Dexter,   b.    4    Dec,    1797;    d.    17    Jan.,    1890;    m.    Sarah 

411  V     Seth'  Dexter,  b.  P>  July,  1799;   d.  20  June,  1824. 

412*      vi     Harvey'  Dexter,  b.  3  Dec,  1801;  d.  4  Jan.,  1856;  m.   (1)   Lydia 

Chandler;    (2)   Huldah  Eandall,  April,   1848. 
413*     vii     Alden'  Dexter,  b.   2  July.   1804;    d.   14  May,   1841;    iii.   :\[erinda 

414     viii     Clarissa'  Dexter,  b.  30  June,  1807;   m.  Lewis  Eandall. 


Isaiah''  Dexter,  son  of  Setlf'  [Jabez^,  Philip',  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  ]\Iary  [Kirby]  Dexter,  was  born  31  Dec,  1752.  He 
married  Mary  Davis,  29  Oct.,  1775. 


Three  children : 

415  i     Rebecca^  Dexter;  m.  Charles  Chandler. 

416  ii     Edith'  Dexter  ;  m.  ■ Washburn. 

417  iii     Lydia''  Dexter;  ni.  Thonms  Sherman. 


Betsey'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Philip^  [Gershom^  John^,  William^, 
Thomas^],  married  Isaac  Hathaway.  He  was  a  farmer  in 

Seven  children : 

418  i     Isaac''  Hathaway,  b.  12  Feb.,  1810;   d.  5  May,  1868;   m.  Emily 


419  ii     Philip  D.'   Hathaway,   b.   27   Nov.,   1815;    d.   4  June,   1897;    m. 

Desire  Smith  (Hiller).- 
.  420       iii     Ebenezer  E,'   Hathaway,   b.   30   June,   1819;    d.   15   Aug.,   1872; 
m.  Elizabeth  Bates. 

421  iv     Judah'  Hathaway ;  unmarried. 

422  V     Nathaniel'  Hathaway ;   unmarried. 

423  vi     Betsey'  Hathaway;   immarried. 

424  vii     Patia  A.'   Hathaway;    unmarried. 


Charles'^  Dexter,  son  of  John^  [John*,  John^,  William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Rebecca  [Hiller]  Dexter,  was  born  6  July,  1782.  He 
married  Hannah  or  Thankful  Snow,  3  March,  1808. 

Five  children : 

425  i     Rebecca  H.'   Dexter. 

426*      ii     John'  Dexter,  b.   29   Jan.,   1810;    d.   8   Sept.,   1884;   m.   Mary  S. 

Rogers,  18   Nov.,   1883. 
427*     iii     James  W.'  Dexter,  b.  21  Nov.,  1814;   d.   7  May,   1890;   m.    (1) 

Abigail   Cannon,   6  June,   1835;    (2)    Mary  Bui'bank,    1   Jan., 


428  iv     David'  Dexter,  b.  10  Aug.,  1818;   d.  14  Feb.,  1864;  m.  Corrella 

King.     No   family. 

429  v     Haniiah   J.'  Dexter,   b.   12  March,   1820;    d.   26   Aug.,   1899;   m. 

Barnabas   Hiller,   26   April,   18G5.     No   family. 

DEXTER     FA  Mil  A'     GENE  A  LUG  V.  65 


Charles*^  Dexter, son  of  Datid^  [John',  John',  William-,  Thoma,s^] 
and  Mary  [Butler]  Dexter,  was  born  3  Oct.,  1783,  and 
died  29  Sept.,  1852.  lie  married  Lucinda  Bascom,  5  Feb., 

Nine  children: 

4.30  i     Mary'   Dexter,   b.    in    Wardsboro,    Vt.,    15    April,    bSlo;    died   11 

Feb.,   1824. 
431        ii     Chester  B.'  Dexter,    b.  14  Sept.,  1S16;   d.  in  Troy,  X.  Y.,  1892; 

m.  (1)  Sally  White,  1842;   (2)  Irene  H.  Dexter,  1860. 
432"     iii     Avery   J."    Dexter,   b.    27    April,    1818;    ni.    Mary    D.    White,    22 

March,  1841. 

433  iv     Sophronia'   Dexter,   b.    21    March,    1820;    m.    (1)    Dexter   Lamb, 

1844;    (2)  Jnstns  H.  Dix,  1856;  d.  in  Troy,  N.  Y.,  1892. 

434  V     Selina'   Dexter,  b.    9  March,   1822;    d.    16  July,   1886;    m.   Philo 

Chamberlain,    1848. 

435  vi     Charles'   Dexter,    Jr.,    b.    9    June,    1824;    d.    14    .lune,    1879;    m. 

Ehelura  Chapin,  1849. 

436  vii     Hadassah'  Dexter,  b.  7  Sept.,  1826;  m.  Dexter  H.  Yan  Ostrand, 

2  Sept.,  1847;  d.  in  Troy,  X.  Y.,  1892. 

437  viii     Irene'  Dexter,  b.  May,  1830;   d.  2  May,  1872;  m.  Ellis  Eawson, 

9  March,  1847. 

438  ix     Allen   Caleb'   Dexter,   b.    7    July,    1832;    m.   Frances  L.    Horton, 

1  Jan.,  1861;  d.  in  Troy,  N.  Y.,  1892. 


Nathan''  Dexter,  son  of  David''  [John'*,  John",  William-,  Thomas^] 

and  ^lary   | Butler]    Dexter,  was  born  .     He  married 


Children : 

43SA  i     Urial'  Dexter,  b.  29  March,  1811 ;  d.  25  Dec,  1867. 

438B        ii     James  E.'  Dexter,  b.  6  Sept.,  1817. 
438C       iii     Melvin  A.'  Dexter,  b.  14  March,  1820. 



John*^  Dexter,  son  of  DavicF  [Joliii*,  John",  William^,  Thomrfs^] 
and  Mary  [Butler]  Dexter,  was  born  1  March,  1788,  and 
died  18  Feb.,  1858.  He  married  (1)  Deborah  F.  Marsh,  (2) 
Miranda  Park,   (3)   Betsey  Miner. 

Tvro  childi'en : 

439  i  Fayette'  Dexter,  b.  in  Dover,  Vt.,^  2  Nov.,  1816;  d.  28  Sept., 
184.5;   m.  Eliza  L.   Eeed,  5  Dee.,  1844. 

440*  ii  John  Sidney'  Dexter,  b.  in  Dover,  Vt.,  3  May,  1821;  m.  (1) 
Abigail  A.  Eames,  24  March,  1842;  (2)  Julia  A.  Eames,  15 
April,  1846;    (3)   Mrs.  Betsey   (Eames)   Bates,  16  Jan.,  1882. 


David'^  Dexter,  son  of  David"  [John^,  John",  William^,  Thomas^J 
and  Mary  [Butler]  Dexter,  was  born  20  April,  1790,  and 
died  6  Jan.,  1871.  He  married  Chloe  Hazeltine,  2  Feb., 
1815,  at  Wardsboro,  Vt.  She  was  a  descendant  of  Edward 
Eawson,  who  was  the  Secretary  of  the  Massachusetts  Bay 
Colony.  Edward  Rawson's  grandmother  was  the  sister  to 
Edm.und  Vrindal,  who  became  the  renowned  Archbishop  of 
Canterbury  in  the  reign  of  Queen  Elizabeth. 

Four  children : 

441  i     Laban   H.'    Dexter,   b.    7   March,   1816;    m.   Ann   W.   Morse,   13 

May,  1847.     No  children. 

442  ii     Laiu-a'  Dexter,  b.  24  May,  1818;   d.  16  Sept.,  1889;   m.  Francis 

W,  Jones,  May,  1837. 

443  iii     Eleanor  M.'  Dexter,  b.  3  March,  1820;  d.  31  Jan.,  1833. 

444*  \\  D.  C4ilbert'  Dexter,  b.  29  March,  1833;  m.  Ellen  Simonds,  6 
Feb.,  1856. 


Daniel'  Dexter,  son  of  David'  [John^  John',  William-,  Thomas^] 
and  Mary    [Butler]   Dexter,  was  born  30  May,  1792,  and 

DEXTER     FAxMlKV     (iENEALOGY.  (17 

died  80  ^lay.   1862.     He  married    (1)    Hadassali  Johnson, 
1824;  (2)  Roxalana  Johnson,  24  Dec,  1829. 

Foiu"  children  : 

445  i     Chaiiaier'  Dexter,  b.  10  July,  1831 ;  d.  4  Aug.,  1833. 

446  ii     Mary^  Dexter,  b.  20  Feb.,  1834;  m.  Wales  H.  Willard,  Nov.,  1854. 

447  iii     Eleanor  M.'  Dexter,  b.  31  May,  1836;   m.   Wells  M.  White,   28 

Aug.,  1860. 

448  iv     Sara  M.'  Dexter,  b.  5  May,  1838;  m.   (1)  William  S.  Knowlton, 

13  Feb.,  1867;   (2)  Howard  M.  Burke,  12  Jan.,  1887. 


Silas'^  Dexter,  son  of  David^  [Johu^,  John-\  AYilliam-,  Thomas^] 
and  ]\Iary  [Butler^]  Dexter,  was  born  6  Dec,  1794,  and 
died  7  April,  1850.  He  married  (1)  Irene  Hall,  1826;  (2) 
Maria  Taylor,  10  Jan.,  1833.  He  was  Representative  in 

Four  children : 

449  i     Irene    H.'    Dexter,    b.    in   Wardsboro,    Vt.,    27    Sept.,    1833;    m. 

Chester  B.  Dexter,  26  Nov.,  1860. 

450  ii     Lucie  A."  Dexter,'b.  31  April,  1836;  d.  10  June,  1868;  m.  George 

Knight,   4  July,  1865.    • 

451  iii     Frank'  Dexter,  b.  6  March,  1838;  d.  8  Dec,  1886. 

452  iv     Laura'   Dexter,   b.   8   June,   1841;    m.   Darwin  C.  Blanchard,   12 

Jan.,  1869. 


Jonathan  Mills''  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan^  [John*,  John^  Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^ J  and  Hannah  [Church]  Dexter,  was  born 
at  Wardsboro,  Vt.,  26  April.  1788,  and  died  in  Baltimore, 
Md.,  28  April,  1844.  He  obtained  his  education  in  his 
native  town,  but  very  early  in  life  moved  to  Boston,  Mass., 
where  he  started  in  business  in  a  small  way.  He,  however, 
soon  developed  a  desire  for  mercantile  pursuit,  and  soon 
w^ent  into  the  real  estate  business,  which  he  found  cong-enial 




to  his  tastes,  and  he  was  quite  successful  from  the  start. 
He  operated  in  Boston,  Cambridge  and  Roxbury.  He  then 
turned  his  attention  to  Lowell,  and  was  a  very  large  owner 
of  land  there,  at  one  time  owning  the  land  where  the  City 
Hall,  High  School  and  most  of  the  factories  now  stand. 

Mr.  Dexter  founded  ■  the  town  of  Dracut,  opposite 
the  city  of  Lowell,  and  was  instrumental  in  having  a  bridge 
connect  the  two  places.  He  also  purchased  10,000  acres 
of  land  in  ^Maine.  His  operations  in  real  estate  extended 
over  a  considerable  part  of  the  country,  and  it  was  while 
lie  was  at  Baltimore,  ]\ld.,  to  close  a  large  deal  that  he 
suddenly  died. 

Mr.  Dexter  took  a  great  interest  in  young  men,  and  was 
instrumental  in  starting  more  than  a  score  of  them  in  busi- 
ness. In  religion  he  was  a  strict  Presbyterian.  He  died 
at  the  age  of  46,  having  amassed  a  large  fortune  for  those 
times  and,  what  is  better  yet,  gained  the  esteem  of  his  fel- 




Mr.  Dexter  married  Harriet  S.  Morse,  23  Jan..  1823. 
She  was  born  in  Xewfane,  Vt..  27  Nov.,  1796,  and  died  in 
Boston,  IMass.,  10  ^Nlay,  1841.  Harriet  Siverly  ]\Iorse  was 
the  daiig-hter  of  Ebenezer  Morse  of  Boylston,  Mass. 
Her  mother  was  Henrietta  Morse  of  New  York, 
born  in  1767  and  died  in  1853.  Her  father  was 
an  architect  and  Iniilder,  and  bnilt  the  first  mill  at  New- 
fane,  Vt.  In  1782  he  left  New  York,  where  he  was  then 
livino:,  bound  for  Halifax,  N.  S.  He  was  engao:ed  in  the 
Deijartment  of  Artifices  in  the  service  of  King  George  III. 
He  was  granted  a  bounty  of  land  by  proclamation  of  the 
King.  Her  grandfather.  Rev.  Ebenezer  IMorse  of  Boylston, 
was  invited  to  settle  over  the  new  church,  and  after  some 
bargaining  about  salary  he  consented  to  do  so.  He  was 
installed  26  Oct.,  1713,  six  churches  assisting.  The  meeting- 
house at  that  time  was  not  finished;  it  had  neither  pulpit, 


pews,  doors  nor  even  a  permanent  floor.  It  was  completed 
the  next  year  (17-i4).  Individuals  built  their  own  pews 
where  spaces  were  granted  to  them,  as  was  customary,  and 
this  continued  mi  til  1761.  Mr.  Morse  remained  with  the 
church  twenty-five  years,  but  ^vhen  the  disaffection  of  the 
Colonies  arose  he  appeared  as  a  Royalist,  and  as  the  church 
people  were  patriotic,  there  was  a  difference  between  them, 
and  he  w^as  dismissed  10  Nov.,  1755.  He  remained  in  town, 
however,  and  took  up  the  practice  of  medicine  and  also 
fitted  students  for  college.  Mr.  Morse  was  born  in  Medfield, 
2  JNIarch.  1718 ;  graduated  at  Harvard  College  1737 ;  studied 
law  with  John  Chandler.  He  was  married  to  Persis,  daughter 
of  John  Bush.  She  was  a  descendant  of  John  Howe,  who 
came  from  England  and  who  was  connected  with  Lord 
Charles  How,  Earl  of  Lancaster,  in  reign  of  Charles  I.    She 

was  born  ;   died   6  May,   1788.     He  died  in   1802, 

aged  83  years. 

Nine  children,  born  at  Boston,  Mass. : 

4.53  i     Samuel  Adams'  Dexter,  b.  3  Feb.,  1824;   d.  IT  April,  1856. 

454*      ii     Frances    Heirrietta^    Dexter,    b.    26    Jime,    1825;    m.    James    P. 

Tolman,  1  Oct.,  1816. 
454A    iii     Harriet  Augusta'   Dexter,  b.   19   Sept.,   1827;    d.   20   Oct.,   1828. 
455*      iv     Augustus  Charles'  Dexter,  b.   28   Aug.,  1829;   m.  Alice  Gilbert, 

22  Oct.,  1875. 
456         T     George  Mills'  Dexter,  b.  28  Feb.,  1832;   d.  12  Aug.,  1853. 
4o6A    vi     Henry  Montgomery'  Dexter,  b.   6  Nov.,  1833;   m.   Eliza  H.  Mc- 

Connell,  25  Aug.,  1863. 
457*    vii     Harriet  Siverly'   Dexter,  b.   6  Nov.,   1835;    d.  2  May,   1859;   m. 

Charles  Stephenson,  22  Dec,  1856. 
458     viii     William'  Dexter,  b.  1  April,  1839;   d.  4  April,  1839. 
459*     ix     Helen  A.'  Dexter,   b.   26   Oct.,   1840;    m.   Charles   Stephenson,   9 

Jan.,  1862. 


Oliver'-  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan-^  [John^  John^,  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  DoUy  [White]  Dexter,  was  born  11  Dec, 
1802,  and  died  5  April,  1882.  He  married  Louisa  Preston, 
19  Sept.,  1830. 


They  had  six  ehildix'ii,  bom  in  Wardsburo,  Vt. : 

460  i     Emily'  Dexter,  b.  23  Oct.,  18.32. 

461  ii     Charles'  Dexter,  b.  6  Sept.,  1839;  d.  17  :\rarcli,  1889;  m.   Ilnrriet 

Morse,   17   Mart-h,    1868. 

462  iii     FraiiL-es''  Dexter,  b.  in  Addison,  Vt.,  27  April,  1837;  m.  Benjamin 

C.  Haywood,  23  Sept.,  18.58. 

463  iv     Oliver'  Dexter,  b.  7  July,  1840;  m.  Rosalia  C.  Larkin,  24  June, 

464*       V     Horace'  Dexter,  b.   25  Jan.,   1843;    m.  Lora  R.  Griffin,   16   May, 

465  vi     Harriet'  Dexter,  b.  6  May,  1846;   m.  :\nils  J.  Landon,  25  Feb., 




Joseph  W.''  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan^  [John^  John%  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Dolly  [White]  Dexter,  was  born  14  April, 
1811.     lie  married  :\Iary  F.  Morse,  11  Nov.,  1834. 

They  had  six  children : 

466  i     Josephine  M.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Boston,   19   Oct.,  1835;   d.  2  Sept., 


467  ii     Linus   G.'  Dexter,   b.   in  Wardsboro,  Vt.,   29   Dec,   1839;    d.   19 

Sept.,  1854. 

468  iii     E.  Milton'   Dexter,  b.   28   July,   1842;   m.   E.   Aline  Osgood,   17 

Jan.,  1883. 

469  iv     Stella  A.'  Dexter,  b.  8  Dec,  1845 ;  ni.  T.  G.  Nash,  14  May,  1866. 

470  V     Ellen  M.'  Dexter,  b.  5  July,  1848 ;   d.  2  July,  1854. 

471  vi     Charles  L.'  Dexter,  b.  11   Oct.,   1855;   m.   Eleanor  C.  Morse,  25 

June,   1884. 


Linus  W.''  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan^'  [John*,  John'^,  AVilliam^, 
Thomas^]  and  Dolly  [White]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Wards- 
boro, Vt.,  24  May,  1813,  and  died  February,  1899.  He 
married  Caroline  Carpenter. 

Linus  Dexter  went  to  Philadelphia  early  in  life  and  there 
laid  the   foundation   for  his  fortune  in  the   confectionery 


and  fancy  baking  business.  He  afterwards  extended  the 
business  to  other  large  eastern  cities.  He  was  known  as 
the  inventor  of  the  "angel  cake."  He  was  fond  of  good 
horses,  and  years  ago  his  stables  in  Philadelphia  contained 
some  of  the  finest  animals  in  the  country.  He  met  with 
business  reverses  at  one  time,  but  set  to  work  manfully  and 
amassed  a  second  fortune. 

Mr.  Dexter  had  a  tender  heart  for  the  poor  and  needy, 
but  so  modest  and  secret  was  he  in  his  acts  of  charity  that 
none  but  his  closest  friends  knew  of  them.  He  was  always 
honest  and  upright  in  his  business,  and  was  never  kno"vvn 
to  be  harsh  to  the  poor  in  his  tenements  or  exacting  to  his 
debtors.  He  died  at  Vineland,  N.  J.,  aged  86,  and  left  a 
fortune  of  $500,000,  which  he  had  willed  to  his  wife.  His 
wife  died  shortly  before  he  did. 


Anna''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Eeuben^  [John*,  John%  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  IMary  [Tobey]  Dexter,  was  born  11  July, 
1779,  and  died  5  Dec,  1867.  She  married  Abner  Hall,  4 
Nov.,  1819.     Mr.  Hall  was  a  ship  carpenter. 

Six  children,  born  in  Mattapoisett : 

472  i     Laura  A.''  Hall,  b.  • ;   d.  16  Nov.,  1872;  m.  Capt.  Joseph  E. 

Tal3er  (whaling  captain). 
47.S        ii     Martha'  Hall. 

474  iii     Lucy'  Hall,  b.  9  Sept.,  1825;  d.  2  Nov.,  1880;  m.  Henry  Taylor 

(merchant  in  Mattapoisett). 

475  iv     Emily'  Hall,  b.  7  Aug.,  1830;  d.  16  May,  1884;  m.  Wyatt  Snow, 

7  July,  1850.     He  was  a  carpenter. 

476  V     Abner'.  Hall,  b.  13   April,   1835;   d.  31  May,  1883;   m.  Lucinda 


477  vi     Nathan'  Hall. 


Clarissa''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Reuben^  [John*,  John%  William^, 
Thomas^]    and  ]\lary    [Tobey]    Dexter,  was  born  25  May, 


1805,  and  died  28  iMarch,  1867.  She  married  Edwai'd  Bud  I. 
31  July,  1834.  Mr.  Buell  was  a  ship-joiner  and  resided  at 

Eight  children  : 

478  i     Marretta'  Buell,  b.  Mattapoisett,  2  May,  1825;  in.  Francis  Max- 

well, 26  Nov.,  1865. 

479  ii     Edward  Franklin'  Buell,  b.   6  Oct.,   1828;   d.   6  Jan.,  1831. 

480  iii     Sarah  Jane'' Buell,  b.  27  July,  1831;   m.  John  Meigs,  19  June, 


481  iv     Edward  W.'  Buell,  b.  13  Oct.,  1834;  d.  17  March,  1836. 

482  V     Eliza  L.   B.'  Buell,  b.  17  April,  1837;   d.  23  Nov.,  1841. 

483  vi     Eeuben  D.'  Buell,  b.  25  May,  1841 ;  d.  14  Jan.,  1844. 

484  vii     Laura  J.'  Buell,  h.  14  April,  1845;  d.  17  April,  1857. 

485  viii     Edward   W.'   Buell,   Jr.,   b.    27   Aug.,   1849;    m.    Helen   Frances, 

23  June,  1875. 


Mary*^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Reuben^  [John*,  John%  William-, 
Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Tobey]  Dexter,  was  born  4  Feb.,  1808, 
and  died  23  July,  1896.  She  married  Nathan  H.  Barstow, 
27  Dec,  1829.  My.  Barstow  Avas  a  ship-builder  in  INIatta- 
poisett  before  1861.    He  also  had  saw-mill  and  box  factory. 

Six  children : 

486  i     Helen'  Barstow,  b.  30  April,  1831 ;  d.  23  Sept.,  1855. 

487  ii     Caroline'  Barstow,  b.  12  Nov.,  1832;  d.  19  Jan.,  1854. 

488  iii     Elizabeth  Penn'  Barstow,  b.  10  Dec,  1833;   d.  22  March,  1854; 

m.  Charles  D.  Hall. 

489  iv     Mary  Tobey'  Barstow,  b.  12  Nov.,  1835;   d.  9  July,   1838. 

490  V     Mary  Tobey'  Barstow,  2d,  b.  Dec,  1838;   d.  8  May,  1854. 

491  vi     Nathan  Hammond'  Barstow,  b.  6  July,  1842;   d.  10  Sept.,  1843. 


Caroline''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Reuben^  [John^  John',  William^, 
Thomas^]    and  Mary   [Tobey]    Dexter,  was  born  14  March, 


1814,  and  died  2  July,  1856.     She  married  Daniel  Smith, 
1  Jan.,  1840. 

Six  children : 

492-         i     Caroline  Dexter'   Smith,   b.   in  Kew  Bedford,   4   July,   1841;    d. 
4   Nov.,    1852. 

493  ii     'Slarj  Leonard'   Smith,  b.   in   New   Bedford,   1-5   Feb.,   1843;    d. 

23  April,  1847. 

494  iii     Daniel  Herbert'  Smith,  b.   in  New  Bedford,  10   Jan.,   184.5;   m. 

Helen  A.  Lane,  26  May,  1869. 

495  iv     Leonard  Dexter'  Smith,  b.  in  Eutland,  1  Nov.,  1848 ;   m.  Emma 

J.  Kinney,  5  July,  1904. 

496  V     Mary  Addie  Adelia'  Smith,  b.  in  Eutland,  17  Nov.,  1850;  d.  21 

Jime,   1854. 

497  vi     Carrie  Barstow'  Smith,  b.-in  Eutland,  14  May,  1854;  m.  George 

S,  Eussell,  15  May,  1878. 


Edward*^  Dexter,  son  of  Edward'  [Noah*,  Benjamin',  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  IMary  [Babcock]  Dexter,  was  born  13  Nov., 
1766,  and  died  18  Sept.,  1845.     He  married  Biah  Barlow. 

Six  children: 

498  i     Mary'  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  James  Eipner,  29  March,  1832. 

499  ii     Susan'  Dexter,  b.  1810;  d.  10  May,  1887;   m.  Edward  Eipner. 
500-^     iii     Allen'  Dexter,  b.  1807;   d.  29  April,  1878;  m.  Phebe  Heard,  24 

April,  1842. 
501*      iv     James'  Dexter,  b.   24  Nov.,   — ;   d.   22   May,   1856;   m.   Hannah 
Mendall,  22  Aug.,  1836. 

502  V     Wilson'  -Dexter,  b.  .     No  family. 

503  •    vi     Edward'  Dexter,  b. .     No  family. 


Captain  Samuer^  Dexter,  son  of  Edward^  [Noah*,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Babcock]  Dexter,  was  born 
30  Sept.,  1773,  and  died  30  Sept.,  1856.  He  married  Mercy 
Keen  in  1800.     Captain  Dexter  moved  to  Smithfield,  N.  Y., 


about  1815  and  bontiht  a  farm,  which  was  always  the  family 

Twelve  children : 

.^04         i     Sarah'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  2  Oct.,  1802;   d.  in  infancy. 
r)0.5        ii     Perries'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  17  Sept.,  1803;   d.  in  infancy. 
506*     iii     Suniner'  Dexter,  b.   in  Eochester,   23  March,   ISOf);    d.   7   March, 
1808;  m.  Deborah  Edwards,  13  July,  1837. 

507  iv     Mary'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  4  April,  1807;   d.  3  Feb.,  1849; 

ni.   (1)  Cornelius  Stewart,  1829;   (2)  Otis  P.  Granger,  1837. 

508  V     John  Albert'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  11  Feb.,  1809;  d.  20  Nov., 

509*      vi     Jane'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  4  May,  1811;   d.   12  Nov.,  1867; 

ni.  Frederick  Ward. 
510*     vii     Caroline'   Dexter,    b.    in   Eochester,    11    Nov.,    1812;    d.    7    April, 

1870;   m.   Ona  White,  24  Dec,  1834. 
511*  viii     James'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  21  Dec,  1814;  d.  14  May,  1861; 

m.  Pamelia  Dexter,  20  Sept.,  1849. 
512*      ix     Samuel'  Dexter,  Jr.,  b.  in  Smithfield,  N.  Y.,  17  Jan.,  1816;   d. 

28  Jan.,  1888;   m.  Mary  Coon,  8  Jan.,  1841. 
513         x     Charlotte'  Dexter,  b.  in  Smithfield,  N.  Y.,  28  Feb.,  1818;   d.  25 

May,  1874. 
514*      xi     Sarah   M.'   Dexter,  b.   in   Smithfield,   N.   Y.,   24   Dec,   1819;    d. 

26  May,   1894;   m.   James   A.   Parmelee,   13   Oct.,   1842.       He 

died  15  Nov.,  1854,  leaving  three  children. 
515*     xii     David  H.'  Dexter,  b.   in   Smithfield,   N.   Y.,   5   March,   1822;   d. 

25  March,  1863;  m.  Mary  Dana,  1848. 


Joseph''  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Noah^  Benjamin^  William^, 
.    Thomas^]  and  Priscilla  [Benson]  Dexter,  was  born  3  July, 
1759.     Pie  married  Mary  Luce,  14  Oct.,  1779. 

Seven  children,  born  at  Tisbury : 

516*  i  Benjamin'  Dexter;   m.   Betsey  Hilman,   1809. 

517*  ii  Elislia'  Dexter;  m.  Eliza  Merry. 

518  iii  Charles'  Dexter ;  m.  Sally  Baxter,  1808. 

519*  iv  Ira'  Dexter;  m.  Harriet  Dunham. 

520*  V  Joseph'  Dexter;  m.  Charlotte  Morton. 

521  vi  Polly'  Dexter;  m.  John  Baxter,  27  Jan.,  1805. 

522  vii     Priscilla'  Dexter;   m.  Bartlett  Allen. 



Noah'"  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Noah^  Benjamin^,  William^ 
Thomas^]  and  Priscilla  [Benson]  Dexter,  was  born  4  June, 
1762,  and  died  25  April,  1816.     He  married  Mary  Delano, 

27  Nov.,  1788. 

Eleven  children : 

523  i     Sophia'  Dexter,   b.   12  Dec,   1790;    d.   5   Sept.,   1813;    m.   Caleb 


524  ii     Abner'  Dexter,  b.  1  Dec,  1792;  d.  1826. 

525  iii     Harper  D.' Dexter,,  b.  17  Dec,  1794;  d.  July,  1821. 

526  iv     Polly'  Dexter,  b.  13  Feb.,  1797;  m.  Caleb  Handy. 

527  V     Cynthia'  Dexter,  b.  29  Nov.,  1799;  d.  1882;  m.  .Andrew  Allen. 

528  vi     Lydia  D.'  Dexter,  b.  6  July,  1802;   d.  13  Apr.,  1819. 

529  vii     Elizabeth'  Dexter,  b.  23  Jan.,  1804;  d.  8  Nov.,  1819. 

530*  viii  Eodolphus  W.'  Dexter,  b.  15  April,  1806;  d.  25  April,  1862;  m. 
(1)  Andria  C.  Fuller,  1833;  (2)  Mary  H.  Taber,  12  Dec, 

531  ix     Mary  Ann'  Dexter,  b.  28  Sept.,  1808;  d.  13  Oct.,  1808. 

532  X     Priscilla'  Dexter,  b.  3  June,  1810;  d.  29  Nov.,  1810. 

533  xi     Charlotte'  Dexter,  b.  17  Feb.,  1812;   m.  Frederick  Harden. 


Benjamin'^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Noah*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^]  and  Priscilla  [Benson]  Dexter,  was  born 
18  July,  1778,  a.nd  died  14  Sept.,  1846.  He  married  Ruth 
Delano,  1  Jan.,  1797. 

Nine  children : 

534  i     Priscilla'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eoehester,  6  April,  1807 ;  d.  7  Oct.,  1896 ; 

m.  Hezekiah  Coleman,  10  Feb.,  1830. 
535*      ii     Lucy'  Dexter,  b.   5   March,   1809;    m.    Timothy   Clifton,   6   Jan., 

536  iii     Josiah'  Dexter,   b.   17   Sept.,    1810;    d.   8   Nov.,   1890;    m.   Mary 

Wing,   8   Sept.,   1841. 

537  iv     Mary  A.'  Dexter,  b.  27  Sept.,  1812;  d.  30  Dec,  1890. 

538*       v     Lydia'  Dexter,  b.  5  Feb.,  1814;  m.  James  Hammett,  8  Oct.,  1836. 

DKXTER     FAMil.V      (iKNKAL()GV^  77 

539*     vi     Bcnjaiiiiii'    Dcxicr,  h.    1    .liiiii',    1S17;   d.    17   April,   IST'.I;    in.    Klizii- 

beth  Delano,    1    .lunc,    IS  11. 
540       vii     Sylvia'   Doxtov,   b.   ;-;()   May,    1SU»;    in.   Thomas  Caswoll,   8  Aug., 

541*   viii     Rufiis'  Dexter,  b.  7  Feb.,  1821;  m.  Elizabeth  Washburn,   1  June, 

542       ix     Ruth'  Doxtor,  b.  5  Afarch,   1S2:5;    d.   27   Jan.,  1890;   single. 


Isaac''  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan^  [Benjamin'*,  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam^  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Vincent]  Dexter,  wavS  born 
at  Dartmouth,  Mass.,  15  Oct.,  1751,  and  died  in  1848.  He 
married  ?^nna  Foster  of  Chilmark,  Mass.  He  moved  to 
Liverpool,  Nova  Scotia,  where  their  children  were  born. 

Children : 

I.  John'  Dexter,  b.  15  Feb.,  1777;   m.  Waty  Atkins,  27  Oct.,  1802.     Two 

children : 

1.  Catherine,  b.  17  Sept.,  1803;  ni.  Joseph  Annis,  1823. 

2.  Mary,  b.  25  June,  1805. 

II.  Azubah'  Dexter,  b.  1779;   d.  1779. 

III.  Annie'  Dexter,  b.  6  Aug.,  1781;  d.  23  Sept.,  1808;  m.  Henry^  Paygent, 

31  Aug.,  1802. 

1.  Henry  A."  Paygent,  b.  25  Dec,  1803. 

2.  Cynthia'  Paygent,  b.  19  Nov.,  1805. 

3.  Mary  Ann*  Paygent,  b.  21  Jan.,  1808. 

IV.  Mary'  Dexter,  b.  25  June,  1784;   d.  25  Dec,   1856;   ni.  Rev.  William 

Paygent,  1  Jan.,  1806.     They  had  eleven  children,  born  in  Antig- 
onish,  Nova  Scotia: 

1.  Elizabeth'  Paygent,  b.  31  Dec,  1806;  m.  John  Paygent,  1829. 

2.  John**  Paygent,  b.  12  Nov.,  1808;  m.  Mary  Ann  Curry,  1835. 

3.  Mary  Ann'  Paygent,  b.  13  May,  1810;  d.  1899;  m.  Stephen 

Harvey,  1837. 

4.  William  H.'  Paygent,  b.  G  Aug.,  1812;   drowned  in  1820. 

5.  Jane'  Paygent,  b.  2  Jan.,  1815 ;   m.  Simeon  Kempton,  1834. 

6.  Lydia'   Paygent,   b.   18    April,*  1817;    d.    1903;    ni.   John    W. 

Eaton,  1844. 

7.  Margaret'  Paygent,  b.  18  April,  1820;   d.  1874;   m.  William 

~  E.    Davison,    1843. 

8.  Caroline'  Paygent,  b.   13   Dec,   1822;    d.   1899;    m.   Joel  M. 

Paygent,   1846. 


^    9.     Sarah*  Paygent,  b.  13  Jan.,  1825;   d.  1904;  m.  J.  P.  Chase, 

10.  William^  Paygent,  b.  12  Aug.,  1827;   d.   1885;   m.  Eliza  A. 

Harris,  1862. 

11.  Lemira*  Paygent,  b.  7  June,  1831;  d.  1904;  m.  Dr.  Cox,  1856. 

V.  Isaac"  Dexter,  b.  11  Feb.,  1787;  d.  1854;  m.  Mercy  Freeman,  13  Dec, 

1810.     Two  children,  born  in  Liverpool,  N.  S. : 

1.  Letitia"  Dexter,  b.  2  Dec,  1811. 

2.  Ann^  Dexter,  b.  June,  1822;  m.  Thomas  Gould. 

VI.  Lj'dia'  Dexter,  b.  15  Oct.,  1789;  m.   (1)   Captain  Benjamin  Freeman, 

1811;   (2)  Mathew  Park. 
VIl!     Azubah^  Dexter,  b.  9  Aug.,  1792;  d.  9  July,  1828;  m.  Whitman  Free- 
man, 11  Jan.,  1817.     Five  children,  born  in  Milton,  N.  S. : 

1.  Eliza'  Freeman,  b.  8  Oct.,  1818;  d.  1820. 

2.  George  W.'  Freeman,  b.  15  March,  1820.  • 

3.  Eliza  Ann^  Freeman,  b.  16  May,  1822. 

4.  Alfred'  Freeman,  b.  30  April,  1824;   d.  13  Feb.,  1846. 

5.  Mary  A.'  Freeman,  b.  7  April,  1826;  m.  Charles  M.  Ford. 

VIII.  Joseph"  Dexter,  b.  9  March,  1795;  m.  Jerusha  Herrington,  10  Dec, 

1823.     Five  children,  born  in  Brooklyn,  N.  S. : 

1.  Mary  Eliza'  Dexter;  m.  Edward  McLeod. 

2.  (Hon.)  I.  Vincent'  Dexter;  m.  Agnes' Gould.     Son,  Isaac  V." 

Dexter,  m.  Janett  Starrett. 

3.  Azubah'  Dexter;  m.  Captain  Edward  McLeod. 

4.  (Capt.)   Joseph  H.'  Dexter;  m.  McLeod. 

5.  Theresa'  Dexter;  m.  Captain  Jason  Gardner. 

IX.  Listha"  Dexter,  b.  1798;   d.  1800. 



Ebenezer''  Dexter,  son  of  Ebenezer^  [Benjamin*,  Benjamin^, 
Willi am^,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Ryder]  Dexter,  was  born  in 
Dartmouth,  20  Jnly,  1766,  and  died  in  1835.  He  married 
Azubah  Godfrey. 

Children :  .  ■ 

I.  Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  - — — ;  lost  at  sea. 

I I .  John"  Dexter,  b.  ;  lost  at  sea. 

III.  Henry'  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Ann  Smith.     Had  four  children,  William', 

Daniel',  Israel',  Ellen'. 

IV.  Roberts'  Dexter. 

V.  Ebenezer'  Dexter. 

Liiverpoool,  Nova  Scotia. 


DEXTER     FAMILY     UENEAI  ,()(n\  7!) 

VI.  Catherine'  Dexter. 

VII.  Godfrey'  Dexter,  b. ;   m.  Cynthia  Gardner.'  Son,  John  A.*  Dex- 

ter, b.  in  Nova  Scotia,  17  Sept.,  1826;  m.  Kate  Myra;  had  six 
children:  Arthur^  Ed\var(l^  ^Villianl^  Kate",  Rebecca"  ami  ^)avi.i^ 
all  born  in  Nova  Scotia. 


Enoch''  Dexter,  son  of  Ebenezer^  [Benjamin*,  Benjamin',  Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Ryder]  Dexter,  was  born  in 
1771  at  Dartmouth,  and  died  in  1831.  He  married  Salome 
Pindel,  9  Nov.,  1794. 

One  child : 

].     Smith'  Dexter,  b.  1817;  d.  1889;  m.  Sophronia  Gardner  and  had  seven 
children,  all  born  in  Brooklyn,  Xova  Scotia: 

1.  Jedidah^  Dexter;  m.  Henry  Gardner. 

2.  Eunice^  Dexter;  m.  Captain  William  Cook. 

3.  Barzillias"*  Dexter  ;'m.  Susan  Gardner. 

4.  Azubah"  Dexter;   m.  Joseph  Brown. 

5.  Cecilia^  Dexter;   ra.  William  Peach. 

6.  Willoiighby^.  Dexter ;  m.  Jessie  Antony. 

7.  Mary*  Dexter;  m.  Charles  Peach. 


Samuel''  Dexter,  son  of  Ebenezer'  [Benjamin"^,  Benjamin', 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Ryder]  Dexter,  was  born 
in  Dartmouth  in  1773,  and  died  1831.  He  married  Hannah 
Godfrey,  12  March,  1799. 

Ten  children,  all  born  in  Brooklyn,  N.  S.: 

I.  Melinda"  Dexter,  b.  80  July,  1800. 

II.  Enoch"  Dexter,  b.  S  Feb.,  1802;  m.    Hannah    Burk,    18    Jan.,    1827. 

Children:    AVilliam    E.»   Dexter,    Matildy"    Dexter    an<l    .lerusha'* 
Dexter,  who  married  Geo.  Middlemas. 

III.  Susanna'    Dexter,    1).    10  ]March,  1804;  ni.  John  Kenipton,  20  Feb., 

TV.     Warren"  Dexter,  b.   11  March,   1805;    ni.   Hilary  S.    Kempton;    d.    17 
June,  1872.      She  was  b.  (i  March,  1801;  d.  9  Nov.,  1871.      They 
had  six  children,  all  b.  in  Brooklyn,  N.  S. : 


1  Susannah*  Dexter,  b.  7  Sept.,  1832;  m.  Alexander  Wharton, 


2  Mary  Eliza«  Dexter,  b.  31  May,  1836;  m.  Joseph  B.  Freeman, 


3  Hannah*  Dexter,  b.  4  July,  1838;  m.  Hezekiah  H.  Harris,  1865. 

4  Sarah*  Dexter,  b.  29  July,  1840;  m.  Benajah  Minerd,  1868. 

5  Joseph*  Dexter,  b.  19  April,  1843;  d.  1849. 

6  John  Kempton*  Dexter,  b.  7  Dec,  1844;  m.  Martha  Kempton, 

1872.     They  had  seven  children,  b.  in  Milton,  N.  S. : 

1  :Mary  Snow"  Dexter,  b.  18  May,  1873;  m.  Wru.  Snow,  1899. 

2  Jessie  M."  Dexter,  b.  15  March,  1875;  m.  James  Mills,  1901. 

3  Harvey  K."  Dexter,  b.  4  May,  1877;  d.  18  April,  1882. 

4  William  S.«  Dexter,  b.  9  Nov.,  1879;  d.  9  Oct.,  1898.' 

5  Clifford  H.-'  Dexter,  b.  9  April,  1882. 
(>  AVarren  J.»  Dexter,  b.  28  Oct.,  1883. 
7  Harris  H.»  Dexter,  b.  14  Sept.,  1886. 

V.     Ebenezer'  Dexter. 

Yl.     SamueF  Dexter,  m.  Rebecca  Gardner. 

VII.     Nathaniel'  Dexter,  b.  1826;  m.  Charlotte  Gardner. 

yill.     James"  Dexter,  unmarried. 

IX.  Thomas'  Dexter,  died  at  sea. 

X.  Joseph"  Dexter,  d.  on  shipboard. 


Jonathan''  Dexter,  son  of  David"  [Josiah'*,  Benjamin  ■^  William  ^ 
Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  22  Feb., 
1782.     He  married  Mar}-  Stndley,  17  March,  1805. 

Eight  children,  five  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

543  i    Ehzabeth"  Dexter,  b.  10  Aug.,  1807;  d.  10  July,  1815. 

544  ii    Thankful"  Dexter,  b.  19  June,  1809;  m.  17  Oct.,  1810. 

545  iii     Sarah  Allen"  Dexter,  b.  4  Jan.,  1815;  d.  18  Jan.,  1815. 

546*     iv    Jonathan  K."  Dexter,  b.  Rochester,  12  Feb.,  1812;  m.    Clarinda 
Smith,  26Xov.,  1838. 

547  V    Pamelia' Dexter,  b.  26  Dec,  1815;  d.  4  Dec,  1882;    m.    James 

Dexter;  20  Sept.,  1849. 

548  vi     Maria'  Dexter,  b.  10  July,  1818;  d.  25  March,  1841;  never  m. 

549  vii    Samuel' Dexter,  b.  22  Jan.,  1824;  single. 

550  viii     Sarah  Abigail'  Dexter,  1).  Falmouth,  15  Feb.,  1829;  m.  William 



E.  Allen'  Dexter,  sou  of  David''  [Josiah*,  Benjamin^ 
William-,  Thomas^]   and  Sarah   [Allen]   Dexter,  was  born 


13  Jan.,  1792,  and  died  30  June,  1848.      He  married  (1) 
Cynthia  Pitclier,  1827;  (2)  Martha  Mayhew,  11  March,  1834. 

Three  children  by  first  wife  and  two  by  second: 

551  i     David  B.^  Dexter,  1).  11  Dec,  1828;  d.  10  Oct.,  1829. 

552  ii     Allen  M.'  Dexter,  b.  11  Dec,  1828;  d.  28  Aug.,  1830. 

553  iii    David'  Dexter,  b.  24  July,  1831 ;  d.  25  April,  1832. 

554*     iv    Martha  M.'  Dexter,  b.  12  July,  1836;  m.    Noah    Hammond,    2 
June,  1861. 

555  V    Stephen'  Dexter,  b.  10  Jan.,  1839;  no  family. 


Deacon  Constantc  Dexter,  son  of  Isaac^  [Constanf*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Kezia  [Wing]  Dexter, 
was  born  9  Aug.,  1767,  and  died  26  March,  1842.  He 
married  Rebecca  Billington. 

Five  children,  born  in  Wayne: 

556  i    Mercy'  Dexter,  b.  20  Jan.,  1796;  m.  Samuel  Besse. 

557  ii    Lois'  Dexter,  b.  27  Feb..,  1797;  d.  13  April,  1883;  m.  Elisha  Besse. 

558  iii     Elizabeth'  Dexter,  b.  7  Nov.,  1798;  d.  18  March,   1875;  m.  Seth 

559*     iv    John'  Dexter,  b.  23  June,  1800;  d.  Oct.,  1887;  m.  Mary  Shaw. 

560  V    Samuel'  Dexter,  b.  11  Aug.,  1805;  d.  3  Aug.,    1857;  m.    Mary 


Freeman"  Dexter,  son  of  Isaac'  [Constant*,  Benjamin^ 
Williani'-^,  Thomas^]  and  Kezia  [Wing]  Dexter,  was  born 
.     He  married  Polly . 

Fourteen  children: 

561  i    Nathaniel'  Dexter,  b.  15  Aug.,  1795. 

562  ii    Erwin' Dexter,  b.  15  Jan.,  1797. 

563  iii    Freeman'  Dexter,  b.  12  Dec.;  1798. 

564  iv    Sumner'  Dexter,  b.  26  Oct.,  1800. 

565  v    Amasa' Dexter,  b.  18  Feb.,  1803. 

566  vi     Mary' Dexter,  b.  26  Oct.,  1804. 


















Alonzo"  Dexter,  b.  2  Nov.,  1806. 
Louisa"  Dexter,  b.  2  Nov. ,  1806. 
Gideon"  Dexter,  b.  3  Oct.,  1808. 
Hannah"  Dexter,  b.  23  April,  1810. 
Charles  S.'  Dexter,  b.  27  Feb.,  1812. 
Meribah^  Dexter,  b.  13  May,  1814. 
Betsey"  Dexter,  b.  20  Jan.,  1816. 
Stephen  T.'  Dexter,  b.  19  April,  1818. 


Isaac'''  Dexter,  son  of  Isaac ^  [Constant*,  Benjamin^, William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Kezia  [Wing]  Dexter,  was  born  18  Feb., 
1783,  and  died  21  Aug.,  1864.  He  married  Sally  Wing, 

Six  children,  born  in  Wayne: 

Anson''  Dexter,  b.  18  Jan.,  1807;  d.  3  Dec,  1821. 
Francis'  Dexter,  b.  28  Nov. ,  1808 ;  m.  Mary  A.  Boynton. 
Robinson'  Dexter,  b.  13  May,  1810;  m.    (1)   Betsey    Bean;    (2) 

Matilda  Gould. 
Sylvia'  Dexter,  b.  29  Sept.,  1816;  d.  11  Sept.,  1878. 
Sarah'  Dexter,  b.  30  Aug.,  1818;  d.  9  Aug.,  1837. 
vi    Nancy'  Dexter,  b.  25  July,  1820;  d.  2  May,  1843. 


Deacon  Amasac  Dexter,  son  of  Isaac^  [Constant*,  Benjamin^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Kezia  [Wing]  Dexter,  was  born 
6  July,  1786,  and  died  30  Aug.,  1874.  He  married  Martha 
Burgess  28  Oct.,  1807. 

Eight  children,  born  in  Wayne: 

Alice  S.'  Dexter,  b.  18  Aug.,  1808;  d.  11  April,  1814. 

Lewis'  Dexter,  b.  8  April,  1810;  d.  11  Feb.,  1889;  m.  (1)  Mitatlah 

Norris,  1834;  (2)  Mary  Dexter  10  Nov.,  1859. 
Solon'  Dexter,  b.  11  Dec,  1813;  d.  27  March,  1814. 
Rev.  Henry  V.'  Dexter,  b.  3  April,   1815;  d.  22  July,  1884;  m. 

(1)  Nancy  C.  Herrick,  1845;  (2)  Mary  E.  Boardman,  1851. 
AHce  S.'  Dexter,  b.  11  Feb.,  1818. 
Harriet  N.'  Dexter,  b.  28  Sept.,  1820;  m.  James  B.  Turner,    2 

March,  1847. 


























587*    vii     Edward  G.''  Dexter,  b.  9  April,  1824;  in.  (1)  Harriott  K.  Thomas, 
()  Oct.,  1851;   (2)  ]Mary  L.  Lamson,  .'!  July,  1804. 

588  viii     Martha  A."  Dexter,  b.  5  Oct.,  1830;   m.  Harvey  A.  Lowell,  15 

June,  1856. 


Benjamin'^  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel'^  [Samuel*,  Benjamin-*, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Thankful  [Freeman]  Dexter,  was 
born  17  March,  1760,  in  Hardwick,  Mass.,  and  died  16  Aug., 
1792.  He  married  Anna  Mayo  of  Rutland,  Mass.,  10  Oct., 
1784.  She  was  a  descendant  of  Rev.  John  Mayo,  first 
minister  of  North  Church,  Boston. 

Two  children: 

589  i    Judah",  Dexter,  b.  1788;  d.  31  March,  1790. 

590  ii    John  Freeman'  Dexter,  h. ;  removed  to    St.  Albans,  Vt. ; 

m.  Comfort  Haskall,  14  Jan.,  1812.   Child,  Mary  Melisse,  b.  6 
June,  1813. 


Mary'^'  Dexter,  daughter  of  SamueP  [Samuel*,  Benjamin^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born 
in  Hardwick,  18  Jan.,  1763.  She  married  John  Gorham, 
son  of  Stephen  and  Sarah  [Freeman  (daughter  of  Deacon 
John)]  Gorham,  3  June,  1784.  He  was  born  in  1759  and 
died  in  Barre,  24  April,  1847. 

Five  children: 

591  i     Thomas'  Gorham,  b.  1784;  d.  15  Dec,  1867,  at  Barre;  m.  Hannah 

Ulter,  12  Dec,  1811. 

592*      ii     Susan'  Gorham,  b. ;  m.    Nathan    Taylor;    pub.    27    Nov., 


593  iii    John' Gorham,  bapt.  Feb.,  1805. 

594  iv     Sally'  Gorham,  l)apt.  24  March,  1805. 

595  v     De  La  Fayette'  Gorham",  Ijapt.  24  :March,  1805. 


Eleazer'^     Dexter,    son    of    Samuel^     [Samuel*,     Benjamin^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Thankful  [Freeman]   Dexter,  was 








born  in  Hardwick,  Mass.,  5  Jnly,  1765.  He  married  (1) 
Abigail  Dexter,  8  April,  1782;  (2)  Charity  Williams,  pnb.  18 
Jnne,  1786;  she  was  born  in  1768,  and  died  3  June,  1838, 
age  70.  He  was  a  pensioner  of  the  United  States.  He  died 
in  1813. 

Eleven  children,  all  by  second  wife: 

596         i    AlDlgail"  Dexter,  b.  14  March,  1787;  d.  5  July,  1860;  m.   Martin 

Euggles,  27  Feb.,  1816. 
597*     ii    Bethsheba'  Carver  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1789;  d.  29  Sept.,  1855;  m 
Silas  IS'ewton,  2d,  21  June,  1810. 
Alma^  Dexter,  b.  1791;  d.  26  Jan.,  1803. 
Arethusa"  Dexter,  b.  1793;  d.  18  Jan.,  1803. 
Charity  Williams^  Dexter,  b.  5  Aug.,  1795;  m.  Gardner  JSTewton, 
pub.  17  Sept.,  1827. 
601*     \i    Joseph  Dean^  Dexter,  b.  31  Aug.,  1797;    m.    Oliver   Gould,    15 
Nov.,  1818. 

602  A^i     Seth''  Dexter,  b.  1800;  d.  2  Aug.,  1803. 

603  viii    Willard' Dexter,' b.  13  Sept.,  1802. 

604*     ix    Arethusa"  Dexter,  b.  7  Jan.,  1805;  m.  John  Johnson,  5  Oct.,  1828. 

605  X    Thankful  Freeman' Dexter,  bapt.  1  Sept.,  1811;  m.  Levi  Stevens. 

606  xi    Eleazer"  Dexter,  b.  7  July,  1813;  was  a   famous   musician    and 

showman  residing  in  Eeading,  A"t. 

-    3IJ 

Samuel'^  Dexter,  son  of  SamneF  [Samuel^  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^]  and  Thankful  [Freeman]  Dexter,  was 
born  9  May,  1773,  and  died  24  March,  1861.  He  married 
Sally,  daughter  of  Jacob  Williams,  15  Dec,  1796;  she  was 
born  at  Middleboro,  1775,  and  died  1867,  age  92.  He  was 
Ensign,  1800;  Lieutenant,  1801;  Captain,  1806;  selectman, 
1811,  1814,  1829. 

Three  children: 

607  i    Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  6  July,  1798;  d.  8  May,  1816. 

608*  ii  WiUiams"  Dexter,  b.  7  April,  1800 ;  d.  1836 ;  m.  Maria  Knowlton, 
3  June,  1828. 

609*  iii  Alma"  Dexter,  b.  11  Nov.,  1804;  m.  Joseph  Newcomb,  pub.  11 
Feb.,  1828;  d.  1840.  They  liad  four  minor  children  in  1840 
when  the  father  died.  John  Raymond  was  appointed  guardian 
to  the  children ;  Samuel  Dexter  and  Joseph  Stone  were  appointed 
administrators ;  estate  valued  at  $3800. 



Jedediah''  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel^  [Samuel\  Benjamin"',  Wil- 
liam", Thomas^]  and  Thankful  [Freeman]  Dexter,  was 
born  in  Hardwiek,  26  Oct. ,  1777.  He  married  Abigail  Eager, 
29  Dec,  1798;  she  died  23  Aug.,  1828.  He  was  a  black- 
smith; sold  his  wife's  interest  in  farm  at  Rutland  to  John 
Wheeler  of  Rutland  in  1819.  He  died  IJan.,  1827;  left  his 
estate  to  wife,  valued  at  £919.    Samuel  Dexter  was  executor. 

Nine  children : 

610  i     Jane"  Dexter,  b.  1800;  d.  20  Feb.,  1802. 

611  ii     Horace"  Dexter,  b.  26  Nov.,  1802;  d.  22  Oct.,  1826. 

612*     iii     Mary"  Dexter,  b.  11  June,  1805;  m.  Milton  Peck,  20  Oct.,  1823. 

613  iv    Thirza'  Dexter,  bapt.  18  Sept.,  1808;  d.  19  Feb.,  1809. 

614  V    Elliot  Beckwith'  Dexter,  b.  1810 ;  d.  27  Aug. ,  1813. 

615  vi    Sally  Beckwith"  Dexter,  b.  6  May,  1812;  d.  18  July,  1830. 

616  vii     Crighton^  Dexter,  bapt.  7  May,  1816;  d.  same  day. 

617  viii    SamueF  Dexter,  bapt.  24  Nov.,  1817. 

618  ix    Luthera"  Gorham  Dexter,  bapt.  27  Jan.,  1820;  m.  Ebenezer  P. 

Staples  of  Taunton,  26  April,  1841;  brick  maker,  son  of  Eben- 
ezer and  Susanna  Staples,  b.  1818.  After  her  death  he  m. 
Mary  A.  Peck,  niece  to  his  first  wife,  1845. 


Jonathan"  Dexter,  son  of  SamueF  [Samuel*,  Benjamin^  Wil- 
lianr,  Thomas'] ,  was  born  in  Hardwiek,  1786,  and  died  14 
March,  1856,  at  Hubbardston,  Mass.  He  married  Roxana 
Dean  of  Raynham;  pub.  29  June,  1812;  she  was  born  1789 
and  died  5  Sept.,  1872,  age  83. 

Five  children: 

619*       i    Cassadra"  Dexter,  b.  1  Sept.,  1813;  m.  Lemuel F.  Taylor,  9  April, 

620  ii    Jonathan"  Dexter,  b.  23  Oct.,  1815.     Removed  to  Missouri. 

621  iii    Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  28  Dec,  1817. 

622  iv    Samuel  B.^  Dexter,  b.  10  May,  1825;  d.  15  Feb.,  1827. 

623  V    Child  b.  and  d.  Oct.,  1827. 



Miriam^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ichabod"  [Samuel*,  Benjamin^ 
William',  Thomas^  and  Abigail  [  ]  Dexter,  was  born  in 
Hardwick.  She  married  Asa  Hedge  of  Hardwick,  31  May, 
1780.  He  was  born  in  1756  and  served  in  the  Revolutionary 
War.  He  was  the  son  of  Elisha^  Hedge  and  Deliverance 
Hedge ;  the  father  served  in  the  French  and  Indian  War,  and 
also  in  the  War  of  the  Revolution,  serving  in  latter  war  with 
his  three  sons,  John,  Solomon  and  Asa.  His  grandfather, 
Elisha'^  Hedge  of  Shrewsbury,  who  married  Martha,  the 
daughter  of  Daniel  Johnson  of  Marlboro,  lived  in  Shrews- 
bury, Boston,  Worcester,  Marlboro,  Barre  and  Hardwick. 
He  was  styled  tailor  in  1745;  shopkeeper,  1761;  trader,  1765; 
gentleman,  1767.  He  served  also  as  a  commissary  in  the 
French  War,  1755.     He  died  in  Barre,  1788. 


Lucy''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ichabod^  [Samuel^  Benjamin^  Wil-" 
lianr,  Thomas^]  and  Abigail  [  ]  Dexter,  was  born  6  July, 

1762,  and  died  1833.  She  married  Moses  Cheney,  Jr. ,  of  War- 
wick, 4  July,  1782;  was  in  Orange,  1791.  He  was  born  in 
Newton,  28  Feb.,  1759,-  and  died  27  April,  1833.  He  was 
selectman  of  Orange,  1800,  1801,  1802.  He  was  supposed 
to  be  a  descendant  of  Ebenezer  or  Nathaniel  Cheney  of 

Eleven  children: 

624  i    Milla^  Cheney,  b.  24  March,  1784;  d.  1817;  m.  David  Holden. 

625  ii    SamueF  Cheney,  b.  11  March,  1786;  d.  1796. 

626*     iii    Luther^  Cheney,  b.  9  May,  1788;  d.  1848;  m.  Sabra  Allen. 

627  iv    Hannah^  Cheney,  b.  24  Oct. ,  1789 ;  d.  1867 ;  m.  Nathan  Parmenter. 

628  V    AbigaiP  Cheney,  b.  1792. 

629  vi    Moses'  Cheney,  b.  22  May,  1794;    m.  Euth  Cheney,    4   March, 

1823;  b.  7  Oct.,  1795. 

630  vii     Lucy'  Cheney,  b.  13  Aug.,  1797;  d.  1802. 

631  viii    .Samuel'  Cheney,  b.  17  Sept.,  1799;  m.  Mary  Ann  Rice. 


632  ix    John'    Cheney,    b.    2V>   Feb.,    1802;    m.    Harriet   Thurst(jn. 

633  X    Edward'  Turner  Cheney,  b.  31  July,  1804;  in.  Mary  Jolnison. 
634*    xi    Rhoda'  Battle  Cheney,  27  Sept.,  1806;  m.  Adams  French,  Jr.,  3 

April,  1825;  (2)  Cheney  Lewis,  b.  1798;  d.  14  Jan.,  1801. 


Lydia"  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ichabocf  [Samuel\  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liaiir,  Thomas^]    and  Aliigail   [  ]    Dexter,    was   born 

,  and  died  27  April,  1844.       She   married    Sherman 

Battle  of  Orange;  he  was  born  in  1775  and  died  in  1837. 

Nine  children: 

635  i     lehabod"  Dexter  Battle,  b.  5  March,  1801. 

636  ii    Elizabeth'  Battle,  b.  15  July,  1802. 

637  iii    Lydia'  Battle,  b.  3  Nov.,  1803. 

638  iv    Lourinda'  Battle,  b.  26  Dec,  1805. 

639  V    Rlioda'  Battle,  b.  27  March,  1808. 

640  vi    Phinehas'  Parkman  Battle,  b.  21  May,  1811. 

641  vii    Clarissa' Battle,  b.  5  Nov.,  1815. 

642  ^^ii    Mary  C  Battle,  b.  21  March,  1818. 

643  ix    Esther'  Battle,  b.  28  March,  1819.    ' 


John"  Dexter,  son  of  JoV  [Samnel^  Benjamin'',  William^ 
Thomas^]  and  Mercy  [Hinkley]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hard- 
wick,  3  Jan.,  1769.  He  married  (1)  Lncy  Dennis,  1  Dec, 
1803;  she  died  15  Dec,  1817,  age  31  years;  (2)  Persis 
Gilbert,  29  Jnly,  1821.  He  was  a  farmer.  He  died  7  May, 
1836.  Estate  valued  at  $4069.  Lucy  Dennis  was  daughter 
of  Adonjah  and  Eunice  [Sibley]  Dennis.  Adonjah  was 
born  1759  and  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  He 
died  in  1844.  His  wife  was  Eunice  Sibley  of  New  Salem, 
born  1760  and  died  1842.  The  father  of  Adonjah  was 
Samuel  Dennis,  a  Baptist  minister,  born  in  Sutton;  removed 
to  Petersham,  where  he  preached  several  years,  and  after- 
wards to  Hardwick,  where  he  died,  1784. 


Seven  children,  five  by  first  wife,  two  by  second: 

644         i    Anna  Wlieeler'  Dexter,  b.  17  Oct.,  1804;  m.  Amos  K.  Smith  of 

Wendell,  12  June,  1826. 
645*      ii    Foster  Dennis"  Dexter,  b.  19  July,  1806;  d.  New  Salem,  3  March, 

1865;  m.  Phebe . 

646  iii    Fanny  Beckwith'^  Dexter,  b.  13  Feb.,  1809;  m.   Eufus    Day   of 

Xew  Salem,  22  Nov.,  1830. 

647  iv    Job'  Dexter,  b.  28  Nov.,  1811;  d.  in  Barre    1    April,  1849;  m. 

Rhoda  P .     One  child. 

648  V    Mercy  Hinkley'' Dexter,  b.  20  May,  1816;  d.  8  May,  1847;    m.  . 

David  L.  Winslow  of  Barre,  22  March,  1837. 

649  vi    Henry  Walker'  Dexter,  b.  22  Oct.,  1821;  d.  21  May,  1900. 

650  ^di    Horace'^  Dexter,  b.  26  Sept.,  1825;  d.  17  May,  1900. 


Anna  Dexter,«  danghter  of  Job^  [Samuel^  Benjamin^  William^ 
Thomas^]  and  Merej^  [Hinkley]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Hard- 
wick,  22  July,  1770.  She  married  Thomas®  Wheeler,  Jr.,  of 
Hardwick,  -3  June,  1790.  He  was  born  in  Hardwick,  3 
March,  1767,  and  was  a  descendant  of  George-^  Wheeler  of 
Concord,  1638 ;  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Concord.  Thomas^ 
Wheeler  was  a  very  ingenious  blacksmith  and  iron  founder. 
He  was  long  in  the  military  service,  was  Captain  in  1801; 
Major  in  1811;  Colonel  in  1813.  He  resided  in  Hardwick 
until  1818,  when  he  moved  to  Ticonderoga,  N.  T. ;  returned 
in  1830,  and  died  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  26  April,  1851,  aged 
84.  He  was  buried  in  the  family  lot  in  the  old  cemetery  at 
Hardwick,  Mass.,  where  subsequenth*  a  monument  was 
erected  by  his  son,  William  Augustus.  His  wife  died  20 
March,  1804,  and  he  married  Mary,  daughter  of  Timothy 
Paige,  14  Feb.,  1805.  She  died  in  1828  and  he  married 
twice  afterwards.  Seven  children  b}-  first  wife,  and  eight  by 
second  wife. 

Children  by  first  wife : 

651  i    Charles^  Wheeler,  b.  26  March,  1791. 

652  ii    A  child,  b. ;  d.  2  May,  1793. 

653  iii    Sally'  Wheeler,  b.  28  April,    1794;    m.    3   Nov.,    1814,    Daniel 



654  iv  A  child,  1). ;  d.  in  infancy. 

655*  V  AVilliain  Augustus'  Wlieeler,  b.  30  March,  1798. 

65()  vi  A  child,  b.  Nov.,  1800;  d.  26  Jan.,  1801. 

657  vii  A  child,  b. ;  d.  4  July,  1802. 


Ruth"  Dexter,  daughter  of  Job^  [Sam^^el^  Benjamin%  William", 
Thomas^]  and  Meroy  [Hinkley]  Dexter,  was  born  20  March, 
1773,  and  died  1847.  She  married  David  Allen,  Jr.,  son  of 
David  and  Lydia  Allen  of  Hardwick.  He  died 3  Feb.,  1835, 
leaving  wife  and  four  daughters  and  one  son.  The  will 
gave  wife  one-third  real  estate  together'  with  one  bedstead 
and  bedding;  eldest  daughter,  $1;  second  daughter,  $5; 
third  daughter,  $10;  youngest  daughter,  $5;  grandson, 
Frederick  Allen,  his  gig;  only  son,  Willard  Allen,  all  the 
rest  and  residue  if  he  will  pay  all  debts  and  support  youngest 
daughter,  Anna,  until  her  marriage.  Son  to  be  executor; 
Moses  Allen,  Anson  F.  Allen,  Daniel  Wheeler,  witnesses. 

Five  children: 

658  i    Eluthera'^  Allen,  h.  ;  m.  Gleason. 

659  ii    Clarissa'  Allen,  b.  ;  m.  Amaziah  Spooner  of  Amherst,  1825. 

660  iii    Sarah  B."  Allen,  b.  . 

661  iv    Anna"  Allen,  b.  . 

662        V    Willard''  Allen,  b.  .    Had  son,  Frederick  Allen,  mentioned 

in  grandfather's  will. 


Deacon  Ichabod*^  Dexter,  son  of  Jol/  [Samuel\  Benjamin^ 
William',  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Walker]  Dexter,  was  born 
19  Dec,  1775,  and  died  11  May,  1851,  aged  76,  at  Hard- 
wick. He  was  a  farmer,  sold  his  wife's  interest  in  farm  at 
Rutland  to  John  Wheeler  of  Rutland,  in  1819.  He  was 
deacon  of  church.  He  married  (1)  Sally  Eager,  5  May, 
1803;  she  died  25  July,  1821,  age  40;  (2)  Alice  Amidon,  26 
March,  1822;   she  died  26  June,  1830,  age  39. 


Five  children  by  first  wife  and  four  by  second: 

663         i    One  child,  b.  March,  1804;  d.  April,  1804. 

664*  ii  Zenas  Hinkley''  Dexter,  b.  9  May,  1806;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Penniman, 
1831 ;  (2)  Lucinda  Wood,  28  Aug. ,  1837. 

665  iii  Harriet  Jane'  Dexter,  b.  15  April,  1810;  d.  26  Aug.,  1835;  un- 

666*  iv  Edward''  Dexter,  b.  3  Nov.,  1811;  m.  Louisa  Powers,  6  June, 

667        V    Philena'  Dexter,  b.  23  May,  1815;  d.  5  Sept.,  1839;  unmarried. 

668*  vi  Hannah'  Dexter,  b.  26  March,  1823;  m.  Lysander  Powers;  pub. 
21  May,  1842. 

669  vii    Sally'  Dexter,  b.  6  May,  1825;  m.  James  P.  Fay,  8  April,  1845. 

670  viii    Ruth'  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1827;  m.  ZenasD.  Tinney  of  Newburg, 

Me.,  6  Nov.,  1856. 

671  ix    John  Bangs'  Dexter,  b.  30  July,  1829.        At  the  death   of   his 

mother  in  1830,  he  was  adopted  by  uncle,  Elijah  Bangs,  and 
removed  to  Springfield,  Mo.  He  was  Mayor;  served  in  the 
Ci\'il  War;  was  postal  agent  with  headquarters  at  Portland, 
Ore.,  and  Springfield,  Mo. 


Jonathan'^  Morton,  son  of  Mary^    [Samuel*,    Benjamin\    Wil- 
liam", Thomas^]   Dexter,  and  Benjamin  Morton,  was   born 

.       He  married  (1)  Jeniiie  Holt,  1796;    (2)   Esther 

Burnett,  1800. 

One  child  by  first  wife,  two  by  second: 

672  i    Jane'  Morton,  m.  Daniel  Kent. 

673  ii     Hiram'  Morton. 

674  iii    Andrew'  Morton. 


James''  Morton,  son  of  Mary'  [Samuel',  Benjamin^  William', 

Thomas^]  Dexter,  and  Benjamin  Morton,  was  born . 

He  married  Jernsha  or  Chloe  Furbush. 

Five  children: 

675  i    James'  Morton,  b.  17S7. 

676  ii    Chloe'  Morton,  b.  1789. 


677  iii    Chester"  Morton,  b.  ;  m.  Rosanna  Furbush.     Son,  James 


678  iv    Betsey''  Morton,  m.  Alonzo  Stamford. 

679*      V    Alexander'  Morton,  b.  1811 ;  m.  Martha  Wheeler.     Two  children. 


Esther''  Johnson,  daughter  of  Sarah'  [Samnel\  Benjamin^ 
William",  Thomas^  ]  and  Solomon  Johnson,  married 
Joseph    Lord,     1786,    son   of   Thomas^    [Joseph*,    Joseph^ 

Thomas^  Robert^]  .     She  was  born ,  and  died . 

After  her  death  her  husband  married  Unity  Ruggles,  1805. 
He  was  born  26  Oct.,  1763,  and  died  11  July,  1832,  age  69. 
Unity  died  10  Feb.,  1810,  age  59. 

Four  children: 

680         i    Luther'  Lord,  b.  9  Dec,  1788. 

681*      ii    Vashney'    Lord,    b.    19   May,    1791;    d.    20    Sept.,    1844;    m. 
Sarah . 

682  iii    Esther'  Lord,  b.  15  Aug.,  1809. 

683  iv    Persis'  Lord,  b.  15  Aug.,  1813;  m.    (1)  Moses  Dexter,  13  April, 

1837;  (2)  Jennison. 


Patty''  Johnson,  daughter  of  Sarah^  [Samuel^  Benjamin',  Wil- 
liam^, Thomas']  Dexter,  and  Solomon  Johnson,  was  born 
.     She  married  John  King. 

Two  children: 

684  i    Joseph'  King,  born . 

685  ii    Luther'  King,  b. .    Son,  Collings  H.  King,  b.  8  Sept.,  1839. 


SalV  Johnson,  daughter  of  Sarah^  [Samuel^  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam",  Thomas']   and  Solomon  Johnson,  was  born    . 

He  married  Joshua  Tucker,  son  of  Robert  and  Martha 
Tucker  of  Hardwick,  pub.  10  March,  1799.  Robert  and 
Martha  came  to  Hardwick  from  Morton,  Mass.,  in  1771. 
Robert  died  1805  and  Martha  1809.  Joshua  and  Sally 
moved 'to  New  Salem. 


Three  children: 

686         i    Ebenezer'  Tucker,  b.  1807;  d.  in  Hardwick,  22  April,  1857. 

687*      ii    Alfred'  Tucker,  b.  1808;  d.  in  Hardwick,  1866. 

688      iii    Joshua"  Tucker,  b.  1813;  d.  in  Hardwick,  22  Nov.,  1836. 


Hannah^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin"  [Sam^el^  Benjamin^ 
William',  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Stone]  Dexter,  was  born 
5  Dee.,  1770,  and  died  18  Sept.,  1858.  She  married  Ben- 
jamin Morton,  Jr.,  13  Oct.,  1787.  They  moved  to  Florence, 
Oneida  Co.,  N.Y.,  in  1806.  The}'-  went  with  a  team,  and  it 
took  them  eleven  days  to  accomplish  the  journey.  Benjamin 
bought  a  farm.  In  1814  he  moved  to  Camden,  N.  Y.,  and 
in  a  letter  (1814)  to  his  mother  he  says  that  his  son  Samuel 
is  living  on  the  farm  at  Florence;  that  the  daughter  Eunice 
lives  within  a  mile  of  him,  and  that  Clara  is  at  Black  Kiver, 
about  55  miles  distant  from  Camden.  Letters  are  now 
(1904)  in  existence  written  by  Lucy  in  1815  to  her  grand- 

Nine  children: 

689  i  Samuel'  Morton,  b.  1796. 

690  ii  Eunice'  Morton,  m.  Jonathan  Stanhope,  3  May,  1807. 

691  iii  Sally'  Morton. 

692  iv  Clara'  Morton,  b.  1785. 

693  V  Benjamin'  Morton. 

694  vi  ]Mary'  Morton,  m.  William  Eddy. 

695  vii  Hephzibah'  Morton,  m.  Hosea  Bullock. 

696  ^^ii  Susan'  Morton,  m.  Lot  Sexton. 

697  ix  Lucy'  Morton,  b.  1798;  m.  Grove  R.  Johnson. 


Benjamin''  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin''  [Samuel',  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam', Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Stone]  Dexter,  was  born  at 
Athol,  in  that  part  afterwards  set  off  to  Orange,  24  Nov., 


1775.  He  was  one  of*  nine  children,  and  the  only  Ijoy 
(except  one  lliat  died  when  an  infant)  there  was  in  the 
family.  With  the  large  amount  of  forest  hind  that  his 
father  had  to  clear,  his  time  must  have  l)een  fully  occupied. 
What  schooling  he  had  was  at  the  district  school  No.  (1.  His 
father  was  a  large  owner  of  real  estate,  and  we  find  that  he 
had  some  dealings  in  it.  as  in  March,  1803,  he  sold  a  lot  on 
Lyon  Hill,  so  called,  in  Athol,  of  eight  acres,  near  Captain 
Oliver's  house,  to  Calvin  Eaton,  and  at  the  same  time  and  to 
the  same  person  a  farm  of  113  acres  on  Lyon  Hill;  this  last 
he  1)onght  of  Abraham  Nut  in  1707.  In  1807  he  bought  of 
his  father  a  part  of  the  old  homestead  and  leased  the  balance 
of  it,  and  from  that  time  on  he  continued  to  make  that  his 
home.  From  1819  to  liis  death,  the  records  show  that  he 
conveyed  eighteen  pieces  of  property.  He  and  his  brother- 
in-law,  John  Davis,  were  the  executors  of  his  father's  will. 
His  mother,  who  survived  his  father  many  years,  made  her 
home  with  him.  He  and  tAvo  of  his  sisters  joined  the  ^Meth- 
odist  class  that  was  held  in  the  vicinity,  but  after  a  few 
years  he  joined  the  Baptist  Church.  He  was  married  four 
times:  his  first  wife  was  Hephzibah  Ballard  of  Athol,  mar- 
ried April,  1798 ;  she  was  born  25  April,  1779,  and  died  28 
Dec,  1798.  They  had  no  children.  He  married  (2)  Anna 
Barrett  of  Ashley,  N.  H.,  on  11  Oct.,  1800;  she  was  born  3 
July,  1782,  and  died  18  Aug.,  1803.  They  had  one  child. 
His  third  wife  was  Betsey  Legg,  daughter  of  David  and 
Hannah  Legg  of  Milford  and  Orange  (see  Legg  family). 
She  was  born  21  Mav,  1780,  and  married  27  Nov.,  1803,  and 
died  29  July.  1818.  They  had  seven  children.  His  fourth 
wife  was  Frances  Tuttle,  the  daughter  of  Jedediah  and 
Lucia  (Smith)  Tuttle  of  Winchendon,  Mass.  (see  Tuttle 
family) .  She  was  born  9  March,  1788,  and  married  10  Dec, 
1818,  and  died  13  Aug.,  1861.  They  had  foui-  children. 
Benjamin  died  18  Sept.,  1858,  age  83  years. 

Twelve  children  : 

698  i     Hephzibah'    Dexter,    b.    2.3    Dec,    1802;    d.    27    June,    1846;    m. 

Edward  Ballard  in  1841;  he  died  9  Feb.,  1847,  age  63.     No 
children . 


699  ii  Stephen'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  25  Sept.,  1804;  cl.  29  May,  1832. 
700*     iii     Anna'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  31  March,  1806;   d.  1849;   m.  Job 

Frj,  1834;  he  cl.  1868. 
701*     iv     Amasa'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  S  Dec,  1808;   d.  1883;  m.  Eoanna 

Allen;  she  died  2  June,  1861,  age  50.     . 
702*       V     Moses'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,   26  Jan.,   1811;   d.   22  Dec,  1846; 

111.  Persis  Lord,  13  April,  1837. 
703*      vi     David'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,   10  April,   1813;    d.  9  Aug.,    1880; 

ni.  Maria  Hubbard  of  Bojdston,  1835. 
704*    vii     Aaron'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  12  July,  1815;   d.  1896;  m.  Hester 

McLean.     She  x^as  b.  1819;   ct.  1858. 
705     viii     Joseph'  Clark  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  21  May,  1818;   d.   30  Aug., 

706*     ix     Simeon'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  30  Aug.,  1822;  d.  1898;  m.  Maria 

L.  Hardy,  b.  1828. 
707*       X     Betsey'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  30  May,  1825;  m.  Luther  Eainsey. 
708*     xi     Samuel   Stillman'  Dexter,  b.   in   Orange,   4  March,  1829;    d.   27 

Xov.,  1899;  m.  Maria  C.  Dewey. 
709*    xii     George  W.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  6  April,  1831 ;   ni.  F.  A.  Fry, 

27  May,  1856. 

[Copy  of  an  Old  Letter.] 

MONCKTON,  30th  of  11th  mo.,   1806. 
Respected  Fiuexds  B.  &  H.  D. 

these  lines  are  to  inform  that  1  enjoy  my  helth  better  than  heretofore.  My 
faniely  are  all  in  usel  helth;  also  our  aged  parents  and  connections  are 
favoured  with  the  same  blesing  and  I  hope  that  these  will  find  you  and 
yours  enjoying  good  helth;  I  often  think  of  you  and  your  lonely  situation 
as.  to  the  opportunity  of  friend,  company,  with  earnest  desires  for  your 
preservation  in  the  truth. 

Dear  Friends,  I  being  acquainted  with  straits  temptations  and  truely 
many  ways  even  the  Avinding  &  twineings  of  our  Souls  enemy  to  discourage 
dishearten  &  draw  aside  from  the  rite;  ya  almost  reddy  to  give  up  all  hopes 
at  times,  yet  feel  Avilling  to  say  for  all  our  encouragement  there  is  that  that 
dotli  at  times  bare  uji  over  it  all  and  I  oftenest  find  it  by  retireing  inward, 
by  getting  still  and  cjuiet  as  to  the  auctions  desires  and  willings  and  runings 
of  my  own  mind  fealiug  low  and  humble  wiling  to  become  as  it  ware  a  fool 
in  the  eyse  of  the  worldly  wise  for  the  sake,  of  that  that  givs  peas  to  the 
mind  and  causeth  to  rejoice  in  hope;  ya  by  thus  Avaiting  upon  the  Lord  for 
f-onnsil  Ave  feel  our  iner  man  to  be  strengthened  he  that  waiteth  upon  the 
Lord  shall  rencAv  his  strength  also  she  that  waiteth  upon  the  Lord  shall 
renew  her  strengtii.  I  hope  I  may  not  say  to  much  but  fealing  a  Avish  for 
yn)ir  eternel  welfare  thought  there  mite  be  no  harm  in  pening  a  few  lines 
liyway  of  encouragement  Avishing  tlint   we  iiifiy  all   hold  out  to   the  end  in 


well  iloiny   i'lii'  it    is  tlic  end   tlinl   crowns  nil,  I  In'rct'orc  it  is  my   nr<|rnt   dcsirr 
that   wc  may  all  follow  >1uj    luiiil)    whoresoover   lie  leadetli. 

So  conclude  for  tliis  your  well  wisiiiufj  friend,  my  wife  jornes  me  in  kind 
Love  to  you  all,  wc  also  desire  to  l)o  renK'ml)ered  to  all  enquireinof  friends. 

,■       ..      ,  ,.,  ,  Sainui-I    I\no\v('ls. 

please  to  write  to  us  often  ns  way  makes. 

William  Legg  of  .Meiidou  and  ^lilfoi'd  was  pci-liaps  hrotlici-  of 
John  of  ]\roiidon,  who  was  one  of  Selectmen  in  1738-1743. 
William  li\('d  in  tliat  i)ai't  of  Men  don  that  was  set  off  in  17S() 
and  formed  the  toAvn  of  AFilford.  He  was  one  of  the  i-elief 
expedition  that  marched  to  Fort  "William  Henry,  Aii,mis1, 
1757.  He  was  in  Capt.  Phinehas  Lovitt's  company.  He 
resided  on  SilvcM-  Hill  Streel  and  his  descendants  for  three 
generations  occnpied  the  same  fai-m.  He  married  (1)  Han- 
nah Nelson,  dan^hter  of  Gershom  and  Abig-ail  (Ellithorpe) 
Nelson.  She  was  horn  in  Rowley,  14  Oct.,  1714,  and  died 
3  July,  1755.  He  married  (2)  Elizabeth  Tenney,  18  Jan., 
1759  (no  children  by  second  wife).  He  had  seven  children, 
two  daughters  and  five  sons.  All  the  sons  Avere  in  the 
service  during  the  Revolutionary  War  and  all  w^ere  in  Hieir 
cousin,  Capt.  Gershom  Nelson 's,  company. 

Five  children : 

1  Gershom  Legg,  private,  b.  1736;  m.  Mary  Underwood  in  1757. 

2  Levi   Legg,   private,   b.    1744;    m.    (1)    Mary   Beal,    1767;    (2)    Keziah 

Ballard,  1795. 
3.     David  Legg,  corporal,  b. ;  m.  Hannah  Dewing,  11  March,  1779. 

4  William  Legg,  private,  b.  ;  m.  Hephzibah  Corbett,  4  June,  1779. 

5  Nathaniel  Legg,  private,  b.  ;  m.  Abigail  White,  21  Nov.,  1771. 

William  and  David  moved  to  Orange,  jNIass.,  sometime  in 
1780  or  1781 :  and  David,  who  married  Hannah  Dewing,  had 
Betsey,  who  was  born  21  ^May,  1780,  and  married  Benjamin 
Dexter  (was  his  third  wife),  27  Nov.,  1803.  She  di(Ml  20 
July,  1818.      (See  No.  354.) 

Revolutionary  Record. — David  T^egg  of  Mendon,  with  Capt.  Gershom 
Nelson's  company,  marched  on  alarm  of  April  19,  1775,  to  Cambridge  and 
Roxbury ;  service  nine  days.  Also  Capt.  Samuel  Warren 's  company,  Col. 
Joseph    Reed's    20th    Regiment,    muster    dated    1    Aug.,    1775.      Enlisted    27 


April,    1775;    service    tliree    mouths,    twelve    days.     Also    company    returns 
dated  26  Sept.,  1775. 

John^  Tuttle  came  over  in  the  "Planter"'  in  1635.  He  was  free- 
man in  Ipswich,  1639;  Eepresentative,  1644;  died  in  1656, 
and  Avas  born  probably  1596.  Fonr  children  came  over  with 
him.  and  there  were  six  more  born  here  : 

Simon"  Tuttle,  m.  Sarah  Coggswell  of  Ipsvyich. 

Charles^  Tuttle,  m.  Ann  Burnham. 

Charles*  Tuttle,  b.  1708;  m.  Ann  Jevrett.     Four  children. 

.JedediaF  Tuttle,  b.  24  Nov.,  1753;  d.  1783;  m.  Lucia  Smith  of  Leom- 
inster, Mass.  Her  mother  Avas  a  "Rogers"  and  a  descendant  of 
"John  Eogers  the  martyr."  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary 

Frances"  Tuttle,  b.  in  Winchendon;  m.  Benjamin  Dexter.      (See  No.  354.) 


Wile  of  John  Davis. 


Lucy''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin'  [Samuel'*,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  I'homas^]  and  Hannah  [Stone]  Dexter,  was  born 
24  Dec,  1777,  and  died  in  Orange,  21  Aug.,  1865,  age 
nearly  88  years.     She  married  21  xVug.,  1806,  John  Davis, 



the  sou  of  ("iiplaiii  -loliu  and  .loamia  (  llix  )  l)a\is  oi'  Jictyal- 
ston,  ^lass.  lie  and  liis  ralliei-  both  sei-\'ed  in  the  Kevolu- 
tionary  War,  although  Jolin  was  not  then  17  years  of  age. 
She  was  his  second  wife,  he  ha\in<^-  a  family  of  five  chil- 
dl'eii  at  Ihe  lime.  'I'hey  mo\'ed  to  ()raiii;c  and  went  to  k'ee|>- 
iu'^'  liouse  in  what  is  now  called  the  "Sylvester  Davis" 
house  and  which  is  shown  in  cut.  In  1815  they  bought  the 
farm   of   her    father,    Benjamin    DextcM",    and   it    was   llieir 


home  as  long  as  they  lived:  there  all  their  children  were 
born.  At  the  death  of  her  Inisliand  in  1846,  the  farm  was 
willed  to  her  yonngest  son,  Sylvester,  upon  condition  that 
he  support  his  motlier,  and  she  continued  to  enjoy  a  home 
there  until  her  death  in  1865.  She  was  a  quiet,  unassuming 
lady,  and  carried  out  the  ideas  of  the  "Sect  of  Friends," 
of  which  she  was  a  member.  The  records  of  the  old  IMeth- 
odist  class  give  her  as  a  member  in  1817.  She  i-eceived  a 
pension  from  1846  until  her  death,  on  account  of  the  service 


lier  husband  gave  during  the  Revolutionary  War.  Her  hus- 
band was  a  man  of  more  than  ordinary  standing  in  the  com- 
munity in  ^vhich  he  lived,  and  was  called  upon  to  administer 
the  estates  of  deceased  persons;  was  selectman  of  Orange, 
1785-86-87  and  1819-20-21.  They  had  six  children.  Of  the 
eleven  children  that  John  Davis  had,  all  but  one  lived  to 
old  age,  and  all  died  in  the  same  order  in  which  they  were 
born,  which  is  a  singular  fact  in  so  large  a  family.  The 
yo^mgest  and  last  child  died  but  a  few  months  ago. 

Eevolutionary  Eecord  of  John"  Davis  (Vol.  IV,  page  50.5,  Massachusetts 
Eevolntion). — John  Davis  of  Eoyalston,  Mass.,  in  list  of  men  mustered  by 
Thomas  JSTeTPhall,  muster  master  for  Worcester  County,  to  serve  at  Ehode 
Island  until  Jan.  1,  1780;  Capt.  Woodbuiy's  company.  Col.  Grout's  regiment, 
mustered  July  6,  1779;  engaged  for  town  of  Eoyalston;  also  private  Capt. 
Thomas  Fisk  's  company.  Col.  Nathan  Tyler 's  regiment,  enlisted  June  28, 
1779;  service  to  Dec.  1,  1779;  five  months,  three  days  at  Ehode  Island.  Also 
same  company  and  regiment  pay-roll  for  December,  1779.  Discharged  Dec. 
17,  1779 ;  service  twenty-two  days  at  Ehode  Island.  Also  same  company 
and  regiment  pay-roll  for  December,  allowing  one  month  and  five  days  for 
service  in  Ehode  Island. 

Will  of  John  Davis  (probated  29  April,  1846)  : 

Sylvester  Davis,  Executor,  bond  $1500. 

1st.  Left  his  wife  all  the  personal  property,  valued  at  $152,  and  a  com- 
fortable support  as  long  as  she  remains  a  widow.  If  she  marries,  then  she 
is  to  have  $50  per  year  during  her  life. 

2nd.  Loranna,  wife  of  Aseph  Merriam;  Melinda,  vdte  of  Joel  Johnson; 
Mary,  wife  of  Josiah  Howe;  Joanna,  wife  of  Stephen  Howard;  Narcissa, 
wife  of  John  Warden;  Lucy  Ann  Barber  (widow),  and  my  sons  Dexter, 
Norris  and  Daniel,  have  all  had  advancements  paid  them. 

.3rd.  I  give  to  my  son,  Sylvester  Davis,  all  iny  real  estate,  consisting  of 
the  home  farm,  etc.,  valued  at  $1250,  provided  he  provide  for  the  support 
of  his  mother. 

Six  children : 

710"        i     Dexter'  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  11  Nov.,  1807 ;  d.  in  Corning,  N.  Y., 

1857;  m.  Emily  Holden,  27  Nov.,  1828. 
711'      ii     Norris'  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  17  Oct.,  1810 ;  d.  in  Corning,  N.  Y., 

1  July,  1872;  m.   (1)   Lucy  Ann  Howard,  30  Oct.,  1831;    (2) 

:^rrs.  Lucy  Hill,  12  March,  1857. 
712''-     iii     Narcissa'  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  30  Nov.,  1812;   d.  in  Worcestei', 

Mass.,  14  Oct.,   1891;   m.  John  Warden,  1837. 


713*     iv    Daniel'  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  L*l  Jan.,  ISKi;  d.  in  Caton,  N.  Y., 

20  March,  IDOO;  ni.  Kutli  Bates,  1844. 

714*       V     Lncy  Ann"  Davis,  b.  in  Oranjjo,  21  Dec,  ISLS;  d.   in  Worcester, 

Mass.,  4  May,  lUOO;  m.  Renel  lUirber,  10  June,  1S40. 
715*     vi     Sylvester^  Davis,  1).  in  Orange,  8  Sept.,  1822;  d.  in  Orange,  Mass., 

21  April,  1904;  m.  Katherine  Johnson. 

Copy   of   the    deed   of   land   known   as    Sylvester  Davis 
homestead : 

Benjamin  Dexter  of  Richmond,  N.  H.,  Yeoman,  to  John  Davis  of  Orange, 
Yeoman.  Dated  May  1,  1815. 

A  tract  of  land  situate  and  lying  in  Orange,  Mass.,  lying  in  three 
pieces.  The  first  piece  bounded  as  follows,  viz. :  Beginning  at  the  south- 
west corner  of  said  tract  on  the  east  side  of  the  road,  which  is  the  north- 
west corner  of  J.  Lord's  land;  thence  running  easterly  on  the  north  line  of 
said  Lord's  land,  about  100  rods;  thence  north  on  the  west  line  of  P.  Lord's 
land;  thence  easterly  on  the  north  line  of  P.  Lord's  land  to  the  road;  then 
northwesterly  on  said  road  to  the  bridge  below  Wheeler's  Mills;  thence 
westerly  on  the  south  line  of  said  Wlieeler's  land  to  Asa  Lord's;  thence 
westerly  on  the  south  line  of  said  Lord's  land  to  the  first  named  road ;  thence 
southerly  on  the  east  side  of  said  road  to  the  place  of  beginning.  Said  tract 
contains  by  estimation  100  acres. 

The  second  tract  is  a  wood  lot  and  bounded  as  follows,  viz. :  Beginning 
on  the  west  side  of  the  road  at  the  northeast  corner  of  Benjamin  Dexter' s 
land;  then  running  westerly  by  the  south  side  of  said  Dexter' s  land,  48  rods, 
to  a  heap  of  stones;  thence  southerly  on  the  east  line  of  B.  Dexter' s  land  to 
the  Hastings  farm  (so  called)  ;  thence  easterly  on  the  north  line  of  Hastings 
farm  to  road ;  then  northerly  on  said  road  to  place  of  beginning.  Said  tract 
contains  by  estimation  50  acres. 

The  third  piece  is  meadow  land,  bounded  on  the  north  by  Asa  Lord's 
land;  east  by  Benjamin  Adams'  land;  south  and  west  on  David  Legg's  land, 
containing  8  acres.  Benjamin  Dexter. 

Witness:  Nancy  Perry.  Joseph  Metcalf,  J.  P. 

Recorded  3  June,  1822. 


Phebe^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin^  [Samuel*,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Stone]  Dexter,  was  born 
11  Feb.,  1780,  and  died  13  Oct.,  1857.  She  married  (1) 
Levi  Thurston,  17  July,  1803.  He  was  first  to  introduce  the 
manufacture  of  scythes  in  Orange,  in  1803.  He  died  30  May, 
1807.     She  married  (2)  Fordyce  Ball,  1810. 


She  had  four  children  by  first  husband  and  six  by  second 
husband : 

716*        i     Phebe'  Thurston,  b.   20   April,   1804;    cl.   1875;   m.    (1)    Willard 

Walker;   (2)  Israel  Lamb. 
717*      ii     Priseilla'  Thurston,  b.  20  April,  1804;  cl.l884;  m.Eichard  French, 

23  Nov.,  1824. 
718*     iii     Harriet'  Thiu-ston,  b.  11  Jan.,  1806;   d.  22  May,  1869;  m.  John 

Cheney,  26  Feb.,  1826. 
719*      iv     Susan'  Thurston,  b.  5  Jan.,  1808 ;  ni.  Ira  Whitney,  1829. 
720*       V     Levi  Thurston'  Ball,  b.  1811.- 
721*      vi.    Elijah'  Ball,  b.  1813. 
722*     vii     Hyderlah'  Ball,  b.  1815;  d.  1873.  • 
723*  viii     Joseph'   Ball,   b.    28   May,    1817;    m.   Esther  Preble,   1821;    (2) 

Cornelia  M.  Wiley,  1832. 
724*     ix     Joanna'  Ball,  b.  1820;  m.  Houghton  Hall. 
725*       X     Lucinda  Maria'  Ball;    was   at  school   at  Wilbraham  and   South 

Orange  in  1841;  worked  in  Boston  in  1844;  m.  S.  F.  Somers. 

357  ■ 

Betsey^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin^  [SamueP,  Benjamin^, 
"William^,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Stone]  Dexter,  was  born  . 
6  July,  1782,  and  died  21  Dec,  1864.  She  married  Zaccheus^ 
Wheeler  in  1803.  He  was  a  wheelwright  by  trade,  and  was 
son  of  Zaccheus^and  Silence  (Leland)  "Wheeler.  ( See  Wheeler 
family.)  Betsey  and  Zaccheus  both  went  to  the  Methodist 
class  meeting  in  1817,  and  for  several  years.  She  received 
from  her  father,  by  will,  forty  acres  on  north  side  of  turn- 
pike road  adjoining  the  homestead  farm,  one-third  of  a 
twenty-acre  meadow  and  about  500  acres  of  land  in  Peru, 
Vt.  .  . 

.   Seven  children,  born  in  Orange: 

726*        i     Wilson'  Wheeler,  b.  5  Oct.,  1804;  m.  Catherine  H.  Warden. 
727*      ii     Betsey'  Wheeler,  b.  21  Jan.,  1807;   m.   Simon  Brown  Poland. 
728*     iii     John  Wesley'   Wheeler,   b.   5   Aug.,   1811;    m.  Nancy  Foster   of 

729  iv     Benjamin  Dexter'  Wheeler,  b.  22  July,  1814;  m.  Eliza  A.  Allen, 

Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

730  V     Warren'  Wheeler,  b.  13  Aug.,  1816;  d.  10  March,  1821. 



731*     vi     Eliza  Ann'  Wheeler,  b.  4  Oct.,  1820;  m.  Samuel  Morse. 

732*  vii  George  Warren'  Wheeler,  b.  19  Oct.,  1826;  m.  Miriam  F.  Tit- 
comb  of  Bangor,  Me.,  September,  1853.  She  was  born  5  Sept., 


George'  Wheeler  was  born  in  England,  came  to  this  country  and  settled  at 
Concord,  Mass.,  before  1640.     He  died  there  in  1687.     Descendants  of 

eighth  generation  live  on  same  place.     He  married  Katharine ; 

they  had  eight  children,  four  born  in  England: 

1.  William^  Wheeler,  b.  in  England;  m.  Hannah  Bass,  30  Oct.,  1659; 

d.  1683. 

2.  Thomas^  Wheeler,  b.  in  England;   m.   Hannah  Harwood,  1657;   d. 


3.  Euth'  Wheeler,  b.  in  England;  m.  Samuel  Hartwell,  1665;  d.  1713. 


4.  Elizabeth^  Wheeler,    b.  in  England;  m.  Francis  Fletcher,  1656;   d. 


5.  Hannah^  Wheeler ;  no  record. 

6.  Sarah-  Wheeler;   b.   in  Concord,  Mass.,   1640;   m.   Francis  Dudley, 

1665;  d.  1713. 
*7.     John=  Wheeler,  b.   in   Concord,  Mass.,  19  March,   1643;    m.   Sarah 
Larkin;  d.  1713. 

8.  Mary-  Wheeler,  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  B  Sept.,  1645;   m.  Eliphalet 

Fox;  d.  1678. 

John-  Wheeler  [George']  was  born  in  Concord,  Mass.,  19  March,  1643,  and 
died  27  Sept.,  1713.     He  married  Sarah  Larkin. 

Nine  children,  born  in  Concord,  Mass.; 

1.  SamneP  Wheeler,  b.  6  July,  1664;  m.  Mary  Hosmer. 

2.  Sarah'  Wheeler,  b.  ;  m.  John-  Miriam. 

3.  Edward^  Wheeler,  b.  17  July,  1669 ;  m.  Sarah  Miriam. 

4.  Joanna'  Wheeler,  b.  21  Dec,  1671. 

5.  Mary'  Wheeler,  b.  16  Sept.,  1673 ;  m.  Jacob  Wood. 

6.  Lydia'  Wheeler,  b.  27   Oct.,  1675;   m.    (1)    Timothy  Wheeler;    (2) 

Nathaniel   Stow. 

7.  Esther'  Wheeler,  b.  1  Dec,  1678 ;  m.  Samuel  Prescott. 
*8.     Ebenezer'  Wheeler,  b.  3  June,  1682 ;  m.  Mary  Minott. 

9.  Thankful'  Wheeler,  b.  3  June,  1682;  m.  Jones  Prescott. 

Ebenezer'  Wheeler  [John-,  George^]  was  born  3  June,  1682.  He  married 
Mary  Minott,  ■  daughter  of  James  and  Rebecca  (Wheeler)  Minott,  26 
Dec,  1706. 

Six  children,  born  in  Concord,  Mass.: 

1.  Rebekah*  Wheeler,  b.  2  Sept.,  1712. 

2.  Mary^  Wheeler,  b.  8  May,  1714. 

.     *3.  Ebenezer'  ^Tieeler,  b.  6  Jan.,  1715-16. 

•    4.  Timothy*  ^Taeeler,  b.  21  Feb.,  1716-17. 

5.  Sarah*  Wheeler,  b.  24  July,  1720. 

6.  James*  Wheeler,  b.  7  April,  1722. 

Ebenezer*  Wheeler  [Ebenezer',  John^,  George']  was  born  6  Jan.,  1715-16, 
and  died  24  Feb.,  1801.  He  married  (1)  l^achel  Wood  of  Upton,  she 
dying  27  April,  1751;  (2)  Lois  Corbet,  who  died  29  March,  1753;  (3) 
Mrs.  Priscilla  Haywood,  5  Sept.,  1753;  she  was  born  27  Aug.,  1726. 

He  had  eight  children  by  first  ATife,  one  by  second  wife  and  eight 
by  third: 


1.  Ebenezer"  Wheeler,  b.   13  April,  1741;    d.  young. 

2.  Ebenezer'  Wheeler,  b.  ;  d.  24  Oct.,  1759. 

3.  Jonathan''  Wheeler,  b.  2  April,  1743;  m.  (1)  Anna  Rand;   (2)  Mary 


4.  EacheP  Wheeler,  b.  14  Jan.,  1745;  m.  Timothy  Winter. 
*5.     Zaccheus'  Wheeler,  b.  30  Sept.,  1749. 

6.  Susanna'  Wheeler,  b.  4  Oct.,  1746;  d.  young. 

7.  Susanna"'  Wheeler,  b.  ;  m.  John  Thurston. 

8.  Mary'  Wheeler,  b.  20  March,  1751. 

9.  Nathan'  WheelerT)).  6  April,  1752. 

10.  Ephraini'  Wheeler,  b.  7  June,  1754;  m.  Hannah  Goodell.  • 

11.  Priscilla'  Wheeler,  b.  1  June,  1755;  m.  Lewis  Thurston. 

12.  James'  Wheeler,  b.  22  Dec,  1756 ;  m.  Vashti  Bigelow. 

13.  Eebecca'  Wheeler,  b.  24  Aug.,  1758;  m.  James  Dexter. 

14.  Sally'  Wheeler,  b.  5  Nov.,  1760;   m.  Ithames  Smith. 

15.  Esther'  Wheeler,  b.  4  May,  1762. 

16.  Ebenezer'  Wheeler,  b.  15  Oct.,  1764;  m.  Susanna  Euggles. 

17.  Anna'  Wheeler,  b.  30  Aug.,  1767;  m.  John  C.  Pratt. 

Zaccheus'  Wheeler  [Ebenezer^,  Ebenezer',  Johu=,  George^]  was  born  30 
Sept.,  1749.  He  married  Silence  Leland,  daughter  of  Thomas  Leland 
and  granddaughter  of  James  Leland  of  Grafton.  She  was  born  in 
Sutton  in  1751,  and  died  in  Athol  in  1829.  They  came  to  Athol  in 
February,  1790,  from  Grafton,  and  settled  on  the  north  bank  of  Tully 
Brook  near  where  Pine  Dale  is  now  situated.  A  log  cabin  was  built 
for  their  home,  a  large  tract  of  land  was  purchased,  and  a  grist-mill 
was  erected  upon  the  bank  of  the  brook.  The  children  had  to  go  to 
school  through  the  forest,  finding  their  way  by  means  of  blazes  on  the 

They  had  eleven  children,  eight  born  in  Grafton  and  three  in  Athol:  • 

1.  Emerald''  Wheeler,  b.  1773;   m.  Mary  Lombard.     Was  a  merchant 

in  New  York. 

2.  Zaccheus**  Wheeler,  b.  1775 ;  d.  in  Sutton,  1778. 

3.  Thomas  S."  Wheeler,  b.  1776;  m.  Martha  Eice;  d.  in  New  Orleans, 


*4.  Zaccheus"  Wheeler,  b.  1779;  m.  Betsey  Dexter;  d.  in  Orange,  1859. 

5.  Silence"  Wheeler,  b.  1781;   m.  Jesse  Snow;   d.  in  Greenwich,  1803. 

6.  Margaret*  Wheeler,  b.  1784;  m.  Ephraim  Goodell;  d.  in  Athol,  1803. 

7.  Sina"  Wheeler,  b.   1786;   m.  Nathan  Whitney,  Pittsfield,  Ohio. 

8.  Eachel"  Wheeler,  b.  1788;   m.  Clement  Bryant,  Athol. 

9.  Jonathan''  Wheeler,  b.   1792;   m.   Hannah  Davis,   Athol. 

10.  Mercy"  Wheeler,  b.  1795;  d.  1813. 

11.  Anna"  Wheeler,  b.  1797 ;  m.  Sullivan  Eaymond  of  Eoyalston. 

(For  Zaccheus"  Wheeler  and  Betsey  Dexter,  see  page  100.) 



Martha^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim*,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born 
28  Sept.,  1772,  and  died  29  Jan.,  1852.  She  married  Prince 
Snow  in  1794. 

Fourteen  children,  born  in  Kochester,  Mass. : 

7.33  i     James'  Snow,  b.  19  Dec,  1794;  d.  18  May,  1849;  m.  Hannah  W. 

Sherman,  24  Sept.,  1820. 

734  ii     Nancy'  Snow,  b.  19  Dec,  1794;  m.  Nathan  Boodry. 

735  iii     Betsey'  Snow,  b.  15  May,  1796;  m.  Nathaniel  Hiller. 

736  iv     Prince'  Snow,  b.  30  Jan.,  1798;  m.  Caroline  Foster. 

737  V     Luke'  Snow,  b.  5  Feb.,  1799. 

738  vi     Stephen'  Snow,  b.  9  March,  1801;  d.  6  March,  1885;  m.  Eunice 


739  vii     Harvey'  Snow,  b.  7  March,  1803;    d.  8  May,  1868;   m.  Betsey 


740  viii     Avery'  Snow,  b.  12  April,  1805;  d.  30  July,  1880;  never  married. 

741  is    Eaehel'  Snow,  b.  17  May,  1807;   d.  27   Sept.,  1836;    m.  Wyatt 


742  X     Kesiah'   Snow,  b.   5   July,   1809;    d.   17  Dec,   1903;    m.   Prince 


743  xi     Martin'  Snow,  b.  8  April,  1811 ;  d.  29  Oct.,  1862 ;  m.  Ivory  Snow. 

744  xii     Dulcina'  Snow,  b.  1  March,  1813;   d.  24  Jan.,  1904;  m.  William 


745  xiii     Jane'  Snow,  b.  9  Aug.,  1815;  m.  William  Hammond. 

746  xiv     WiUiam'  Snow,  b.  7  April,  1821;  d.  12  March,  1887;  m.  Eebecca 



Anna^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim*,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born 
6  Jan.,  1774,  and  died  8  Aug.,  1860.  She  married  Captain 
James  Snow,  20  Dec,  1795. 

Six  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

747  i     Levi'  Snow,  b.  23  May,  1799;  d.  9  June,  1880;  m.  Mary  Meiggs, 

19  Aug.,  1824. 

748  li     Dennis'  Snow,  b.  5  Aug.,  1801;  d.  15  April,  1841. 


749  iii     Martin'  Snow,  b.  1  Aug.,  1803;  d.  2G  Aug.,  1883. 

750  iv     Julian'    Snow,   b.    23    April,    1806;    d.    2    Nov.,    1864;    m.    John 


751  V     Adaline'   Snow,   b.   22   July,   1809;    d.   23   Feb.,   1873;    m.   Ezra 


752  vi     James'  Winslow,  b.  4  Sept.,  1813;  d.  1836;  lost  at  sea. 


Kesiah^  Dexter,  (laughter  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim^  Benjanlin^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born 
5  Oct.,  1775,  and  died  2  Jan.,  1835.  She  married  Ebenezer 
Holmes  in  1805. 

Six  children : 

753  i     Alice'  Holmes,  b.  20  June,  1806;  d.  1  March,  1888;  m.  Zoath 


754  ii     Mary'  Holmes,  b.  20  June,  1808. 

755  iii     Kesiah'  Holmes,  b.  9  Jan.,   1810;  m.  Loring  Dexter,  29  Nov., 


756  iv     Hannah'  Holmes,  b.  13  April,  1812;  d.  29  July,  1893;  m.  Larnet 


757  V     Ebenezer'  Holmes,  b.  17  Jan.,  1816. 

758  vi     Susan  H.'  Holmes,  b.  20  May,  1822;  d.  15  July,  1889;  m.  Geo. 

H.  Kelley. 


Luke«  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim*,  Benjamin',  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born  16  Nov., 
1777,  and  died  9  Nov.,  1856.  He  married  Joanna  Pierce, 
September,  1802.  He  was  a  caulker  by  trade,  also  a  farmer, 
and  lived  on  part  of  the  old  Benjamin  Dexter  farm  and  in 
the  house  that  stood  on  the  spot  where  the  first  Dexter 
house  was  built  in  Eochester. 

Seven  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

759*  i  Loring'  Dexter,  b.  1  April,  1804;  d.  5  Oct.,  1882;  m.  (1)  Keziah 
Holmes,  29  Nov.,  1827;   (2)  Achsah  Dexter,  28  Sept.,  1836. 

760*  ii  Gilmore'  Dexter,  b.  7  Aug.,  1807;  d.  13  April,  1877;  m.  Lucy  A. 


761  iii     William'  Dexter,  b.  2  Oct.,  1809 ;  d.  13  Aug.,  1850 ;  m.  Emily  M. 

Preble,  28  June,  1849. 

762  iv     FlorUla   P.'   Dexter,   b.    3    Nov.,    1805;    d.   24   April,    1877;    m. 

Luther  Bowman. 
768         V     Sophrona   P.'   Dexter,   b.    9    May,    1813;    d.    1833;    m.   William 

Delano,  1832. 
764*      vi     Christina'  Dexter,  b.  27  March,  1815;   d.  8  Feb.,  1900;  m.  Seth 

Cowan,  16  Feb.,  1834. 
765*    vii     Lorenzo   D.'   Dexter,   b.   17   Nov.,   1818;    d.   16   June^  1853;    m. 

Lurana  Braley,  4  Aug.,  1846. 


This  house  was  erected  previons  to  1800,  and  stands  upon  the 
probable  site  of  the  first  house  erected  by  William  Dexter  about 
1679,  it  being-  in  about  the  centre  of  the  tract  of  land  owned  by 
him.  This  farm  was  about  three-fourths  of  a  mile  square,  having 
a  brook  running  through  it,  upon  the  bank  of  which  in  olden 
times  stood  a  saw-mill  and  a  grist-mill,  which  were  run  by  the 

There  are  now  three  houses  built  by  Dexters  standing  within 
the  borders  of  this  original  tract,  all  of  them  over  a  hundred 
years  old  and  all  occupied  for  the  most  of  the  time  by  Dexters. 




Ephraim"  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim^  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas\]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born  28 
April,  1779,  and  died  27  June,  1862.  He  married  (1) 
Achsah  Snow,  14  Sept,  1802;  (2)  Kachel  Snow,  27  April, 
1806.  He  was  a  cooper  by  trade,  and  during  the  last  of  his 
life  he  owned  and  occupied  half  of  the  house  that  stood  upon 
the  site  of  the  original  Dexter  homestead,  the  other  half 
being  owmed  by  his  brother  Luke. 


One  child  by  first  wife  and  eight  by  second,  all  born  in 
Falmouth,  Mass. : 

766  i     Thomas'  Dexter,  b.  14  Aug.,  1803;  cl.  16  Sept.,  1824;  no  family. 

767  ii     Achsah'  Dexter,  b.  19  June,  1807;   d.  8  Aug.,  1884;  m.  Loring 

Dexter,  28  Sept.,  1836. 

768  iii     Hannah  S.'  Dexter,  b.  16  July,  1809 ;  d.  25  Aug.,  1891 ;  m.  John 

Dexter,  2d,  12  March,  1839. 
769*      iv     Leonard  S.'  Dexter,  b.  26  Jan.,  1811;  d.  18  May,  1853. 










Calvin'  Dexter,  b.  9  Nov.,  1812 ;  d.  25  March,  1867. 

Sumner'  Dexter,  b.  23  June,  1815;   d.  9  Sept.,  1899;   m.  Emily 

(Preble)    Dexter.     One   child,   Maria  L.  Dexter,   b.   1861;    d. 

1874.     Kemoved  to  Marion,  and  was  a  painter  by  trade. 
Harriet'   Dexter,   b.   13   Dec,   1817;    d.    6   April,    1901;    m.    (1) 

Daniel  Kendrick,   9   July,  1839;    (2)    William  A.  Barlow,  27 

April,  1884. 
Lewis'  Dexter,  b.  16  Oct.,  1820;  m.  Martha  Eobbins. 
774*     ix     Ainsworth'   Dexter,   b.    27   Jan.,    1823;    m.   Phebe   C.   CoflBn,    15 

June,  1847. 


Gideon^  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraiin^  [Epliraim*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born  7 
April,  1781,  and  died  31  Jan.,  1827.  He  married  Mary 
Dexter,  15  Oct.,  1804.  He  was  a  caulker  by  trade.  At  his 
death  his  wife  had  her  thirds  of  the  estate  set  off  by  court, 
2  Nov.,  1831. 

From  a  clipping  from  a  New  Bedford  paper  of  1827 : 

On  January  31,  1827,  the  sloop  Betsey  of  Wareham  came  into  Mat- 
tapoisett  Harbor  and  hauled  in  as  near  the  shore  as  was  practicable  on 
account  of  the  ice;  soon  after  she  was  seen  to  be  drifting  toward  the  bay 
and  several  persons  from  the  shore  went  to  her  assistance.  About  7  o'clock 
in  the  evening  they  lost  the  small  skiff  overboard  and  Mr.  Gideon  Dexter 
and  Mr.  Caleb  Dexter,  Jr.,  of  Mattapoisett,  took  a  boat  and  went  to 
recover  the  skiff.  The  wind  being  strong  at  north  and  the  weather  extremely 
cold,  they  were  unable  to  return  to  the  sloop,  which  was  run  ashore,  and  the 
persons  on  board  landed  with  difficulty,  wet  and  much  exhausted.  The  next 
morning,  the  men  and  boats  not  having  returned,  search  was  made  and  the 
skiff  was  fovmd  on  Goat  Island,  about  half  a  mile  distant,  and  the  body  of 
Caleb  Dexter  was  found  lying  on  the  marsh  frozen.  The  other  boat  drifted 
out  of  the  bay  and  was  picked  up  near  East  Chop,  off  Holmes  Hole,  with  the 
body  of  Gideon  Dexter,  which  was  also  frozen.  His  hands  were  much 
lacerated  and  the  oar  battered  to  pieces,  from  which  it  appears  he  exerted 
himself  to  return  until  exhausted.  Mr.  Gideon  Dexter  was  46  years  old,  and 
left  wife  and  nine  children.  Mr.  Caleb  Dexter,  Jr.,  was  34  years  of  age,  and 
left  a  wife  and  an  aged  father  and  mother  to  lament  their  loss. 

Nine  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

775*        i     Warren'  Dexter,  b.  30  Oct.,  1805;  d.  11  Feb.,  1880. 
776*      ii     Samuel'  Dexter,  b.  16  Nov.,  1807;  d.  6  Sept.,  1885. 


777*     iii  Lurana'   Dexter,  b.  3   Sept.,  1809;   d.   25  June,   1891;   m.   Ivory 

Snow,  26  July,  1829. 

778*      iv  Ephraim'  Dexter,  b.  1  Oct.,  1811;  d.  10  Sept.,  1893. 

779*       V  Calvin'  Dexter,  b.  25  Sept.,  1813 ;  d.  2  May,  1886. 

780*      vi  John'  Dexter,  b.  13  Feb.,  1816 ;  d.  26  July,  1880. 

781*    vii  Gideon'  Dexter,  b.  24  May,  1818;  d.  24  Oct.,  1883. 

782  viii  Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  20  Feb.,  1820;   d.  28  March,  1875;  m.  Eliza- 

beth L.  Hiller,  19  Nov.,  1854. 
Went  two  voyages  whaling  in  early  life;  was  house  carpenter  by 
trade,  and  later  in  life  farmed  it  and  also  teamed. 

783  ix     Eufus'  Dexter,  b.  19  May,  1823;  d.  5  Oct.,  1853. 

Made  one  voyage  whaling,  and  died  in  Taunton  Asylum. 


Thomas'^  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Epliraim*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born  9 
March,  1783,  and  died  22  Feb.,  1871.  He  married  (1)  Han- 
nah Lnce,  15  Nov.,  1814;  (2)  Lydia  C.  Swift,  18  March, 
1850.  He  was  a  caulker  and  worked  at  the  business  many 
years.     He  died  at  Mattapoisett. 

Eight  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

784  i     Albert  G.'  Dexter,  b.  1  Sept.,  1823;   d.  24  Oct.,  1899;  single. 
785*      ii     Thomas'  Dexter,  b.   7   April,   1826;    m.    (1)    Mary  Lucy,   1859; 

(2)   Amy  Lucy,  1874. 
786       iii     Jane'    Dexter,    b.    25    April,    1820;    d.    Oct.,    1851;    m.    Gideon 

787*      iv     Benjamin  F.'  Dexter,  b.  30  Jan.,  1828. 
788*       V     Alexander'  Dexter,  b.  12  May,  1831. 
789*     vi     Jason  L.'  Dexter,  b.  17  June,  1835. 

790      vii     Hannah  S.'  Dexter,  b.  24  July,  1833 ;  d.  30  March,  1835. 
791*  viii     Henry  A.'  Dexter,  b.  7  Oct.,  1840;  d.  19  May,  1894. 


Jane'^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim*,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born 
in  1785,  and  died  21  Nov.,  1875.  She  married  James 
Cathell,  10  June,  1810. 


Eleven  eliildren,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

Henry  Nelson'  CatheU,  b.  27  Dec,  1811;   d.  23  Sept.,  1814. 
Jane  Tobey'  CatheU,  b.  27  Dec,  1811;  d.  4  Oct.,  1812. 
Caleb  Strong'  CatheU,  b.  3  Feb.,  1813;   d.  31  March,  1813. 
Sally'   CatheU,  b.   25  May,  1814. 
Betsey'  CatheU,  b.  17  Jan.,  1816;  d.  14  Oct.,  1817. 
Jane' ■CatheU,  b.  23  March,  1817. 
Susan  S.'  CatheU,  b.  2  Aug.,  1819. 
Hannah  D.'  CatheU,  b.  31  May,  1822. 
ix    Betsey  W.'  CatheU,  b.  2  Dec,  1824. 
Fanny  W.'  CatheU,  b.  3  AprU,  1826. 
Phebe  B.'  CatheU,  b.  27  March,  1830. 

























Alden^  Dexter,  son  of  Eplii'aim^  [Ephraim^,  Benjamin',  Wil- 
liam-, Thomas']  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born  4 
July,  1788,  and  died  8  Oct.,  1869.  He  married  (1)  Lucy 
Barrows,  1810;  (2)  Polly  Crowell,  19  Sept.,  1862.  He  was 
a  caulker  and  in  later  years  was  a  farmer. 

DEXTER     FAMILY     GENEALOGY.  1  1  1 

Twelve  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

803*        i     Freeman^  Dexter,  b.  1  Aug.,  1812;  d.  23  Sept.,  1864. 

804*      ii     Stillman'  Dexter,  b.  11  Dec,  1813;   d.  10  Sept.,  1847. 

805*     iii     Henry   N'   Dexter,    b.    5    Aug.,    1815;    d.    15    March,    1856;    m. 

Cynthia  Nye,  5  July,  1839. 
806       iv     Lucy  Alden'  Dexter,  b.  24  April,  1817;   d.  8  Aug.,  1817. 
807*       V     Sarah  A.'  Dexter,  b.   22  Jan.,  1818;   d.  20  Dec,  1855;   m.    (1) 

William  Bates;    (2)  Joseph  Candids. 
808*      vi     Eliza  A.'  Dexter,  b.  3  Dec,  1822;   d.  30  Xov.,  1878;  m.  Eussell 

809*    vii     Weston  A.'  Dexter,  b.  1  Nov.,  1824;   d.  8  July,  1897;   m.  Mary 

E.  Kelley,  1  Sept.,  1860. 

810  viii     Lucy'  Dexter,  b.  1  Kov.,  1826;  d.  1  Oct.,  1831. 

811  ix     Alpheus'  Dexter,  b.  25  Feb.,  1827;   d.  23  April,  1828. 

812  X     George'  Dexter,  b.  1  July,  1829;  d.  23  Sept.,  1830. 

813*     xi     Emma  A.'  Dexter,  b.  25  July,  1832;  ni.  Daniel  Payne,  15  Oct., 

814       xii    Clara  H.'  Dexter,  b.   17  June,  1835;  m.  Caleb  Dexter,  9  May, 



Polly^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim''  [Ephraim*,  Benjamin', 
William",  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Sober]  Dexter,  was  born 
25  Feb.,  1790,  and  died  12  ^March,  1874.  She  married 
Larnet  Hall,  1  May,  1811. 

Seven  children,  born  in  Rochester,  ]\Iass. : 

815  i     Martin'  Hall,  b.   14   Aug.,   1812;    d.  3  Oct.,   1891;   m.   Arethusa 


816  ii     Larnet'  Hall,  b.  27  Feb.,   1814;   d.   27  Sept.,  1884;   m.  Hannah 


817  iii     Eveline'  Hall,  b.  1  Oct.,  1815 ;  d.  5  Nov.,  1815. 

818  iv     Arethusa'  Hall,  b.  7  Feb.,  1816;  d.  12  Jan.,  1817, 

819  V     Mary'  Hall,  b.  15  March,  1818. 

820  vi     Charles'  Hall,  b.   7  Nov.,   1817;   d.  3  Feb.,   1883;   m.  Lidora  C. 

Cowan,  4  Oct.,  1856. 

821  vii     Amaline'  Hall,  b.  25  July,  1824. 



Rebekah"  Dexter,  daughter"  of  Caleb^  [Ephraim^,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Hatch]  Dexter,  was  born 
9  July,  1790,  and  died  29  Aug.,  1867.  She  married  Stephen 
Nye  in  1808. 

Eight  children : 

822  i     William  W.'  Nye,  b.  22  May,  1810;  m.   (1)    Sarah  Wyett;    (2) 

Belinda'  Dunbar. 

823  ii     Stephen'  Nye,  Jr.,  b.  12  Feb.,  1812;  m.  Mercy  EounsveH. 

824  iii     EebekaF  Nye,  b.  15  Oct.,  1815. 

825  iv     Mary  A.'  Nye,  b.  18  Oct.,  1817;  m.  Elias  Merithew. 

826  V     Cynthia'   Nye,   b.   12  March,   1821;    d.   24  June,   1897;    m.    (1) 

•     Henry  N.  Dexter,  5  July,  1839;    (2)   Gideon  Dexter,  12  Dec, 

827  vi     Louisa'  Nye,  b.  22  June,  1823;  m.  Charles  Eandall. 

828  vii     Henry  G.'  Nye,  b.  21  July,  1826. 

829  viii     Henry  W.'  Nye,  b.  16  July,  1831. 


Caleb^  Dexter,  son  of  Caleb^  [Ephraim^,  Benjamin^,  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Hatch]  Dexter,  was  born  23  Jan., 
1794,  and  died  30  Jan.,  1827.  He  married  Lydia  Hiller,  19 
June,  1821.  He  was  frozen  to  death  while  out  in  an  open 
boat  during  a  storm,  30  Jan.,  1827. 

One  child : 

830^       i     Caleb'    Dexter,    b.    in    Eochester,    12    May,    1827;    m.    Clara    H. 
Dexter,  9  May,  1853. 


David'^  Dexter,  son  of  Seth'  [Seth*,  Benjamin^  William', 
Thomas']  and  Deborah  [Haskall]  Dexter,  was  born  17  May, 
1770,  and  died  29  June,  1838.  He  married  Mary  Pitkins  of 
East  Hartford,  22  Dec,  179G.  She  was  born  30  Jan.,  1769, 
and  died  25  Nov.,  1848.     They  resided  at  Amherst,  Mass. 



Eight  cliildrcn: 





i     James  Pitkin"  Dexter,  I).  8  Sept.,   I7l»7. 
ii     David''  Dextrr,  h.   !.">  April,   I7'.)il. 

iii     Mary"  Dexter,  b.  17  Oct.,   18()();  m.  Hali>li  Clapp,  1828. 
iv     Abi^'ail  Church"  Dexter,  h.   2")  April,    1802;  d.   Aug.,   18():'.;    in. 
Erastus  Clark  of  Granby,  Conn.,  12  April,  18.V). 

V     Horace'  Dexter,  1).  2!l  Dec,  180:!;  d.  LSO:'.;  ni.  — . 

vi     Lucretia"  Dexter,  b.  lo  June,  180.');  d.  2()Aug.,  1874;  ni.  William 

Clark  of  South  Hadley,  Mass.,  ')  Jan.,  184:>. 
vii     Edward"  Dexter,  b.  18  Feb.,  1807. 
viii     William"  Dexter,  b.  i:!  Sept.,   1800. 



Seth*'  Dexter,  son  of  8eth'  [Setli',  Benjamin',  Willianr, 
Thomas']  and  Deborah  [Haskall]  Dexter,  was  born  22  Dee., 
1776,  and  died  31  March,  1841.  He  married  Sylvia  Gaylord 
5  May,  1808.  She  was  daughter  of  Eleazer  and  Elizabeth 
Gaylord  of  Pinenieadow,  and  l)<)i*n  S  Sept.,  1787. 


Two  children: 

839*       i    Harriet  Qlark^  Dexter,  b.  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  5  April,  1809; 

d.  26  Feb.,  1846;  m.  Edwin  A.  Douglas,  6  Feb.,  1834. 
840*      ii    Charles  Haskall'  Dexter,  b.  AVindsor  Locks,    Conn.,    19   Sept., 

1810;  d.  29  Aug.,  1869;  m.  Lydia  Pierson,  19  Sept.,  1838. 


William''  Dexter,  son  of  Seth'  [Seth^  Benjamin^  William', 
Thomas^]  and  Deborah  [Haskall]  Dexter,  was  born  28  Feb., 
1786,  at  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  and  died  in  1841.  He 
married  Sally  Mallory  of  Winsted,  Conn.  They  removed  to 

Six  children: 


i    Sarah  Ann'  Dexter. 


ii     William '^  Dexter. 


iii    Elizabeth'  Dexter. 


iv     Harriet'  Dexter. 


V    Salome'  Dexter. 


vi    John'  Dexter. 


Prince«  Dexter,  son  of  Elijah'  [Seth',  Benjamin',  William', 
Thomas^]  and  Martha  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  19  Jan., 
1782,  and  2  Dec,  1813.  He  married  Arlothea  Savery,  15 
May,  1806. 

Four  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

847         i     Urial  Sherman'  Dexter,  b.  31  Aug.,  1807;  d.  26  Nov.,  1808. 
848*  .   ii    Mary  Hynkley'  Dexter,  b.  2  April,  1809;  d.  31  May,  1842;  m. 

William  C.  Haskell,  10  Dec,  1828. 
849*     iii     John  Gibbs'  Dexter,  b.  11  March,  1811;  d.    3  Jan.,    1834;    m. 

Eleanor  F.  Richardson,  5  April,  1831. 
850       iv    Sarah'  Dexter,  b.  3  March,  1813;  d.  11  Jan.,  1885;  m.  Albert 

Allen,  14  April,  1836. 


Elijah'^  Dexter,  son  of  Elijah'  [Seth^  Benjamin',  William', 
Thomas^]   and  Martha  [Clark]   Dexter,  was  born   1    Sept., 


178G,  and  died  10  Oct.,  1851.  lie  inarried  (1)  Clarissa 
Crocker,  28  March,  1809;  (2)  Mary  Morton,  3  Dec,  1812; 
(8)  Lydia  Thompson,  28  May,  1824. 

One  child  by  lirst  wife  and  four  by  second: 

851  i     Elijah  C.  ■  Dexter,  b.  9  Sept.,  1810. 

852  ii     Nathaniel  M."  Dexter,  b.  28  Sept.,  1814;  d.  18  Sept.,  I8;58. 

853  iii     p:iijah'  Dexter,  b.  ;'.l  Aug.,  1816;  d.  1  Sept.,  1816. 

854  iv     David  B."  Dexter,  b.  18  Oct.,  1817;  d.  18  Oct.,  1817. 

855*       V     Henry    M."    Dexter,    b.    i:*.    Aiifr.,    1S2]  ;  d.   i:',  Nov.,   1890;  m. 
Emeline  Palmer,  19  Nov. ,  1844. 


Seth«  Dexter,  son  of  Elijah'  [Seth\  Benjamin',  William', 
Thomas^]  and  Martha  [Clark]  Dexter,  was  born  26  March, 
1793,  and  died  16  Sept.,  1832.  He  married  Arlothea 
[Savery]  Dexter,  5  March,  1817. 

Three  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass.: 

856  i    Prince ''^  Dexter,  b.  28  Jan.,  1818;  unmarried. 

857  ii    Martha  C  Dexter,  b.  11  Jan.,  1822. 

858  iii    Sophia  E. '  Dexter,  b.  4  March,  1828. 


Samuel  B.^  Dexter,  son  of  Elizabeth^    [Seth^  Jabez^  Philip^, 

William^  Thomas^]  and Dexter,  was  born  in  1796,  and 

died  30  Sept.,  1860.  He  married  Abby  Blackmore.  He  was 
brought  up  on  a  farm  and  followed  the  occupation  of  farm- 
ing all  his  life.    His  home  was  at  Mattapoisett,  Mass. 

Five  children,  born  in  Rochester: 

859  i     Joseph  B.^  Dexter,  b.  27  Nov.,  1820;  d.  1854;  m.  Elizabeth  Per- 

rington,  1  Jan.,  1854. 

860  ii     William  B.»  Dexter,  b.  18  Aug.,  1822;  d.  1  Oct.,  1865. 

861  iii     Lydia^  Dexter,  b.  20  Feb.,  1824;   d.  21   April,  1873;   m.  Albert 

Sherman,  1  June,  1865. 
862*      iv     Stephen^  Dexter,  b.  10  Aug.,  1826;   d.  1865;   m.  Eliza  A.  Nick- 

863         V     Betsey  K.^  Dexter,  b.  23  April,  1830 ;  d.  13  March,  1865. 


'408  ■ 

Elizabeth'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Elislia^  [Seth^  Jabez*,  Philip^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Eunice  [Bowles]  Dexter,  was  born 
29  March,  1793,  and  died  November,  1865.  She  married 
Thomas  C.  Ames,  2  Aug.,  1812. 

Six  children,  born  at  Rochester,  Mass. : 

864  i     Thomas  C.''  Ames,  Jr.,  b.  29  April,  1813;  d.  22  Jan.,  1835;  not 


865  ii     Mary  T.-"  Ames,  b.  20  May,  1815;   d.  31  March,  1888;  m.  Caleb 

T.  Jenney,  25  Nov.,  1832. 

866  iii     Jane  L.^  Ames,  b.  7  Feb.,  1819;  d.  23  April,  1899;  m.  Stephen  A. 

Tripp,  20  Oct.,  1840. 

867  iv     Elizabeth  H.^  Ames,  b.  7  Aug.,  1822 ;  d.  22  May,  1832.     . 

868  V     Daniel  H.*  Ames,  b.  10  May,  1824;   d.  2  May,  1872;  m.  Lydia 


869  vi     Loring  T.**  Ames,  b.  11  Feb.,  1834;  not  married. 


Elisha^  Dexter,  son  of  ElishaS  [Seth%  Jabez^,  Philip',  William^ 
Thomas^]  and  Eunice  [Bowles]  Dexter,  was  born  4  Feb., 
1797,  and  died  17  Jan.,  1890.  He  married  Sarah  Mendall. 
He  was  a  mill  owner  at  Mattapoisett ;  his  business  was 
getting  out  boxboards  for  New  York  and  Philadelphia 

Ten  children : 

870*        i     Mary  A.  E.«  Dexter,  b.   8  Feb.,  1824;   m.  Nathaniel  Parker,  26 
Oct.,  1842. 

871  ii     Lydia'  Dexter,  b.  26  Oct.,  1825. 

872  iii     Martha   M.'  Dexter,   b.   23    Sept.,   1828;    m.    Nathan   Smith,   15 

Oct.,  1861. 

873  iv     Charles   Frederick'  Dexter,  b.   2   Feb.,   1831;    m.  Mary  Morton, 

24  Oct.,  1862. 
874*       V     Elisha  L.«  Dexter,  b.  22  March,  1834;  d.  4  Feb.,  1876;  m.  Harriet 

W.  LeBaron,  4  Sept.,  1866. 
875*      vi     Albert  M.*  Dexter,  b.  12  Aug.,  1837;  d.  25  July,  1899;  m.  Annie 

E.  Hathaway,  24  Oct.,  1871. 
876*    vii     George  H.**  Dexter,  b.   29  March,  1840;   m.  Mary  F.  Wood,   24 

Oct.,  1871. 


877  viii     Myra  Jane*"  Doxtcr,  b.  l'4  Feb.,  1842. 

878  ix     Sarah  W.**  Dexter,  b.  1  Nov.,  1844;  d.  26  July,  1845. 

879  X     Sarah  S."  Dexter,  b.  14  May,  1848;  m.  Daniel  W.  Nash,  28  Nov., 



Harvey"  Dexter,  son  of  Elisha*'  [Seth%  Jabez",  Philip^  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Eunice  [Bowles]  Dexter,  was  born  3  Dec, 
1801,  and  died  4  Jan.,  1856.  He  married  (1)  Lydia  Chan- 
dler; (2)  Hnldah  Randall,  April,  1848. 

Six  children;  five  by  first  wife: 

880*        i     Ezra  H.^  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  20  March,  1826;  m.  Sarah  Men- 
dall,  23  Dec,  1849. 

881  ii     C.  Henry^  Dexter,  b.  8  June,  1828;  was  murdered  in  California 

in  1852. 

882  iii     John  C*  Dexter,  b.  1   March,  1832;   d.  21  Sept.,  1902;   m.    (1) 

Anna  Pearce,  2  Jan.,  1852;  (2)  Martha  J.  Hocking,  Dec,  1864. 
883*      iv     Andrew'  Dexter,  b.  27  Aug.,  1834;   m.  Elizabeth  A.  Moseby,  16 
May,  1867. 

884  v     Frances  E.'  Dexter,  b.  28  Jan.,  1837;  d.  in  Navy,  29  April,  1863. 

By  second  wife : 

885  vi     William  K."  Dexter,  b.  24  Feb.,  1850. 


Alden^  Dexter,  son  of  Elisha«  [Seth^  Jabez^  Philip^  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Eunice  [Bowles]  Dexter,  w^as  born  2  July, 
1804,  and  died  14  INIay,  1841.    He  married  ^Merinda  Frost. 

Six  children,  born  in  Watertown,  Mass. : 

886  i     Alden^  Dexter,  b.  5  June,  1829  ;  d.  8  Oct.,  1849. 

887  ii     George*  Dexter,  b.  12  Nov.,  1830  ;  no  family. 

888  iii     Benjamin'   Dexter,   b.    3   Oct.,   1832;    m.    Serena   T.   Norton,   14 

Nov.,  1870. 
889*      iv     Eunice'  Dexter,  b.  26  Oct.,  1835;  m.   (1)   Abram  Tinkham;    (2) 
Charles  Dillingham,  1882. 


890*  V  Joseph'  Dexter,  b.  10  Dec,  1837;  d.  9  Dec,  1886;  m.  Sophia 
H.  Tinkham,  27  June,  1867. 

891  vi  Thomas  D.*  Dexter,  b.  23  Jan.,  1842;  m.  Emma  F.  Kelley,  2 
Julv,  1868.  Was  in  carriage  painting  business  in  New  Bedford 
many  years;  afterwards  moved  to  Mattapoisett,  where  he 
continued  in  same  business.-  Was  selectman.  One  daughter, 
Emma  L.'  Dexter,  b.  29  April,  1870. 


John''  Dexter,  son  of  Charles''  [John%  John^  John^,  William^, 
Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Snow]  Dexter,  was  born  29  Jan., 
1810,  and  died  8  Sept.,  1884.  He  married  Mary  S.  Rogers, 
18  Nov.,  1833. 

Three  children : 

892*        i     Moores  E.»  Dexter,  b.  20  July,  183.5;   d.  9  Jan.,  1866;  m.  Mary 
A.  Purington,  27  Nov.,  1856. 

893  ii     Elizabeth'  Dexter,   b.   5   Sept.,    1837;    m.   Orsamus   Winston,   27 

Nov.,  1856. 

894  iii     Mary  J.'  Dexter,  b.  4  Jan.,  1848;  m.  Herbert  D.  Colson,  7  Dec, 



James  WJ  Dexter,  son  of  Charles^  [John^,  John^,  John^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Snow]  Dexter,  was  born  21 
Nov.,  1814,  and  died  7  May,  1890.  He  married  (1)  Abigail 
Cannon,  6  June,  1835;  (2)  Mary  J.  Burbank,  1  Jan.,  1870. 

Five  children : 

895  1     William  A.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  12  Jan.,  1837;   d.  4  Aug., 

896*      ii     Charles'  Dexter,  b.  in  Eochester,  19  Nov.,  1837;  d.  27  Dec,  1876; 

m.  Lydia  A.  Edwards,  10  Nov.,  1864. 
897*     iii     James  A.»  Dexter,  b.  13  Aug.,  1841 ;  m.  Flavilla  Lake. 
8.98       iv     William  C  Dexter,  b.  17  Jan.,  1846. 
899         V     Martha  C  Dexter,  b.  7  Jan.,  1848;  d.  10  June,  1849. 



Chester  BJ  Dexter,  son  of  Charles^  [David^  John'',  John^  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucinda  [Bascom]  Dexter,  was  born 
14  Sept.,  1816,  and  died  20  July,  1900.  He  married  (1) 
Sally  White,  Sept.,  1842  ;  (2)  Irene  H.  Dexter,  26  Nov.,  1860. 

Nine  children,  bom  at  Wardsboro,  Vt.,  and  Troy,  N.  Y. : 

900  i     Ellen  L.«  Dexter,  b.  10  Oct.,  1843;  d.  10  July,  1885;  m.  Maurice 


901  ii     Edwin  C  Dexter,  b.  20  March,  1845. 

902  iii     Lucius  T.'  Dexter,  b.  14  Nov.,  1847;  d.  15  April,  1868. 

903  iv    Katie*  Dexter. 

904  V     Katie  S.«  Dexter,  b.  4  Oct.,  1850;  d.  19—. 

905  vi     Moses  C.^  Dexter,  b.  7  April,  1854. 

906*    vii     Silas  B.'  Dexter,  b.  14  Feb.,   1857;   d.  1890;   m.  Sadie  Bennett, 
23  March. 

907  viii     Walter  W.*  Dexter,  b.  20  May,  1861. 

908  ix     Alice  M.«  Dexter,  b.  22  Nov.,  1867 ;  m.  Charles  F.  Cluett. 


Avery  J.'^  Dexter,  son  of  Charles^  [David%  John*,  John^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucinda  [Bascom]  Dexter,  was  born 
27  April,  1818,  at  Wardsboro,  Vt.  In  early  life  he  resided 
for  a  few  years  at  Dover,  and  for  a  short  time  with  his 
brother  in  Albany,  but  with  these  exceptions  he  has  always 
made  his  home  at  Wardsboro.  He  was  of  a  retiring  dispo- 
sition, always  avoiding  notoriety,  yet  his  kindly  sympathies 
and  his  magnetic  presence  attracted  all  classes  toward  him, 
and  his  intuitive  judgment,  seldom  wrong,  caused  his  advice 
and  counsel  to  be  extensively  sought.  He  was  not  ambi- 
tious. That  he  came  to  be  the  leading  man  in  the  affairs 
of  the  town  was  something  that  he  could  not  well  avoid;  it 
came  to  him  naturally.  For  the  last  thirty  years  of  his 
life  he  could  have  been  elected  to  any  office  in  the  gift  of 
the  town  that  he  would  accept.  He  was  a  justice  of  the  peace 
for  thirty-nine  years;  one  of  the  Selectmen  for  twenty- 
two  years,   and  town  clerk  for  thirty  years.     He   repre- 



sented  the  town  in  the  Legislature  in  1858,  1859,  1864, 
1865,  1878,  1886.  In  his  official  business  he  was  unflinching 
in  maintaining  what  he  deemed  to  be  right,  which  he  did  in 
such  a  manner  and  with  such  skill  in  the  use  of  words  that 
even  the  adverse  party  was  generally  satisfied. 

He  married  22  March,  1841,  Mary  D.  White.     He  died 
at  Wardsboro,  Vt.,  18  April,  1893. 


Nine  childi'en,  born  in  Wardsboro 










Ambrose  Avciy*  Dexter,  b.  2  Feb.,  1842 ;  d.  10  June,  1851. 
Chai-les  Delivan*  Dexter,  b.  22  Nov.,  1843 ;  m.  Eosa  L.  Knowlton, 

25  Dec,  1870. 
Gertrude   Isabella^   Dexter,   b.    26    July,.  1845;    m.   Marshall   O. 

Howe,  15  Aug.,  1866, 
Frederic  Hoiner^  Dexter,  b.  5  Aug.,  1847. 
Ozro  Lafayette"  Dexter,  b.  20  July,  1850 ;  d.  4  Sept.,  1852. 
Mary   Ambrosia'  Dexter,  b.   1   Sept.,   1853;    m.  -Brownson  Mat- 

tison,    19    March,    1873. 




915      vii     Lizzie  Lina**  Dexter,  b.  20  Feb.,  18.57 ;  d.  7  Oct.,  1862. 

916*  Yiii     Luna   Jennie'  Dexter,  b.   28   March,    1860;    m.   David   Smith,   19 

June,  1880. 
917       ix     Effie  Etta'  Dexter,  b.  10  May,  1864. 


Charles^  Dexter,  Jr.,  son  of  Charles''  [David%  John^  John^, 
William^  Thomas^]  and  Lucinda  [Bascom]  Dexter,  was 
born  9  June,  1824.  He  married  Philraa  Chapin,  30  June, 

Five  children : 

918  i     Charles  E.'  Dexter,  b.   1851;   died. 

919  ii     Charles  E.'  Dexter,  b.  19  July,  1853;  died. 

920  iii     Laura'  Dexter,  b.   16  April,  1856;   m.  Abitha  Davidson. 

921  iv     Eugene  Avery'  Dexter,  b.  19  Oct.,  1860. 

922  V     Chester  Bascom'  Dexter,  b.  23  May,  1865;   m.  Ella  Wheeler,  22 

Jan.,  1889. 



UriaF  Dexter,  son  of  Nathan^  [Davids  Jolin*,  John',  William^, 
Thomas^']  and  S.  [Park]  Dexter,  was  bom  29  March, 
1811,  and  died  25  Dec,  1867.  He  married  Lncinda  Dix, 
7  Oct.,  1836. 


i  Andrew  J.^  Dexter,  b.  19  May,  1839 ;  d.  26  July,  1886. 

ii  John  Henrys  Dexter,  b.  17  Oct.,  1845;   d.  15  Aug.,  1847. 

iii  Melvin  Adam«  Dexter,  b.  26  Aug.,  1852;  d.  10  Oct.,  1882. 

iv  Jolin  Henry*  Dexter,  b.  26  .June,  1849;  d.  18  Aug.,  1889. 

V  Adin  UriaP  Dexter,  b.  9  March,  1843;   d.  4  Oct.,  1864. 


James  R.''  Dexter,  son  of  Nathan^  [David%  John^,  John^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  S.  [Park]  Dexter,  was  born  6  Sept., 
1817.     He  married  Dorothea  Blakie^. 

Children : 

i  Mary*-  Dexter, 
ii  Warren  P.*  Dexter. 

438C      ' 

Melvin  A.^  Dexter,  son  of  Nathan^  [David^  John^  John^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  S.  [Park]  Dexter,  was  born  14  March, 
1820,  and  died  28  Jan.,  1851.    He  married  Mary  Qninn. 

Children : 

i     Jennie*  Dexter,  b.   7  Dec,  1844;  m.  Arthur  Egge. 
ii     George*  Dexter,  b.   26  Dec,   1848. 

iii     Kate*   Dexter,   b.    24    Oct.,    1846;    m.    George   W.    Shelmirn,    26 
Nov.,  1871. 


John  SJ  Dexter,  son  of  John«  [David%  John*,  John^,  William^, 
Thomas^]    and  Deborah  F.    [Marsh]    Dexter,  was  born  3 


May,  1821,  and  died  at  Chicopee,  Mass.,  3  May,  1903.  He 
married  (1)  Abigail  A.  Eames,  24  March,  1842;  (2)  Julia 
A.  Eames,  15  April,  1846;  (3)  Mrs.  Betsey  (Eames)  Bates, 

19  Jan.,  1882. 


Children : 

923  i     Abbie.A.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Dover,  Vt.,  18  Oct.,   1846;   d.  10  Aug., 


924  ii     Clara  M."  Dexter,  b.  17  July,  1848:  d.  22  June,  1878;  m.  William 

P.  Walsh,  June,  1871. 

925  iii     Fayette  M.'  Dexter,  b.  3  Dec,  1849 ;  d.  14  Aug.,  1850. 

926*      iv     George  S.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Newfane,  Vt.,  7  July,  1851;   m.  Mary 
Hyde,  13  May,  1883. 

927  V     John  A.'  Dexter,  b.  30  June,  1853  ;  d.  10  Jan.,  1855. 

928  vi     Lizzie  A.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Dover,  Vt.,  11  June,   1855;- d.   3  May, 

1879;  m.  Edwin  McCrillis,  May,  1878. 


Daniel  Gilbert^  Dexter,  son  of  David*'  [David^  John"*,  John^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Chloe  [Hazelton]  Dexter,  was 
born  in  Dover,  Vt.,  29  March,  1833.  He  spent  his  early 
life  on  his 'father's  farm,  and  was  educated  in  the  common 
schools  of  his  town  and  in  the  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  Academy, 
where  he  was  preparing  for  colleoe.  He  did  not  enter  col- 
lege, however,  but  turned  his  attention  to  mercantile  pur- 
suits in  his  native  town  and  became  a  partner  before  he 
was  of  age. 

He  married,  6  Feb.,  1856,  Miss  Ellen  Simonds.  She  was 
born  in  Peru,  Vt.,  5  Sept.,  1832.  After  some  years  they 
moved  to  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  he  became  financial 
partner  in  a  large  wholesale  boot  and  shoe  business  in 
Boston.  This  firm  was  successful  and  he  retired  with  a 
fair  fortune. 

He  was  founder  of  the  Cambridge  Tribune,  which  was  a 
success  from  the  start.  The  Tribune  Company  occupied  a 
three-story  building  for  printing  opposite  Harvard  Col- 
lege Library.  This  business  he  sold  out  in  1885,  and 
moved  to  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  where  he  remained  six  years. 



He  then  moved  to  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  where  he  has  since 
resided.  For  many  years  he  and  his  son,  David  H.  Dex- 
ter, edited  and  pnblished  a  financial  and  business  paper, 
"Equity,"  at  San  Francisco.  He  is  now  President  of  the 
California  Bible  Society,  and  has  been  connected  with  the 
press  for  many    years,  and    contributed  to    many  of  the 


leading  publications  of  the  day.  He  was  known  all  over 
Vermont  as  a  writer  of  prose  and  poetry  and  a  contributor 
to  many  of  the  most  prominent  journals.  While  living  in 
Cambridge  he  held  prominent  places  in  several  of  the  most 
eminent  literary  organizations  there.  He  was  a  member  of 
the  Board  of  Aldermen  of  that  city  and  at  one  time  Presi- 
dent of  the  Y.  M.  C.  A. 



Two  ehiklrc'ii : 

929*        i     Florence  Belle''  Dexter,  li.   12   Aug.,   IS.'T;    m.  Prof.  Charles   II. 

930*      ii     David  Hazeltine*  Dexter,  b.  6  ,)uly.  187.');  m.  Mabel  Helen  White. 


Frances  Henrietta"  Dexter,  dauiihtei-  of  Jonathan  M."  [Jona- 
than'\  Jc)hn\  John\  William-,  Tliomas^]  and  Harriet  S. 
[Morse]   Dexter,  was  born  at  Boston,  26  Jtme,  1825.     She 


was  married  1  Oct.,  1846,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Jenks,  to  James  P. 
Tolman.  He  was  born  in  Rochester,  N.  H.,  16  July,  1821. 
They  lived  in  Boston  until  1865,  when  they  moved  to  Phil- 
adelphia, where  they  remained  until  1890,  when  they 
removed  to  Washinoton,  D.  C. 



Two  children 



i  James  SewalP  Tolman^  b.  in  Boston,  8  Nov.,  1847;  d.  at  Boston, 
11  July,  1848. 

ii  Edward  Mills'  Tolman,  b.  in  Boston,  22  April,  1850;  d.  in 
Washington,  D.  C,  28  May,  1903;  m.  Caroline  Gr,  Frishmuth 
at  Philadelphia,  21  July,  1875,  by  Rev.  Robert  D.  Harper. 


Son  of  Jonathan  M.  Dexter. 


Augustus  Charles^  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan  M.^  [Jonathan^, 
John*,  John",  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Harriet  S.  [Morse] 
Dexter,  was  born  at  Boston,  28  Aug.,  1829.  He  married  at 
New  York,  22  Oct.,  1875,  Alice  Gilbert.  He  is  now  resid- 
ing at  Flushing,  L.  I.,  while  his  business,  hardware  com- 
mission house,  is  in  New  York  city. 

No  children. 



Harriet  Siverly^  Dexter,  daiii^hter  of  Jonathan  M.^  [Jonathan^, 
John*,  John'',  Willianr,  Thomas^]  and  Harriet  S.  [Morse] 
Dexter,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  6  Nov.,  1835,  and  died 
2  May,  1859.  She  was  married  to  Charles  Stephenson,  22 
Dec.,  1856,  by  Rev.  Calvin  Lincoln.  Mr.  Stephenson  mar- 
ried for  his  second  wife,  Helen  Augusta  Dexter,  sister  of 
his  first  wife. 

One  child : 

933  i     Charles  Henry^  Stephenson,  b.  at  Hingham,  Mass.,  8  Jan.,  1859; 

d.  5  June,  1859. 


Helen  Augusta'^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Jonathan  M.^  [Jonathan^, 
John^  John^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Harriet  S.  [Morse] 
Dexter,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  26  Oct.,  1840.  She  was 
married  to  Charles  Stephenson,  9  Jan.,  1862,  by  Eev.  Calvin 

One  son,  born  at  Hingham,  Mass. : 

934  i     Charles  Henry*  Stephenson,  b.  27  Feb.,  1863;  m.  24  Jan.,  1896, 

by  Eev.  Samuel  B.  Stewart,  Adaline  E.  Tapley,  daughter  of 
Henry  F.  Tapley. 

Three  children,  born  at  Lynn: 

1.  Preston  Tapley'  Stephenson,  b.  6  Nov.,  1897. 

2.  Euth"  Stephenson,  b.  6  July,  1900. 

3.  Henry  Dexter'  Stephenson,  b.  3  Sept.,  1901. 


Horace'^  Dexter,  son  of  Oliver®  [Jonathan^,  John*,  John^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Louisa  [Preston]  Dexter,  married 
Lora  R.  Griffin,  16  May,  1871. 


Three   children : 

935  i     Effie  Kosa^  Dexter,  b.  13  FelD.,  1872. 

936  ii     MabelAugusta^  Dexter,  b.  14  .June,  1878;  d.  18  Oct.,  1883. 

937  iii     Frances  Louisa*  Dexter,  b.   20   Aug.,   1881. 


Allen'  Dexter,  son  of  Edward^  [Edward%  Noah^  Benjamin^, 
William-.  Thomas^]  and  Biah  [Barlow]  Dexter,  was  born  in 
1807,  and  died  29  April,  1878.  He  married  Phebe  Heard, 
24  April,  1842.  She  was  born  3  Sept.,  1820,  and  died  19 
April,  1897. 

Eight  children : 

938  i     William  F.«  Dexter,  b.  1  May,  1844;   d.  1862. 

939*      ii     Mary  A.*  Dexter,  b.   15   Feb.,  1846;   d.  1875;   m.  Edward  Ellis 

Howard,  June,  1870. 
940*     iii     Charles  E.*  Dexter,  b.  16  June,  1848;   m.  Elizabeth  A.  Gifford, 

29  Sept.,  1870.     He  was  a  carpenter. 
941*      iv     Martha.   J.   W.«   Dexter,   b.    16   June,    1848;    m.    Charles   Henry 
Andrews,  18  June,  1868. 
James  A.*  Dexter,  b.  20  May,  1847.     He  was  a  farmer. 
John  A.*  Dexter,  b.  16  Sept.,  1852;  d.  1853. 
John  A.*  Dexter,  b.  18  Feb.,  1855;   d.  1880. 
George  W.*  Dexter,  b.  1  Feb.,  1857.     He  was  a  box  maker. 


James''  Dexter,  son  of  Edward^  [Edward^,  Noah*,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]   and  Biah   [Barlow]   Dexter,  was  born 

24  Nov., ,  and  died  22  May,  1856.    He  married  Hannah 

Mendall,  22  Aug.,  1836. 

Seven  children : 

946  1     Levi*  Dexter,  b.  24  Xov.,  1840 ;  m.  Eoseley  Nickerson.     One  son, 

Milton  L.»  Dexter,  b.  10  March,  1878. 

947  ii     William  H.  H.«  Dexter,  b.  24  June,  1841;  d.  13  .Jan.,  1891. 

948  iii     Almira  M.'  Dexter,  b.  Xov.,  1842;  m.  George  Carlton. 
















949  iv     Elisha  M.'  Dexter. 

950  V     Sarah  J.*  Dexter,  b.  19  March,  1851;   d.  24  March,   1851 

951  vi     Mary  A.»  Dexter,  b.  11  April,  1854;  m.  Allen  Eyder,  6  Feb.,  1871- 

952  vii     Seth  P.'  Dexter;  d.  24  May,  1857. 


Sumner^  Dexter,  son  of  SamiieP  [Edward^  Noali*,  Benjamin', 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  INIercy  [Keene]  Dexter,  was  born 
23  March,  1805.  He  married  Deborah  Edwards,  13  July, 

Four  children: 

John  A.»  Dexter,  b.  ;  d.  1896;  single. 

Mary  P.»  Dexter,  b.  17  April,  1845 ;  d.  27  March,  1870. 
Samuel  E.*  Dexter,  b.  7  March,  1850;  m.  Maggie  A.  Headman, 
3  March,  1890. 

956  iv     Deborah  E.*  Dexter,  b.  8' May,  1854;  died  young. 


Jane^  Dexter,  daug:hter  of  Captain  SamueF  [Edward%  Noah^ 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mercy  [Keene]  Dexter, 
was  born  4  May,  1811,  and  died  12  Nov.,  1867.  She  mar- 
ried Frederick  B.  Ward,  19  Feb.,  1835. 

Six  children : 

957  i     Sarah  C*  Ward ;  m.  Orren  V.  Matteson. 

958  ii     Jennie  M.*  "Ward;   m.   George   Thompson. 

959  iii     Carrie*  Ward;   m.  David  Eowe. 

960  iv     Hattie*   Ward;    m.   Lewis   Ver   Valen. 

961  V     Helen'  Ward;  m.  Col.  William  Gavett. 

962  vi     Martha'  Ward,  m.  Yan  Deering. 


Caroline"  Dexter,  daughter  of  Captain  SamueP  [Edward^ 
Noah^,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]   and  ]Mercy  [Keene] 


Dexter,  was  born  11  Nov.,  1812,  and  died  7  April,  1870. 

She  mai-ried  Ona  White,  23  Dec,  1835. 

Ten  children: 

963  i  Mary^  White,  b. ;   d.  1865;  m.  Orren  Matteson. 

964  ii  Haven  L.«  White,  b.  ;   m.  Melinda  Clark. 

965  iii  Wyman*  White,  b.  ;   unmarried. 

966  iv  John  Albert*  White,  b.  ;  m.  Delia  Brewer. 

967  V  Lucetta^  White,   b.   ;    unmarried. 

968  vi  Jane'  White,  b.  ;  m.  Wellington  Ensign. 

969  vii  Sarah*  Wliite,  b.  ;   single. 

970  viii  Sherwood*  White,  b.  ■ ;   d.  aged  9  years. 

971  ix  Amy*  "^Oiite,  b.  . 

972  X  Lansing*  White,  b.  . 

James'  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel*^  [Edward",  Noah*,  Benjamin^, 
"William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mercy  [Keene]  Dexter,  was  bom 
21  Dec,  1814,  and  died  14  May,  1861.  He  married  Pa- 
melia  Dexter,  20  Sept.,  1849. 

Fonr  children : 

973  i     James  C*  Dexter,  b.  29  Oct.,  1850;    m.  Elizabeth  Nye. 

974  ii     Sarah  M.*  Dexter,   b.  30   Sept.,   1856;    m.   Charles   C.  Nealey,  3 

Aug.,  1884. 

975  iii     Martha*  Dexter,  b.  . 

976*      iv  ,  Mary    M.*    Dexter,    b.    30    March,    1853 ;     m.     Eben     Franklin 
Hoskins,    9   May,    1871.     He   was   born    17  Oct.,  1846. 


Samuel"  Dexter,  Jr:,  son  of  SamueP  [Edward^  Noah*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mercy  [Keene]  Dexter,  was 
born  17  Jan.,  1816.     He  married  Mary  Coon,  8  Jan.,  1841. 

Three  children : 

977  i     George  S.«  Dexter,  b.— . 

978  ii     Gerret  S.*  Dexter,  b.  . 

979  iii     Edna*  Dexter,  b.  . 



Sarah  M.'^  Dexter,  daufihter  of  Captain  SamueP  [Edward^, 
Noah^,  Benjamin'',  William^,  Thomas^  ]  and  Mercy  [Keene] 
Dexter,  was  born  24  Dec.,  1819,  and  died  26  May,  1894. 
She  married  James  Parmelee,  13  Oct.,  1842.  He  died  on 
15  Nov.,  1854,  at  Smithfield,  N.  Y.  Thus  early  in  life  she 
was  left  a  widow  with  three  small  children  to  support. 
Under  these  trying  circumstances  she  was  equal  to  every 
emergency  and  developed  that  fortitude  and  heroism  very 
few  possess.  She  was  industrious  and  pr^ident,  but  no  one 
ever  went  away  hungry  from  her  door.  August,  1870,  came 
another  affliction,  when  she  lost  her  only  son,  then  just 
grown  to  manhood.  Above  all  this  she  arose  and  with 
patient,  tender  hands  bestowed  every  attention  possible 
upon  the  living,  and  all  remember  with  gratitude  "Aunt 
Sarah,"  as  she  was  called.  She  died  26  May,  1894.  She 
left  two  daughters. 

Children : 

980  i     Mercy   Elizabeth^   Parmelee,   b.    10    Jan.,    1844;     m.    Austin   N. 

Hecox,  8  March,  186.5. 

981  ii     Charlotte    Jane'    Parmelee,    b.    14    Aug.,    1846;    m.    Charles    E. 

Maynard,   8   Oct.,   1867. 

982  iii     Dwight  Dexter'  Parmelee,  b.  11  .Tune,   18.51;   d.  30  Aug.,   1870. 


David  H.'  Dexter,  son  of  SamueF  [Edward%  Noah^,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mercy  [Keene]  Dexter,  was  born 
5  March,  1822,  and  died  25  March,  1863.  He  married  Maiy 
J.  Dana,  1  Jan.,  1848. 

Two  children : 

983  i     Francis  C.  L.'  Dexter. 

984  ii     Addie  M.'  Dexter. 



Benjamin'  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph^  [Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Benja- 
min", AVilliam-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Luce]  Dexter,  was 
born .    He  married  Betsey  Hilman  in  1809. 

Seven  children : 

985         i     Dennis^  Dexter,  b.  in  Tisbmy,  Mass.,  1811;   d.   1889;   m.  Marv 


986*      ii     George'  Dexter,  b.  ;   m.   Caroline  Luce. 

987*     iii     Eodolplins  W.«  Dexter,  b.  29  April,  3816;  d.  10  Sept.,  1886;  m. 

Irene  Clifford,  1838. 

988  iv     Sophia^  Dexter,  b.  ;   m.  .Joseph  Daggett. 

989  V     Mary*  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Clifford  Dunham. 

990  vi     Ann*  Dexter,  b.  ;   ni.   Thubeal  Dunham. 

991  vii     Elizabeth*  Dexter,  b.  . 


Elisha'  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph^  [Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Benjamin^, 
William-.  Thomas^^]  and  Mary  [Luce]  Dexter,  was  born 
,  and  died  6  April.  1870.    He  married  Eliza  Merry. 

One  child: 

992  i     Benjamin*  Dexter,  b.  in  Tisbuiy,  Mass.,  3  April,  1830. 


Ira'^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph^  [Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  INIar^^  [Luce]  Dexter,  was  born  in 
1791,  and  died  in  1853.    He  married  Harriet  Dunham. 

Seven  children,  born  in  Tisbury: 

993  i     Ira*  Dexter,  .Jr.,  b.  1827;   d.  1827. 

994  ii     Harriett*  Dexter,  b.  1829;  m.  Thomas  C.  Harding,  1852. 

995  iii     Emily  B.*  Dexter,  b.  1834;  m.  Joseph  B.  Parker,  1874. 

996  iv     Charles*  Dexter,  b.  1838. 


997  V     Abbie*  Dexter,  b.  1840;   d.  1859;  ni.  Edward  M.  CrandeU,  1855. 

998  vi     Ira«  Dexter,  b.  1842;  d.  1884;  m.  Phebe  A.  Runnclls. 

999  vii     SamueP  Dexter,  b.   1844. 


Joseph^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph^  [Benjamin^  Xoah*,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Luce]  Dexter,  was  born 
.     He  married  Charlotte  Norton. 

Two  children: 

1000*        i     Joseph*  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Lucy  Norton. 

1001*      ii     Hiram'   Dexter,   b.   6   May,   1813;    d.   2   April,   1887;    m.   Love 
Lambert,  10  Sept.,  1838. 


Rodolphus  W.'  Dexter,  son  of  Noah^  [Benjamin^  Xoah'*,  Benja- 
min', William-,  Thomas^]  and  ]\IarY  [Delano]  Dexter,  was 
bom  15  April,  1806,  and  died  25  April,  1862.  He  married 
(1)  Andria  C.  Fuller,  10  Dec,  1833;  (2)  Mary  H.  Taber, 
12  Dec,  1838 ;  she  died  at  Dorchester,  aged  88. 

Two  children: 

1002*        i     Caroline  H.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Fairhaven,  23  Feb.,  1836;  m.  Henry 

D.  Pope,  3  Feb.,  1864. 
1003*      ii     Franklin   B.*   Dexter,    b.   in    Fairhaven,    11     Sept.,     1842;    m, 

Theodosia  M.  Wheeler,  8  July,  1880. 


Lucy''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin*^  [Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Ruth  [Delano]  Dexter,  was 
bom  5  March,  1809,  and  died  12  Nov.,  1871.  She  married 
Timothy  Clifton,  6  Jan.,  1833. 

Ten  children : 

1004  i     Sarah  M.«  Clifton,  17  Aug.,  1834;   d.  5  May,  1895;  m.  Albert 

M.  Parlow,   29  Nov.,  1860. 


1005  ii     Julia  M."  Clifton,  b.  20  July,  1835 ;  d.  16  Dec,  1839. 

1006  iii     Benjamin  D.«  Clifton,  b.  22  April,  1837;  d.  11  Dec,  1862.     He 

was  killed  at  the  battle  of  Fredericksburg. 

1007  iv     Obed'D'.'  Clifton,  b.  29  Dec,  1838;  m.  Mary  E.  Savery,  30  Dee. 


1008  V     Verona  D.«  Clifton,  b.  22  Feb.,  1841. 

1009  vi     Julia  M.^  Clifton,  b.   20  Oct.,  1843;  m.  Henry  C.  Hazzard,  20 

Nov.,  1872. 

1010  vii     Martha  W.^  Clifton,  b.  6  Jan.,  1846;  m.  Bertrand  A.  Cones,  25 

March,  1869. 

1011  viii     Priscilla  C  Clifton,  b.  24  July,  1848. 

1012  ix     Timothy  A.^  Clifton,  b.  6  April,  1851;  d.  25  Feb.,  1873. 

1013  X     Edwin  E.'  Clifton,  b.  11  Aug.,  1854;   m.  Lizzie  L.  Savery,  20 

Sept.,  1894. 


Lydia^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin'^  [Benjamin^,  Noah.*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William",  Thomas^]  and  Rnth  [Delano]  Dexter,  was 
born  5  Feb.,  1815,  and  died  in  Dorchester,  13  March,  1899. 
She  married  James  Hammett,  8  Oct.,  1836. 

Five  children,  born  in  New  Bedford : 

1014  i     James  Edward^  Hammett,  b.  4  July,  1840 ;  d.  8  May,  1845. 

1015  ii     James  Edward'  Hammett,  b.  12  April,  1846;   d.  0  Feb.,  1900; 

never  married. 

1016  iii     William   Frederick^  Hammett,   b.   3   Aug.,   1848;   m.   Emma  F. 

Hartshorn,  8  Oct.,  1885.. 
10i7        iv     Herbert'  Hammett,  b.  19  Nov.,  1850 ;  d.  3  Feb.,  1859. 
1018         V     Mary  Anna'  Hammett,  b.   19  Oct.,   1858;    d.   28  March,  1885; 

never  married. 


Benjamin"  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Ruth  [Delano]  Dexter,  was 
born  1  June,  1817,  and  died  17  April,  1879.  He  married 
Elizabeth  P.  Delano,  1  Jnne,  1841. 

Five  children : 

1019*        i     Josiah  A.*  Dexter,  b.   20  Nov.,   1842 ;   m.   Susan  G.   Durf ee,   7 
Sept.,  1870. 

DEXTER     FAMILY     GENEALOGY,  1.'}.") 

1020*      ii     Abbie  M.'  Dexter,  b.  28  Sept.,   1844;   m.  Samuel  E.  Hicks,  23 

June,  1873. 
1021  .    iii     Caroline  E.'*  Dexter,  b.  29  July,  1847. 
1022*      iv     Benjamin  F.*  Dexter,  b.   26   Feb.,   1850;    d.   2  Dec,  1901;    m. 

Olive  Kinney,  8  March,  1880. 

1023  V     Ella  L.^  Dexter,  b.  31  Oct.,  1857. 


Rufus^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin''  [Benjamin%  Noah*,  Benjamin^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Kiitli  [Delano]  Dexter,  was  born 
7  Feb.,  1821,  and  died  29  July,  1866.  He  married  Elizabeth 
L.  Washburn,  June,  1848. 

Two  children : 

1024  i     Eufus  N.»  Dexter,  b.  31  Oct.,  1851;  d.  8  Sept.,  1869. 

1025*      ii     Seth  L.  M.*  Dexter,  b.  28  March,   1854;   m.  Elizabeth  Jenney, 
3  March,  1877. 


Jonathan  K."  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan"  [David%  Josiah^  Benja- 
min^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  J\Iary  [Stndler]  Dexter,  was 
born  12  Feb.,  1812.  He  married  Clarinda  Smith,  26  Nov., 

Three  children,  born  in  Kochester : 

1026*        i     Horace*  Dexter,  b.  15  Sept.,  1839;  m.  Ann  E.  Lyman,  25  Feb., 

1027*      ii     Mary'  Dexter,  b.   17   June,   1844;   m.   James  Landers,   5   Sept., 

1028       iii     George*  Dexter,  b.   . 


Martha   M."  Dexter,  danahter  of   E.   Allen*'    [David^  Josiah^ 

Ben.jaminl  William-,  Thomas^]   and  Dexter,  was  born 

12  July,  1836.    She  married  Noah  Hammond,  2  June,  1861. 


Two  children,  born  at  Mattapoisett : 

1029*        i     Allen   Dexter"   Hammond,   b.    1    June,    1871;    m.    Eliza  Lenora 
Shaw,  19   Sept.,  1894. 

1030  ii     Clara    Lucinda^    Hammond,    b.     23     Dec,    1872;     m.     Lemuel 

LeBaron  Dexter,  26  July,  1899. 


John'  Dexter,  son  of  Constant^  [Isaac^  Constant*,  Benjamin^, 
"William^,  Thomas^]  and  Eebecca  [Billing-ton]  Dexter,  was 
born  23  June,  1800.     He  married  Mary  B.  Shaw. 

Eight  children,  born  in  Wayne,  Maine: 

1031  i     John  S.'  Dexter,  b.  12  Feb.,  1827;  m.  Susan  J.  Smith,  15  Feb., 


1032  ii     Mary  J.»  Dexter,  b.  15  Dec,  1828 ;  m.  S.  B.  Norris. 

1033*     iii     Henry  C.»  Dexter,  b.  21  Ajjril,  1831 ;  m.  Ellen  E.  Carll,  17  Dec, 

1034  iv     Edwin  S.'  Dexter,  b.  6  Oct.,  1833;  m.  Annie  Eie^hardson. 

1035  V     Alanson'  Dexter,  b.  14  July,  1836;  d.  4  Dec,  1836. 

1036  vi     Annie    D.^   Dexter,    b.    2    Jan.,    1838;    m.    Joel    T.    Phelps,    14 

Sept.,  1856. 

1037  vii     Jairus  A.^  Dexter,  b.  11  Aug.,  1841;   d.  22  Aug.,  1864. 

1038  viii     Samuel  W."  Dexter,  b.  6  Oct.,  1846;  d.  28  Nov.,  1866. 


Stephen  T.'^  Dexter,  son  of  Freeman^  [Isaac^,  Constant*,  Benja- 
min^  "William-,  Thomas^]  and  Polly  Dexter,  was  born  19 
April,  1818.    He  married  Betsey  R.  Dexter,  26  April,  1843. 

Three  children : 

1039  i     Arianah  F."  Dexter,  b.  East  Boston,  28  Dec,  1845;  m.  Eugene 

F.  Margot,  12  Oct.,  1886. 

1040  ii     Eoamy  M.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Wayne,  Me.,  16  Oct.,  1849;  m.  Cloves 

N.  Bacon,  3  Sept.,  1873. 

1041  iii     Alston  S.*  Dexter,  b.  in  East  Boston,  15  July,  1856. 



Lewis''  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa"  [Isaac^  Constant^  Benjamin^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Martha  [Burgess]  Dexter,  was 
born  8  April,  1810,  and  died  11  Feb.,  1889.  He  married  (1) 
Malatiah  Norris,  7  Nov.,  1834;  (2)  Mary  Dexter,  10  Nov., 

Four  children  by  first  wife,  born  in  Wayne,  Maine : 

1042  i     Henry  A.*  Dexter,  b.  7  Sept.,  1836;  m.  Euphrata  Foss,  8  Jan., 


1043  ii     Anrelia  A.*  Dexter,  b.   29   Jan.,  1839;   m.  Frank  L.  Morse,  16 

July,  1859. 

1044  iii     Sarah    A.«   Dexter,   b.    25   May,    1841;    d.    17    Aug.,    1878;    m. 

Captain  A.   Everts,   25  Jan.,  1864. 

1045  iv     Deborah  O.'  Dexter,  b.  28  June,  1843;  d.  21  Oct.,  1854. 


Rev.  Henry  Vaughn'^  Dexter,  D.D.,  son  of  Amasa^  [Isaac^  Con- 
stant^  Benjamin^  William',  Thomas^]  and  Martha  [Burgess] 
Dexter,  was  born  3  April,  1815.  He  w^as  a  graduate  of 
Waterville  College  (now  Colby),  and  for  many  years  a 
trustee  of  that  institution,  and  was  a  pastor  of  leading 
churches  in  Maine  and  Massachusetts.  He  married  (1) 
Nancy  C.  Herrick,  1  Sept.,  1845,  and  after  her  decease  he 
married  (2)  Mary  Edna  Boardman,  20  Jan.,  1851.  She  was 
a  descendant  of  the  Newbuiyport  Boardmans  and  Tappans. 
"      He  died  at  Templeton,  Mass.,  23  July,  1884. 

Six  children : 

1046  i     Frances  E.^  Dexter,  b.  in  Calais,  Me.,  26  Oct.,  1851 ;  d.  26  Sept., 


1047  ii     Mary  E.«  Dexter,  b.  in  Calais,   Me.,   30  July,   1853;   m.   Capt. 

Fordyce  B.  Perkins,  7  May,  1873. 

1048  iii     Henry  B.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Augusta,  Me.,  7  Jan.,  1855;  ni.  Lizzie 

A.  Wincote,  31  Jan.,  1889. 


1049*      iv     George  T.^  Dexter,  b.  in  Augusta,  Me.,  25  Jan.,  1860;  m.  Nellie 

J.  Greenwood,  14  April,  1880. 
1050         V     Elwell  V.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Calais,-  Me.,  6  Nov.,  1863. 
1051*     Ti     Edwin  Grant*  Dexter,  b.  in  Calais,  Me.,  21  July,  1868. 


Edward  G.^  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa^  [Isaacs  Constant*,  Benja- 
min^, William-,  Thomas^]  and  Martha  [Bnrgess]  Dexter, 
was  born  9  April,  1824.  He  married  (1)  Harriett  E. 
Thomas,  6  Oct.,  1851;  (2)  Mary  L.  Lamson,  3  July,  1864. 

Cliildren : 

1052  i     Anna  M.«  Dexter,  b.  31  Aug.,  1852;  m.  Abner  Wing. 

1053  ii     Stella   G."  Dexter,   b.   24  March,   1853;   m.   Frank  Marston. 


Susan'  Gorham,  daughter  of  Mary^  [SamueP,  SamueP,  Benja- 
min", William^,  Thomas^]    and  John  Gorham,  was  born  in 

Barre,  .     She  married  Nathan  Taylor,  son  of  Capt. 

Seth  and  oMehitable  Taylor.  He  was  born  in  1782,  and 
died  11  May,  1815,  aged  32.  His  father  died  in  1811,  aged 
66,  and  his  mother  in  1832,  aged  91  years. 

They  had  five  children : 

1054  i     Mehitable'  Taylor,  b. . 

1055  ii     Fanny^  Taylor,  b.  • . 

1056  iii     Levina'  Taylor,  b. 

1057  iv     John  Gorham^  Taylor,  b.  1812;   d.  at  Springfield,  1866. 

1058  V     Nathan*  Taylor,  b.  1815;  m.  Lucy  S.  Haven  of  Barre,  7  Dec, 



Bethsheba'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Eleazer^  [SamueP,  SamueP, 
Benjamin^  AYilliam^,  Thomas^]  and  Charity  [Williams] 
Dexter,  was  born  22  Feb.,  1789,  and   died  in  1855.     She 


married  Silas^  Newton,  son  of  Lemuel''  (Sikus'',  Josiah' 
Moses^  RichardM  and  Cliloe  (Hitchcock)  Newton,  21  June, 

Six  children  were  born  to  this  family : 

1059  i     Elvira  Augusta*  Newton,  b.  1812. 

1060  ii     Stephen   Dexter*   Newton,    bapt.   14   April,    1814;    cl.    12   Sept., 


1061  iii     Benjamin  D.'  Netwon,  b.  1816;  d.  7  Nov.,  1837. 

1062  iv     Susanna    Freeman'    Newton,    bapt.    Oct.,    1819;    m.    Calvin    H. 

Bassett,   Dec,   1854. 

1063  V     Elvira  A.'  Newton,  bapt.   12   May,   1822;   m.   James  Griffin   of 

Ware,   12   Dec,   1848. 

1064  vi     Stephen  E.'  Newton,  b.  1826. 


Charity. W.'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Eleazer^  [SamueP,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Charity  [Williams] 
Dexter,  was  born  5  Aug.,  1795.  She  married  Gardner^  New- 
ton, son  of  Silas^  (Timothy^  Josiah^  Moses^,  Richard^]  and 
Naomi  Washburn,  pub.  17  Sept.,  1827.  He  was  born  9 
Oct.,  1789,  and  died  23  March,  1864. 

Three  children : 

1065  i     Luke*  Newton,  b.  12  Sept.,  1829 ;   d.  3  Sept.,  1858. 

1066  ii     John"  Newton,  b.  28  March,  1833;   d.  5  March,  1866. 

1067  iii     Charles*   Newton, '  b.    28    March,    1837;    d.    9    April,    1862;    m. 

Mary  D.   Sturtevant,  14  March,   1861.     At  death  of  her  hus- 
band she  married  (2)   John  S.  Kelmer,  pub.  5  Oct.,  1863. 


Joseph  Dean'^  Dexter,  son  of  Eleazer*^  [SamueP,  Samuel*,  Ben- 
jamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Charity  [Williams]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  31  Aug.,  1797.  He  married  Olive  Gould,  15 
Nov.,  1818.  He  lost  an  arm  and  his  eyesight  by  an  acci- 
dent, but  was  a  successful  showman,  and  secured  a  comfort- 
able maintenance  for  his  family. 


Four  cliildren: 

1068*        i     Joseph   Dean*   Dexter,    Jr.,   bapt.    18    June,    1820;    m.    Almeda 
Anderson,  8  March,  1846. 

1069  ii     Alma«  Dexter,  bapt.  14  Aug.,  1821 ;  d.  4  Feb.,  1823. 

1070  iii     William  Alfred'  Dexter,  bapt."25  Sept.,  1823. 

1071*     iv     Nancy  M.'  Dexter,  b.  1825;   m.    (1)    Henry  B.  Gould,   6  May, 
1847;    (2)  Joseph  C.  Page  (b.  1819),  2  Nov.,  1865. 


Arethusa'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Eleazer^  [SamueP,  Samuel^  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Charity  [Williams]  Dexter, 
was  born  in  1805,  and  died  6  April,  1862.  She  married 
John^  Johnson,  son  of  John^  (Zebadiah^,  Zebadiah^)  John- 
son, and  Mary  (  )  Johnson,  5  Oct.,  1828.  He  was  born 
in  1805,  and  died  2  May,  1876. 

One  child: 

1072  i     William*  Johnson,  b. ;  m.  Eunice  C.  Sturtevant,   18  Aug., 



Williams'  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel^  [SamueP,  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^, William-,  Thomas^]  and  Sally  [Williams]  Dexter, 
was  born  9  April,  1800,  and  died  12  May,  1836.  He  mar- 
ried ]\Iaria,  daughter  of  Israel  Knowlton,  3  June,  1828,  and 
resided  in  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Two  children: 

1073  i     Samuel  W.«  Dexter,  b.  Feb.,  1828;   d.  18  Aug.,  1830. 

1074  ii     Lucy  M.^  Dexter,  b. ;   m.   James  B.  Wiggin.     Eesided  in 



Alma^  Dexter,  daughter  of  SamueP  [SamueP,  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^,  William^,   Thomas^]    and    Sally    [Williams]    Dexter, 


was  born  in  Hardwick  in  1804,  and  died  21  Sept.,  1840. 
She  niari'ied  Joseph^  Newconib  of  Hardwick,  pub.  11  Feb., 
1828.  He  was  the  son  of  Joseph^  (Annas',  Joseph^)  and 
Abigail  Abbott  Newcomb,  and  was  born  in  Hardwick  16 
Dec,  1800.  His  father  was  a  clothier  and  farmer,  born  in 
Norton  in  1762  and  removed  to  Hardwick  in  1791,  where  he 
remained  until  his  death  in  1823. 

After    their    marriage    they  lived  upon  the   farm   and 
brought  up  a  family  of  four  children: 

107.5         i     Alma  Maria'  Newcomb,  b.  29  March,  1830;  m.  Stephen  P.  Hill- 
man,  4  Dec,  1851. 

1076  ii     John  Joseph'  Newcomb,  b.   29  Jan.,  1832;   m.   Cordelia  Gould, 

pub.  13  March,  1857.  They  had  no  children.  He  was  town 
assessor  seven  years,  from  1871  to  1878. 

1077  iii     Sarah  W.'  Newcomb,  b.  15  Oct.,  1834;  m.  Charles  S.  Clark,  14 

Dec,    1856. 

1078  iv     Samuel    Williams'   Newcomb,   b.    9    Oct.,    1836;    m.    Julia   Ann 

Dennis,  23  April,  1863.  Two  children:  William  Adonijah^ 
Newcomb,  b.  6  March,  1865;  Julia  Alma^  Newcomb,  b.  25 
April,  1869. 


Mary'^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Jedediah"  [SamueP,  SamueP,  Ben- 
jamin', William^,  Thomas^]  and  Abigail  [Eager]  Dexter, 
was  born  in  1805.  She  married  Milton  Peck,  a  blacksmith 
of  Hubbardston,  Mass.,  20  Oct.,  1823.  He  was  born  in  1800 
and  died  in  1855.  They  made  their  home  in  Hardwick 
after  1838,  and  lived  near  the  Barre  line.  After  her  hus- 
band's decease  in  1855,  she  married  a  Mr.  Clark  and  moved 
to  South  Abington,  where  she  died  4  Feb.,  1881,  aged  75. 

Eight  children: 

1079  i     Mary'  Peck,  b.  about  1824;  m.  Ebenezer  P.  Staples  of  Taunton, 

11  Nov.,  1845.  She  was  his  second  wife,  his  first  wife  being 
Luthera  G.  Dexter  daughter  of  Jedediah*  (SamueP,  SamueP, 
Benjamin",  William^,  Thomas^). 

1080  ii     Jane'  Peck,  b.  1827;   m.  Francis  Legate,  2  June^  1847. 


1081  iii     S.  E.  Willard*  Peck,  b.  1832;  m.  Almena  Austin  of  Hubbards- 

ton,  30  April,  1862.     Children:  Walter  Lewis^  Peck,  b.  14  May, 
1878,  and  others. 

1082  iv     Sarah   B.*   Peck,   b.    1834;    m.    Benjamin   O.   Gardner,    7   Dee., 


1083  V     Lnthera  M.*  Peck,  b.  1840;  d.  1858;  unmarried. 

1084  vi     William    C.^   Peck,   b.    1842;    m.    Hannah   Atwood,    11    March, 

1862.     Children: 

1.  Nellie  Emily',  b.  22  Aug.,  1866. 

2.  Mattie  L.,°  b.  6  Nov.,  1870. 

1085  vii     Susan  Ann^  Peck,  b.  3  Nov.,  1847;   d.  31  July,  1848. 

1086  viii     Samuel  Dexter*  Peck,  b.  ;  m.  Sarah  .     Children: 

1.  WUlie  Dexter^-  Peck,  b.  18  Nov.,  1861.  '    • 

2.  One  son'',  b.  16  April,  1866. 

Cassandra'^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Jonathan^  [SamueP,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter,  was  born  1  Sept., 
1813,  and  died  29  May,  1880.  She  married  Lemuel  F.. Tay- 
lor, who  came  from  Buckland  to  Hubbardston,  April,  1836. 

Two  children: 

1087*        i     Caroline  Angelia^  Taylor,  b.  1  March,  1841 ;  m.  Darius  Parsons 
of  Sutton,  24  Nov.,  1877. 

1088  ii     Sarah  Arabella^  Taylor,  b.  27  June,  1856. 


Luther  Cheney,'^  son  of  Lucy®  [Ichabod%  Samuel^  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Moses  Cheney,  was  bom 
in  Orange,  Mass.,  9  May,  1788,  and  died  2  Dec,  1848.  He 
married  Sabra  Allen  of  Mendon.  She  was  born  28  Dec, 
1788,  and  died  3  June,  1885. 

Six  children : 

1089  1     Henry*  Cheney,  b.   14   Oct.,   1808;    d.   22   Feb.,    1885;    m.    (1) 

Isabelle  Cayle;    (2)  Eliza  Cayle. 

1090  ii     Allen'  Cheney,  b.  8  Aug.,  1811 ;  m.  Susan  Cayle.  . 


1091  iii     Julia  Maria^  Cheney,  b.  5  Dec,  1814;   d.  26  Aug.,  1816. 

1092  iv     Luther   Normair'   Cheney,   b.   5    Oct.,    1818;    ni.    (1)    Elizabeth 

Dauforth;    (2)   Harriet  Lyman. 

1093  V     Lueien  West'  Cheney,  b.  Oct.,  1822. 

1094  vi     Edwin  Thayer'  Cheney,  b.  2  Dec,  1828. 


Rhoda  B.'  Cheney,  dauohter  of  Lucy*'  [Ichabod^  Samuel*,  Ben- 
jamin', William^  Thomas^]  and  Moses  Cheney,  was  born 
27  Sept.,  1806.  She  married  Adams  French,  Jr.,  who  was 
born  24  June,  1802,  and  died  26  Aug.,  1854.  She  married 
(2)  Cheney  Lewis,  14  Jan.,  1861.    He  was  born  in  1798. 

Four  children: 

1095*        i     Adams"  French,   3d,  b.   1828;     m.  Abby   E.   Kellogg,   25   Jan., 

1096*      ii     Mary  A."  French,  b.  1829;   m.   Franklin  L.   Waters,   22   April, 

1097*     iii     Lysander'  French,  b.  1839;  m.  Julia  A.  Hunt,  1  May,  1855. 
1098*      iv     Moses  C*  French,  b.  1842 ;  m.  Kate  E.  Bishop,  5  Jan.,  1842. 


Foster  B.^  Dexter,  son  of  John*'  [Job^  SamueP,  Benjamin^ 
Willianr,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Dennis]  Dexter,  was  born 
19  July,  1806,  and  died  3  March,  1865.  He  married  Phebe 
P    . 

One  child : 

1099*  i  William  N.'  Dexter,  b.  15  Aug.,  1843;  m.  (1)  Frances  New- 
land,  Aug.,  1870;  (2)  Mary  J.  Dooley,  7  April,  1887;  (3) 
Lillia  Adell  Field,  22  Dec,  1897.  She  was  born  18  April,  1857. 


WilliamAugustus"  Wheeler,  son  of  Anna*'  [Job^  Samuel*,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^l  Dexter,  and  Thomas  Wheeler, 
Jr.,  was  born  in  Hardwick,  31  March,  1798.  He  married 
Almira  Warner  Allen,  daughter  of  Moses  Allen  of  Hard- 


wick.  She  was  born  20  Feb.,  1803,  and  died  28  Feb.,  1867. 
He  died  in  1873. 

He  learned  the  trade  of  blacksmith  and  was  one  of  the 
oldest  iron  founders  in  the  State,  having  begun  in  1812  at 
"Old  Furnace  Village,"  Hardwick,  named  for  the  furnace 
established  there  by  his  father.  From  Hardwick  he  went 
to.  Brookfield.  In  1823  he  moved  to  Worcester,  Mass.,  where 
he  established  a  foundry.  In  1825  he  was  associated  with 
some  of  the  leading  men  of  "Worcester  in  a  foundry  at 
Brookfield,  where  all  kinds  of  castings  were  made,  the  doors 
of  the  Court  House  in  Worcester  being  of  his  manufacture. 
He  returned  to  Worcester  in  1830  and  continued  at  the  old 
stand  for  over  forty  years. 

He  designed  the  first  boring  machine  in  Worcester.  In 
1838  he  got  out  patterns  for  cooking-stoves.  In  1842  he 
invented  a  furnace  for  heating  buildings.  In  1838  he 
added  to  his  business  the  manufacture  of  brass  castings. 
In  1852  his  son,  Charles  A.  Wheeler,  became  associated  with 
him,  continuing  until  his  death  in  1867. 

Mr.  Wheeler  filled  many  official  positions  from  Worces- 
ter's earliest  history.  He  was  one  of  the  Worcester  Aque- 
duct Company  in  1845.  In  1848  he  became  the  contractor 
for  building  the  Worcester  &  Nashua  Railroad,  an  enter- 
prise which  his  untiring  energy  and  skill  enabled  him 
to  carry  through  amid  many  discouragements.  He  was  one 
of  the  original  founders  of  the  Worcester  Mechanics  Asso- 
ciation in  1841,  and  was  its  first  President.  He  was  very 
influential  in  the  building  of  the  beautiful  Mechanics  Hall. 

He  was  a  man  of  indomitable  will  and  strictest  integrity, 
and  of  very  clear  judgment  and  generous  disposition.  He 
was  a  member  of  the  Second  Church  (Unitarian)  of  Wor- 
cester. In  politics  he  was  first  a  Whig  and  then  a  Repub- 

He  and  his  wife  and  their  deceased  children  are  buried 
in  the  family  lot  in  Rural  Cemetery,  Worcester. 

Children : 

1100"        i     Charles  Aiigustus'  Wheeler,  b.  27  Jan.,  1826. 
1101*      ii     William  Fiske'  Wlieeler,  b.  24  Jime,  1830. 


1102  iii     Anna  Maria'  Wheolcr,  b.  12  Sept.,  1832;  m.  William  Read,  13 

Nov.,  1856. 

1103  iv     Josephine'  Wheeler,  b.  12  Nov.,  1834;  d.  15  Dec,  1834. 
1104*       V     Moses  Allen''  Wheeler,  b.  19  Aug.,  1838. 

1105  vi     Eliza  Jane"  Wheeler,  b.  19  Dec,  1841;  d.  11  Dec,  1871. 

1106  vii     Sarah   Frances'  Wheeler,  b.   10   April,   1844;   m.   Frederick  W. 

Jenkins   of  Barre,  Mass.,   8   June,   1871. 

1107  viii     Thomas'  Wheeler,   b.    19   July,   1847. 

1108  ix     Franklin'  Wheeler,  b.  19  July,  1847;  d.  31  July,  1887. 


Zenas  Hinkley'  Dexter,  son  of  Ichabod*'  [Job^  Samuel^  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sally  [Eager]  Dexter,  was 
born  9  May,  1806,  and  died  11  Oct.,  1851,  aged  46  years. 
He  married  (1)  Sarah  F.  Penniman,  19  May,  1831;  she  died 
9  May,  1837;  (2)  Lucinda  Wood,  28  Aug.,  1837. 

In  his  will  he  gives  his  wife,  Liieinda  Dexter,  all  the 
furniture  that  belonged  to  her  at  marriage,  and  six  hundred 
dollars.  To  his  daughter,  Harriet  Jane  Dexter,  all  the 
articles  of  furniture  that  belonged  to  her  mother,  Sarah  F. 
Dexter,  at  the  time  of  her  marriage,  and  one  hundred  dol- 
lars. To  his  sons,  Zenas  H.  and  George  F.,  all  the  real 
estate  and  personal  property  remaining.  Estate  valued  at 
$3400.  William  Mixter,  executor;  John  Raymond,  guar- 
dian of  children. 

Children : 

1109  i     Zenas  H.»  Dexter,  b.  14  April,  1832. 

1110  ii     George  TurrelP  Dexter,  b.  20  June,  1833. 

1111  iii     Harriet   Jane*   Dexter,   b.    1836;     m.    Pliny    Fisk   Chandler,   5 

March,  1853;  died  5  April,  1866. 


Edward"  Dexter,  son  of  Ichabod^  [Job\  Samuel^  Ben,jamin^ 
William^  Thomas^]  and  Sally  [Eager]  Dexter,  was  born 
3  Nov.,  1811,  and  died  24  Dec,  1862.  He  married  Louise 
Powers,  6  June,  1842.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Hard- 
wick,  Mass. 


Children : 

1112  i     Charles  E.**  Dexter,  b.  23  Aug.,  1843;  d.  in  Springfield,  29  July, 


1113  ii     Frederick^  Dexter,  b.  26  May,  1845;   d.  July,  1854. 

1114  iii     Albert  H.^  Dexter,  b.  27  Aug.,  1847;  m.  . 

1115  iv     Clara  Lunetta^  Dexter,  b.  4  April,  1851, 

1116  V     Willie  H."  Dexter,  b. . 


Hannah^  Dexter,  daug'hter  of  Icliabod^  [Job^,  SamueP,  Benja- 
min^, "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Alice  [Amidon]  Dexter,  was 

born  .     She  married  Lysander  Powers  of  Hardwick, 

March,  1842. 

Children : 

1117  i     Joel  Lysander*  Powers,  b.  17  Nov.,  1843;  m.  Jennie  E.  Knight. 

1118  ii     Frank*    Powers,    b.    19    Sept.,    1846;    m.    Anna   K.    Garney   of 

Marblehead,  6  Nov.,  1872.     She  died  11  Sept.,  1873,  aged  30. 

1119  iii     Elmer  D.*  Powers,  b.   12  Dec,  1853;    m.   Anna  W.   Conant  of 

Barre,  29  June,  1875. 


Alexander'  Morton,  son  of  James^  [Mary^,  Samuel*,  Benjamin*, 
William^  Thomas^]  and  Chloe  [Forbush]  Morton,  was 
born  in  1811.     He  married  Martha  Wheeler. 

Children : 

1120  i     Lois*  Morton,  b.  1842;  m.  M.  D.  Clark. 

1121*      ii     George  L.«  Morton,  b.  1846 ;  m. .     Three  children. 


Vashney'  Lord,  son  of  Esther*'  [Sarah%  SamneP,  Benjamin^, 
William-.  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Joseph  Lord,  was  born  19 
May,  1791.    He  married  Sarah . 



1122  i     Lausinda  E.'*  Lord,  b.   26   July,   1826. 

1123  ii     Vaslmoy'  Lord,  b.  20  Aug.,  1828. 

1124  iii     Luther'*  Lord,  b.  1  Nov.,  1830. 

1125  iv     Joseph  G."  Lord,  b.  7  Nov.,  1838. 


Alfred'^  Tucker,  son  of  Sally^  [Sarah^  Samuel*,  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^]    Dexter    and  Joshua  Tucker,  Avas  born  in 

1808,  and  died  26  April,  1866.     He  married  (1)  Mary ; 

she  was  born  in  1810,  and  died  21  June,  1838;  (2)  . 

Children : 

1126  i     Wilcott*  Tucker,  b.  1835;  d.  1858. 

1127  ii     Addison*  Tucker,  b.  11  Oct.,  1845. 


SamueF  Morton,  son  of  Hannah'^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Benjamin^  Morton, 
Jr.,  was  born  in  1796.    He  married . 

Children : 

1128  i     Harrison^  Morton,  b.  1813;   m.  .     Son,  Williarii  Morton. 

1129*      ii     Shatley^  Morton,  b.  1815. 

1130*     iii     Benjamin'  Morton,  b.  . 

1131*      iv     Almon'  Morton,   b.   1820. 

1132  V     Louisa'  Morton,  b.  1822;  never  married. 

1133  vi     Betsey'  Morton,  b.  1827;  m.  Winfield  Baker. 

1134  vii     Dexter'  Morton,  b.  1829;  m.  .     Son,  William  Morton. 

1135  viii     Mary'  Morton,  b.  1831;   m.  John  .Tohee. 

1136  ix     Sylvester'  Morton,  b.  1832 ;  m.  .     Son,  Frank  Morton. 


Anna^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin®  [Benjamin^  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^  "VVilliam^  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Leg-g]  Dexter, 


was  born  31  IMarch,  1806,  and  died  30  Sept.,  1849.  She 
married,  24  June,  1834,  Job  Fry,  the  son  of  Job  and  Pen- 
nald  (Drake)  Fry.  He  was  born  in  1802,  and  married  for 
his  first  wife,  Florella  Clark,  who  was  born  27  Dec,  1806, 
and  died  7  Ang.,  1833.  He  then  married  Anna  Dexter,  24 
June,  1834.  She  died  30  Sept.,  1849.  He  then  married 
Luthervia  (Robinson)  Burt  of  Ware,  15  April,  1851.  He 
died  in  1868.  . 

He  had  two  children  by  first  wife,  and  four  by  second 
wife : 

1137  i     F.   ATviUa**   Fry,  b.    25    April,    1831;     d.   9.  April,   1901;     m. 

George  W.  Dexter,  27  May,  1856. 

1138  ii     Ellen   S.^  Fry,  b.   29   July,   1833;    m.   Charles   C.   Patterson,   3 

Sept.,   1854.     Now  lives  in  Florida. 

1139  iii     Elizabeth  Ann*  Fry,  b.  28  Feb.,  1835 ;  d.  in  California,  19  Nov., 

1903;  m.  John  Sampson  in  1866. 

1140  iv     Job  Warren*  Fry,  b.  30  Aug.,  1837;  d.  5  July,  1838. 

1141  V     Martha  Jane*  Fry,  b.  14  Aug.,  1840;  d.  5  Nov.,  1851. 

1142  vi     George  Dexter*  Fry,  b.  14  Nov.,  1842;  d.  27  Aug.,  1844. 


Amasa'^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Legg]  Dexter,  was 
bom  3  Dec,  1808,  at  Orange,  where  he  spent  the  early 
years  of  his  life.  He  married  21  Feb.,  1833,  Roanna  Allen 
of  Joy,  Me.,  and  they  went  to  keeping  house  in  the  old  home- 
stead. They  remained  there  until  after  their  second  child 
was  born,  when  they  moved  to  Wendell,  where  they  remained 
about  twenty  years,  and  there  his  other  children  were  born. 
While  there  he  worked  in  a  mill.  Upon  his  return  they 
settled  upon  the  old  farm,  living  in  the  house  built  by 
George  W.  Dexter,  and  there  they  died,  she  in  January, 
1866,  and  he  in  October,  1883.  He  made  several  transfers 
of  property  between  1837  and  1866,  but  devoted  his.  later 
years  to  farming. 

They  had  eight  children: 


1143*  i  Trustum  DiirelP  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  7  July,  1834;  d.  by  acci- 
dent at  Clinton,  4  May,  1904;  m.  Mary  Susan  Calligan  in 
1862.     She  was  born  8  Sept.,  1840. 

1144*  ii  Benjamin  Allen*  Dexter,  b.  25  Oct.,  1836;  m.  Laura  O.  Webb, 
4  April,  1860. 

1145  iii     Edward  S.*  Dexter,  b.  22  Jan.,  1838;   d.  19  Dec,  1840. 

1146  iv     Lucy  H.*  Dexter,  b.  10  Dec,  1840;  d.  27  July,  1841. 

1147*       V     Eliliu  Osgood  Clark'  Dexter,  b.  12  Aug.,  1842;  m.  Mary  Jane 

Miner,  1867. 
1148"    vi     Hejihzibah*  Dexter,  b.  24  Jan.,   1845;    m.   Henry  Davis  Barber, 

1149*    vii     Hoyt*  Dexter,  b.  20  Aug.,  1847;   ni.  Anna  M.   Scott,  20   Sept., 

1150*  viii     Anna'  Dexter,  b.  13  Aug.,  1850;  d.  7  Jan.,  1904;  m.   (1)  B.  F. 

Miner,  1870;   (2)  Charles  Stevens,  1884. 


Moses'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin*'  [Benjamin^  Samuel^  Benja- 
min^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Legg]  Dexter,  was 
born  26  Jan.,  1811,  and  died  22  Dee.,  1846.  He  married 
Persis  Lord,  13  April,  1837.  She  was  horn  15  Nov.,  1813, 
daughter  of  Joseph  Lord  and  Unity  W.  (Euggles)  Lord. 
She  married  (2)  Reuben  Jennison  (born  24  Feb.,  1800), 
1  Jan.,  1850.  He  was  a  son  of  Nathaniel  and  Catharine 
(Sibley)  Jennison.  One  child,  W.  R.  Jennison,  born  11 
March,  1853. 

1151*        i     Joseph  L.'  Dexter,  b.  7  Jan.,  1838;  m.  Sarah  J.  Wood,  7  Oct., 

1152*      ii     Remember'  Dexter,  b.  11  Dec,  1841 ;  m.  M.  Louisa  Sheldon,  29 
Sept.,  1868. 

Robert^  Lord,  the  first  of  this  line  to  arrive  in  this  coun- 
try, was  at  Ipswich  in  1636  ;  was  Representative  in  1638,  town 
clerk,  clerk  of  courts  and  register  of  deeds.  He  married 
Mary  Waite,  and  had  a  family  of  eight  children.  He  died 
in  1638. 

Thomas-  Lord,  son  of  Robert^,  was  born  in  1633  at  Ip- 
swich. He  married  Alice  Rand,  and  had  a  family  of  eight 


Joseph^  Lord,  son  of  Thomas^,  was  born  in  Charlestown, 
Mass.,  30  June,  1672.  He  graduated  from  Harvard  in  1691. 
From  1692  to  1695  he  taught  school  in  Dorchester.  He 
married  Abigail  Hinckley,  daughter  of  Governor  Thomas 
Hinckley  (by  his  first  wife),  on  3  June,  1698.  In  1695  he 
was  ordained  pastor  and  went  to  South  Carolina,  where  he 
remained  twenty  years.  He  returned  to  Massachusetts,  and 
in  1720  was  installed  pastor  of  a  church  in  Chatham,  where 
he  continued  to  preach  until  his  death  in  1748.  He  had 
eight  children. 

Joseph*  Lord,  son  of  Joseph^  was  born  27  Sept.,  1704. 
He  was  graduated  from  Harvard  College  in  1726,  and  prac- 
ticed medicine  in  Sunderland,  Mass.  In  September,  1735, 
he,  with  four  others,  went  to  Athol,  he  being  one  of  the 
first  settlers  of  that  place.  He  became  the  principal  man  of 
the  town.  He  was  the  first  doctor,  the  first  preacher,  the 
first  magistrate,  first  treasurer,  the  first  tax  gatherer  and  the 
first  surveyor.  At  length  a  misunderstanding  arose  between 
Mr.  Lord  and  the  proprietors,  and  for  some  reason  he 
refused  to  give  up  the  books  and  records  which  he  had  in 
his  possession,  and  an  action  was  brought  against  him  for 
their  recovery.  The  court  rendered  a  judgment  against 
him  in  November,  1759,  for  £1000.  The  result  was,  Mr. 
Lord  left  Athol  and  went  to  Putney,  Vt.  (then  New  Hamp- 
shire), where  he  lived  thirty  years,  holding  high  and  respon- 
sible positions.  .By  commission  dated --16  July,  1766,  he 
was  appointed  second  .judge  of  the  Inferior  Court  of  Com- 
mon Pleas,  and  justice  of  the  peace  for  Cumberland  County. 
He  died  at  Westmoreland, N.H.,  7  Dec,  1788,  aged  85  years. 
He  had  seven  children. 

Thomas^  Lord,  son  of  Dr.  Joseph*,  was  born  17  Jan., 
1736.  He  married  Leonard  Smith,  18  Oct.,  1760.  They  had 
eleven  children.  He  was  one  of  the  minute-men  at  the  alarm 
at  Lexington. 

Joseph®  Lord,  son  of  Thomas^  was  born  26  Oct.,  1763,  and 
died  1  July,  1832.  He  married  (1)  Esther  Johnson,  31 
Jan.,  1786:  she  died  in  1807:  (2)  Unity  W.  Ruggies.  15 
Sept.,  1805 :  she  was  born  9  Nov..  1780-2,  and  died  in  1840. 


Persis'  Lord,  daughter  of  Joseph'',  was  born  in  1813.  She 
married  ]\Ioses  Dexter,  13  April,  1837.  (See  .Moses  Dexter 
account,  702.) 


David'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^   [Benjamin'',  SamueP,  Benja- 
min^  William^,  Thomas^]    and  Betsey    [Leg-g]    Dexter,  was 


born  at  Orange,  ]Mass.,  10  April,  1813,  and  died  at  Black 
River,  N.  Y.,  9  Aug.,  1880. 

On  Nov.  5,  1835,  he  was  married  to  Maria  Hubbard, 
daughter  of  Daniel  and  Susan  (Eddy)  Hubbard  of  Royal- 
ston,  Mass.  She  was  born  28  July,  1812,  and  died  at  Black 
River,  N.  Y.,  10  July,  1895. 

David  Dexter  was  educated  in  the  common  schools  of  his 
native  town.  As  a  young  man  he  was  a  carpenter  and 
joiner.    In  1838,  on  account  of  his  health,  he  found  it  neces- 


saiy  to  leave  his  home  in  Orange,  and  go  to  Black  River, 
where  he  decided  to  locate. 

He  made  a  contract  with  Nelson  Scott  to  build  a  chair 
factory,  and,  returning  to  Massachusetts  in  the  fall  of  1839, 
he  moved  his  family,  consisting  of  his  wife  and  one  son, 
Everett,  to  Black  River,  making  the  trip  overland  in 

Four  years  later  he  returned  to  Orange  on  a  visit,  taking 
his  family  Avith  him.  The  trip  was  made  by  carriage,  the 
provisions  carried  in  a  large  cheese-box  under  the  seat,  and 
the  nights  spent  at  road-houses  along  the  way. 

He  enlarged  the  original  factory  buildings  from  time  to 
time,  admitting  in  1864  his  son,  Everett,  as  junior  partner. 
In  1866  the  entire  factory  was  burned.  Before  breakfast 
the  next  morning  after  the  fire,  he  went  to  the  owner  of 
another  shop  and  made  a  bargain  to  buy  it.  The  factory 
was  at  once  rebuilt  on  a  larger  scale.  The  business  con- 
stantly increased  in  size  until  at  the  time  of  his  death 
seventy  men  were  employed.  The  rough  log  direct  from  the 
woodsman  was  rolled  in  at  one  end  of  the  building  and  came 
out  at  the  other  a  completed  chair. 

His  reputation  was  second  to  none  in  the  country  for  good 
work,  and  the  "Dexter  chairs"  found  a  ready  market  all 
over  the  United  States  and  Canada  and  in  Europe.  His 
word  was  considered  as  good  as  his  bond.  He  was  an 
excellent  mechanic  and  was  ready  to  adopt  new  machinery 
and  ideas  as  they  were  developed.  He  built  many  machines 
from  his  own  plans. 

He  was  active  in  public  improvement  and  did  much  to 
promote  the  building  of  Carthage,  Watertown  and  Sacketts 
Harbor  Railroad,  which  connected  with  the  Utica  &  Black 
River  Railroad  at  Carthage,  and  the  Rome,  "Watertown  & 
Ogdensburg  Railroad  at  "Watertown.  This  road  was  a 
means  of  greatly  developing  the  business  at  Black  River. 
He  was  a  director  of  the  railroad  from  the  beginning  until 
his  death.  He  was  the  principal  mover  in  the  erection  of  a 
church  in  his  village,  and  after  the  completion,  his  money 
chiefly  maintained  it. 


At  his  death  in  1880,  his  estate,  consisting  of  the  factory 
and  some  real  estate,  was  left  to  his  wife  and  two  sons, 
Everett  and  Erwin. 

Children : 

1153  i     Everett  Augustus*  Dexter,  b.  3  Aug.,  1836;  d.  12  March,  1893. 

1154  ii     DanieP  Dexter,  b.  31  May,  1841 ;  d.  11  May,  1842. 

1155  iii     Charles'  Dexter,  b.  3  Jan.,  1845;   d.  12  Aug.,  1857. 

1156  iv     David  Erwin*  Dexter,  b.   8  Feb.,   1849. 


Aaron^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin"  [Benjamin^,  SamueP,  Benja- 
min^, William",  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Legg]  Dexter,  was 
born  12  July,  1815,  and  died  in  1896.  He  married  Hester 
McLean.    She  was  born  in  1819,  and  died  in  1888. 

He  was  born  at  Orange  and  educated  in  the  schools  of 
that  town.  Soon  after  1840  he  moved  to  Black  River,  N.  Y., 
where  his  brother  David  had  established  a  manufactory  of 
chairs,  and  for  a  time  he  was  associated  with  him  in  the 
business,  but  later  he  sold  his  interest  to  David,  but 
remained  as  an  employee. 

No  children. 


Simeon^  Dexter,  seventh  son  and  ninth  child  of  Benjamin® 
[Benjamin^  Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Frances  [Tuttle]  Dexter,  was  born  30  Aug.,  1822,  in 
Orange,  and  grew  up  on  his  father's  farm.  By 
intelligent  use  of  his  opportunities  in  the  com- 
mon schools  of  his  native  town,  he  was  enabled 
to  teach  school  as  a  beginning  in  independent 
effort.  About  the  time  of  his  majority  he  suffered  a  frac- 
ture of  his  wrist,  and  soon  after  went  to  Boston,  where  he 
secured  employment  in  a  wholesale  grocery  establishment 
owned  bv  an  uncle.     While  there  he  dislocated  the  same 



wrist  while  at  work,  and  made  a  visit  to  his  half-brothers, 
David  and  Aai'on,  at  Black  River,  while  recovering  the  use 
of  his  arm.  This  was  in  1844.  The  elder  brother  had  estab- 
lished a  chair  factory,  in  which  the  second  was  employed, 

and  to  whose  activity  and  usefulness  much  of  the  success  of 
the  enterprise  was  owing.  Simeon  decided  to  cast  his  lot 
with  his  brothers,  and  entered  the  employ  of  the  elder  in 
the  shop  as  soon  as  he  was  able  to  work.  After  a  year  he 
became  a  partner  in  the  business,  w^hich  was  then  conducted 


under  the  title  of  1).  &  S.  Dexter,  until  5  December,  1857, 
when  Simeon  sold  out  his  interest.  The  factory  at  that 
time  was  located  on  the  south  side  of  the  river,  where 
Simeon  lived.  On  the  1st  of  January,  1858,  he  moved  to 
the  north  side,  in  the  town  of  Leray,  and  began  the  manu- 
facture of  a  wire-tooth  hay  rake,  which  he  continued  until 
1870.  At  the  same  time  he  managed  the  farm  which  he  had 
purchased  and  on  which  he  lived  and  maintained  his  shop. 
Most  of  his  manufacturing-  was  done  in  the  winter,  and 
chiefly  by  himself,  and  w^as  made  quite  profitable.  In  1870 
]\Ir.  Dexter  went  to  Watertown  and  purchased  a  half  inter- 
est in  the  Excelsior  Mills,  then  owned  by  Moulton  &  Herrick, 
and  the  new  firm  became  Dexter  &  Herrick.  For  five  years 
this  arrangement  was  continued  until  failing  health  com- 
pelled ]\Ir.  Dexter  to  retire.  In  1876  he  returned  to  Black 
River  and  continued  to  reside  there  until  his  death,  13 
Aug.,  1898,  when  his  seventy-sixth  year  was  almost 

Upon  the  death  of  his  younger  son,  he  became  part  owner 
of  the  chair  factory  of  the  latter,  but  did  not  operate  it. 

About  1873,  while  residing  in  Watertown,  Mr.  Dexter 
united  with  the  Arsenal  Street  Methodist  Church,  in  which 
he  served  for  some  time  as  steward.  On  returning;  to  Black 
River  he  transferred  his  membership  and  was  trustee  and 
steward  of  the  local  church.  In  early  life  he  acted  polit- 
ically with  the  Whig  party,  and  he  was  a  member  of  the 
Jefferson  County  convention  in  which  the  Republican  party 
was  locally  organized,  as  colleague  of  his  father-in-law, 
Phineas  Hardy,  and  was  ever  after  a  loyal  supporter  of  its 
principles.  He  did  not  desire  to  enter  the  public  service  and 
avoided  office-holding-. 

He  w^as  married  10  Dec,  1851,  to  Maria  Hardy,  third 
child  and  eldest  daughter  of  Phineas  and  Sarah  (Howland) 
Hardy.  Their  children  were  Henry  C,  Charles  P.  and 
Fanny  Sarah,  and  two  who  died  in  infancy. 

Simeon  Dexter  was  a  man  of  unusual  intelligence  and 
grasp  of  affairs.  He  was  an  extensive  reader,  and  his  excel- 
lent memory  enabled  him  to  make  use  of  his  information. 










Witli  native  acnmen,  lie  arrived  at  soimd  conclusions,  grasp- 
ing details  withont  exhaustive  examination;  was  cheerful, 
and  he  was  a  pleasant  companion  and  popular  with  all 
classes  of  people.  His  demise  was  mourned  by  all  who  knew 

Children : 

1157^        i     Henry  Clay*'  Dexter,  b.  4  May,  1858 ;  m.  Clara  Louise  Tisdale, 
Charles  Phineas'  Dexter,  b.  2  Sept.,  1860 ;  d.  3  May,  1886. 
Sarah  Frances^  Dexter,  b.  4  Oct.,  1862 ;  d.  12  Feb.,  1885. 
Anna  M.^  Dexter,  b.  21  Aug.,  1864;  d.  7  Sept.,  1864. 
Maria'  Dexter,  b.  1865;  d.  1868. 


Betsey'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William^  Thomas^]  and  Frances  [Tuttle]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  30  May,  1825.  She  married  Luther  Ramsey, 
6  May,  1846 ;  he  was  born  21  Aug.,  1821,  and  died  in  1902. 
In  early  life  Mr.  Ramsey  manufactured  what  was  known  as 
the  ' '  Orange  sleigh, ' '  but  was  for  many  years  the  principal 
undertaker  in  Orange,  and  at  his  decease  his  son  continued 
the  business. 

Children : 

1162*        i     Orrin  B.*  Eams'ey,  b.  in  Orange,  24  May,  1848. 

1163        ii     Augusta   A.'   Kamsey,   b.    4   Aug.,    1851;    m.      Edgar   Ephraim 

Howard  of  Winchester,  N.  H.,  15  May,  1872;  he  was  born  29 

March,  1851. 
1164"     iii     Horace  HartwelP  Eamsey,  b.  25  June,  1857 ;  m.  Lillian  Clark. 


Samuel  Stillman'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^^]  and  Frances 
[Tuttle]  Dexter,  was  born  at  Orange,  4  March,  1829.  He 
married  ]Maria  C.  Dewey,  5  Sept.,  1855 ;  she  was  born  18 
Feb.,  1831. 



)  ( 

He  "was  born  the  day  on  Avhicli  Andrew  Jackson  was 
inaugurated  President  of  the  United  States.  He  acquired 
his  elementary  education  in  the  public  school  of  Orange: 
afterwards  he  pursued  his  studies  at  the  Shelburne  Falls 
Academy,  at  the  seminary  at  Gouverneur,  N.  Y.,  at  the 
Westfield  Normal  School,  and  at  the  Lancaster  Normal 
School,  earning  his. own  way.    During  the  seven  years  after 


finishing  his  normal  course,  he  taught  in  the  high  school  at 
Hartford,  Ct. ;  Rockport,  Orange  and  Oxford  in  his  native 
State.  He  then  took  up  the  business  of  civil  engineer,  land 
surveyor  and  conveyancer.  In  1871  he  received  appointment 
as  justice  of  the  peace.  His  business  gave  him  an  intimate 
acquaintance  with  the  local  history  of  his  o^vn  and  neigh- 
boring towns. 

He  was  active  in  advancing  the  educational  and  literary 


interests  of  liis  town,  serving  with  fidelity  on  the  School 
Board  for  ten  years,  and  as  Library  Committee  for  an  equal 
length  of  time.  He  was  also  an  influential  member  of  the 
Board  of  Trade.  He  and  Sylvester  Davis  were  the  leading 
spirits  in  forming  the  Orange  Historical  and  Antiquarian 
Society,  and  contributed  a  large  share  of  the  articles  that 
compose  the  collection  of  that  Society. 

Keenly  observant  of  nature  in  his  travels  over  New  Eng- 
land and  NeAv  York  State,  he  was  constantly  studying  plant 
and  animal  life  and  the  geology  and  mineralogy  of  the 
regions  through  which  he  passed.  To  ride  with  him  about 
the  country  and  see  nature  with  his  e3''es,  was  counted  a 
privilege  by  his  friends. 

In  1892  he  contributed  a  very  fine  historical  sketch  of  the 
town  of  Orange  which  was  used  in  the  centennial  number  of 
the  Greenfield.  Gazette.  In  conversation  his  fund  of  anec- 
dotes of  local  characters  and  reminiscences,  seemed  inex- 
haustible.    He  died  27  Nov.,  1897. 

Children : 

1165*        i     Herman  Francis^  Dexter,  b.  in  Orange,  13  Oct.,  18.58;  m.  Ella 

S.  Browning  of  San  Francisco,  in  1884. 
1166*      ii     Caroline  Mary^  Dexter,  b.  5  Sept.,  1860;  m.  Martin  W.  Mayo, 

23  June,  1885. 
1167*     iii     Edward  Mansfield'  Dexter,  b.  2  Oct.,  1864;  m.  ISTellie  Gertrude 

1168        iv     John  Bernard*  Dexter,  b.  3  Aug.,  1866;  d.  3  Jan.,  1868. 
1169*       V     Maurice   Lynde'   Dexter,   b.    3    May,    1869;    m.    Martha   Stella 

Foskett  of  Orange. 


George  W.'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin",  AA^illiam^,  Thomas^]  and  Frances  [Tuttle]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  6  April,  1831.  He  married  Florella  Arville 
Fi7'.  daughter  of  Job  Fry  of  Athol,  Mass.,  27  May,  1856. 
She  was  born  25  April,  1831,  and  died  9  April,  1891,  aged 
69  years  11  months  15  days. 



He  built  a  house  iu  the  east  part  of  the  towu  on  a  farm 
adjoining-  his  home  and  farmed  for  twenty-seven  years.  He 
moved  to  the  viHage  and  worked  iu  tlie  New  Home  shop  a 
few  years;  then,  as  his  health  was  failing,  he  went  to  work 
carpentering.  He  built  the  house  where  he  now  lives  in 
1870.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Baptist  Church,  and  for 
twentv-one    rears    seca-etarv    and   treasurer   of    the  Miller's 




River   Baptist   Association.     For  a  while  he  was  superin- 
tendent of  the  Sunday- school. 

Of  very  even  disposition,  always  cheerful,  sociable,  quiet 
and  amiable,  he  had  a  kind  word  for  every  one,  looking  on  the 
bright  side  of  life.  He  always  voted  the  Republican  ticket. 
He  has  been  President  of  the  Dexter  Family  Association  for 
a  number  of  years. 

Children : 

1170*        i     George  Edwarcr  Dexter,  b.  fG  Dec,  18.57;  m.  Minnie  Emmelin 
Graves,  24  Oct.,  1878. 


1171        ii     Arthur  Fry«  Dexter,  b.  10  March,  1863 ;  d.  14  Aug.,  1864. 
1172*     iii     Herbert  Eugene^  Dexter,  b.  9  Feb.,  1865;  m.  Ina  M.  Dow,  27 

Nov.,  1884. 
1173        iv     Mora  Ella«  Dexter,  b.  27  Jan.,  1867;  d.  25  March,  1868. 
1174*       V     Mary  Lizzie^  Dexter,  b.   19  Nov.,  1869;   m.  Israel  Newton,  19 

Oct.,  1892.     Child,  Grace  May  Newton,  b.  7  July,  1893. 
1175       vi     Lucia  Frances'  Dexter,  b.  4  March,  1871. 


Dexter'  Davis,  son  of  Lncy*^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benjamin^, 
William",  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  John^  Davis,  was  born  at 
Orange,  Mass.,  11  Nov.,  1807,  and  died  in  1857.  He  spent 
his  early  years  on  his  father 's  farm  and  went  to  the  district 

He  married  Emily  Holden,  a  native  of  Orange,  27  Nov., 
1828,  and  they  boiight  a  part  of  the  farm  from  his  father 
and  made  their  home  there  until  1841. 

He  carried  on  a  general  store  in  the  village  in  company 
with  Otis  Brooks,  and  at  the  same  time  farmed  it  to  some 
extent.  In  1841  he  sold  out  his  store  and  took  as  part  pay- 
ment 14,000  pails,  and  these  he  shipped  to  New  York  and 
went  there  to  dispose  of  them.  He  afterwards  traveled 
through  the  State  in  search  of  a  place  to  start  the  business  of 
manufacturing  woodenware.  He  finally  located  upon  a 
tract  near  Corning,  N.  T.,  and  there  he  and  his  brothers, 
Daniel  and  Norris,  went  into  business.  They  built  a  mill 
and  put  men  into  the  woods  to  cut  the  timber  from  which 
to  make  pails.  At  first  they  shipped  these  to  New  York  by 
canal.  After  some  years  he  sold  out  to  his  brother  and 
moved  his  family  into  the  village,  where  he  and  his  son 
opened  a  grocery  store. 

He  was  a  man  of  good  judgment  and  was  held  in  high 
esteem  by  his  neighbors.  He  was  trial  justice  for  several 
years  and  also  held  other  offices.  He  was  a  Methodist  and 
held  the  office  of  class  leader.'  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Free  Masons,  and  at  his  death  in  1857  was  buried  with 
Masonic  honors. 

His  widow  married  for  her  second  husband  Rev.  Mr. 
Smith  of  Corning,  N.  Y.  She  died  10  Nov.,  1889,  aged  81 
years  9  months  12  days. 


Three  children : 

1176*        i     Nelson  Dexter"  Davis,  b.   in   Orange,  20  Sept.,  1829. 

1177  ii     Elizabeth    Emily"    Davis,    b.    30    Aug.,    1831  j    m.    Wellington 

Stewart  of  Corning,  N.  Y.,  in  June,  1853;  she  died  26  Feb., 
1855,  leaving  a  girl  baby  13  days  old. 

1.     Elizabeth  Davis"  Stewart,  b.  13  Feb.,  1855;  never  mar- 
ried ;  resided  with  her  uncle  Lynval  in  Corning. 

1178  iii     Lynval   Amos"  Davis,   b.   in   Orange,   15   Nov.,   1834;    m.   Kate 

Bache,  1  Sept.,  1865.  No  family.  Mr.  Davis  was  a  soldier  in 
the  Civil  War,  and  after  the  war  settled  in  the  oil  regions  in 
Pennsylvania,  and  remained  there  until  1890,  when  they 
returned  to  Corning,  and  have  resided  there  since.  He  is  a 
carpenter  by  occupation. 


Norris^  Davis,  son  of  Lucy^  [Benjamin^  Samuel*,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  John*'  Davis,  was  born  at 
Orange,  17  Oct.,  1810,  and  died  1  July,  1872.  He  married 
(1)  Lucy  Ann  Howard,  30  Oct.,  1831.  She  was  born  31 
July,  1811,  and  died  8  April,  1856.  They  had  four  chil- 
dren. He  married  (2)  Mrs.  Lucy  Hill,  12  March,  1857. 
They  had  three  children. 

His  father,  John  Davis,  deeded  him  land  in  Athol  in 
1832.  He  also  bought  a  tract  of  land  in  1845  of  L.  P.  Whit- 
ney, 100  acres.  He  bought  a  tract  in  Orange  of  John  Davis 
in  1842.  He  bought  a  shed  and  the  land  it  stood  upon,  near 
the  Baptist  Church  in  Athol,  in  1838,  and  about  this  time 
moved  into  the  red  house  east  of  the  house  of  his  father.  In 
1843  he  moved  to  western  New  York  and  carried  on  the 
pail  business  with  his  brothers,  Dexter  and  Daniel.  He  sold 
out  his  interest  to  his  brother  Daniel  and  went  into  the  man- 
ufacture of  cheese  quite  extensively. 

Children : 

1179*        i     Erastus  Andrew^  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  25  Nov.,  1832. 

1180        ii     Philetus  A.«  Davis,  b.  31  May,  1835 ;  d.  24  Feb.,  1836. 

1181*     iii     Cynthia  Ann^  Davis,  b.  in  Orange,  4  July,  1837. 

1182        iv     Josephine    Augusta"    Davis,    b.    in    Orange,    13    Jan.,    1841 ;    m. 

Andrew  J.  Carton,  Oct.,  1864;   child  b.  4  July,  1865;   mother 

and  child  d.  23  July,  1865. 



1183  V     Willie  E/  Davis,  b.  10  March,  1858;   d.  7  March,  1861. 

1184  vi     George  E.^  Davis,  b.  14  May,  1859. 

1185  vii     Cassie  D.^  Davis,  b.  13  March,  1861 ;  d.  25  May,  1862. 


Narcissa"  Davis,  daughter  of  Lucy^  [Benjamin^,  SamueP,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Jolin^  Davis,  was 
born  at  Orange,  Mass.,  30  Nov.,  1812.  She  married  John 
Warden  of  "Worcester,  Mass.,  in  1837. 


She  lived  at  home  until  her  marriage,  going  to  school  in 
District  No.  6.  At  her  marriage  she  moved  to  Worcester 
and  lived  in  the  Warden  homestead  (see  ent) .  In  1841  she 
and  her  husband  moved  to  Norwich,  Ct.,  but  only  stayed 
there  a  year.  After  their  return  they  built  a  new  house  east 
of  the  old  homestead  (see  cut), and  this  was  their  home  until 
her  death  in  1891. 

After  the  decease  of  her  husband  in  1865,  she  continued 
to  reside  on  Park  Street,  making  a  home  for  her  children 
(her  daughter,  Abbie  L.  Carpenter,  occupying  a  tenement 



jjijijiiji  [jllii  iiiM^^^^^^^^ 



(Taken  1846.) 



in  the  house).  She  was  an  active  member  of  the  Methodist 
Church  as  long  as  health  permitted.  The  last  years'  of  her 
life  were  years  of  ill  health  and  suffering,  which  she  bore 
with  Christian  fortitude. 

Her  husband,  John  Warden,  son  of  SamueP  and  Tamasin 
(Harrington)  Warden,  was  born  in  Worcester,  13  Feb., 
1814,  and  received  his  education  in  the  public  schools.  He 
learned  the  business  of  a  merchant  tailor  and  for  many 

WAKDKX   li(  ).MI-;STEAIi. 

years  carried  on  the  business  on  Main  Street.  He  was 
extensively  engaged  in  real  estate  transactions.  He  was  a 
prominent  member  of  the  Park  Street  Methodist  Church 
and  was  instrumental  in  buying  the  land  and  building  that 
church.     He  died  in  1865. 

Children : 

1186*        i     Abbie   Louise**   Warden,   b.    7   Jan.,   1840;    m.    Charles   Hudson 



1187*      ii     John  Davis*  Warden,  b.  3  Dec,  1844;  m.  Sarah  L.  Nichols. 
1188*     iii     William  Albert'  Warden,  b.  2  March,  1852;  m.  Ella  M.  Durfee. 


Daniel'  Davis,  son  of  Lucy®  [Benjamin^  SamueP,  Benjamin^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  John''  Davis,  was  born  iu 
Orange,  Mass.,  21  Jan.,  1816,  and  died  at  Caton,  N.  Y..  20 


March,  1900.     He  married  Ruth  Bates,  daughter  of  Frank 
and  Mary  Bates  of  Phillipston,  Mass. 

He  spent  his  early  days  on  the  farm  where  he  was  bom, 
but  went  South  in  1838  and  remained  five  years.  In  the 
early  forties  he  went  with  his  brothers,  Norris  and  Dexter, 
into  the  centre  of  New  York  State  and  bought  a  large  tract 
of  land  and  built  a  pail  manufactory,  and  for  many  years 
manufactured    pails,   which   were   shipped    to    New  York 



market  by  canal.  The  business  was  very  successful.  Daniel 
afterwards  bought  the  land  from  his  brothers  and  for  many 
years  was  a  successful  farmer,  owning  lots  Nos.  1  and  24  in 
Caton  to^\Tiship. 

In  1844  he  went  to  Worcester  and  was  married  at  the 
home  of  his  sister,  Narcissa  Warden,  to  Miss  Ruth  Bates. 


Daniel  was  a  man  of  quiet  manner,  of  excellent  judgment, 
and  was  honored  by  his  townsmen  by  election  to  office  many 
times.  He  was  for  sixteen  years,  prior  to  1880,  trial 
justice.  He  was  highly  respected  wherever  he  was  known 
and  lived  a  long  and  useful  life.  He  died  20  March,  1900, 
aged  84  years  2  months.  His  widow  and  three  children 
survive  him. 

Children : 
1189*        i     Edwin  F.'  Davis,  b.  28  May,  1846;  m.  Jennie  M.  Dow,  1870. 





1190*  ii  Lucy  E.*  Davis,  b.  20  May,  1850;  m.  (1)  John  C.  White,  20 
Feb.,  1870;   (2)  Harvey  Wood,  6  Feb.,  1878. 

1191*  iii  Mary  E."  Davis,  b.  11  Nov.,  1852;  m.  Frank  H.  Dow,  15  Sept., 


Lucy  Ann^  Davis,  daughter  of  Luey^  [Benjamin^  Samuel*,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  John'^  Davis  of 
Orange,  was  born  21  Dec,  1818,  and  died  4  May,  1900.  She 
married  Keuel  Barber  of  Worcester,  10  June,  1840.  He 
died  3  April,  1843,  at  the  age  of  32  years.  She  continued  to 
live  in  Worcester,  making  a  home  for  her  son  until  his  mar- 
riage, when  she  made  her  home  with  them  until  her  death,  4 
May,  1900.  She  was  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal 
Church  from  1839  until  her  death. 

Mr.  Eeuel  Barber  was  a  carpenter  by  trade  and  was 
building  the  house  on  Park  Street  for  his  brother-in-law, 
John  Warden,  when  he  was  taken  with  his  last  sickness.  He 
was  a  very  earnest  Christian  gentleman  and  was  a  class 
leader  in  the  Methodist  Church  at  time  of  his  death. 



One  child: 

1192*       i     Henry  Davis'  Barber,  b.  13  Oct.,  1841 ;  m.  Hephzibah  Dexter,  10 
June,  1867.       • 
(See  under  Hephzibah  Dexter,  No.  1148.) 


Sylvester'^  Davis,  son  of  Lucy^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benjamin*, 
William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  John''  Davis,  was  born  in 
Orange,  8  Sept.,  1822,  and  died  21  April,  1904.    He  married  18 


Jan.,  1844,  Catherine  Underwood  Johnson  of  Barre,  Mass.  She 
was  born  24  Oct.,  1821,  and  died  9  Sept.,  1893.  She  was 
the  daughter  of  Perry  and  Catherine  (Underwood)  John- 
son of  Barre. 

Sylvester  was  educated  in  the  schools  of  the  village,  going 
to  the  school  in  District  No.  6 ;  he  also  went  one  year  to  Wil- 
braham  Academy.  He  taught  school  one  year  at  Somers, 
Conn.  He  first  engaged  in  business  in  the  general  store  of 
Dexter  Davis  and   Otis  Brooks;  then  went  to  Worcester 


with  the  intention  of  learning  the  carpenter's  trade  of  his 
brother-in-law,  Reuel  Barber,  but  Mr.  Barber  dying  about 
this  time,  he  returned  to  the  farm,  where  he  spent  the 
remainder  of  his  days.  In  1843  he  bought  twenty- 
five  acres  of  land  from  his  father  on  the  road 
from  Asa  Lord's  to  Moses  Dexter 's,  and  at  the  death 
of  his  father,  in  1846,  he  came  into  possession  of  the  home 
farm;  his  mother  making  her  home  with  him  during  the 
remainder  of  her  life.  He  was  of  an  inventive 
and  mechanical  turn  of  mind,  and  there  were  many 
things  about  his  home  and  in  the  homes  of  his  friends 
to  remind  one  of  the  fact.  He  was  a  thrifty  and  enterpris- 
ing man  and  accumulated  considerable  property. 

Mr.  Davis  died  21  April,  1904,  after  a  long  illness,  and  was 
buried  in  the  family  lot  at  North  Orange,  a-nd  was  survived 
by  four  daughters. 

Children : 

Georgjianna*  Davis,  b.  2  June,  1846. 
Alfradina^  Davis,  b.  6  Oct.,  1849. 
Harriet*  Davis,  b.  16  Jan.,  1851. 
Jennie  E."  Davis,  b.  14  Marcli,  1854. 


Phebe'^  Thurston,  daughter  of  Phebe^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Levi  Thurston, 
was  bom  20  April,  1804,  and  died  13  Aug.,  1875.  She 
married  (1)  Willard  Walker  of  Royalston;  (2)  Israel  Lamb 
of  Phillipston,  1836. 

Children : 

1197*        i     Sabrina^  Walker,  b.  10  March,  1829. 

1198*      ii     Delina^  Walker,  b.  31  Jan.,  1831. 

1199*     iii     Harriet'  Walker,  b.   30  Dec,   1833. 

1200        iv     Frances   M.*   Lamb,    b.    2    July,    1837;    d.    19    Feb.,    1859;    m. 

George  O.   Eichardson  of   Royalston,   Mass. :    he  was  born  16 

Nov.,  1836,  and   died   .^0   May,  1874 











Priscilla'  Thurston,  daughter  of  Phebe®  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Levi  Thurston, 
was  bom  20  April,  1804.  She  married  Eichard  French,  23 
Sept.,  1824.  He  was  born  23  Nov.,  1800,  and  died  29  Sept., 
1884.  He  was  son  of  Adams  and  Azubah  French  and  was 
a  wheelwright  by  trade. 

Children : 

1201  i     Levi  F.^  French,  b.   9   April,   1825;   never  married.     Moved  to 

California  iff  1849  and  died  there. 
1202*      ii     Abijah'  French,  b.  22  Nov.,  1829. 

1203  iii     Priscilla  E.^  French,  b.  7  Oct.,  1831;  tmmarried. 

1204  iv     Augusta'  French,  b.  21   Oct.,   1835;   d.  at  Worcester,  1871;   m. 

Horace  L.  Jones,  son  of  John  C.  Jones  of  Wilbraham;  he  was 
born  in  1841.     No   children. 

1205  V     Arvilla'  French,  b.  21  Oct.,  1835;  d.  1838. 
1206"      vi     Maria'   French,    b.    15   Dec,    1839. 
1207*    vii     Charles  H.'  French,  b.  9  Nov.,  1846. 


Harriet'^  Thurston,  daughter  of  Phebe®  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Levi  Thurston, 
was  born  6  Jan.,  1806,  and  died  22  May,  1869.  She  mar- 
ried Jolm  Cheney  of  Orange.  He  was  born  26  Feb.,  1802, 
and  died . 

Children : 

1208  i     Julia  Ann'  Cheney,  b.  20  July,  1827 ;   d.  2  Sept.,  1834. 

1209  ii     John  Humphrey'  Cheney,  b.  16  Aug.,  1831;  m.  Elmira  Howard, 


1210  iii     Laura  Ann'  Cheney,  b.  3  March,  1836;  m.  James  Swift,  1855. 

1211  iv     Nathan    Parmenter'    Cheney,    b.    23    Aug.,    1838;    m.    Caroline 



Susan"  Thurston,  daughter  of  Phebe^  [Benjamin^  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Levi  Thurston, 


was  born  in  Oran<>e,  8  Jan.,  1808.     She  married  Ira  Whit- 
ney of  Athol.    He  was  born  30  July,  1807. 

Children : 

1212*  i  George   W.»  Whitney,  b.   3   May,   1833. 

1213*  ii  Nathan  H.'  Whitney,  b.  9  Feb.,  1835. 

1214*  iii  Levi  I.»  Whitney,  b.  in  Athol,  1  Nov.,  1836. 

1215  iv  Parish  H."  Whitney,  b.  5  Sept.,  1838;   m.  Victoria  Bronson,  1 

June,   1863.     One  child:   Zelin  M."  Whitney,  b.  1865. 

1216*  V  Hira  M."  Whitney,  b.  19  June,  1842. 

1217  vi  Susan   H.*   Whitney,   b.    15    April,    1844;    m.    John   Dalton    of 

Tabor,  Iowa,  1874. 

1218  vii     Lydia  S.'  Whitney,  b.  18  Nov.,   1845;   m.  Orrin  C.  Havok,  29 

Oct.,   1869. 

1219  viii     Ira  H.'  Whitney,  b.  14  July,  1849;  m.  Lizzie  A.  Eogers,  1873. 

She  was  b.  1853. 


Levi  Thurston'^  Ball,  son  of  Phebe^  [Benjamin^  SamueP,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Fordyce  Ball,  was 
born  in  1811.     He  married  Almira  Adams. 

Four  children : 

1220  i     Phebe  Ann*  Ball;   died  young. 

1221  ii     Maria  Almira*  Ball;   m.  Louis  C.  Ells. 
1222*     iii     John  Levi*  Ball;    b.  . 

1223*      iv     Joseph   Elijah*  Ball,   b.   . 


Elijah^  Ball,  son  of  Phebe''  [Benjamin^  Samuel^  Benjamin^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Fordyce  Ball,  was  born  in 
1813.     He  married  Sarah  Clark. 

Two  children: 

1224  i     Mary  Frances*  Ball,  b.  1  Dec,   1843;   m.  George  E.  Whittum. 

One  child:    Bertha  Hastings"  Whittum. 

1225  ii     George  Elijah*  Ball;   m.    (1)    Hattie  Eeese   (one  child,  Pauline 

Sarah'  Ball)  ;    (2)    Fanny   J.   Eaton. 



Hyder  Alley^  Ball,  son  of  Phebe*^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Fordyce  Ball,  was 
born  in  1815.     He  married  Frances  E.  W.  Johnson. 

Four  cliildren: 

1226*        i     Albert  H.«  Ball,  b.  . 

1227  ii     Lucy  Maria^  Ball,  b.  ;  m.  Sanford  L.  Nestell.     Two  chil- 

dren:   James   Nestell,    Frances   Nestell. 

1228  iii     Louis  Caleb«  Ball,  b.  ;   m.    (1)   Lucy ;    (2)   Bertha 

Eay.     One  child:   Eay  Ball. 

1229  iv     Frank    William^    Ball,    b.    ;    m.    Nellie    Carmen.        Three 

children:    Harry  Ball,   Jay  Ball,   Floyd  Ball. 


Joseph  Gilbert'^  Ball,  son  of  Pliebe^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Fordyce  Ball,  was 
born  in  Orange,  28  May,  1817.  He  married  (1)  Esther 
Preble,  who  was  born  in  Anson,  Me.,  24  June,  1821,  and 
died  22  Oct.,  1856 ;  two  children,  born  in  Boston.  He  mar- 
ried (2)  .Cornelia  M.  Wiley,  born  in  Weston,  18  March. 
1832;  six  children. 


1230  i     Esther  Elizabeth'  Ball,  b.  in  Boston,  6  Sept.,  1849 ;  m.  Even  E. 

MePherson.     One    child:    Eoss    McPherson. 

1231  ii     Joseph  Appleton'  Ball,  b.  in  Boston,  15  Nov.,  1853;  m.  Annie 

B.  McPherson.     Three  children:    Joseph  Norman  Ball,   Edith 
Preble  Ball,  Bertha  Buckner  Ball. 

1232  iii     James  Henry*  Ball,  b.  in  Boston,  22  Nov.,  1858;  m.   (1)   Stella 

Judson   (one  son,  Herbert  James  Ball)  ;    (2)   Minnie  Lincoln. 

1233  iv     Harry  Perkins"  Ball,  b.  in  Boston,   18  Nov.,   1861;   m.   Esther 

A.  Dow.     One  child:  Constance  Lincoln  Ball. 

1234  V     Elijah*  Ball,  b.  in  Boston,  14  Sept.,  1863;  m.  Clara  A.  Peter- 

son.    One   child:    Eobert   Elijah   Ball. 

1235  vi     Aaron   Lawrence*    Ball,   b.    in   Cambridge,    12   Nov.,    1866;    m. 

Lillie    C,    Mark,     Two    children:    Mary    Adaline    Ball,    Euth 


1236  vii     Benjamin   Franklin"  Ball,   b.   iu   Cambridge,   14   Oct.,   1869;    d. 

13   June,    1874. 

1237  viii     Samuel  Wiley*  Ball,  b.  10  Feb.,  1876. 


Joanna'^  Ball,  daughter  of  Phebe^  [Benjamin"',  Samuel*,  Benja- 
min^, William-,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Fordyce  Ball,  was 
born  20  May,  1820,  at  Orange,  Mass.  She  married 
Houghton  Hall,  at  Orange,  26  July,  1849.  She  died  13 
Aug.,  1862.  She  lived  at  home  in  her  earlier  years,  but  was 
working  in  Boston  in  1844. 

Children : 

1238  i     Willard  Houghton^  Hall,  b.  in  Troy,   N.  Y.,   7  May,   1850;   d. 

12  July,  1851. 
1239*      ii     Sarah  Elizabeth'  Hall,  b.  in  Troy,  N.  Y.,  6  May,  1852. 

1240  iii     George  Chandler^   Hall,  b.   in   Troy,   N.  Y.,   22  May,   1855;    d. 

in  Hardwick,  14  Jan.,  1860. 

1241  iv     Josephine   Avigusta^   Hall,   b.   in  Hardwick,   20   Nov.,   1858;    d. 

in  Hardwick,   29   Sept.,  1860. 

1242  V     Jennie    Louisa'    Hall,    b.    in    Hardwick,    30    July,    1861;    d.    6 

Feb.,  1862. 


Wilson''  Wheeler,  son  of  Betsey*^  [Benjamin^,  SamueP,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Zaccheus  Wheeler, 
was  born  at  Orange,  Mass.,  5  Oct.,  1804,  and  died  in  1887. 
He  was  educated  in  the  village  where  he  was  born,  remain- 
ing there  until  he  was  of  age.  He  then  went  to  Worces- 
ter, where  he  worked  at  his  trade  as  carpenter,  and  there 
met  Miss  Catherine  Holmes  Warden,  and  in  1830  they 
were  married  and  removed  to  Orange,  where  they  remained 
until  their  decease,  except  a  short  time  when  they  lived  in 
Winchendon,  where  their  daughter  Sarah  was  born.  At 
one  time  they  lived  in  the  west  part  of  the  to'wn  near  the 
Warwick  line,  while  he  superintended  the  building  of  the 



bridge  at  Wendell  Depot.  While  here,  Eliza  and  Evelena 
were  born.  They  built  a  house  on  East  Main  Street,  and 
here  the  other  children  were  born.  In  the  later  years  of  his 
life  he  lived  on  the  farm  where  John  W.  Wheeler's  sum- 


mer  home  now  is.     His  wife  died  2  Aug.,  1876,  aged  71 

He  was  a  man  of  affairs  and  was  often  called  upon  to 
administer  estates  of  deceased  persons.  He  held  the  office 
of  deputy  sheriff  of  Franklin  County  from  1852  to  1867. 
He  died  at  Orange,  26  Dec,  1887,  aged  83  years  2  months. 



Children : 

1243  i     Catherine  Elizabeth^  Wheeler,  b.  in  Orange,   6  Feb.,  1831;   m. 

George  P.  Clark  (widower),  26  Sept.,  1860.  He  died  28  Jan., 
1893.     They  had  no  children.     She  now  lives  in  Winchendon. 

1244*      ii     John  Wilson*  Wheeler,  b.  20  Nov.,   1832. 
















Sarah  Warden^  Wheeler,  b.  23  Nov.,  1834. 

Erastus  Otis'  Wlieeler,  b.  27  Oct.,  1836. 

Emily  Davis*  Wheeler,  b.   26  Sept.,  1838;   d.   24  Dec,  1887. 

Francis  Dexter*  Wheeler,  b.  28  June,  1840. 

Eliza  Ann*  Wheeler,  b.  16  June,  1842. 

Evelena  Jane*  Wheeler,  b.  20  Aug.,  1843. 

Nancy  Maria*  Wheeler,  b.  3  Jan.,  1845;   d.  28  Aug.,  1848. 




Betsey''  Wheeler,  daughter  of  Betsey*^  [Benjamin^,  Samuel*,^ 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Zaccheus 
Wheeler,  was  born  at  Orange,  Mass.,  21  Jan.,  1807,  and 
died  at  Millbnry,  Mass.,  2  Dec,  1883.  She  married  Simon 
Brown  Poland  of  Winchendon,  Mass.,  28  Feb.,  1829. 

MRS.  S.  B.  POLAND  (BETSEY  W.). 

Simon  Brown  Poland,  son  of  William  Poland  and  Betsey 
(Brown)  Poland,  was  born  at  Winchendon,  Mass.,  on  the 
first  day  of  June,  1802. 

He  was  the  youngest  of  eleven  children.  He  was  brought 
up  on  his  father's  farm  and  attended  the  district  school,  as 
was  the  custom  in  those  days,  acquiring  the  usual  edu- 
cation of  a  farmer  boy  of  that  period. 

At  an  early  age  he  learned  the  carpenter's  trade,  in 
which  he  engaged  while  not  otherwise  occupied  on  his. 
father's  farm. 



(  ( 

He  married,  28  l-i'eb.,  182!),  and  soon  after  ac(inired  a 
farm  of  liis  own  at  Winchendon,  Mass.  Here  all  of  his 
ten  children  were  born. 

In  the  fall  of  1854  he  removed  with  his  family  to  Mill- 
bnry,  Mass.,  where  he  acquired  another  farm.  One  of  his 
aims  in  moving  to  IMillbury  was  to  secure  a  better  educa- 
tion for  his  children. 


In  1865  he  sold  his  farm  at  Millbury  and  returned  with 
his  family  to  Winchendon,  where  he  continued  to  reside 
until  1870.  In  that  year  he  again  removed  his  family  to 
Millbury,  where  he  remained  until  his  death,  20  Feb.,  1873. 

While  a  resident  both  of  Millbury  and  Winchendon,  he 
served  at  different  times  as  Prudential  Committee  of  the 
school  district,  and  also  as  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Over- 
seers   of  the  Poor. 

Throughout  his  life  he  was  universally  beloved  as  well 
as  respected  by  all  who  knew  him.     He  was  distinguished 


for  his  sturdy  industry,  his  high  civic  integrity  and  his 
incorruptible  honesty.  He  was  buried  in  the  Riverside 
Cemetery  in  Winchendon,  Mass. 

Children : 

1252  i     Wheeler'    Poland,    b.    1    Oct.,    1830;    m.    Lucy    E.    Newton,    6 

April,  1854;  she  was  born  in  Eoyalston,  12  June,  1828,  and 
died  14  Aug.,   1904.     No  children. 

1253*      ii     Sarah  Maria*  Poland,  b.  1  July,  1832. 

1254*     iii     Mary  Elizabeth'  Poland,  b.  3  Feb.,  1834. 

1255*      iv     Charles  Townsend'  Poland,  b.  11  Feb.,  1836. 

1256*       V     Julia  Augusta'  Poland,  b.   16   Nov.,  1838. 

1257*      vi     Ellen  Gracia'  Poland,  b.  24  Nov.,  1840. 

1258*    vii     Emma  Olive'  Poland,  b.   7  Oct.,  1842. 

1259*  viii     Martin  L.'  Poland,  b.  24  Aug.,  1845., 

1260*     Lx     Stella  E.'  Poland,  b.   8   Aug.,  1848. 

1261*       X     Addison  B.'  Poland,  b.  26  March,  1851. 

Samuel  Poland  (perhaps  the  son  of  John,  who  was  killed  in  1677)  was 
in  Ipswich  as  early  as  1690,  for  he  took  part  in  the  expedition  to  Canada 
in  1690,  for  which  he  afterwards  received  a  grant  of  land  in  Ipswich, 
Canada  (Winchendon).  He  was  allowed  to  keep  his  horses  on  the  com- 
mon, 1697 ;  was  freeman,  1707 ;  was  grantee  of  town  of  Winchendon,  1737, 
but  did  not  move  there;  was  killed  by  falling  from  a  tree  in  1747.  In 
1712  he  and  James  Poland  were  signers  to  a  petition  for  a  separate  pre- 
cinct, and  he  was  on  the  committee  to  build  the  new  church.  He  had  at 
least  two  sons,  Joseph  and  Nathaniel,  for  in  1761  they  sold  his  right  in 
the  land  at  Winchendon  to  Charles  Tuttle. 

Joseph   Poland,   son   of   above   Samuel,   was  born  in   1702   or   1708    at 

Ipswich,  and  died  in  1798.     He  married  Elizabeth  .     They  must 

have  had  two  sons,  William  and  Samuel,  for  they  bought  the  farm  at 
Winchendon  together  in  1786,  Samuel  in  1806  selling  his  half  to  William. 

William  Poland,  son  of  Jose:ph,  was  bom  in  Ipswich,  6  April,  1757,  and 
removed  to  Winchendon  in  1788.  He  married  Betsey  Brown  in  1762,  and 
they  had  eleven  children,  Simon  Brown  Poland  being  the  youngest. 


Rev.  John  Wesley"  Wheeler,  son  of  Betsey®  [Benjamin^, 
Samuel*,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Zac- 
cheus  Wheeler,  was  born  in  1811.  He  married  Nancy 
Foster  of  Grafton.    He  was  a  Methodist  minister. 

One  child: 
1262         i     Nancy  N.'  Wheeler,  b.  1838. 



Eliza  Ann''  Wheeler,  daughter  of  Betsey*^  [Benjamin^,  SamueP, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Zaccheus 
Wheeler,  was  born  at  Orange,  Mass.,  4  Oct.,  1820,  and  died 
at  Worcester,  17  Dec,  1896.  She  married  Samuel  Morse  of 
Eoyalston,  Mass.  He  was  born  at  Royalston,  23  July,  1816, 
and  died  at  Worcester,  30  Oct.,  1876.  He  was  a  carpenter 
and  builder  by  trade  and  followed  that  occupation  in  Roy- 
alston,  Winehendon  and  Worcester. 

Children : 

1263  i     Everett  Larue'  Morse,  b.  at  Eoyalston,  Jan.,  1844;  d.  28  Feb., 


1264  ii     Everett  Augustus'  Morse,  b.   in  Eoyalston,   10   June,   1845 ;   m. 

at  Worcester,  14  Oct.,  1876,  Josie  Maria  Paine,  daughter  of 
Francis  and  Nancy  Paine  of  South  Franklin,  Mass.  They 
now  reside  at  Worcester,  and  have  no  children. 

1265  iii     Sarah  Jane'  Morse,  b.  in  Winehendon,  Mass.,  17  March,  1847; 

m.  Thomas  Edward  Noyes  of  Worcester,  son  of  Thomas  and 
Mary  (Stone)  Noyes  of  Holliston,  Mass.,  1  Jan.,  1870.  They 
now  reside  at  Eutland,  Mass.,  and  have  no   children. 

1266*      iv     Maria  Angela'  Morse,  b.  in  Winehendon,  Mass.,  16  Sept.,  1850. 

1267*       V     Elnora'  Morse,  b.  in  Worcester,   26  Oct.,  1855. 

1268*     vi     Emma  Elizabeth'  Morse,  b.  in  Worcester,  13  Dec,  1858. 

1269*  vii  Charles  S.'  Morse,  b.  at  Worcester,  15  Sept.,  1861;  m.  (1) 
Ella  B.  Osborn  (one  child,  Florence  Gertrude  Morse,  b.  26 
Feb.,  1891);  m.  (2)  Charlotte  A.  Townsend. 

1270  viii  Alice  Bertha'  Morse,  b.  in  Worcester,  4  July,  1868;  un- 
married.   Besides  at  Eichmond,  Ind. 


George  Warren'^  Wheeler,  son  of  Betsey®  [Benjamin^,  SamueP, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Zaccheus 
Wheeler,  was  born  at  Orange,  19  Oct.,  1826.  He  married 
Miriam  Fales  Titcomb  of  Bangor,  Me.,  9  Sept.,  1853.  She 
was  born  5  Sept.,  1834,  at  Bangor,  Me. 

In  early  life  Mr.  Wheeler  was  in  the  hotel  business  in 
Cincinnati.     He  purchased  Island  No.  24  in  the  Mississippi 


River,  and  farmed  it;  he  also  cut  off  the  wood.  He  also 
had  a  large  number  of  government  horses  under  his  con- 
trol. Owing  to  the  island  being  washed  away  by  the  action  of 
the  river,  he  moved  to  Missouri,  where  he  sold  off  most  of 
his  stock  and  engaged  in  the  grocery  business  for  a  time. 
Later  he  went  into  the  hotel  business  and  has  been  engaged 
in  it  the  rest  of  his  active  business  life. 

Children : 

1271  i     Charles   Alexander*   Wheeler,   b.   in   Cincinnati,   Ohio,    24   Dec, 

18.58;  m.  Gertrude  Bailey  Whipple,  1  Jan.,  1902. 

1272  ii     Eugenia  Tales'  Wheeler,  b.   30  Dec,  1860;    d.   22  Aug.,   1890; 

m.  George  W.  Smith,  18  Oct.,  1877.     Two  children:   Edith  E. 
Smith,  b.  6  May,  1880;  Lillien  E.  Smith,  b.  21  Jan.,  1882. 

1273  iii     Susan  Grace^  Wheeler,  b.  on  Island  No.  24,  Mississippi  Eiver, 

18   Sept.,  1863.     Now  resides  at  Worcester. 


Loring'  Dexter,  son  of  Luke^  [Ephraim%  Ephraim*,  Benjamin^, 
Willianr,  Thomas^]  and  Joanna  [Pierce]  Dexter,  was  born 
1  April,  1804,  and  died  5  Oct.,  1882.  He  married  (1) 
Achsah  Dexter,  29  Nov.,  1827 :  five  children,  born  in  Fair- 
haven,  Mass.;  (2)  Keziah  Holmes,  28  Sept.,  1836:  two  chil- 
dren, born  in  Fairhaven,  Mass. 

Children : 

1274*        i     Achsah  L.'*  Dexter,  b.  12  May,  1838;   d.  5  Sept.j  1902. 

1275  ii     Joanna  P.*  Dexter,  b.  27  Jan.,  1840;  d.  6  Nov.,  1903. 

1276  iii     Clement  E.'  Dexter,  b.   29  July,  1842;   m.  Annie  Lee,   1  June, 

1881.     Two    children:    Clara    A.    Dexter,    born    and    died    in 
1882;   Grace  E.  Dexter,  b.  in  Chicago,  8  May,  1885. 

1277  iv     Mary  D.  T.'  Dexter,  b.  3  Nov.,  1844;  m.  Horace  L.  Wood,  21 

May,  1867.     One  child:   Lewis   S.  Wood,  b.   1868;   d.  1882. 

1278  V     Abiel  P.  E.'  Dexter,  b.  30   Aug.,  1846;   m.  Minerva  Fountain, 

30  Jan.,   1871. 
1279*      vi     Keziah  L.^  Dexter,  b.  16  Sept.,  1828;  d.  16  Aug.,  1902. 
1280*    vii     Obadiah  D.«  Dexter,  b.  12  March,  1832;   d.  12  Aug.,  1871. 



Gilmore^  Dexter,  son  of  Luke**  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^  Benja- 
mm^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Joanna  [Pierce]  Dexter,  was 
born  7  Aug.,  1807,  and  died  13  April,  1877.  He  married 
(1)  Lucy  A.  Wing,  22  Dec,  1828;  (2)  Mary  Andrews.  He 
was  a  caulker  by  trade,  and  in  later  life  lived  on  his  farm 
and  supplied  the  market  with  vegetables. 

Four  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

1281  i     James  F.^  Dexter,  b.  5  April,  1830;   d.   1850. 

1282  ii     William  P."  Dexter,  b.  14  Jan.,  1832;   d.  June,  1897;   m.  Eliz- 

abeth Bennett,  2  Nov.,  1853.  He  was  a  caulker  by  trade  and 
spent  most  of  his  life  in  New  York,  returning  to  New  Bed- 
ford a  few  years  before  his  death. 

1283  iii     Luke^   Dexter,   b.   May,    1833;    m.    Nancy   Durfee,    1853.      Two 

children:  Ada  M.  Dexter,  b.  1855,  d.  1892;  James  F.  Dex- 
ter, b.  . 

1284  iv     Sarah   F.'   Dexter,   b.   11    April,   1841;    m.    (1)    Charles   H.   W. 

Jenney,  29   Sept.,  1857;    (2)    Albert  Shaw. 


Christina  R.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Luke''  [Ephraim^  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Joanna  [Pierce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  27  March,  1815,  and  died  8  Feb.,  1900.  She 
married  Seth  Cowen,  16  Feb.,  1834. 

Fourteen  children,  all  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

1285  i     Sophronia  D."  Cowen,  b.   26  Jan.,   1835;   d.   23   Oct.,   1874;   m. 

Joshua  L.  Macomber,  15  May,   1853. 

1286  ii     Lydia  P.^  Cowen,  b.  22  Sept.,  1836;  d.  2  Feb.,  1837. 

1287  iii     Deborah  D.  L.«  Cowen,  b.  25  May,  1838;  d.  29  April,  1847. 

1288  iv     Lidora  S."  Cowen,  b.  20  April,  1840;  m.  Charles  Hall,  4  Oct., 


1289  V     Lydia   P.**   Cowen,   b.    29    Oct.,    1841;    m.    Darius   Wescott,    27 

Jan.,   1858. 

1290  vi     Seth   L.«   Cowen,  b.   11   Sept.,   1843;    m.   Elvira  B.   Abbott,   22 

Jan.,   1864. 

1291  vii     Mary   W."   Cowen,   b.    2   Nov.,    1846;    m.    Orris   P.   Huntley,    17 

March,  1867. 


1292  viii     William  P.*  Cowen,  b.  18  July,  1848;  d.  17  Aug.,  1853. 

1293  ix     Joshua  M.^  Cowen,  b.  23  March,  1851;  m.  Kittie  Compton,  19 

Feb.,  1897. 

1294  X     James  F.'  Cowen,  b.  20  Jan.,  1853;   m.  Sarah  Aired,  3  March, 


1295  xi     Lorenzo^  Cowen,  b.  9  Dec,  1854;  d.  11  Dec,  1854. 

1296  xii     Charles'  Cowen,  b.  5  Sept.,  1856;   d.   2  Nov.,  1856. 

1297  xiii     Abner'  Cowen,  b.  7  Nov.,  1858;   d.  19  July,  1861. 

1298  xiv     George'  Cowen,  b.  7  Feb.,  1861;   d.  20  Sept.,  1861, 


Lorenzo  D.'^  Dexter,  son  of  Luke^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William-,  Thomas^]  and  Joanna  C.  [Pierce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  17  Nov.,  1828,  and  died  16  June,  1853.  She 
married  Lurana  K.  Braley,  4  Aug.,  1846. 

Two  eMldren,  born  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. : 

1299  1     Addie   L.'   Dexter,    b.    9    Jan.,    1852;    m.    Caleb    Babcock,    25 

Sept.,  1878. 

1300  ii     Joan  C  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Paul  Hathaway,  7  Dec,  1869. 


Captain  Leonard  S.'^  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Epbraim^, 
Ephraim^,  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Eachel 
[Snow]  Dexter,  was  born  26  Jan.,  1811,  and  died  18  May, 
1853.  He  married  Sarah  Childs,  30  June,  1837.  He  was 
a  captain  of  whaling  vessels  and  made  many  successful 
voyages.     He  died  while  at  sea. 

Two  children,  born  in  Falmouth: 

1301  i     Edward  T.'  Dexter,  b.  15  March,  1840;  d.  2  Oct.,  1868.    Went 

to  sea  with  his  father  and  was  with  him  when  he  died. 

1302  ii     Henry  M.'  Dexter,  b.  19  Jan.,  1844. 


Calvin'^  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim^,  Benja- 
min', William^,  Thomas^]   and  Rachel  [Snow]   Dexter,  was 


born  9  Nov.,  1812,  and  died  25  March,  1867.  lie  married 
Eunice  K.  Southworth,  25  Aug.,  1853.  lie  was  a  whaling 
captain  and  commanded  several  vessels  in  the  whale  fish- 
ery. He  was  successful,  and  when  he  retired  he  made  his 
home  in  South  Dartmouth,  Mass. 

Children,  born  in  Dartmouth,  Mass. : 

1303  i     Elizabeth  W.'  Dexter,  b.  25  Dec,  18.54;  m.  Ward  W.  Hart,  26 

Oct.,  1875.     One  child:  Edward  Dexter  Hart,  b.  3  Nov.,  1876. 
Mr.  Hart  runs  express  between  Boston  and  Woburn. 

1304  ii     Edward  S.'  Dexter,  b.  23  June,  1859;  d.  9  Aug.,  1879. 

1305  iii     Calvin  S.'  Dexter,  b.  23  June,  1859;   d.  25  Sept.,  1860. 

1306  iv     Kachel  S.«  Dexter,  b.  21  March,  1861 ;   d.  3  Oct.,  1879. 

1307  V     Calvin  H.'  Dexter,  b.  27  Feb.,  1862 ;   d.  26  Oct.,  1882. 


Lewis''  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^  Benja- 
min^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Rachel  [Snow]  Dexter,  was 
bom  16  Oct.,  1820.  He  married  Martha  Robbins.  He  was 
a  house  carpenter  and  worked  in  New  Bedford  many  years, 
and  for  several  years  during  the  last  of  his  life  he  resided  in 
New  York. 

Children,  born  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. : 

1308  i     Mary   E.'   Dexter,   b.   5   Aug.,   1844;    m.   Isaac   S.   Lanigave,   7 

Dec,  1868. 

1309  ii     Albertina    E.^    Dexter,    1    Jan.,    1852;    m.    Charles    Smith,    20 

April,  1869. 

1310  iii     Eunica*   Dexter,   b.   31   July,    1854;    m.   Charles   E.   Eolston,    2 

July,  1876. 

1311  iv     Lewis  L.^  Dexter,  b.  10  June,  1855. 

1312  V     Gideon  L."  Dexter,  b.  31  May,  1858 ;  m.  Susan  Forbes,  22  Feb., 

1881.     One  son:   William,  b.  Nov.,  1884. 
1313*      vi     William  H.*  Dexter,  b.  4  Oct.,   1860;   m.  Mary  P.  White,   14 
April,   1880. 

1314  vii     Charles    E.*   Dexter,    b.    18    Aug.,    1862;    m.    Mamie    Copeman, 

1883.     Two   children:    Elizabeth  A.  Dexter,  b.  3  Jan.,   1884; 
George  E.  Dexter,  b.  June,  1886. 

1315  viii     Albion  E.«  Dexter,  b.  24  July,  1864. 



Ainsworth'^  Dexter,  son  of  Ephraim^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim^, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Rachel  [Snow]  Dexter, 
was  born  27  Jan.,  1823.  He  married  Phebe  C.  Coffin,  15 
June,  1847.  He  was  a  house  carpenter,  also  worked  several 
years  at  building  cars.  He  was  a  member  of  the  firm  of 
Ruggies  &  Dexter. 

Children,  born  in  New  Bedford: 

1316  i     Eliza  C*  Dexter,  b.   24  June,  1848;   m.   Edward  E.  Lawrence, 

19  Oct.,  1873.  One  cMld:  Cornelia  Ainsworth  Lawrence,  b. 
17  Oct.,  1880. 

1317  ii     Howard  N."  Dexter,  b.   24  Aug.,   1850;   m.   Sarah  J.   Eaton,  5 

Aug.,  1873.  One  child:  Sarah  H.  Dexter,  b.  7  June,  1874. 
Foreman  in  cutting  department  in  a  large  shoe  factory  in 
New  Bedford. 

1318  iii     Arthur   A.^   Dexter,   b.   16   Feb.,   1867;    m.    Grace   Gardner,   24 

Dec,  1890.     No  children. 

1319  iv     Carrie  A."  Dexter,  b.  9  Nov.,  1868;  d.  12  Nov.,  1903. 


Harriet''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim*'  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Rachel  [Snow]  Dexter, 
was  born  13  Dec,  1817,  and  died  6  April,  1901.  She  mar- 
ried (1)  Daniel  H.  Kendrick,  9  July,  1839.  He  died  23 
Oct.,  1879.  MaiTied  (2)  William  A.  Barlow,  27  April, 

Children,  born  in  Sandwich,  Mass. : 

1320*        i     Henry  H.»  Kendrick,  b.  13  Oct.,  1840;  d.  12  Oct.,  1884. 

1321*      ii     Rachel  S.«  Kendrick,  b.  9  April,  1843. 

1322  iii  Daniel  H.^  Kendrick,  Jr.,  b.  5  Jan.,  1846;  m.  (1)  Adeliza 
Boyden  Lambert,  23  May,  1869;  (2)  Sarah  Biu-t  Eames,  27 
July,  1877.  One  child:  Beulah  B.  Kendrick,  b.  27  Aug.,  1885. 

1323*      iv     Harriet  L."  Kendrick,  b.  18  May,  1851 ;  d.  26  Oct.,  1886. 

1324*       v     Horace  L."  Kendrick,  b.  27  Dec,  1853. 



Warren'  Dexter,  son  of  Gideon''  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim'',  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
30  Oct.,  1805,  and  died  11  Feb.,  1880.  He  married  Sophia 
Nye,  3  May,  1830.  He  was  a  ship  carpenter  by  trade,  and 
went  one  season  to  Florida  after  live  oak  timber.  In  later 
life  he  was  a  farmer. 

Two  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

1325  i     Henry  W.^  Dexter,  b.  4  Oct.,  1833. 

1326  ii     Melintha   C.«  Dexter,   b.   31   July,   1836;    d.   23   May,   1889;   m. 

Nathaniel  P.  Hiller,  27  Nov.,  18.54.  Two  children:  Sophia 
W.  Hiller,  b.  19  Jan.,  1855  (married  Charles  B.  Pierce,  13 
April,  1878);  Esther  E.  Hiller,  b.  10  July,  1856;  m.  in  1876. 


Samuel'  Dexter,  son  of  Gideon*'  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim^,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
16  Nov.,  1807,  and  died  Sept.,  1885.  He  married  Lydia 
Dexter.  He  was  a  caulker,  also  carried  on  a  small  farm, 
which  was  a  part  of  the  original  Dexter  land. 

Two  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

1327*        i     Ephraim  A.*  Dexter,   b.   3   Jan.,   1834. 
1328*      ii     SamueP  Dexter,  Jr.,  b.  28  Nov.,  1835. 


Lurana''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Gideon"  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
Sept.,  1809,  and  died  25  June,  1891.  She  married  Ivory 
Snow,  2d,  26  July,  1829. 

Children : 

1329  i     James  M.'  Snow,  b.  Mattapoisett,  1831;   d.  24  May,  1878;  m. 

Louisa  M.  Perkins,  19  Oct..  1851. 


1330  ii     Sumner  D.'  Snow,  b.  1833;   d.  12   Sept.,  1880;   m.  L.  Amanda 

Davenport,  4  Jan.,  1864. 

1331  iii     Mary  D.*   Snow,   b.   1836;    m.   Burbank   S.   Goodspeed,   5   Oct., 


1332  iv     Lydia  H.*   Snow,  b.   1840;    m.   Hiram  H.   Goodspeed,   20  Jan., 


1333  V     Sarah   A.«   Snow,   b.    1842;    m.    George   W.    Edwards,   27    Oct., 


1334  vi     Eufus  A.^  Snow,  b.  1845;  m.  Nettie  Goodspeed,  3  May,  1868. 

1335  vii     George  Albert'  Snow,  b.  1850;   d.  6  Aug.,  1851. 


Ephraim''  Dexter,  son  of  Gideon^  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
1  Oct.,  1811.  He  married  Laura  A.  Snow,  daughter  of 
James  and  Hannah  (Sherman)  Snow,  29  Feb.,  1843.  He 
learned  the  caulker's  trade.  He  went  two  voyages  whaling, 
and  was  once  shipwrecked.  In  later  years  he  carried  on 
the  farm  which  was  a  part  of  the  original  Dexter  land. 

Four  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

1336  1  Oscar  F.«  Dexter,  b.  6  April,  1845 ;  d.  12  Sept.,  1846. 

1337*  ii  Sarah  A.«  Dexter,  b.  21  Dec,  1847. 

1338  iii  Philander  E.«  Dexter,  b.  6  Nov.,  1849;   d.  24  Nov.,  1860. 

1339  iv  Phebe  A.»  Dexter,  b.  11  May,  1856;  d.  26  July,  1860. 


Calvin^  Dexter,  son  of  Gideon^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*,  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
25  Sept.,  1813,  and  died  2  May,  1886.  He  married  Cath- 
erine Caswell,  18  May,  1848.  He  was  a  ship  carpenter,  work- 
ing at  this  trade  many  years.  He  went  South  for  live  oak 
timber  for  ship  building.  He  was  also  engaged  in  coast- 
ing trade  for  several  years. 




One  child : 

1340*       i     William  C.«  Dexter,  b.   in  Rochester,   30  June,  1851;   m.  Mary 
J.  Faunce,  14  Nov.,  1877. 


John'^  Dexter,  2d,  son  of  Gideon^  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^  Ben- 
jamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  Dexter,  was  born 
13  Feb.,  1816,  and  died  26  July,  1880.  He  married  Han- 
nah S.  Dexter,  12  March,  1839.  He  learned  the  trade  of  a 
caulker  and  worked  at  it  many  years.  He  spent  one  winter 
in  the  South  getting  live  oak  timber  for  ship  building.  He 
owned  a  part  of  the  original  tract  of  Benjamin  Dexter 
land,  being  that  part  where  the  first  mill  stood. 

Three  children,  born  in  Rochester : 

1341*        i     Jolin  S.«  Dexter,  b.  3  March,  1843. 

1342*      ii     Robert  L.«  Dexter,  b.  9  Feb.,  1847;  m.  Kate  M.  Lnce,  1  Sept.,. 

1872.     No   children. 
1S43*     iii     James  L.'  Dexter,  b.   11   Nov.,   1850. 



Wife  of  John  Dexter. 


Gideon'  Dexter,  son  of  Gideon^  [Ephraim^,  Epkraim*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  ]\Iary  Dexter,  was  born 
24  May,  1818,  and  -died  24  Oct.,  1883.  He  married  (1) 
Jane  C.  Dexter,  11  April,  1842;  (2)  Cynthia  (Nye)  Dex- 
ter, 12  Dee.,  1857.  He  was  a  ship  carpenter,  and  in  later 
years  worked  in  the  teaming  business  and  carried  on  a 
small  farm. 

Three  children,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. ;  two  by  first 
wife  and  one  by  second: 

Ellen  A.^  Dexter,  b.   20  May,   1845.;    d.   23  Jan.,   1846. 

Willie  H.^  Dexter,  b.  9  June,  1849;   d.   16  Sept.,  1849. 

Ellen  W."  Dexter,  b.  11  Nov.,  1859;  m.  Joseph  Hiller,  17 
Nov.,  1880.  Two  children:  Nellie  M.  Hiller,  b.  5  April, 
1882,  m.  Charles  P.  Nye,  24  Dee.,  1903;  Carrie  Edna  Hiller, 
b.  18  Nov.,  1885,  m.  William  D.  Campbell,  3  Sept.,  1904. 









Thomas^  Dexter,  sou  of  Thomas''  |  Ephraim^,  Ephraim^, 
Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Luce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  7  April,  1826,  and  died  6  Aug.,  1898,  at  New 
York.  He  married  (1)  Mary  Lucy,  30  Nov.,  1858  (she  died 
5  Oct.,  1872)  ;  five  children,  born  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  Mar- 
ried (2)  Amy  Lucy,  1  Feb.,  1874;  one  child,  born  in  Brook- 
lyn, N.  Y.    Was  a  pilot  in  New  York  Harbor. 

Children : 

1347  i     Mary  A."  Dexter,  b.  1  Feb.,  1860;  d.  13  July,  1860. 

1348  ii     Linda  W.^  Dexter,  b.  Feb.,  1861 ;  m.  C.  W.  Cory,  1883. 

1349  iii     Isabella  F."  Dexter,  b.  1864;  m.  George  F.  Bentley,  1886. 

1350  iv     Lillian   L.«  Dexter,   b.   1868. 

1351  V     Thomas  A.^  Dexter,  b.  1870. 

1352  vi     Frank  H.«  Dexter,  b.   1875. 


Benjamin  F."  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim"*, 
Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Luce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  30  Jan.,  1828.  He  married  (1)  Sarah  Hil- 
ler,  2  Nov.,  1851;  (2)  Mary  Josephine  Kelley,  5  Sept.,  1893. 
He  was  a  ship-builder  and  worked  at  it  many  years  in 
Mattapoisett  and  elsewhere.  He  made  one  trip  South  for 
live  oak  timber. 

Two  children,  by  first  wife,  born  in  Rochester: 

1353  i     Hannah  J.''  Dexter,  b.  10  Sept.,  1856;  m.  Asa  E.  Swift,  1  Nov., 


1354  ii     Elwood  W.«  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  24  May,  1858;  ni.  Hat- 

tie  S.  Lettenmayer,  24  July,  1888.  He  is  a  house  carpenter 
and  resides  in  East  Mattapoisett,  Mass.  Two  children: 
Elwood  W.  Dexter,  Jr.,  b.  6  April,  1889;  d.  1902;  Harold  S. 
Dexter,  b.  9  Sept.,  1890. 


Alexander'  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas*'  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim^, 
Benjamin\  AVilliam^,  Thomas^]    and  Hannah   [Luce]   Dex- 


ter,  was  born  12  May,  1831.  He  married  Betsey  R.  Nye, 
28  July,  1856.  He  was  a  New  York  Harbor  and  Sandy 
Hook  pilot  for  many  years.  Later  in  life  lie  came  to  Mat- 
tapoisett  to  live. 

Children : 

1355  i     Myra'    C*     Dexter,     b.     in     Mattapoisett,   30  May,   1860;   m. 

Samuel  A.  Earle,  15  April,  1877. 

1356  ii     Albert  L.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Fall  Eiver,  31  Jan.,  1862. 

1357  iii     Carrie  E.*  Dexter,  b.  Mattapoisett,  15   Aug.,  1864. 

1358  iv     Amy  L.«  Dexter,  b.  in  Fall  Eiver,  12  July,  1867. 

1359  T     Alexander*  Dexter,  b.  in  Brooklyn,  22  Dec,  1870. 

1360  vi     Bessie  N."  Dexter,  b.  8  Oct.,  1874;  m.  Abner  Harlow. 

1361  vii     Kate  F."  Dexter,  b.  28  April,  1877;   m.  Nathan  S.  Mendall. 

1362  viii     Eichard'  Dexter,  b.  29  Jan.,  1880. 


Jason  l^J  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas^  [Ephraim^,  Bphraim*, 
Benjamin^,  "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Luce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  17  June,  1835.  He  married  Lizzie  Luce,  21 
June,  1857.  He  was  born  at  Mattapoisett,  but  has  been  for 
the  last  forty  years  a  resident  of  Edgartown,  Mass.  He  has 
occupied  the  position  of  deputy  sheriff  of  Martha's  Vine- 
yard and  chief  of  police  of  Cottage  City  for  many  years, 
and  is  well  and  favorably  known  to  summer  visitors  at  Cot- 
tage City    as  well  as  his  neighbors. 

Four  children,  born  in  Edgartown : 

1363  i     Lizzie  A.*  Dexter,  b.  April,  1858;   m.  Lieut.  W.  A.  Failing,  3 

Nov.,  1879.     One  child:  Louise  T.  Failing,  b.  7  Aug.,  1883. 

1364  ii     Thomas  A.*  Dexter,  b.  31  Aug.,  1859;   m.  Gertrude  L.  Eipley, 

15  April,  1885.  Two  children:  Walstein  Dexter,  b.  Aug.,  1886; 
Carlton  Dexter,  b.  5  Jan.,  1889.  Mr.  Dexter  is  now  a  member 
of  State  Police. 
I  1365  iii  Clarence  C*  Dexter,  b.  24  Oct.,  1865;  ni.  Ella  L.  Mayhue,  27 
Nov.,  1902.  One  child:  Elsie  F."  Dexter,  b.  6  Jan.,  1904.  / 
1366  iv  Frank  M.«  Dexter,  b.  29  March,  1867;  m.  Kate  A.  Parlin,  25 
Oct.,  1892.     One  child:   Elizabeth  P.  Dexter,  b.  1  Jan.,  1894. 



Henry  A.^  Dexter,  son  of  Thomas*'  [Ephraim%  Ephraiiu*, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  [Luce]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  at  Mattapoisett,  7  Oct.,  1840.  He  went  to 
the  public  schools  for  a  few  years,  but  at  the  age  of  four- 
teen made  his  first  voyage  whaling  in  the  barque  Sarah, 
Captain  Handy,  sailing  from  Mattapoisett.  He  made  seven 
voyages  in  all.  In  1863  he  went  to  California  with  John 
Dexter  Bolles,  and  returned  in  1865. 

In  1866  he  was  married  to  Priscilla  J.  Jenney  of  Marion. 
They  made  their  home  at  the  old  homestead  in  Mattapoisett, 
but  in  1872  they  moved  with  their  family  to  Fall  River. 
For  a  short  time  he  was  night  watchman  at  the  Stafford 
Mill.  He  was  appointed  on  the  police  force  for  night 
duty,  but  was  soon  transferred  to  the  day  force.  He 
served  two  years  as  captain  of  the  night  force. 

In  1879  Mr.  Dexter  applied  for  a  position  on  the  Massa- 
chusetts District  Police  force  as  a  factory  inspector  and 
criminal  officer,  and  was  appointed  by  Gov.  Thomas  Tal- 
bot for  three  years.  In  1882  he  was  reappointed  by  Gov. 
John  D.  Long  for  three  years.  In  1883  he  was  removed 
by  Gov.  B.  F.  Butler  for  political  reasons,  but  was  again 
appointed  by  Gov.  Georg'e  D.  Robinson  in  1884;  by  Gov. 
Oliver  Ames  in  1887 ;  by  Gov.  J.  Q.  A.  Brackett  in  1890 ; 
by  Gov.  William  E.  Russell  in  1893. 

In  1885  there  was  a  murder  committed  in  Wareham,  by 
a  man  by  the  name  of  Samuel  Besse,  on  an  egg  peddler  by 
the  name  of  Lawton,  from  Westport.  Mr.  Dexter  was 
detailed  to  investigate  the  case  and  was  the  means  of  con- 
victing Besse  of  the  crime,  for  which  he  was  hanged  in  Ply- 
mouth jail. 

As  a  man  and  officer  he  was  well  liked  and  made  many 
friends.  He  passed  out  of  this  life  in  the  town  of  his 
birth,  in  1894,  at  the  age  of  54  years. 

Six  children: 

1367  i     Susan  J.»  Dexter,  b.   9  Feb.,  1867. 

1368  ii     Benjamin  F.*  Dexter,  b.  6  Dec,  1871;  ni.  E.  Gertrude  Monks, 

16   Aug.,    1892. 


1369  iii     Henry    A.^   Dexter,    Jr.,    b.    22    March,    1876;    in.    Minerva   E. 

Wakem,  11  Nov.,  1897.     One  son:  Milton  I.,  b.  29  May,  1898. 

1370  iv     Charles  T.*  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1879;   d.  16  July,  1882. 

1371  V     Lewis*  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1882;  d.  23  July,  1882. 

1372  vi     Lawi-enee*  Dexter,  b.  .2  March,  188-5. 


Freeman'  Dexter,  son  of  Alden*'  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*,  Ben- 
jamin^  "William^  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dexter, 
was  born  1  Aug.,  1812,  and  died  23  Sept.,  1864.  He  mar- 
ried Isabella  Gordon,  28  Oct.,  1838.  He  was  an  expert 
painter  and  grainer. 

Five  children,  born  in  New  Bedford: 

George  F.'  Dexter,  b.  5  June,  1839 ;  d.  27  Sept.,  1842. 

Isabella  F."  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1841;   d.  2  Oct.,  1842. 

William  A.*  Dexter,  b.  14  Aug.,  1843 ;  d.  30  Nov.,  1899. 

Helen  G.*  Dexter,  b.  3  June,  1846;   d.  2  May,  1848. 

Walter  F."  Dexter,  b.  5  April,  1849;  m.  Lucy  E.  Gifford,  26 
Sept.,  1872.  One  child:  Walter  G.  Dexter,  b.  in  New  Bed- 
ford, 1  July,  1873, 


Captain  Stillman'^  Dexter,  son  of  Alden^  [Ephraim",  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  11  Dec,  1813,  and  died  10  Sept.,  1847.  He 
married  Eunice  Hitchmond,  Dec,  1841.  He  was  a  captain 
of  whaling  vessels  for  many  years. 

Children : 

1378*        i     Lucy  A.^  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  13  Dec,  1842. 
1379*      ii     Euphemia  F."  Dexter,  b.  6  March,  184.5. 


Captain  Henry  N.'  Dexter,  son  of  Alden''  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  5  July,  1815,  and  died  15  March,-  1856.     He 












married  Cynthia  Nye,  5  July,  1839.     He  was  captain  of 
vessels  employed  in  the  whaling  business. 

One  child : 

1380  i     Henrietta*   Dexter. 


Sarah  A.'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Alden«  [Ephraim%  Ephraim^Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dexter, 
was  bom  22  June,  1818,  and  died  20  Dec,  1855.  She  mar- 
ried (1)  William  Bates;  (2)  Joseph  Candido;  he  died  20 
Dec,  1891. 

Children : 

1381  i     Sarah  W.*  Bates,  b.  . 

1382  ii     Emma   M.*    Candido,    b.    in    Mattapoisett,    19    May,    1850;    m. 

William  I\  Hiller,  9  March,  1871.     He  is  a  famer  and  they 
live  in  Lairdville,  N.  Y. 
138S'       iii     Thomas'  Candido,  b.  27  April,  1853. 

1384  iv     Amelia'   Candido,   b.    27    April,   1853;    m.    Henry   A.   Lindsley, 



Eliza  A,^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Alden''  [Ephraim%  Ephraim^  Ben- 
jamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy.  [Barrows]  Dexter, 
was  born  3  Dec,  1822,  and  died  30  Nov.,  1878.  She  mar- 
ried Russell  Merithew.  He  was  a  sailor  and  spent  most  of 
his  life  on  whaling  voyages.  He  was  captain  on  one  of  the 

Children : 

1385  i     Joseph  EusselP  Merithew,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  3  Feb.,  1849;  d. 

8   March,   1863. 

1386  ii     Henry'     Merithew,     b.     in     Mattapoisett,    16    Dec,    1856;      m. 

Mattie  E.  Gillette,  25  June,  1882. 

1387  iii     Edgar   S.'  Merithew,  b.   in  Mattapoisett,   4  Jan.,   1860;   m.   J. 

Etta  James,  12  Sept.,  1889. 



Weston  A."  Dexter,  son  of  Alden^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*,  Ben- 
jamin^, "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dexter, 
was  born  1  Nov.,  1824,  and  died  8  July,  1897.  He  married 
Llarj^  E.  Kelley,  1  Sept.,  1860.  Three  children  were  born 
in  Mattapoisett,  and  one  in  New  Bedford.  He  was  a  painter. 
He  fell  from  a  ladder  and  was  crippled  for  many  years. 

Pour  children : 

1388  i     Minnie  A.«  Dexter,  b.  29  Nov.,  1860;  d.  17  Oct.,  1867. 

1389  ii     Emma  E.  C."  Dexter,  b.  in  New  Bedford,  16  July,  1864;   d.  1 

Oct.,   1865. 

1390  iii     Alice  W.«  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  22  Sept.,  1868. 

1391  iv     Henry  K.*  Dexter,  b.  31  March,  1871. 


Emma  A.'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Alden^  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lucy  [Barrows]  Dex- 
ter, was  bom  25  July,  1832.  She  married  Daniel  Payne, 
15  Oct.,  1850. 

Children : 

1392  i  Susan  H.^  Payne,  b.  18  .July,  1851;  d.  1898;  m.  George  A. 


1393  ii     Clara  E.«  Payne,  b.  20  Feb.,  18oS';  m.  Charles  S.  Calhoon,  1876. 

He  is  a  baker  and  they  live  in  New  Bedford. 

1394  iti     Isabella  F.«   Payne,   b.    6    April,    1856;    m.   Charles   F.    Smith. 

He  is  on  the  police  force  of  New  Bedford. 

1395  iv     Mary  E.^  Payne,  b.  8  Sept.,  1858;   d.  16  Aug.,  1860. 

1396  V     Charles  E.*  Payne,  b.   12  Dec,   1861;    m.   Clara  B.   Bartol,   29 

Jan.,   1884. 


Caleb'  Dexter,  son  of  Caleb^  [Caleb%  Ephraim*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Hiller]  Dexter,  was  born  12 
May,  1827.  He  married  Clara  H.  Dexter,  9  May,  1853. 
Their  children  were  born  in  Rochester.  He  was  a  carpen- 
ter by  trade.     He  went  to  California  in  1849,  sailing  in  the 



bark ''Oscar,  "Captain  Dornie,  with  seventy  others  attracted 
by  the  report  of  gold  mining.  They  had  a  very  narrow 
escape  in  a  hurricane  soon  after  starting,  the  vessel  being 
blown  upon  her  beams'  end,  but  finally  righted  and  they 
proceeded  on  their  way.  He  stayed  in  California  about 
two  years. 



Children ; 




i  Delia  M."  Dexter,  b.  10  Jan.,  1856;  m.  John  S.  Dexter,  22 
Nov.,   1873. 

ii  Arthiir  N.*  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  3  Oct.,  1857;  m.  Eliza- 
beth Morse.  Children:  Frank  Eussell  Dexter,  b.  22  March, 
1890;  Alice  Eider  Dexter,  b.  25  Nov.,  1891;  Ealph  C.  Dex- 
ter, b.  5  Nov.,  1894. 

iii     Ellen  T.«  Dexter,  b.  17  Sept.,  1861;    d.  8  Jan.,  1880. 

iv  Frederick  L.*  Dexter,  b.  19  June,  1865;  m.  Lucy  L.  LobdeU, 
4  June,  1896.  He  is  highway  surveyor  and  kept  stable.  Son: 
Frederick  L.,  Jr.,  b.  3  June,  1897. 


1401  V     John  C*  Dexter,  b.  6  March,  1868  j  m.  Florence  G-.  Dexter,  24 

Nov.,  1904. 

1402  vi     Lucy  B.«  Dexter,  b.  20  Nov.,  1870. 

■     r 


Horace^  Dexter,  son  of  David^  [Seth^  Seth*,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Pitkin]  Dexter,  was  born  29 
Dec,  1803,  and  died  1863.  He  married  Eunice  C.  Bolt- 
wood,  of  Amherst,  4  Oct.,  1827.    She  was  born  14  Aug.,  1809. 

One  child : 

1403  i     Irene  B.*  Dexter,  b.  6  Dec,  1830;  d.  1888;  m.  H.  G.  Tryon  of 

Willonghby,  N.  Y.,  in  1850. 



Lucretia^  Dexter,  dang-hter  of  David''  [Seth^,  Seth*,  Benjamin^, 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Pitkin]  Dexter,  was  born 
15  June,  1805,  and  died  26  Aug.,  1874.  She  married  Wil- 
liam Clark  of  South  Hadley,  Mass.,  5  Jan.,  1843.  He  died 
at  Tacoma,  Wash.,  1889. 

Two  children: 

1404*        i     David  Dexter^  Clark,  b.  1844. 

1405  ii     Mercy  Smith^  Clark,  b.  12  Sept.,  1847. 


Edward''  Dexter,  son  of  David*'  [Seth^,  Seth^  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Pitkin]  Dexter,  was  born  18 
Feb.,  1807,  and  died  23  Nov.,  1874.  He  married  (1)  Mary 
A.  Parsons  of  Ludlow,  5  Dec,  1833,  and  resided  at  Broad 
Brook,  Conn. ;  (2)  Charlotte  Noble,  1870.     She  died  in  1876. 

Children : 

1406  i     Charlotte  Maria'  Dexter,  b.   1836;   m.  Frederick  E.  Bissell. 

1407  ii     George  Parsons'  Dexter,  b.  1839 ;  d.  1859. 

1407A  iii     Mary   Ellen'   Dexter,  b.  ;    m.   Charles   S.    Clapp,   27   Nov., 





William^  Dexter,  son  of  David«  [Setll^  Seth*,  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Pitkin]  Dexter,  was  born  13 
Sept.,  1809.  He  married  Fanny  T.  Herrington  of  Stock- 
bridge,  N.  Y.,  6  May,  1845. 

Children : 

1408  i     Florence  A."  Dexter,  b.  26  Jan.,  1846. 

1409  ii     Clarence  W."  Dexter,  b.   23  April,  1848. 

1410  iii     Charles  H.^  Dexter,  b.   1  July,  1850. 



Harriet  Clark^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Seth«  [Seth^,  Seth*,  Benja- 
min^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sylvia  [Gaylord]  Dexter, 
was  born  5  April,  1809,  at  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  and  died 
26  Feb.,  1846".  She  married  Edwin  A.  Douglas,  6  Feb.,  1834. 
He  was  born  1804,  at  Mauch  Chunk,  Pa. 



Five  children : 

1411  i     Edwin  Dexter^  Douglas,  b.  1835;  d.  1837. 

1412  ii     Harriet**  Douglas,  b. ;   m.  Dean. 

1413  iii     EUen^  Douglas,  b.  — — ;   m.  Moses  Lyman. 

1414  iv     Isabella*  Douglas,  b.  ;   m.  Craigg. 

1415  V     Charles*  Edwin  Douglas,  b.  1846;   d.   1860. 



Charles  H.^  Dexter,  son  of  Seth^  [Seth^,  Seth*,  Benjamin^  Wil- 
liam^,  Thomas^]  and  Sylvia  [Gay lord]  Dexter,  was  born  19 
Sept.,  1810,  and  died  29  Aug.,  1869.  He  married  Lydia 
Pierson,  19  Sept.,  1838.  She  was  the  daughter  of  Dr.  Wil- 
liam S.  Pierson  of  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  and  was  born  16 
Jan.,  1819,  at  Windsor,  Conn.  She  died  19  May,  1888. 
He  began  life  in  1836  as  a  manufacturer  of  wrapping  paper. 
In  1847  he  built  a  large  mill  at  Windsor  Locks,  and  in  1855, 
he  became  president  of  the  Connecticut  River  Co.,  and  was 


very  successful.  He  became  the  central  figure  in  all  the 
best  activities  of  the  town  and  was  by  far  the  most  influen- 
tial person  therein.  He  had  a  remarkably  fine  presence  and 
a  winning  address,  with  a  commanding  form. 

Children : 

1416*        i     Julia  S.'  Dexter,  b.  at  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.,  4  Nov.,  1839. 

1417*      ii     Annie  P."   Dexter,   b.   5   May,   1842. 

1418*     iii     Edwin  D.^  Dexter,  b.  24  Oct.,  1847;  d.  26  Jan.,  1886. 


Mary  Hynkley^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Prince*'  [Elijah^  Seth^ 
Benjamin^  Willianr,  Thomas^]  and  Arlothea  [Savery]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  2  April,  1809,  and  died  31  May,  1842.  She 
married  William  C.  Haskell,  10  Dec,  1828. 

Two  children : 

1419  1     William  Prince'  Haskell,  b.  2  March,  1831. 

1420  ii     Mary  M.'  Haskell,  b.  8  Nov.,  1837. 


John  G.^  Dexter,  son  of  Prince*'  [Elijah^  Seth^,  Benjamin^,  Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^]  and  Arlothea  [Savery]  Dexter,  was  born  11 
March,  1811,  and  died  3  Jan.,  1834.  He  married  Eleanor 
F.  Richardson,  5  April,  1831. 

Two  children : 

1420A      i     Eliza  Bigelow^  Dexter,  b.  15  Feb.,  1832;   d.  13  Jan.,  1900;  m. 

C.  Henry  Haskell. 
1422*      ii     John  Gibbs'  Dexter,  b.  28  Feb.,  1834;   m.   (1)   Catherine  T.  B. 

Euggles,  4  April,  1859;    (2)   Ellen  M.  Baldwin,  16  Dec,  1903. 


Rev.  Henry  Martyn^  Dexter,  son  Elijah*'  [Elijah^  Seth*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^  Thomas^]  and  Mary  [Morton]  Dexter, 
was  born  13  Aug.,  1821,  at  Plympton,  Plymouth  County, 
Mass.,  and  died  13  Nov.,  1890,  at  Boston,  Mass.     He  grad- 

200  ■      DEXTER     FAMILY     GENEALOGY. 

imted  from  Yale  College  in  1840,  and  from  Andover  Theo- 
logical Seminary  in  1844.  He  married  Emeline  Palmer,  19 
Nov.,  1844,  entering  tlie  Congregationalist  ministry  that 
year  as  pastor  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  where  he  remained 
nntil  1849.  He  then  went  to  Pine  Street  (later  Berkeley 
Street),  Boston,  where  he  remained  until  1867.  From  1851 
he  edited  the  "Congregationalist,"  and  from  1858  the  "Con- 
gregationalist Quarterly. ' '  He  preached  in  .  Dorchester, 
Mass.,  from  1869  to  1871,  and  was  lecturer  at  Andover  from 
1877  to  1880.  He  wrote  many  books  for  publication.  He 
made  a  deep  study  of  the  "Pilgrims,"  and  published  many 
papers  on  the  subject.  He  received  the  degrees  of  D.D. 
from  Iowa  College  in  1865,  and  LL.D.  from  Yale  in  1890. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  American  Antiquarian  Society  since 
1869,  of  the  Massachusetts  Historical  Society  since  1868, 
and  the  American  Historical  Society  since  1884.  He  died  in 

Children : 

1421*  i  Henry  Morton'  Dexter,  b.  12  July,  1846. 

1421A  ii  Winfrec?  Dexter,  b.  1  July,   1849;   d.  2  July,  1849. 

1423  iii  Lizzie  C."  Dexter,  b.  20  Aug.,  1851;  d.  31  Dec,  1861. 

1424  iv  Mary  P.'  Dexter,  b.  21  Nov.,  1856;  d.  29  Oct.,  1861. 


Stephen^  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel  B.''  [Elisha^  Seth^,  Jabez*, 
Philip^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Abby  [Blackmore]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  10  Aug.,  1826,  and  died  13  June,  1865.  He 
married  Eliza  A.  Nickerson,  12  Aug.,  1851.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  lived  in  Mattapoisett. 


1425  i     Abbie  A."  Dexter,  b.  6  July,  1853 ;  m.  Charles  H.  G.  Jenney,  25 

Feb.,  1873.     Children:  (1)  Hattie  A,  Jenney,  b.  22  Dec,  1875; 
(2)  NeUie  B.  Jenney,  b.  21  July,  1880. 

1426  ii     Edwin  F.»  Dexter,  b.  20  Jan.,  1858;  m.  Maria  T.  Coleman,  25 

Jan.,  1887. 


1427  iii     George  W.»  Dexter,   b.   27   Feb.,    1860;   m.   Cora  Baxter,   June, 

1888.     Son:    Robert  E.      Dexter,  b.   6  March,  1889. 

1428  iv     Stephen  E."  Dexter,  b.   19  Jan.,   186S;   m.   Susan  H.  Clark,  22 

Dec,   1888. 

1429  V     Frederick  C."  Dexter,  b.  7  Feb.,  1865;   d.  26  Sept.,  1897. 


MaryAnn^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Blisha''  [Elisha^  Seth^  Jabez*, 
Philip^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Mendall]  Dexter, 
was  born  8  Feb.,  1824.  She  married  Nathaniel  Parker,  26 
Oct.,  1842.  He  was  a  ship  carpenter  and  lived  in  Matta- 

Children : 

1430  i     Caroline   A."   Parker,   b.    in   Mattapoisett,    28    Sept.,   1843 ;    m. 

Heman  Copeland,  12  April,  1866. 

1431  ii     Emma   A.®   Parker,   b.   in   Mattapoisett,    15   Oct.,    1845;    m.   C. 

Herbert  Porter,  5  Nov.,  1884. 

1432  iii     Eliza  J."  Parker,  b.   29   Nov.,   1849;   m.   Frank   B.   Brightman, 

12   April,   1880. 

1433  iv     Son,  b.  and  d.  Dec,  1852. 

1434  V     Mary   A."  Parker,  b.   10   Sept.,   1857;    m.   Silas  Taber,   6   Oct., 



Elisha  L.^  Dexter,  son  of  Elisha^  [Elisha«,  Seth^,  JabezS  Philip^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Mendall]  Dexter,  was  bom 
22  March,  1834,  and  died  4  Feb.,  1876.  He  married  Har- 
riet W.  LeBaron,  4  Sept.,  1866.  He  was  a  sawyer  and  for 
many  years  was  engaged  in  sawing  boxboard,  etc.  He  was 
quite  successful. 

One  child : 

1435  i     Lemuel  LeBaron'  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  22  Dec,  1872;  m. 

Clara  L.  Hammond,  26  July,  1899.  He  was  a  lawyer  prac- 
ticing law  in  New  Bedford;  is  a  member  of  School  Board  of 
Mattapoisett,  also  a  trustee  of  Public  Library,  and  was  one 
of  the  committee  having  in  charge  the  erection  of  a  new 
library  building. 



Albert  M.^  Dexter,  son  of  Elisha^  [Elisha^  Seth^,  Jabez",  PMlip^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [jMendall]  Dexter,  was  born 
12  Aug.,  1837,  and  died  25  July,  1899.  He  married  Annie 
E.  B[atliaway,  24  Oct.,  1871.  He  was  a  machinist  and  in- 
vented a  machine  for  sawing  logs,  which  was  used  very  suc- 
cessfully.    His  place  of  business  was  Mattapoisett. 

Two  children : 

1436  i     Alljert  Morton'  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  24  March,  1878. 

1437  ii     Evans  K.°  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  23'  May,  1890. 


George  H.^  Dexter,  son  of  Elisha^  [Elisha^  Seth^,  Jabez*,  Philip^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sarah  [Mendall]  Dexter,  was  born 
29  March,  1840.     He  married  Mary  F.  Wood,  24  Oct.,  1871. 

Two  children : 

1438  i     Lena  B.''  Dexter,  b.  16  Sept.,  1872. 

1439  ii     Gertrude  W."  Dexter,  b.  21   June,   1879. 


Ezra  H.^  Dexter,  son  of  Harvey'^  [Elisha'',  Seth^,  Jabez*,  Philip^ 
William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Chandler]  Dexter,  was  bom 
20  March,  1826.  He  married  Sarah  Mendall,  23  Dec,  1849. 
He  was  a  cabinet-maker,  but  later  ran  an  express  between 
Chelsea  and  Boston.  His  children  were  born  in  New  Bed- 

Five  children : 

1440  i     Arthur  H.'  Dexter,  11  Oct.,  18-50;  m.  Mary  E.  Harvey,  29  May, 

1877.     Son:   Carl  W.     Dexter,  b.  at  Boston,  30  Sept.,  1888. 

1441  ii     Sydney  C."  Dexter,  b.   2   Nov.,   1851;   m.  Mary  A.  Holmes,   14 

March,   1880.     Two  children :   Louise  G.     Dexter,  b.   5   Sept., 
1884;  Emma  J.    Dexter,  b.  3  April,  1888. 

1442  iii     Lydia  S.=  Dexter,  b.  17  Oct.,  1853;   d.   4  Nov.,   1854. 

1442A  iv  Georgie  Etta"  Dexter,  b.  29  April,  1857;  m.  James  S.  nar- 
rower, 16  June,  1890.  Son:  Paul  Dexter  Harrower,  b.  18 
Jan.,    1893. 

1443  V     Emily  F."  Dexter,  b.  14  July,  1863;   d.   7  April,  1878. 



Andrew^  Dexter,  son  of  Harvey '^  [Elisha*',  Seth^  Jabez*,  Philip^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Chandler]  Dexter,  was  born 
27  Aug.,  1834.     lie  married  Elizabeth  A.  Moseby,  16  May, 


One  child : 

1444         i     Marion"  Dextor,  b.  at  Cincinnati,  2  Nov.,  1873. 


Eunice^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Alden'^  [Elisha'',  Seth^,  Jabez^^ 
Philip'^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Merinda  [Frost]  Dexter, 
was  born  26  Oct.,  1835.  She  married  (1)  Abram  Tinkham, 
16  July,  1858;  he  died  5  July,  1879;  (2)  Charles  H.  Dil- 
lingham, 15  April,  1882. 

They  had  six  children,  bort  at  Mattapoisett : 

Clark'  Tinkham,  b.  July,  1859;  d.  6  Feb.,  1862. 
Ella  J.'  Tinkham,  b.  Aug.,  1860 ;  d.  6  Feb.,  1862. 
Charles  H."  Tinkham,  b.  4  Feb.,  1862;  m.   (1)   Eunice  M.  Ean- 

dall,  20  Jan.,  1886;    (2)   Euth  L.  Sherman,  24  April,  1901. 
Thomas  C."  Tinkham,  b.  5  Jan.,  1864;  m.  Deborah  J.  Howard. 
Ida  M."  Tinkham,  b.   1  June,  1867;   m.  Benjamin  A.  Eandall,. 

14  Feb.,  1891. 

1450  vi     Mary  L.''   Tinkham,   b.   6   April,   1869. 


Joseph^  Dexter,  son  of  Alden"^  [Elisha^,  Seth^,  Jabez*,  Philip^, 
William-,  Thomas^']  and  Merinda  [Frost]  Dexter,  was  born  10 
Dec,  18.37,  and  died  9  Dec,  1886.  He  married  Sophia  H. 
Tinkham,  27  June,  1867. 

Eleven  children : 

1451  i     Emma   S."  Dexter,   b.   8   Dec,   1864;    m.   Henry   Smalley,   Oct.,. 

Alden  D."  Dexter,  b.  7  July,  1868. 
William  H.»  Dexter,  b.   26  Jan.,   1871. 
Charles   T."  Dexter,  b.   10   Aug.,   1872. 
Alice  M."  Dexter,  b.  13  June,  1874. 
Arthur  H."  Dexter,  b.  13  Aug.,  1876. 
Lydia  H."  Dexter,  b.  13  May,  1878. 
























1458  viii     Ernest  L.**  Dexter,  b.  21  March,  1880 ;  d.  19  Aug.,  1882. 

1459  ix     Herbert  B.^  Dexter,  b.   26  July,  1882. 

1460  X     Adelaide  S.'  Dexter,  b.  8  Dec,  1884. 

1461  xi     Joseph  T.'  Dexter,  b.  11  Feb.,  1887. 


Moores  R.^  Dexter,  son  of  Joh.n''  [Charles^  John^,  Jolm*,  John^, 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  L.  [Eogers]  Dexter,  was  born 
20  July,  1835,  and  died  9  Jan.,  1866.  He  married  Mary  A. 
Purrington,  27  Nov.,  1856. 

Two  children : 

1462  i     John  L."  Dexter,  b.  in  Mattapoisett,  4  April,  1859;   m.  Emma 

L.  Scroggs,  20  July,  1887.  He  now  resides  at  Detroit,  Mich., 
and  is  a  wholesale  dealer  in  flour,  salt,  hay  and  straw.  He 
was  President  of  the  National  Hay  Association  in  1903  and 
1904,  and  is  now  on  the  Board  of  Directors. 

1463  ii     Lizzie  W.^  Dexter,  b.  28  Nov.,  1857;  d.  12  May,  1858. 


Charles^  Dexter,  son  of  James  W.'^  [Charles^  Jolin^,  John*, 
John',  "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Abigail  H.  [Cannon]  Dex- 
ter, was  bom  19  Nov.,  1837,  and  died  27  Dec,  1876. 

Two  children: 

1464  i     David  W.'  Dexter,  b.  11  Sept.,  1866;  d.  9  Oct.,  1883. 

1465  ii     Abby  C  Dexter,  b.  19  Oct.,  1868;  d.  28  Aug.,  1884. 


James  A.^  Dexter,  son  of  James  WJ  [Charles^,  John^,  John*, 
John",  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Abigail  [Cannon]  Dexter, 
was  born  13  Aug.,  1841,  at  Eochester,  Mass.  He  married 
Fla^dlla  Lake,  29  Dec,  1874.  He  was  a.  painter  in  Marion, 
Mass.,  and  has  the  care  of  summer  cottages. 

Two  children :  . 

1466  i     Susan  A.°  Dexter,  b.  13  Jan.,  1882 ;  m.  Bismark  Ladner,  16  Oct., 

1901.  Children:  Kalph  Dexter  Ladner,  b.  2  July,  1902;  Wel- 
lington Ladner,  b.  17  Sept.,  1903;  d.  12  Dec,  1903;  Hender- 
son Lake  Ladner,  b.  30  Aug.,  1904. 

1467  ii     Charles  W.°  Dexter,  b.  14  March,  1888. 




Silas  B.«  Dexter,  son  of  Chester  BJ  [Charles^  David^  John^ 
John^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sally  [White]  Dexter,  was 
born  17  Feb.,  1857,  and  died  23  March,  1890.  He  married 
Sadie  Bennett,  12  March,  1883. 

Three  children : 

1468  i     John  C."  Dexter,  b.  28  April,  1884. 

1469  ii     Lucius  C.^"  Dexter,  b.  28  April,  1884. 

1470  iii     Sally  Etta"  Dexter,  b.  16  March,  1886. 



Charles  Delivan^  Dexter,  son  of  Avery  QJ  [Charles^,  David^, 
John^  John^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  D.  [White] 
Dexter,  was  bom  22  Nov.,  1843.  He  married  Rosa  L. 
Knowlton,  25  Dec,  1870. 


Three  children : 

1471  i     Carrie  MabeP  Dexter,  b.  in  Wardsboro,  Vt.,  30  April,  1878;  m. 

Martin  L.  Johnson,  29  Aug.,  1903. 

1472  ii     James  Ambrose'  Dexter,  b.  9  June,  1881. 

1473  iii     Charles  Knowlton"  Dexter,  b.  25  June,  1887. 


Gertrude  I.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Avery  J.''  [Charles^,  David^, 
John*,  John^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  D.  [White] 
Dexter,  was  bom  26  July,  1845.  She  married  Marshall  0. 
Howe,  15  Aug.,  1866. 

Five  children : 

1474  i     Marshall  Avery"  Howe,  b.  6  June,  1867. 

1475  ii     Herman  Alline"  Howe,  b.  1  Jan.,  1869;  m.  Delia  C.  Landfear, 

26  Nov.,  1903. 

1476  iii     Arthur  Otis"  Howe,  b.  7  March,  1871. 

1477  iv     Carlton  Dexter"  Howe,  b.  30  July,  1874. 

1478  V     Clifton  Durant"  Howe,  b.  30  July,  1874. 


Mary  Ambrosia^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Avery  J.'^  [Charles*, 
David%  John*,  Jolm',  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  D. 
[White]  Dexter,  was  bom  1  Sept.,  1853.  She  married 
Brownson  ^lattison,  19  March,  1873. 

Four  children: 

1479  i     Fred.  Brownson"  Mattison,  b.  17  May,  1874. 

1480  ii     "Winnie  Cornelia"  Mattison,  b.  10  Aug.,  1876;  m.  Bixby. 

1481  iii     Kate  Dexter"  Mattison,  b.  10  Jan.,  1879. 

1482  iv     Eosa  Mary"  Mattison,  b.  28  Feb.,  1881. 


Luna  Jennie^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Avery  JJ  [Charles^  David^ 
John*,  John^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  D.  [White] 
Dexter,  was  born  28  March,  1860.  She  married  David 
Smith,  19  June,  1880. 


Four  children : 

1483  i     Archie  David"  Smith,  b.  19  April,  1881. 

1484  ii     Lizzie  MabeP  Smith,  b.  17  Sept.,  1882;  m.  Bacon. 

1485  iii     Daisy  Dexter"  Smith,  b.  15  Aug.,  1884;  m.  Fitzpatrick. 

1486  iv     Mary  Esther"  Smith,  b.  2  March,  1892. 


George  S.«  D-exter,  sou  of  John  S.^  [John^  DavicF,  John^  John^ 
William-,  Thomas^]  and  Julia  A.  [Eames]  Dexter,  was  born 
7  July,  1851.     He  married  Mary  E.  Hyde,  13  May,  1883. 

Two  children: 

1487  i     Perley  Hyde"  Dexter,  b.  in  Chicopee  Falls,  Mass.,  9  Nov.,  1884. 

1488  ii     Jessie"  Dexter,  b.  16  Jan.,  1888. 


Florence  Belle'  Dexter,  daughter  of  D.  Gilbert^  [David^  David^ 
John*,  John^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Ellen  [Simonds]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  at  Wilmington,  Vt.,  12  Aug.,  1857.  She 
married  Prof.  Charles  H.  Wiswell,  1  Jan.,  1880.  They  now 
reside  at  Lexington,  Mass. 

Three  children: 

1489  i     Kittie"  Wiswell,  b.  1880. 

1490  ii     Margie"  Wiswell,  b.  1882. 

1491  iii     Charles  Dexter"  Wiswell,  b.  1885. 


David  Hazeltine^  Dexter,  son  of  D.  Gilbert^  [David*',  David% 
John*,  Jolnr,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Ellen  [Simonds]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  at  Cambridge,  6  July,  1875.  He  married 
Mabel  Helen  White,  14  Sept.,  1898.  They  now  reside  in 
San  Francisco,  Cal. 

One  child : 

1492  i     Oakley  White"  Dexter,  b.  16  July,  1899. 




Edward  Mills^  Tolman,  son  of  Frances  H.^  [JonathanM.^,  Jona- 
than^, John*,  John^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  James 
P.  Tolman,  was  bom  at  Boston,  22  April,  1850.  He  spent 
his  early  life  in  Boston,  moving  to  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  in  1865, 
with  his  parents.  He  married  Caroline  G.  Frishmuth,  21 
July,  1875,  Eev.   Robert  D.  Harper  of  Philadelphia  per- 


forming  the  ceremony.  They  continued  to  reside  in  Phila- 
delphia, he  being  in  company  with  his  father  in  the  laundry 
business.  In  1890  they  removed  to  Washington  and  went 
into  the  laundry  business.     He  died  28  May,  1903. 


They  had  two  children,  bom  in  Philadelphia : 

i     Prances  Henrietta"  Tolman,  b.  2  April,  1876;  m.  Alfred  Barker,. 
6  March,  1905,  at  San  Francisco,  Cal. 


1494  ii     Edith  Helen'  Tolman,  b.  16  May,  1877;  m.   Frederick  W.  Mc- 

Kenzie,  18  March,  1903,  by  Rev.  Donald  C.  McLeod.  Children: 
Albert  Edward  McKenzie,  b.  25  Jan.,  1904 ;  Donald  McKenzie, 
b.  27  Sept.,  1905. 



Mary  Ann^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Allen'^  [Edward®,  Edward^ 
Noali^  Benjamin^,  Willianr,  Thomas^]  and  Phebe  [Howard] 
Dexter,  was  born  15  Feb.,  1846,  and  died  29  Jan.,  1875. 
She  married  Edward  Ellis  Howard,  June,  1870. 

One  child : 

1495  i     Charles  H."  Howard,  b.  May,  1871. 


Charles  E.^  Dexter,  son  of  Allen^  [Edward^  Edward^,  Noah*, 
Benjamin,^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Phebe  [Howard]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  16  June,  1848.  He  married  Elizabeth  A.  Gif- 
ford,  26  Sept.,  1870. 

They  had  five  children : 

1496  i     Annie  Allen"  Dexter,  b.  13  May,  1871;  m.  Harry  F.  Snow,  Oct., 

1888.    One  child :  Irving  Cushman  Snow,  b.  June,  1889. 
Arthur  S.'  Dexter,  b.  26  Sept.,  1876;  d.  7  April,  1896. 
Mary  Wilson'  Dexter,  b.  15  April,  1880 ;  d.  11  March,  1881. 
George  W.  S."  Dexter,  b.  14  July,  1886. 
Gertrude  Wilson'  Dexter,  b.  8  Aug.,  1891 











Martha  J.  W.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Allen^  [Edward^  Edward^ 
Noah*,  Ben.iamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Phebe  [How^ard] 
Dexter,  was  born  16  Jan.,  1848.  She  married  Charles  H. 
Andrews,  18  June,  1868 ;  he  was  born  1  May,  1843,  and  died 
7  April,  1878. 

They  had  five  children  : 

1501  i     William  Francis'  Andrews,  b.  24  Jan.,  1869. 

1502  ii     Carrie  Dean'  Andrews,  b.  28  April,  1871 ;  m.  Arenand  LeCroix, 

10  Nov.,  1892. 


1503  iii     Bertha  May'  Andrews,  b.  29  Jan.,  1873, 

1504  iv     John  Dexter"  Andrews,  b.  26  April,  1875 ;  m.  Laura  Dona  Hoyt, 

29  May,  1900. 

1505  V     Sara  Lizzie*  Andrews,  b.  17  March,  1878. 


Samuel  E.^  Dexter,  son  of  Sumner''  [SamueP,  Edward',  Noah*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Deborah  [Edwards] 
Dexter,  was  born  7  March,  1850.  He  married  Maggie  A. 
Headman,  3  March,  1890.  He  was  an  iron  moulder  by- 

They  had  two  children: 

1506  i     Georgianna*  Dexter,  b.   16   Sept.,   1894. 

1507  ii     John  Albert'  Dexter,  b.   19  April,  1900. 


Sarah  M.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  James''  [SamueP,  Edward^ 
Noah*,  Benjamin-^  "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Pamelia  Dex- 
ter, was  born  30  Sept.,  1856.     She  married  (1)  ;  (2) 

Charles  C.  Nealey,  3  Aug.,  1884. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  husband    and  three  by  second 
husband : 

1508  i     David  A."  Dexter,  b.  March,  1876;  m.  Frances  Maddox.     Three 

children:   Doris  A.  Dexter,  b.  6  July,  1899;  Euth  F.  Dexter^ 
b.  5  Feb.,  1902;  David  A.  Dexter,  Jr.,  b.  6  Sept.,  1904. 

1509  ii     Clarence"   Nealey,   b.    19   Feb.,    1891. 

1510  iii    Mildred'  Nealey,  b.   20  Dec,  1895. 

1511  iv     Mabe?  Nealey,  b.   29  April,  1897. 


Mary  M.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  James''  [Samuel®,  Edward^, 
Noah*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Pamelia  Dex- 
ter, was  born  30  March,  1853.  She  married  Eben  Franklin 
Haskins,  9  May,  1871 ;  he  was  born  17  Oct.,  1846.  He  was 
a  stone  mason,  and  resided  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 


They  had  two  children,  born  in  New  Bedford : 

1512  i     Bertha  L."  Haskins,  b.  6  Jan.,  1872;  ra.  Andrew  F.  Mitchell,  6 

Aug.,    1889. 

1513  ii     Euth  A.'  Haskins,  b.  16  Feb.,  1873 ;  m.  Oscar  Ashley,  28  June, 



Dennis^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Joseph^  Benjamin^  Noah*, 
Benjamin^,  "William^,  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Hilman]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  1811,  and  died  12  Nov.,  1884.  He  marriecl 
Mary  D.  Luce. 

They  had  eight  children : 

1514  i     Benjamin"  Dexter,  b.  ;    d.   18  Jan.,  1889;   m.    (1)    Almira 

E.  Luce,  21  July,  1857;   one  child,  Arthur,  b.  1858,  d.  1870; 

(2)  Sarah  Hinckley;  one  child,  Bertha,  b.  1872. 
1515*      ii     Sarah  J."  Dexter,  b.  19  July,  1832. 
1516       iii     Dennis"  Dexter,  b.  1839;   d.  1899. 
1517*      iv     Sophia"  Dexter,  b.  1838;   d.  Aug.  27,  1891. 

1518  V     Henry  G."  Dexter,  b.  1844;   d.  19  Oct.,  1891;   m.  Ida  Norton. 

Two  children:    Etta  and  Mary. 

1519  vi     Addie  E.'  Dexter,  b.  4  Dec,  1847;   m.  George  F.  Armsby,   10 

Feb.,  1891. 
1520*    vii     George  H."  Dexter,  b.   31  Oct.,   1849. 

1521  viii     Mary  L."  Dexter,  b.   22  April,   1853;    d.   1875;   m.  William  H. 



George-  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin''  [Joseph^,  Benjamin^,  Noah*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Hilman]  Dex- 
ter, was  born .     He  married  Caroline  Luce. 

One  child : 

1522  i     Eliza"  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.   (1)  Eev.  S.  A.  Thomas;   (2)  W.  W. 



Rodolphus  W.*  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin'^  [Joseph^,  Benjamin^, 
Noah*,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Betsey  [Hilman] 


Dexter,  was  born  29  April,  1816,  and  died  10  Sept.,  1886. 
He  married  Irene  Clifford,  31  May,  1838. 

•    They  had  two  children  : 

1523  i     Abbie"   Dexter,   b.   in   Tisbury,   Mass.,   8   April,   1839;    m.    Col. 

C.  S.  Buckley,  8  May,  1867. 

1524  ii     Eodolphus  W.«  Dexter,   Jr.,   b.   4  Sept.,   1843;    d.   in   Stockton, 

Cal.,  30  April,  1897. 


Joseph^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph'^  [ Joseph^  Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Ben- 
jamin^, William^,  Thomas^]  and  Charlotte  [Norton]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  — — .     He  married  Lucy  Norton. 

They  had  two  children: 

1525  i     Lydia  J."  Dexter,  b.  ;  m.  Oran  Look,  18  Nov.,  1869. 

1526  ii     Adrianna^   Dexter,   b.   . 

Hiram^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph'^  [Joseph^,  Benjamin^,  Noah*,  Ben-^ 
jamin^,  "William^,   Thomas^]    and  Charlotte    [Norton]    Dex- 
ter, was  born  6  May,  1813,  and  died  2  April,  1887.     He~ 
married  Love  Lambert. 

They  had  three  children : 

1527  i     Cordelia  L."  Dexter,  b.  in  Tisbury,  22  March,  1838;  d.  5  Nov., 

1528*      ii     Jonathan^   Dexter,  b.   23   Jan.,   1843. 
1529       iii     Charlotte  A."  Dexter,  b.  18  Feb.,  1852 ;   d.  4  Oct.,  1871. 

J  003 

Franklin  Bowditch^  Dexter,  son  of  Rodolphus  W.''  [Noah^,  Ben- 
jamin%  Noah*,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  H. 
[Taber]  Dexter,  was  born  11  Sept.,  1842.  He  graduated 
from  Yale  in  1861  and  was  a  tutor  from  1864  to  1867.  In 
1869  he  became  secretary  of  corporations  of  Yale  Univer- 
sity, which  office  he  held  till  1899.     From  1877  to  1888  he 


was  professor  of  American  history  at  Yale  College,  and  has 
been  assistant  librarian  of  Yale  University  since  1869.  He 
is  the  author  of  "Biographical  Sketches  of  Yale  Grad- 
uates," and  of  many  other  works.  He  is  now  secretary  of 
foreign  correspondence  for  the  American  Antiquarian  So- 
ciety.    He  married  Theodosia  M.  "Wheeler   in  1880. 

They  have  one  child : 

1530  i     Dorothea  M."  Dexter,  b.  in  New  Haven,  20  July,  1888. 


Josiah  A.^  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin^  [Benjamin*',  Benjamin^ 
Noah^  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth  P. 
[Delano]  Dexter,  was  born  20  Nov.,  1842.  He  married 
Susan  G.  Durfee,  7  Sept.,  1870. 

They  had  three  children  : 

1531  i     Lillian  A.«  Dexter,  b.  29  Aug.,  1871. 
15o2        ii     Edith  Delano"  Dexter,  b.  4  Nov.,  1873. 
1533       ill    Marion  H."  Dexter,  b.  9  May,  1884. 


Abbie  M.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Benjamin''  [Benjamin^,  Benja- 
min^  Noah*,  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth 
P.  [Delano]  Dexter,  was  born  28  Sept.,  1844.  She  married 
Edward  E.  Hicks,  23  June,  1873. 

Mrs.  Hicks  went  on  a  voyage  with  her  husband  soon  after 
their  marriage.  They  sailed  from  New  Bedford  on  the  bark 
"Mermaid,"  August,  1873,  for  a  cruise  in  the  Indian  Ocean 
after  whales. 

I  quote  her  letter:  "We  had  good  weather  and  very  little 
sickness.  Thursday,  Oct.  16,  Flores  was  in  sight.  Captain 
Hicks  went  ashore  in  the  morning  and  returned  to  the  ship 
for  dinner.  At  two  o'clock  we  both  went  ashore.  To  walk 
upon  the  ground  after  rolling  about  for  six  weeks  was  enjoy- 
ment. We  spent  the  afternoon  on  shore.  We  sighted  Fayal 
Wednesday,  Oct.  22,  and  went  in  about  twelve  o'clock  noon 


of  the  23rd.  We  left  Fayal  at  eight  the  morning  of  the 
25th.  We  then  cruised  in  the  Atlantic  and  took  a  great 
many  whales.  Having  rounded  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope 
with  rather  cold,  windy  weather,  we  sailed  north  into  the 
Indian  Ocean.  Madagascar  was  sighted  the  26th  of  March, 
1874.  Here  the  weather  grew  warmer  and  calmer.  The 
18th  of  May,  we  went  into  Mahi,  Seychelle  Islands.  It  is  a 
beautiful  island,  with  a  fine  climate.  There  are  cocoanut 
groves,  and  wild  cinnamon  and  cloves.  Bananas  are  raised 
there  and  the  vanilla  bean  cultivated.  We  were  all  glad  to 
leave  the  vessel  after  being  confined  to  it  for  nearly  five 
months.  We  hired  a  house,  and  with  the  help  of  a  few  na- 
tive servants  lived  comfortably.  Captain  Hicks  took  the 
ship  out  June  2,  though  I  lived  there  until  Aug.  29,  when  we 
left  for  a  cruise  on  the  coast  of  Arabia,  where  we  were  sail- 
ing on  summer  seas  all  the  time.  It  was  calm,  warm  and  de- 
lightful living.  The  22nd  of  July,  1875,  we  spent  the  day 
on  the  island  of  Johanna,  which  is  one  of  the  Comoro 

"We  returned  to  New  Bedford  with  a  full  cargo  of  oil, 
about  the  16th  of  March,  1876,  having  had  good  luck,  good 
weather  and  a  pleasant  voyage. ' ' 

Captain  Hicks  made  other  voyages,  being  accompanied  in 
1881  by  his  wife  and  two  children.  -One  of  the  voyages  proved 
unsuccessful  and  unpleasant,  as  bad  weather  prevailed. 
They  returned  home  in  July,  1883. 

They  had  six  children : 

15S'4  i  Elizabeth  D.^  Hicks,  b.  on  Seychelle  Islands,  Indian  Ocean,  22 
July,  1874.  Is  now  a  teacher  in  public  schools  at  New  Bed- 

1535  ii     Edward  H."  Hicks,  b.   in  Marion,   26  May,   1876.     Is  now  re- 

porter  for   New  Bedford   Mercury. 

1536  iii     Louise  E.*  Hicks,  b.  in  New  Bedford,  21  Sept.,  1878.     Is  public 

school  teacher  in  New  Bedford. 

1537  iv     Florence  K."  Hicks,  b.  in  Fayal,  Western  Islands,  4  July,  1882 ; 

d.  in  Kutland,  Mass.,  21  Oct.,  1904. 

1538  V     Alexander"    Hicks,    b.    in    New    Bedford,    24    April,    1884.     At 

School  of  Technology  in  Boston  in  1905. 
1538A    vi     Belle  B.»  Hicks,  b.  in  New  Bedford,  6  Feb.,   1886.     At  school 
at  Wellesley  College. 



Benjamin  F.**  Dexter,  son  of  Benjainiii^  [Benjamin^  Benjamin^, 
Noah^,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Elizabeth  P. 
[Delano]  Dexter,  was  born  26  Feb.,  1850,  and  died  2  Dec, 
1901.     He  married  Olive  Kinney,  8  March,  1880. 

They  had  three  children  : 

1539         i     Benjamin  D."  Dexter,  b.  26  Oct.,  1880;  d.  14  Nov.,  1890. 
1.540        ii     Ella  F."  Dexter,  b.  23  Oct.,  1882. 

1541  iii     Arthur  Delano"  Dexter,  b.  31  Dec,  1887;   d.   28  Jan.,  1901. 


Seth  L.  M,^  Dexter,  son  of  Rufus^  [Benjamin^  Benjamin^ 
Noah*,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomasi^]  and  Elizabeth  L. 
[Washbnrn]  Dexter,  was  born  3  March,  1854.  He  married 
Elizabeth  Jenney,  3  Nov.,  1878. 

They  had  three  children : 

1542  i     Bessie  L.'  Dexter,  b.  in  Kiver  Falls,  Wis.,  19  Oct.,  1880. 

1543  ii     Lawrence  L."  Dexter,  b.  in  Eiver  Falls,  Wis.,  19  June,  1882.    • 

1544  iii     Robert  W."  Dexter,  b.  in  Marion,  Mass.,   7  July,  1886. 


Horace*  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan  K.''  [Jonathan^,  David^ 
Josiah*,  Benjamin^,  William",  Thomas^]  and  Clarinda 
[Smith]  Dexter,  was  born  15  Sept.,  1839.  He  married  Ann 
E.  Lyman,  25  Feb.,  1869. 

They  had  four  children : 

1545  i     Horace  Lyman"  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1870. 

1546  ii     James  Smith"  Dexter,  b.  20  Aug.,  1872. 

1547  iii     Agnes  May"  Dexter,  b.  6  Sept.,  1875. 

1548  iv     Grace  Ethel"  Dexter,  b.  27  Sept.,  1878. 


Mary*  Dexter,  daughter  of  Jonathan  K.''  [Jonathan",  David^, 
Josiah*,     Benjamin^,     William^,     Thomas^]     and     Clarinda 


[Smith]    Dexter,   was  bom   17   June,   1844.     She  married 
James  Landers,  5  Sept.,  1861. 

They  had  three  children : 

1549  i     Mary'  Landers,  h.   in  New  Bedford,  1  Dec,  1862;   m.  Charles 

Cox,  Jan.,  1889. 

1550  ii     Katie^  Landers,  b.  in  New  Bedford,  20  Dec,  1868 ;  m.  Henry  L. 

Miller,  4  Sept.,  1897. 

1551  iii     John   F.°   Landers,    b.    in   Fairhaven,    2    Oct.,    1872;    m.    Etta 

Leonard,  14  Dec,  1893. 


Allen  D.s  Hammond,  son  of  Martha  M.^  [AUen^  David^,  Josiah*, 
Benjamin",  AVilliam^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Noah  Ham- 
mond, was  bom  1  June,  1871.  He  married  Eliza  Lenora 
Shaw,  19  Sept.,  1894. 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  Brockton : 

1552  i     Allen  Dexter'  Hammond,  b.   Feb.,   1897. 

1553  ii     Dorothy'  Hammond,  b.  3  April,  1904, 


Henry  C.^  Dexter,  son  of  John''  [Constant^,  Isaac^,  Constant^, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  B.  [Shaw]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  at  Wayne,  Me.,  21  April,  1831.  He  married 
Ellen  E.  Carll,  17  Dec,  1864. 

They  had  three  children,  bom  at  Auburn,  Me. : 

1554  i     Clifton  C  Dexter,  b.  27  April,  1866. 

1555  ii     Alice  B.'  Dexter,  b.  26  Dec,  1869. 

1556  iii     Elbert  H.'  Dexter,  b.  12  Oct.,  1874. 


George  T.^  Dexter,  son  of  Rev.  Henry  V.''  [Amasa^,  Isaac^,  Con- 
stant*, Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Mary  E.  [Board- 
man]  Dexter,  was  born  at  Augusta,  Me.,  25  Jan.,  1860.  He 
married  Nellie  J.  Greenwood,  14  April,  1879 ;  she  died  8 
Nov.,  1900. 




Two  children 

1557  i     Frederick  Greenwood'  Dexter,  b.  11  Aug.,  1881. 

1558  ii     Leon  Boardman'  Dexter,  b.  4  June,  1893.- 


The  following  from  an  insurance  journal  shows  Mr.  Dex- 
ter's  standing: 

"Within  recent  years  a  new  force  has  entered  the 
agency  business  of  life  insurance  in  the  person  of 
George  T.  Dexter,  superintendent  of  domestic  agencies  of 
the  Mutual  Life  Insurance  Company  of  New  York.  He  is 
not  only  a  new  force,  but  he  represents  individual  character- 
istics which  distinguish  him  from  other  men  who  have  won 
great  fame  in  the  mana^-ement  of  large  agency  corps.  The 
handling  of  agents,  especially  under  the  modern  tendency  to 
bring  them  into  closer  touch  with  the  home  office,  requires 
talents  of  a  peculiar  order,  not  always  of  the  same  kind,  be- 
cause different  men  manage  by  different  methods.  Mr. 
Dexter  is  certainly  not  a  copy  or  a  duplicate,  in  any  sense  of 
the  word,  of  others  who  exert  a  controlling  power  in  the 
great  field  of  life  insurance. 

"Mr.  Dexter  is  the  son  of  a  Baptist  clergyman.  His  boy- 
hood was  passed  in  Maine,  where  he  acquired  his  early  edu- 
cation. At  the  age  of  eighteen  he  became  imbued  with  a 
boyish  ambition  for  the  sea  and  enlisted  as  a  sailor  on  a 
vessel  trading  in  the  Orient,  by  way  of  Cape  Horn.  He 
spent  two  years  before  the  mast,  sharing  the  trials  and  hard- 
ships of  a  common  seaman,  bunking  in  the  forecastle  and 
partaking  of  the  seaman's  homely  fare.  None  of  his  ship- 
mates suspected  that  the  master  of  the  vessel  was  Dexter 's 

"The  physical  training  and  moral  discipline  secured  in  this 
school  had  much  to  do  in  developing  the  strength  of  char- 
acter shown  in  Mr.  Dexter 's  later  life.  After  giving  up  the 
sea  he  acted  as  commercial  traveler  for  a  short  time,  but 
becoming  interested  in  life  insurance,  was  induced  to  act  as 
solicitor  for  the  United  States  Life  at  Keene,  N.  H. 

' '  He  was  a  success  in  this  business  from  the  very  start,  so 
successful,  in  fact,  that  he  was  soon  made  general  agent  of 
the  company  at  Worcester,  Mass.  He  occupied  this  position 
one  year,  and  then  accepted  a  call  to  a  larger  field,  as  super- 
intendent of  agencies  for  E.  W.  Peet,  the  Mutual  Life's 


manajorer  at  St.  Paul.  He  supervised  the  company's  work 
in  Minnesota  and  Iowa.  His  success  in  this  department  was 
conspicuous,  and  in  a  few  years  he  was  promoted  to  super- 
vise the  fieldmen  in  the  Mutual  Life's  great  Ohio  aprency  of 
L.  C.  Lawton  &  Co. 

"His  work  in  this  field  attracted  the  particular  attention  of 
the  home  office.  He  was  entrusted  with  the  execution  of 
several  missions  of  supreme  importance,  requirino-  great 
judgment  and  tact.  The  skill  with  which  he  handled  these 
matters  so  impressed  the  executive  officials  of  the  company 
that  in  1898  he  was  selected  to  organize  and  manage  the 
company's  department  of  domestic  agencies. 

' '  Like  most  men  who  occupy  positions  of  responsibility  Mr. 
Dexter  is  a  man  of  great  energy,  possessing  that  talent  for 
achievement  and  hard  work  which  a  great  philosopher  has 
said  lies  at  the  root  of  all  genius.  Unlike  some  who  have 
made  their  mark  in  life  insurance,  there  is  nothing  spectac- 
ular in  his  make-up,  nothing  sensational  in  his  methods  of 
doing  business.  Neither  in  his  manner  nor  his  speech  does 
he  boast  of  great  things  to  be  done.  Nevertheless,  no  one 
who  has  ever  come  in  contact  with  him  in  a  business  way,  for 
even  the  briefest  period,  ever  doubted  the  definiteness  of  his 
plans  or  the  fixity  of  his  purpose.  Although  he  keeps  his 
own  counsel  he  knows  what  there  is  to  do  and  is  quick  to  see 
how  it  is  to  be  done.  Quietness,  reserve,  determination  are 
the  essential  characteristics  of  his  make-up,  and  his  plans 
are  only  revealed  in  their  fulfillment. 

"In  dealing  with  competing  interests,  or  in  the  adjustment 
of  business  complications,  he  has  proved  himself  a  born  dip- 
lomat. Admitting  no  wrong  or  weakness  in  his  own  cause 
he  concedes  only  non-essentials  to  the  opposition.  Having 
taken  his  stand  upon  sure  ground  he  maintains  it  unreser- 
vedly. Although  quick  to  act  in  emergencies,  nothing  is 
done  which  is  ill  considered.  In  subsequent  developments 
he  has  nothing  to  unsay,  nothing  to  explain  away.  He  is 
pre-eminently  a  safe  man  in  his  position.  He  makes  the 
minimum  of  mistakes. 

* '  In  his  intercourse  with  the  field  force  Mr.  Dexter  is  dig- 


nified,  but  at  the  same  time  frank  and  straightforward.  He 
never  'jollies'  his  agents.  He  does  not  awaken  in  them  false 
hopes  or  foster  vain  expectations.  The  managers  and 
agents  working  under  him  know  that  he  is  dependable,  that 
his  words  and  acts  are  not  susceptible  of  double  interpreta- 
tion, and  that  he  will  always  do  more,  not  less,  than  he 


Professor  Edwin  Grant^  Dexter,  son  of  Rev.  Henry  Vaughan'' 
[Amasa^  Isaac^,  Constant^  Benjamin^  William-.  Thonia;*' ! 
and  Mary  Edna  [Boardman]  Dexter,  was  born  at  Calais, 
Me.,  21  July,  1868. 

His  boyhood  days  were  spent  in  the  t0T\Ti  of  Templeton, 
Mass.,  the  place  of  his  father's  last  pastorate  and  death. 
After  attending  the  town  schools  until  the  age  .of  16 
years,  he  entered  "Worcester  (Mass.)  Academy  and  prepared 
for  Brown  University,  from  which  he  was  graduated  in  1891, 
with  the  degree  of  Doctor  of  Philosophy  (Ph.D.).  While 
an  undergraduate  he  was  his  class  historian  (Pub.  Prov. 
1889),  director  of  the  Boating  Association,  President  of  the 
Camera  Club  and  of  the  Glee  Club,  member  of  the  Univer- 
sity Quartette  and  editor  of  the  Liber  Bruneusis,  the  college 
annual.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Zeta  Psi  Fraternity  and  of 
Phi  Beta  Kappa.  The  year  of  1891-92  was  spent  at  Brown 
as  instructor  and  graduate  student,  the  Master  of  Arts  de- 
gree being  conferred  at  its  close  " summa  cum  laude." 

The  next  three  years,  1892-95,  were  passed  as  science 
master  of  the  Colorado  Springs  "(Col.)  High  School.  He 
was  also  director  for  the  years  of  1893  and  1894  of  the  Colo- 
rado Summer  School  of  Science,  Philosophy  and  Languages, 
holding  its  sessions  at  Colorado  Springs.  During  those 
years  the  school  had  upon  its  faculty,  among  others.  President 
Wilson  of  Princeton,  Andrews  of  Nebraska,  Hyde  of  Bow- 
doin  and  Slocum  and  Baker  of  Colorado,  as  well  as  Profess- 
ors William  James,  Richard  T.  Ely,  C.  E.  Bessey,  William 
J.  Rolfe,  Katherine  Lee  Bates,  Katherine  Coman,  and  W.  D. 


In  1895  he  was  appointed  professor  of  psychology  at  the 
Colorado  State  Normal  School  (Greeley,  Col.),  which  posi- 
tion he  held  until  taking  his  present  position  in  1900,  with 
leave  of  absence  for  the  year  1899-1900,  during  which  he 
held  a  fellowship  at  Columbia  University,  and  was  granted 
the  Ph.D.  degree. 

While  in  Colorado,  he  was  a  member  of  the  Colorado 
Scientific  Society ;  the  Colorado  State  Educational  Council ; 
president  of  the  child-study  section  of  the  State  Teachers' 
Association.  He  also  received  a  medal  for  his  part  in  the 
preparation  of  the  state  educational  exhibit  at  the  World's 
Columbian  Exposition,  at  Chicago,  in  1893.  Since  coming 
to  the  University  of  Illinois,'  he  has  been,  beside  holding  the 
professorship  of  education,  director  and  dean  of  the  sum- 
mer session  of  the  University. 

Professor  Dexter  is  a  fellow  of  the  American  Association 
for  the  Advancement  of  Science,  and  of  the  American  Geo- 
graphical Society ;  is  a  member  of  the  National  Educational 
Association ;  president  of  the  National  Society  for  the  Scien- 
tific Study  of  Education;  of  the  Society  of  College  Teach- 
ers of  Education;  of  the  American  Psychological  Associa- 
tion ;  of  the  American  Social  Science  Association ;  of  the  Illi- 
nois Schoolmasters'  Club;  of  the  Internatioualen  Societie 
fiir  Schulhygiene  (and  a  collaborating  editor  of  its  journal), 
and  of  the  Societe  Jean  Jacques  Rousseau. 

Professor  Dexter  has  published  upwards  of  sixty  scientific 
and  educational  articles  in  such  journals  as  Educational  Re- 
view, Education,  Popular  Science  Monthly,  Psychological 
Review,  International  Journal  of  Ethics,  Annals  of  the 
American  Academy  of  Political  and  Social  Science,  Science, 
World's  Work,  Harper's  Weekly,  and  the  Scientific  Ameri- 
can; in  addition,  two  volumes  from  the  Macmillan  Press: 
"A  History  of  Education  in  the  United  States,"  Sept.,  1904, 
pp.  xxi-654,  8vo,  and  ' '  Weather  Influences :  an  Empirical 
Study  of  the  Mental  and  Psychological  Effects  of  Definite 
Meteorological  Conditions,"  August,  1904,  pp.  xxi-288. 

Professor  Dexter  married  Allie  Martin  Hodge,  7  June, 
1895,  in  Colorado  Springs. 


They  have  three  children : 

1559  i     Henry  Vaughan'  Dexter,  b.  27  Marct,  1896. 

1560  ii    Louise'  Dexter,  b.   4  Aug.,   1900. 

1561  iii    Dwight  Hodge"  Dexter,  b.  14  Julj,  1903. 


Joseph  Dean^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph  C^  [EleazerS  Samuel^ 
SamneP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Olive  [Gould] 
Dexter,  was  born  18  June,  1820.  He  married  Almeda  An- 
derson, 8  March,  1846.  She  was  born  1826,  daughter  of 
Timothy  and  Betsey  Anderson. 

They  had  one  child : 

1562  i     Joseph  Franklin'  Dexter,  b.  18  July,  1847. 


Nancy  M.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Joseph  Dean''  [Eleazer^,  Sam- 
ueF,  SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Olive 
[Gould]  Dexter,  was  born  1825.  She  married  (1)  Henry  B. 
Gould,  son  of  Haffield  and  Lydia  Gould,  6  May,  1847;  (2) 
Joseph  C.  Page,  2  Nov.,  1865. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  husband    and  two  by  second 
husband : 

1563  i     Ella  Maria'  Gould,  b.  9  Sept.,  1851. 

1564  ii     Joseph  C  Page,  Jr.,  b.  . 

1565  iii     Estella  Freese'  Page,  b.  . 


Caroline  Angelia^  Taylor,  daughter  of  Cassandra'^  [Jonathan^, 
SamueP,  Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter 
and  Lemuel  F.  Taylor,  was  born  1  March,  1841.  She  mar- 
ried Darius  Parsons  of  Sutton,  24  Nov.,  1877,  at  Hubbard- 

They  had  one  child : 

1566  i     George   Taylor'  Parsons,   b.   4  May,   1879. 



Adams^  French,  Jr.,  son  of  Khoda^  [Lucy'',  Ichabod^  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Adams  French, 
was  born  1828.  He  married  Abby  E.  Kellogg,  25  Jan.,  1849. 
She  was  born  1830,  daughter  of  John  and  Clarinda  Kellogg. 
He  was  a  pail  maker. 

They  had  one  child : 
1567         i     Elvirus  Franklin"  French,  b.  30  Jan.,  1850;  d. . 


Mary  A.^  French,  daughter  of  Rhoda^  [Lucy^  Ichabod^  Sam- 
uel*,  Benjamin^   William^,    Thomas^   Dexter]    and   Adams 

French,  was  born  .     She  married  Franklin  L.  Waters, 

22  April,  1850.     He  was  born  1829,  son  of  John,  Jr.,  and 
Olive  Waters  of  Champlain,  N.  Y.     He  was  a  pail-maker. 

They  had  one  child: 

1568  i     Albert'   Waters,    b.   ■ ;    m.    Ada   Morrell,    about    1892.      No 



Lysander^  French,  son  of  Rhoda^  [Lucy'',  Ichabod,^  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Adams  French, 
was  born  at  Orange  in  1839.     He  married  Julia  Hunt. 

Four  children : 

1569  i     Waldo'  French,  b.  ;   m.  Minnie  Ford.     Three  children. 

1570  ii     Cora"    French,    b.    1858;    m.    Frank    Cheney,    16    Sept.,    1880; 

farmer,   of   Sanford,   Me. ;    son   of   Horace   B.   and   Susan  A. 
Cheney,  was  born  in  1857.     Two   children. 

1571  iii     Frank*  French,  b.  . 

1572  iv     J.  Margaret"  French,  b.  1865;  m.  Ellsworth  E.  Howe  of  Graf- 

ton, Mass.,  17  Nov.,  1886;  he  was  born  in  1861  at  Princeton. 
Two  children. 



Moses  C.^  French,  son  of  Ehoda^  [hucj^,  Ichabod%  Samuel^ 
Benjamin",  "William^  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Adams  French, 
was  born  in  1842.  He  married  Kate  E.  Bishop.  Was  a  fur- 
niture dealer. 

Two  children : 

1573  i     Minnie  May"  French,  b.  27  March,  1868;  d.  7  April,  1869. 

1574  ii     Clara  Eleanor"  French,  b.   6  Oct.,  1870. 


William  N.^  Dexter,  son  of  Foster  D-''  [John,^  Job^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Phebe  P.  [  J  Dexter, 

was  born  15  Aug.,  1843.  He  married  (1)  Frances  Newland, 
Aug.,  1870;  (2)  Mary  J.  Dooley,  7  April,  1887  (she  died 
14  March,  1897)  ;  (3)  Lillian  Adell  Field,  22  Dec,  1897  (she 
was  born  18  April,  1857 ) .  He  is  now  living  in  New  Salem, 

Two  children : 

1575  i     lona  F."  Dexter,  b.  2  Dec,  1888. 

1576*      11     Mabel    A."   Dexter    (adopted),    b.    8    March,    1869;    m.    George 
Carpenter  of   Orange. 


Charles  Augustus^  Wheeler,  son  of  William  A.'^  [Anna^,  Job^ 
SamueP,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Almira 
[Allen]  Wheeler,  was  born  27  Jan.,  1826.  He  married 
Mary  Eliza  Douglas,  1  Jan.,  1851,  and  died  18  Sept.,  1867. 
He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  Worcester  and  at 
Williston  Seminary  at  Easthampton,  Mass.  After  an  ap- 
prenticeship with  his  father  he  was  admitted  into  partner- 
ship. He  held  several  official  positions  in  Worcester  until 
failing  health  obliged  him  to  retire  from  office  and  from, 
active  business. 


Three  children : 

1577  i     William  8101)11011"  Wheeler,  b.  19  Oct.,  1855;   cl.  28  April,   1856. 

1578  ii     Annie  Douglas-'  Wheeler,  b.  15  Oct.,  1861;    d.   10   Sept.,   1862. 

1579  iii     Charles  Douglas"  Wheeler,  b.  9  Nov.,  1865. 


William  Fiske'  Wheeler,  son  of  William  A.''  [Anna«,  Job%  Sam- 
uel*, Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Almira 
[Allen]  Wheeler,  M^as  born  24  June,  1830.  He  married  Ada- 
line  Barry  Youns',  18  Sept.,  1854.  He  was  educated  at 
Harvard  University,  1852,  and  went  to  Europe  soon  after 
his  graduation.  A  weakness  of  his  eyes  obliged  him  to  aban- 
don the  profession  of  medicine,  which  he  had  intended  to 
pursue.  Having  a  taste  for  agriculture,  he  purchased  a 
farm  and  conducted  a  school  for  boys  in  connection  there- 
with, until  the  breaking  out  of  the  War  of  the  Rebellion^ 
when  he  enlisted  and  was  chosen  captain  of  a  company  in 
the  51st  Regiment  of  Massachusetts  Volunteers.  After  the 
war  his  health  failed  and  he  gave  up  active  business. 

Four  children : 

1580  i     Frank  Allen''  Wheeler,    b.  29  Sept.,  1859. 

1581  ii     Charles  Sprague'  Wheeler,  b.  7  Jan.,  1863 ;  d.  24  Nov.,   1865. 

1582  iii     Ada  Maria"  Wheeler,  b.  14  Nov.,  1865. 

1583  iv     Thomas'  Wheeler,  b.   14  Sept.,   1868. 


Moses  Allen'  Wheeler,  son  of  William  A.'^  [Anna^,  Job^ 
Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Al- 
mira [Allen]  Wheeler,  was  born  in  Worcester,  19  Aug., 
1838.  He  married  Helen  Marion  Erwin,  18  Jan.,  1865,  and 
died  28  Nov.,  1884.  He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools 
of  Worcester,  and  was  in  the  office  of  his  father  until  hivS 
failing  health  induced  him  to  engage  in  farming  on  an 
estate  in  the  outskirts  of  Worcester,  where  he  resided  until 
his  death.     He  was  a  Republican  in  polities. 


Five  children : 

1584  i     Moses  Allen"  Wheeler,  b.   18  March,  1866.     Superintendent  of 

Elevator  Co.,  and  resides  at  3  Forbes  Street,  Worcester. 

1585  ii     Harriet  Erwin^  Wheeler,  b.   18  July,  1867.     Teacher  in  pubUc 

schools,  and  resides  at  3  Forbes  St.,  Worcester. 

1586  iii     Fanny"  Wheeler,  b.  26  Aug.,  1869. 

1587  iv     Helen  Eliza"  Wheeler,  b.   27  June,   1872.     Besides  at  8  Forbes 

Street,  Worcester. 

1588  V     Marion  Barnard"  Wheeler,  b.  4  Feb.,  1877. 


George  L.*  Morton,  son  of  Alexander''  [  James^,  Mary^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William",  Thomas^]  Dexter  and  Martha 
[Wheeler]  Morton,  was  born  in  1846.     He  married . 

Three  children : 

1589  i     Edna"  Morton,  b.  • ■;  m.  Amasa  Smith. 

1590  ii     Moses"  Morton,  b. . 

1591  iii     Proctor"  Morton,  b.   ■ — — ;   m.   .      Three  children:    Charles 

Morton,  Dexter  Morton,  Helen  Morton. 


Shatley^  Morton,  son  of  SamueF  [Hannah'^,  Benjamin^,  SamueP, 

Benjamin^,   William^,   Thomas^]    Dexter  and  Morton, 

was  bom  in  1815.     He  married  . 

Four  children : 

1592  i     Uriah"  Morton,  b. -. 

1593  ii     Lewis"  Morton,  b.  — . 

1594  iii     Charles"  Morton,  b. . 

1595  iv     William"  Morton,  b.  . 


Benjamin-     Morton,    son    of    SamueP     [Hannah^,    Benjamin^, 

Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]    Dexter  and  

Morton,  was  born  in  1818.     He  married . 


Two  children : 

1596  i     Almon"  Morton,  b.  . 

1597  ii     Millard'  Morton,  b. . 

Almon'^  Morton,  son  of  Samuel"  [ Hannah'',  Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 

Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]    Dexter  and  Morton, 

was  born  in  1820.    He  married . 

Two  children : 

1598  i     Edgar"  Morton,  b.  . 

1599  ii     Willard"  Morton,  b.  . 


Trustum  DurelP  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa'^  [Benjamin^  Benja- 
min^  SamueP,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  7  July,  1834,  at  Orange,  Mass. 
He  married  Mary  Susan  Calligan,  9  Nov.,  1862.     She  was 

born  8  Sept.,  1840,  and  died He  was  in  the  U.  S. 

Army  during  the  Rebellion  (15th  Mass.  Reg.).  He  was 
killed  by  accident  May  4,  1904  (falling  from  a  building). 
He  was  a  large  owner  of  real  estate  in  Clinton,  Mass. 

They  adopted  a  girl,  but  she  died  many  years  ago. 


Benjamin  Allen-  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa^  [Benjamin*',  Benjamin^ 
Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  25  Oct.,  1836.  He  married  Laura 
0.  Webb,  4  April,  1860,  at  Black  River,  N.  Y.  She  was 
bom  25  March,  1842,  and  died  7  Jan.,  1897,  at  Black  River, 
New  York.     He  died  22  Jan.,  1906. 

Three  children: 

1600         i     Freddy  B.'   Dexter,   b.   16   May,    1861;    d.   28    Sept.,   1861,   at 

Black  Eiver,  N.  Y. 
1601*      ii     Frank  Albert'  Dexter,  b.  in  Rutland,  26  Nov.,  1863. 
1602       iii     Herbert  Arthur"  Dexter,  b.  4  Oct.,  1870. 


1 147 

Elihu  Osgood  Clark^  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa'^  [Benjamin®,  Benja- 
min-^, SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  in  Orange,  Mass.,  12  Aug.,  1842. 
He  married  Jane  Miner,  1  Jan.,  1867.  She  was  a  daughter 
of  Benjamin  Randall  and  Mary  Elmira  (Clark)  Miner,  and 
was  bom  in  Colerain,  22  June,  1842.  He  was  a  farmer  and 
lived  on  part  of  the  old  homestead,  moving  the  old  house  to 
the  north  part  of  the  estate  and  making  their  home  there. 
He  owned  a  large  amount  of  land  in  Orange. 

Two  children  : 

1603*        i     Myra    E."   Dexter,    b.    2    June,    1871;    d.    27    April,    1904;    m. 

George  W.   Holton,   1892. 
1604        ii     Herbert  C.°  Dexter,  b.  14  March,  1876 ;    m.  Ava   Leona   Sargent,  25 

Dec,  1901.     Now  living  on  a  farm  in  South  Orange,  Mass. 



Hephzibah'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Amasa^  [Benjamin^  Benja- 
min^  SamueP,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  24  June,  1845,  at  Wendell,  Mass. 
She  went  to  school  at  Wendell,  IVIass.,  and  afterwards  at 
Orang-e,  Mass.  She  moved  to  Worcester  in  1865,  where  she 
was  married  to  Henry  Davis  Barber  of  Worcester,  Mass., 
in  1867.  She  has  always  been  active  in  church  work,  being 
a  member  of  the  IMethodist  Church.  She  has  been  for  many 
years  one  of  the  visitors  and  directors  of  the  Old  Ladies' 
Home  in  Worcester. 

One  child : 

1605  i     Harry  EeueP  Barber,   b.   6   Sept.,   1872;    m.   Harrietts  Heloise 

Huffman,  19  Sept.,  1900,  at  New  Castle,  Ohio.  He  is  a  ^ad- 
uate  of  Worcester  Polytechnic  Institute,  and  is  now  district 
manager  of  Telephone  Company  at  St.  Louis.  They  have  one 
daughter,    Heloise. 


Hoyt-  Dexter,  son  of  Amasa'^  [Benjamin'^,  Benjamin^  SamueP, 
Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna  [Allen]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  20  Aug.,  1847.  He  mar- 
ried Aurea  Scott  of  Black  River,  N.  Y.,  20  Sept.,  1876. 

Two  children : 

1606  i     Leta"  Dexter,  b.  in  Colerain,  Mass.,  . 

1607  ii     Nina'  Dexter,  b.  in    Colerain,  Mass.,  . 


Anna*  D'cxter,  daughter  of  Amasa^  [Benjamin^  Benjamin^ 
SamueP,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Roanna 
[Allen]  Dexter,  was  born  13  Aug.,  1850,  and  died  7  Jan., 
1904.  She  married  (1)  B.  F.  Miner,  1870.  He  was  the  son 
of  Benjamin  Randall  and  Mary  Elmira  (Clark)  Miner. 
She  married  (2)  Charles  Stevens,  1884. 



One  child  by  first  husband: 

1608         i     David   EarP  Miner,   b.    10   Aug.,   1871 ;    m.   Alice  Kimball,   28 
Oct.,   1893. 


Joseph  Lord^  Dexter,  son  of  Moses''  [Benjamin®,  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Persis  [Lord] 
Dexter,  was  born  in  Orange,  Mass.,  7  Jan.,  1839.     His  early 


life  was  spent  in  his  native  town  on  the  farm  at  home,  and 
learning  the  carpenter's  trade  of  Deacon  Howe.  He  was 
married  to  Sarah  Jane  Wood,  7  Oct.,  1858,  and  they  have 
had  four  children,  Frank  Edward,  Fred  Abbott,  Mabel  L. 
and  Louise.  He  removed  to  Athol,  Mass.,  about  1864  or  '65, 
and  far  over  thirty  years  was  the  leading  builder  and  con- 
tractor of  that  town,  and  some  of  Athol's  finest  residences 
are  the  work  of  his  hand  and  brain,  and  it  has  been  said  of 
him  that  he  never  erected  a  poor  building. 


He  was  a  Republican  in  politics  and  intelligently  inter- 
ested in  public  affairs.  He  was  a  member  of  Tully  Lodge 
of  Odd  Fellows.  His  health  had  not  been  good  the  last  few 
years  of  his  life,  and  he  had  retired  from  active  work. 

His  death  was  caused  by  drowning  28  Feb.,  1902,  and  the 
only  cause  that  can  be  given  is  a  general  despondency  over 
his  ill  health.  He  leaves  a  good  name,  and  the  sad  circum- 
stance of  his  departure  from  this  life  casts  no  reflections 
on  his  character  or  spirit. 

Four  children : 

1609*        i     Frank  E.='  Dexter,  b.  25  Dec,  1859;  m.  Cora  H.  Lee,  15  Aug., 

1610*      ii     Fred.   A.'  Dexter,  b.   17   Oct.,   1862;    m.   Flora  L.   Putnam,   26 

Oct.,   1884. 
1611*     iii     Mabel  L.=  Dexter,  b.  3  June,  1865 ;  ni.  Arthur  A.  Prentiss. 
1612       iv     Nettie  L.^"  Dexter,  b.  13  Jan.,  1869;   d.  8  Aug.,  1869. 

Everett  Augustus''  Dexter,  eldest  child  of  David''  [Benjamin^, 
Benjamin^  Samuel^  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Maria  [Hubbard]  Dexter,  was  born  3  Aug.,  1836,  in  Orange, 
Mass.,  and  was  a  small  child  when  his  parents  settled  at 
Black  River.  He  attended  the  public  school  of  that  village, 
and  his  father  planned  to  send  him  to  college.  The  son,  how- 
ever, preferred  a  business  career,  and  was  permitted  to  begin 
at  an  early  age  to  work  in  the  chair  factory  of  his  father. 
He  worked  his  way  through  all  departments  of  the  work  and 
was  master  of  every  detail.  He  became  partner  with  his 
father  in  1864,  and  succeeded  to  the  sole  ownership  in  1880. 
Soon  after  this  he  admitted  his  brother,  David  Erwin  Dex- 
ter, to  partnership,  and  the  business  was  conducted  under 
the  name  of  David  Dexter 's  Sons.  On  account  of  failing 
health  Everett  Dexter  went  to  Colorado  in  1889,  and 
remained  there  three  years.  Returning  to  Black  River,  he 
passed  away  at  his  home  there,  12  March,  1893. 

A  man  of  domestic  tastes,  Mr.  Dexter  preferred  his  home 
to  the  market  place,  and  he  shunned  public  office,  though  a 



public-spirited  citizen,  and  was  widely  respected  as  a  thor- 
oughly upright  man.  He  was  a  believer  in  the  principles 
of  the  Eepublican  party,  and  sustained  them  with  his  in- 
iiuence  at  all  times.     He  was  a  regular  attendant  of  the  local 


church,  in  which  he  was  a  trustee,  and  was  a  member  of 
Watertown  Lodge,  No.  49,  Free  and  Accepted  Masons. 

A  sound  and  incorruptible  business  man,  he  never  lost  the 
respect  and  esteem  of  his  contemporaries.     Mr.  Dexter  was 


married  to  ]\1iss  Martha  Oakes,  Oct.  8,  1864,  who  was  bom 
May  18,  1840,  at  Antwerp,  Jefferson  County,  a  daughter  of 
George  and  Martha  ( Green  )Choate  Oakes.  The  last  named 
was  a  descendant  of  Robert  and  Sarah  Choate,  whose  son, 
John  Choate,  was  a  pioneer  settler  of  New  England.  The 
only  child  of  Everett  A.  and  Martha  (Oakes)  Dexter  is 
Carolyn  IMartha,  who  was  bom  in  Black  River.  She  is  a 
graduate  of  the  Watertown  High  School,  and  of  the  Oswego 
Normal  School.  She  is  now  a  kindergarten  teacher  in  New 
York,  residing  with  her  mother  in  Jamaica,  Long  Island. 

The  esteem  in  which  Mr.  Dexter  was  held  in  the  commun- 
ity is  shown  by  the  follomng  extracts  from  an  obituary 
published  in  the  Watertown  Times,  and  the  resolutions 
adopted  by  his  Masonic  lodge,  namely:  "In  1839,  when 
about  three  years  of  age,  the  subject  of  this  sketch  came  with 
his  parents  from  Massachusetts  to  Black  River,  which  he  has 
seen  grow  from  a  small  hamlet  to  a  thriving  manufacturing 
town.  To  this  growth  and  to  all  that  tended  to  the  improve- 
ment of  the  village  and  its  inhabitants,  Mr.  Dexter  was  al- 
ways ready  t-o  extend  both  moral  and  financial  aid. "  .  .  . 
"Among  the  scores  of  employees  in  the  factory,  many  of 
whom  had  worked  there  a  score  of  years,  Mr.  Dexter  was 
uniformly  loved  and  respected." 

"A  kind  husband  and  father,  a  considerate  employer,  an 
upright  business  man  and  a  public-spirited  citizen,  ]\Ir.  Dex- 
ter's  death  will  be  more  widely  felt  than  that  of  any  other 
resident  of  the  village  who  has  passed  away. ' ' 

"Whereas,  our  earthly  lodge  has  thus  lost  one  who  was 
dear  to  us,  as  a  true  and  worthy  friend,  associate  and 
brother,  and  the  grand  lodge  above  has  gained  another 
bright,  immortal  soul,  therefore  be  it, 

"Resolved,  that  our  lodge  be  draped  in  the  usual  mourn- 
ing, that  a  page  in  this  book  of  minutes  be  set  apart  to  per- 
petuate his  name  and  memory,  that  these  preambles  and 
resolutions  be  published  in  the  Daily  Times,  and  that  a 
copy  thereof  be  transmitted  to  the  sorrowing  relatives,  and 
that  while  we  mourn  for  one  whom  we  dearly  loved,  and 
tender  to  the  bereaved  ones  our  deep  and  sincere  sympathy 


in  tliis  hour  of  their  affliction,  we  humbly,  devoutly  and 
reverently  bow  to  the  inevitable  laws  of  our  Supreme  Grand 
Master  above,  who  doeth  all  things  well. ' ' 

One  child : 
1613      .    i     Carrie  M.^  Dexter,  b.  20  July,  1877. 


David  Erwin^  Dexter,  son  of  David'  [Benjamin^,  Benjamin^, 
Samuel*,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Maria  [Hub- 
bard] Dexter,  was  bom  8  Feb.,.  1849,  at  Black  River,  N.  Y. 
He  married  Mary  D.  Pierce,  10  May,  1870.  She  was  bom 
30  Sept.,  1849. 


Henry  Clay^  Dexter,  eldest  son  of  Simeon^  [Benjamin*^,  Benja- 
min%  Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Maria 
[Hardy]  Dexter  was  born  4  May,  1858,  in  Black  River,  N.Y., 
and  received  most  of  his  education  in  the  Watertown 
public  schools,  and  at  Potsdam  Normal  School.  In  1882  he 
entered  the  employ  of  Poor,  Dexter  &  Co.,  chair  manufactur- 
ers at  Black  River.  His  brother  Charles  was  a  partner  in 
this  business,  and  the  share  of  the  management,  on  account 
of  Charles'  failing  health,  soon  evolved  on  him.  On  March 
4,  1884,  he  became  a  partner  in  the  firm,  and  a  year  later, 
he  and  Charles  bought  out  the  other  partners,  Christopher 
Poor  and  Charles  "Wolf,  and  at  once  joined  with  the  owners 
of  a  factory  and  water  power  on  the  north  side  of  the  river, 
D.  Hubbard  Scott  and  Byron  N.  Scott,  and  immediately 
moved  their  woodworking  department  into  this  shop.  After 
one  year,  the  Dexter  brothers  bought  out  the  other  two  and 
continued  the  business  of  chair-making  alone,  under  the 
name  of  Dexter  &  Co.  After  the  death  of  Charles,  the 
name  was  made  H.  C.  Dexter  Chkir  Co.,  under  which  title 
it  was  incorporated  in  1890.  On  the  24th  of  November, 
1894,  the  shop,  which  stood  on  the  present  site  of  the  Union 
School  building,  was  destroyed  by  fire.     A  new  building 



was  erected  on  the  north  side  of  the  river,  and  this  was 
burned  Feb.  17,  1900.  It  was  immediately  rebuilt  on  a 
larger  scale  than  before,  and  is  now  the  scene  of  busy  activ- 
ity. A  small  part  of  the  product  is  exported,  but  the 
larger  portion  is  sent  to  the  large  cities,  such  as  New  York, 
Philadelphia,  Boston  and  Pittsburg. 

Mr.  Dexter  is  an  active  member  of  the  Methodist  Church, 


having  long  been  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Stewards  and 
President  of  the  Trustees.  He  has  always  fostered  the  public 
school  system,  and  has  had  a  large  influence  in  the  improve- 
ment of  the  schools  of  his  native  village.  Soon  after  his 
election  as  school  trustee  in  1892,  he  began  an  agitation  of 
the  plan  of  consolidation  of  school  districts,  on  opposite 
sides  of  the  river  and  in  separate  towns,  and  this  was 
brought  about  in  1898.  This  was  a  stepping-stone  toward 
the  incorporation  of  the  village,  lying  in  two  separate  towns,. 


and  largely  throiigli  the  influence  of  J\Ir.  Dexter  this  was 
consummated.  Believing  that  his  business  holds  the  most 
important  demand  upon  his  time,  he  avoids  public  oifice,  but 
has  served  as  water  commissioner  of  the  village.  He  is  a 
successful  business  man  and  a  well-wisher  toward  all  the 

Mr.  Dexter  was  m^arried  21  Jan.,  1885,  to  Clara  L.  Tis- 
dale,  daughter  of  Rev.  William  and  Eunice  Louise  (More- 
house) Tisdale,  the  latter  now  deceased.  Mr.  Tisdale  is  a 
member  of  the  Central  New  York  Methodist  Conference,  and 
has  been  stationed  at  various  points  in  this  section,  according 
to  the  system  of  his  church.  He  is  of  an  old  Canadian 
family,  and  one  of  his  brothers  has  been  many  years  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Dominion  Parliament,  having  formerly  been  a 
member  of  the  Governor-General's  Cabinet.  Mrs.  Tisdale 
was  a  daughter  of  Somers  Morehouse,  of  Mexico,  Oswego 
County,  New  York. 

The  children  of  Henrv^  C.  and  Clara  L.  Dexter  are : 

Fanny   Eunice'  Dexter,  b.   10  June,   1887. 

William  Charles"  Dexter,  b.  18  March,   1891. 

Dorothy  May'  Dexter,  b.  11  Sept.,  189.5;   d.  28  April,  1896. 

Marion  Louise''  Dexter,  b.  26  March,  1902. 


Charles  Phineas''  Dexter,  second  son  of  Simeon'^  [Benjamin^, 
Benjamin^  Samuel"*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Maria  [Hardy]  Dexter,  was  bom  2  Sept.,  1860,  at  Black 
River,  and  graduated  from  the  Watertown  High  School  in 
1878.  He  taught  school  two  years  in  Rutland  and  Leray, 
and  in  1881  joined  Charles  "Wolf  in  the  purchase  of  the  in- 
terest of  David  E.  Dexter  in  the  chair  manufacturing  busi- 
ness of  Poor  &  Dexter.  The  business  was  then  continued 
under  the  title  of  Poor,  Dexter  &  Co.,  and  Charles  P.  Dex- 
ter continued  to  be  an  o-wner,  under  various  titles,  until  his 
death,  3  May,  1886.  As  above  related,  he  became  joint 
owmer  with  his  elder  brother  of  the  entire  plant  in  1884.     He 










possessed  a  rare  capacity  for  business,  and  instituted  systems 
of  business  management  which  are  still  in  use  by  his  success- 
ors. Like  his  father,  he  had  a  strong  grasp  of  details,  and 
would  have  attained  a  high  position  in  the  business  world, 
without  doubt,  had  his  life  continued  to  the  allotted  time. 
His  close  application  to  business  undermined  his  health,  and 
he  began  to  shift  some  of  his  cares  to  his  brother  by  1883. 
During  the  summer  of  the  following  year  he  remained  in  a 


sanitarium  at  Dans.ville,  N.  Y.,  and  in  the  autumn  went  to 
San  Antonio,  Texas.  After  remaining  there  a  year,  he  went 
to  the  highest  altitude  on  the  Southern  Pacific  Railroad,  at 
San  Gorvonio,  Cal.,  where  his  life  passed  out  on  the  date 
above  named.  He  became  a  member  of  the  Methodist 
Church  early  in  life,  and  while  in  Texas  affiliated  with  the 
Methodist  Church  South.  He  was  small  of  stature,  but 
great  in  soul  and  mind,  and  had  a  most  cheerful  disposi- 
tion.    Though  he  must  have  felt  that  death  was  near  during 


his  last  years,  he  never  coraplained  and  kept  up  a  happy 
frame  of  mind.  Fond  of  anecdote,  he  was  a  capital  story- 
teller, and  aided  much  in  the  cheer  of  any  society  in  which 
he  was  placed.  His  death  was  a  loss  to  the  business  com- 
munity and  to  the  life  of  his  native  place,  both  social  and 

The  following  tribute  was  written  by  Professor  W.  K. 
Wickes,  former  principal  of  "Watertown  High  School,  and 
at  present  principal  of  the  Syracuse  (N.  T.)  High  School: 

' '  Charles  Dexter,  or  '  Charlie, '  as  he  was  familiarly  called^ 
was  an  interesting  study  to  students  of  human  nature. 
The  writer  knew  him — knew  him  well — at  that  period  of 
his  life  when  his  -character  was  most  rapidly  forming  and 
his  mind  was  most  active.  Tlarely  are  the  'elements'  which 
go  to  make  up  a  'man'  mixed  in  such  strange  proportions 
as  in  him ;  never  have  they  better  blended  to  form  a  manly 
character.  No  over-zealous  critics,  alert  to  find  flaws  in  poor 
human  nature,  could  truthfully  tax  this  young  man  with 
the  possession  and  exercise  of  a  mean  trait  of  character.  On 
the  contrary,  friend  and  foe — if  foe,  indeed,  he  had — would 
acknowledge  the  existence  in  him,  and  that,  too,  in  the  most 
marked  degree  and  unalloyed  kind,  of  the  best,  most  at- 
tractive traits  of  human  nature.  I  know  not  how  better  to 
define  his  character  than  by  saying  that  he  was  a  young  man 
•of  generous  uprightness.  And  that,  it  seems  to  me,  means 
much.  For  it  implies  that  while  he  was  good,  he  was  not 
selfishly  so,  as  some  good  men  have,  alas,  been  known  to  be. 
It  means,  moreover,  that  the  generosity  which  was  so  char- 
acteristic of  him  was  not  simply  the  benevolent  impulse  of 
an  unjudging  heart,  but  was  dominated  and  controlled  by 
such  thoughtful  action  of  the  mind  as  insured  the  morality 
and  uprightness  of  that  generosity.  Indeed,  the  traits  of  this 
young  man's  mind  were  in  a  very  true  and  real  sense  insepar- 
able from  those  of  his  heart.  How  clear,  keen  and  right  judg- 
ing the  operations  of  his  mind  were !  Who  that  ever  saw  and 
heard  him  in  the  fervor  of  debate  will  not  say  'true'  to  this? 
And  when  the  question  was  one  in  which  both  his  feelings 
and  his  powers  were  interested,  how  admirable  his  argument ; 



and  how  perfectly  unique  his  manner  of  illustration  and  ex- 

' '  But  this  ii'enerous  heart  and  clear  mind  were  lodged  in  a 
slight  physical  frame-work,  which  early  gave  way  to  the  fell 
power  of  disease.  lie  died  far  from  home  and  friends,  andyet 
had  so  endeared  himself  to  strangers  that  they  tenderly  prof- 
ferred  to  him  all  aid  in  their  power.  It  was  little,  however, 
that  they  could  do.  Yet,  there  can  be  no  doubt  that  he  was 
'sustained  and  soothed  by  an  unfaltering  trust,'  and  so 
realized,  though  far  from  home,  the  truth  of  that  beautiful 
old  saying,  'The  way  to  heaven  is  the  same  out  of  all 
places.'  " 



Fanny  Sarah^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Simon^  [Benjamin^  Benja- 
min^  Samuel*,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  ]  and  Maria 
[Hardy]    Dexter,  was  born  at  Black  River,  N.  Y.,  4  Oct., 


1862,  and  died  at  Black  River,  12  Feb.,  1885.  Her 
early  life  she  spent  at  Black  Eiver,  attending  the  local 
schools.  In  1870,  when  her  people  moved  to  Watertown,  she 
went  with  them  and  entered  the  city  schools  and  graduated 
from  the  High  School  in  1881.  After  a  year's  rest  she  at- 
tended the  Mount  Holyoke  Seminary  one  year.  The  remain- 
der of  her  life  she  spent  with  her  parents  at  Black  River. 


Orrin  B.^  Ramsey,  son  of  Betsey'^  [Benjamin^,  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and 
Luther  Ramsey  of  Orange,  was  born  24  May,  1848,  and 
married  Sarah  E.  Booth,  28  Nov.,  1868. 

Four  children : 

1618  i     Mary  Augusta"  Eamsey,  b.  12  Nov.,  1869. 

1619  ii     Lillian   Jane='   Eamsey,   b.    28    Aug.,    1871.     - 

1620  iii     Orrin  Walter''  Eamsey,  b.  1  Nov.,  1876. 

1621  iv     Maud  Evelyn"  Eamsey,  b.  6  Sept.,  1887. 


Horace  HartwelP  Ramsey,  son  of  Betsey''  [Benjamin^,  Benja- 
min^, Samuel^,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  Dexter  and 
Luther  Ramsey,  was  bom  25  June,  1857.  He  married  Lil- 
lian Clark,  29  Feb.,  1880,  daughter  of  William  S.  and  Pallas 
E.  (Woodard)  Clark.  She  was  born  30  Sept.,  1859.  He 
was  for  a  long  time  connected  with  his  father  in  the  under- 
taking business,  and  since  his  father's  decease  he  has  car- 
ried on  the  business  alone. 

Four  children : 

1622  i     Camilla  Euth"  Eamsey,  b.   20  Jan.,  1884. 

1623  ii     Geneva  Isadore"  Eamsey,  b.  22  May,  1887. 

1624  iii     Allan  Clark"  Eamsey,  b.   24  March,  1890. 

1625  iv     Marion   Olive"  Eamsey,   b.   3   June,   1892. 





Herman  Francis'  D-exter,  son  of  Samuel  Stillman''  [Benjamin^, 
Benjamin",  SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Maria  C.  [Dewey]  Dexter,  was  born  at  Orange,  Mass.,  13 
Oct.,  1858.  He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  that 
town,  graduating'  from  the  high  school  in  1877. 

In  1878  he  went  to  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  and  entered  the 
employ  of  Dewey  &  Co.,  publishers  of  the  Mining  and  Sci- 
entific Press,  and  the  Pacific  Rural  Press,  where  in 
time  he  became  cashier  and  office  manager,  a  position  which 


he  has  held  continuously  for  many  years.  He  is  also"  secre- 
tary and  one  of  the  directors  of  the  Dewey  Publishing  Co., 
a  corporation  organized  in  1891,  to  succeed  the  firm  of 
Dewey  &  Co. 

He  was  married  in  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  Jan.  7th,  1884,  to 
Ella  B.  Browning,  a  native  of  that  city,  and  daughter  of 
Jacob  and  Zeruah  Browning.  He  now  (1905)  resides  in 
Alameda,  Cal.,  a  suburb  of  San  Francisco,  to  which  place  he 
removed  in  1889.  In  religion  he  is  a  Congregationalist, 
being  a  member  of  the  First  Congregational  Church  of  Al- 
ameda, Cal.  He  has  served  continuously  on  the  Board  of 
Trustees  of  that  church  since  1891,  and  has  been  superin- 
tendent of  the  Sunday  school  during  most  of  the  same  time. 


1626  i     Euey"  Dexter,  b.  in  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  26  June,  1887. 

1627  ii     Browning  Dewey'  Dexter,  b.   in   San  Francisco,   CaJ.,  13  Dec, 


1628  iii     Philip  Lee»  Dexter,  b.  in  Alameda,  Cal.,  22  Feb.,  1896. 

1629  iv     Harold'  Dexter,  b.  in  Alameda,  Cal.,  9  Sept.,  1897.      . 


Caroline  Mary^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Samuel  Stillman'^  [Benja- 
min^, Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  "William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Maria  [Dewey]  Dexter,  was  bom  5  Sept.,  1860.  She 
married  Martin  W.  Mayo. 

Two  children: 

16S0  i     Ella  Caroline'  Mayo,   b.   Sept.,  1886. 

1631        ii     Helen'  Mayo,  b.  Nov.,  1887;   d.  1888. 


Edward  Mansfield-  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel  Stillman'^  [Benja- 
min^, Benjamin^,  Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Maria  C.  [Dewey]  Dexter,  was  born  at  Orange,  Mass., 


2 -Oct.,  1864.  He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools,  and 
graduated  from  the  high  school  as  valedictorian  of  the  class 
of  1882.  For  a  time  he  assisted  his  father  in  his  work  as  a 
civil  engineer.  The  succeeding  two  and  one  half  years  were 
passed  in  the  employ  of  the  New  Home  Sewing  Machine  Co. 
He  was  a  carpet  salesman  in  the  dry  goods  store  of  M.  E. 
Cowan  for  a  year.  In  1885  he  went  to  Black  River,  N.  Y., 
where  for  thirteen  years  he  was  manager  bookkeeper  for 
the  H.  C.  Dexter  Chair  Co.  In  politics  he  is  a  loyal  Re- 
publican, and  at  the  time  of  the  election  of  President  McKin- 
ley  to  his  first  term  of  office,  was  President  of  the  Republi- 
can Club.  After  the  village  of  Black  River  was  incorpora- 
ted, he  was  elected  village  clerk,  which  office  he  held  for 
several  years.  He  married  N.  Gertrude  Boyce,  18  July, 
1888,  at  Orange,  Mass.  She  was  the  daughter  of  Alaric  and 
Amanda  (Whitney)  Boyce. 

He  moved  in  1897  to  Hartford,  Conn.,  to  take  charge  of 
the  office  of  E.  G.  Whittelsey  &  Co.,  a  wholesale  house  dealing 
in  flour,  butter,  cheese,  etc.  He  is  now  living  in  Hartford. 
He  and  his  family  are  active  members  of  the  Fourth  Con- 
gregational Church.  He  is  much  interested  in  its  work, 
having  been  a  deacon,  and  is  now  a  trustee  and  first  vice- 
president  of  its  large  chorus  choir.  He  is  faithful  to  every 
obligation.  That  he  has  the  entire  confidence  and  high  es- 
teem of  his  employers  is  evidenced  by  the  trusted  positions 
he  has  so  long  held. 

One  child : 

1632         i     Eaymond  Henry-'  Dexter,  b.   at  Black  Eiver,  N.  Y.,  28  March, 


Maurice  Lynde^  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel  Stillman"  [Benjamin^ 
Benjamin^  Samuel*,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and 
Maria  [Dewey]  Dexter,  was  born  3  May,  1869,  at  Orange, 
Mass.  On  that  morning  the  ground  was  covered  with  two 
or  three  inches  of  snow.     Under  the  parlor  window  of  the 


house  in  which  the  subject  of  this  sketch  was  born;  there 
was  a  flower  bed  bordered  with  dwarf  fleur-de-lis  in  bloom. 
The  line  of  blue  flowers  and  green-leaf  points  lay  on  the 
snow  like  a  rift  of  sky  in  a  summer  cloud. 

In  his  boyhood  Mr.  Dexter  attended  the  graded  and  high 
schools  of  Orange,  and  assisted  his  father  in  his  farm  work, 
lumbering  and  civil  engineering.  During  these  early  years, 
he  acquired  a  practical  knowledge  in  these  lines  of  business 
which  was  of  much  use  in  later  life. 

After  leaving  school,  he  was  employed  for  a  time  in  the 
factory  of  the  New  Home  Sewing  Machine  Co.  He'  then 
engaged  in  business  for  himself  as  a  farmer  and  milk  dealer, 
also  carrying  on  trade  in  wood  and  lumber. 

Mr.  Dexter  is  in  religion  a  Congregationalist,  and  in  poli- 
tics a  Republican.  He  also  belongs  to  the  society  of  Odd 
Fellows  and  has  held  the  office  of  Treasurer  of  the  local  lodge 
for  several  years.  Pie  married  Martha  Stella  Foskett  in 
1888.  She  was  the  daughter  of  a  prosperous  farmer.  Four 
children  born  in  Orange  have  come  to  bless  the  home,  one  of 
whom  has  passed  on  to  the  heavenly  home,  and  so  the  snow 
storms  and  spring  blossoms  of  life  are  mingling  all  the  way. 

Four  children: 

1633  i     Albert  Maurice^  Dexter,  b.  6  June,  1889. 

1634  ii     Gladys  Maria"  Dexter,  b.  12  Feb.,  1891. 

1685       iii     Eoland  Foskett^  Dexter,  b.    18    May,    1893;    d.   in   Orange,   4 
Aug.,   1895. 

1636       iv     Bernard  Leon^"  Dexter,  b.  31  Oct.,  1896. 


George  Edward^  Dexter,  son  of  George  W.'^  [Benjamin^  Benja- 
min", Samuel^  Benjamin^  "William^,  Thomas^]  and  F.  Ar- 
villa  [Fry]  Dexter,  was  born  26  Dec,  1857.  He  married 
Minnie  Emmelin  Graves,  24  Oct.,  1878.  She  was  born  at 
Orange,  25  March,  1860. 




Three  children; 



i  Arthur  Job"  Dexter,  b.  24  Jan.,  1880;  m.  Annie  Stewart,  14 
Oct.,  1900.  Three  children:  Margaret,  b.  16  Sept.,  1901; 
Marion,  b.  16  Sept.,  1901;  Davis,  b.  28  Nov.,  1903. 

ii     George  Augustus'  Dexter,  b.  20  Jan.,   1882. 

iii     Lyna'  Dexter,  b.  19  Nov.,  1887. 


Herbert  Eugene^  Dexter,  son  of  George  W.''  [Benjamin®,  Ben- 
jamin^  SamueP,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  F.  Ar- 
villa  [Fry]  Dexter,  was  born  9  Feb.,  1865.  He  married  Ina 
M.  Dow,  27  Nov.,  1884. 

One  child: 

1640         i     Edna  May*  Dexter,  b.  5  April,  1886;  m.  G.  Harry  Johnson,  31 
Oct.,  1903.     One  son:  Ealph  Edward  Johnson,  b.  4  June,  1904. 


Mary  Lizzie^  Dexter,  daughter  of  George  WJ  [Benjamin^,  Ben- 
jamin^, SamneP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  F.  Ar- 
villa  [Fry]  Dexter,  was  bom  19  Nov.,  1869.  She  married 
Israel  Newton,  19  Oct.,  1892.  She  was  secretary  of  the  Dex- 
ter Family  Reunion  Association. 

One  child : 

1641  i     Grace  May"  Newton,  b.  "7  July,   1893. 


Nelson  Dexter^  Davis,  son  of  Dexter'^  [Lucy",  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
uel*, Benjamin^,  "William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Emily 
[Holden]  Davis,  was  born  20  Sept.,  1829,  at  Orange,  Mass. 
He  married  (1)  Adelaide  M.  Wescott,  26  Oct.,  1852.  She 
was  born  27  Sept.,  1835,  and  died  23  Jan.,  1863.  He  mar- 
ried (2)  Julia  E.  Baker,  11  Feb.,  1864.  She  was  born  31 
March,  1837,  the  daughter  of  Bennet  and  Abigail  (Miller) 

He  came  to  Caton  with  his  father  in  1842,  who  located 
at  the  place  called  "Pail  Factory  place,"  in  1847.  He  went 
into  the  grocery  business  with  his  father,  and  continued  until 
1852,  when  he  bought  the  farm  of  sixty-five  acres  where  he 
now  lives  and  where  he  was  married.  He  added  to  it  until 
now  it  contains  two  hundred  and  thirty-three  acres.  He 
follows  general  farming  and  makes  a  specialty  of  breeding 
horses.  He  belonged  to  the  Methodist  Church,  and  was 
chiefly  responsible  for  the  building  of  the  new  church  in 
1866.     He  has  held  several  town  offices. 

Four  children  by  first  wife,  two  by  second  wife : 

1642  i     Horace  D."  Davis,  b.   7  Jan.,   1854  j    m.   18   April,   1875,   Mar- 

garet  Eoe,    dau.    of   Daniel   B.    and   Margaret    (Frauderhoff) 
1643*      ii  •  Henry  L."   Davis,   b.   20   Aug.,    1856;    d.    1900;    m.    Phebe   M. 
White,  18  Jan.,  1877;  she  died  in  1901. 


1644  iii     Charles  II."  Davis,  b.  4  Nov.,  lS.'-)8;  d.  21  Aufr.,  1896. 

1645  iv     Edgar  M."  Davis,  b.  24  Nov.,  1860.     Is  a  dentist  in  Waverley. 

1646  V     Louis  B."  Davis,  b.  8  Oct.,  1866;   d.  7  Oct.,  1867. 
1647*      vi     Emma   A."  Davis,  b.   8   June,   1868. 


Erastus  Andrew^  Davis,  son  of  Norris''  [Lucy®,  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
uel, Benjamm^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Lucy  Ann 
[Howard]  Davis,  was  born  25  Nov.,  1832.  He  married 
Mary  T.  Harrison,  daughter  of  Jessie  Harrison. 

Six  children : 

1648  i     CorneHus  H."  Davis,  b.  26  July,  1857;  m.  Emma  T.  Showatter, 

1880.     Four  children. 

1649  ii     Mary  Addie"  Davis,  b.  16  Nov.,  1861;  d.  11  April,  1870. 

1650  iii     Jennie  Mary"  Davis,  b.   19  Dec,  1863;   d.   10  April,  1870. 

1651  iv     Nelson  Norris"  Davis,  b.  11  Aug.,  1866;  m.  Margaret  M.  Hud- 

son,  1889.     Five  children. 

1652  v     Willie'  Davis,  b.   6  Dec,  1870;    d.   15   Dec,   1870. 

1653  vi     Wilber  W.''  Davis,  b.   26  March,  1872;   m.  Clara  A.   Southard, 

1893.     One  child. 


Cynthia  Ann^  Davis,  daughter  of  Norris'^    [Lucy®,  Benjamin^, 
,     SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]   and  Lucy 
Ann  [Howard]  Davis,  w^as  born  4  July,  1837.    She  married 
Edward  French,  4  July,  1860. 

Six  children : 

1654  i     Charles  B.'  French,  b.  30  June,  1862. 

1655  ii     Melvin   L."   French,   b.   17   Oct.,    1863. 

1656  iii     Clarence   C.»  French,   b.   4  March,   1866. 

1657  iv     Josephine  A."  French,  4  March,  1868. 

1658  v     Marcus"  French,   b.   16   Sept.,  1871. 

1659  vi     Ida  M.»  French,  16  March,  1875. 





Abbie  Louise^  Warden,  daughter  of  Narcissa'^  [Luaj^  Benja- 
min%  Samuel^  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
John  Warden,  was  born  .7  Jan.,  1840,  at  "Worcester,  Mass. 
She  received  her  education  in  the  public  schools  of  that  city, 
residing  at  home  until  10  Oct.,  1860,  when  she  married 
Charles  Hudson  Carpenter.  He  was  the  son  of  Seba  and 
Melinda  Carpenter  of  Douglas.  He  was  born  4  Oct.,  1839. 
He  came  to  "Worcester  when  a  boy  and  received  his  edu- 
cation in  the  public  schools.  He  entered  the  employment  of 
Henry  0.  Clark,  in  the  fancy  dry  goods  business.  Later  the 
business  was  conducted  by  Martin  Stowe.  He  then  entered 
the  dry  goods  store  of  Josiah  H.  Clarke,  where  he  remained 
a  clerk  until  he  entered  the  firm  in  1882.  In  1896  he  with 
two  others  succeeded  J.  H.  Clarke  Co.  under  the  firm  name 
of  Johnson,  Carpenter  &  Co. 

He  early  identified  himself  with  the  Methodist  Church  on 
Park  Street,  and  when  Grace  Church  was  formed  in  1870,  he 
becameoneofthefirstOfiicialBoardof  that  church.  He  served 




continuously  from  then  until  1899  as  steward,  or  trustee. 
He  has  been  honored  by  nearly  every  office  within  the  gift 
of  the  church  and  Sunday-school.  He  was  one  of  the  origi- 
nal members  of  the  Y.  M.  C.  A.  He  is  a  life  member  of  Wor- 
cester County  Mechanics  Association,  a  member  of  Monta- 
cute  Lodge  of  Free  and  Accepted  Masons,  also  a  member  of 
the  Worcester  Board  of  Trade.  He  is  a  Republican  in 
politics.  They  had  one  daughter,  Minniola  Louisa^  Carpen- 
ter, bom  6  July,  1865;  d.  15  June,  1884.  In  1890  they 
adopted  a  girl,  and  named  her  Lillian  Gertrude  Carpenter; 
she  was  born  17  Nov.,  1886,  and  died  1904. 

Mrs.  Carpenter  also  took  an  active  part  in  Grace  Church, 
having  held  the  office  of  President  of  the  Ladies'  Social  Cir- 
cle, District  Secretary  of  the  Missionary  Society,  President 
of  the  Foreign  Missionary  Society  of  that  church. 

Children : 

1660  i     Minniola  Louisa'  Carpenter,  b.  6  July,  1865;  d.  15  June,  1884. 

1661  ii     Lillian   Gertrude"   Carpenter    (adopted),   b.    17   Nov.,   1886;    d. 








(Taken  in  1880.) 


John  Davis^  Warden,  son  of  Narcissa'^  [LiTcy®,  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
uel, Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  John  War- 
den, was  born  3  Dec,  1844,  at  Worcester.  He  was  educated 
in  the  public  schools,  and  learned  the  machinist's  trade. 
From  1867  to  1870  he  was  instructor  in  the  Worcester  Poly- 
technic Institute.  From  1871-72  he  was  in  the  employ  of 
the  company  that  built  the  big  bridge  at  St.  Louis,  jNIo. 
From  1873-76  he  was  in  the  freestone  business  in  Fall 
River,  Mass.,  and  1877-84  in  the  crockery  business  with  his 
brother  in  Worcester,  IMass.  In  1886  he  returned  to  Fall 
River,  where  he  remained  many  years,  and  acquired  con- 
siderable real  estate.  He  was  a  mechanical  expert,  and 
worked  out  several  inventions.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Methodist  Church,  and  a  Republican  in  politics.  He  married 
Sarah  L.  Nichols,  26  March,  1874.  She  was  the  daughter  of 
Lafayette  Nichols   of  Fall  River. 

Two  children :  • 

1662*        i     Frederick  Albert'  Warden,  b.  24  April,  1875 ;  m.  Emma  B.  Gerry,. 

4  Nov.,  1896. 
1663        ii     Abbie  Nichols'  Warden,  b.   24  Feb.,   1878. 



W.  A.  WARDEN. 


William  A.^  Warden,  youngest  son  of  Narcissa'^  [Lucy^,  Benja- 
min^, Samuel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  Davis 
and  John  "Warden,  was  bom  2  March,  1852,  at  Worcester, 
Mass.,  and  was  educated  in  the  public  schools  of  his  native 
city.  He  left  school,  however,  at  the  age  of  16,  and 
learned  the  cabinet-maker's  trade.  In  1872,  at  the  age  of 
20,  he  went  into  the  business  of  manufacturing  picture 
frames,  in  company  with  George  Nolen.  This  partnership 
lasted  until  1877,  when  in  company  with  his  brother,  John  D. 
Warden,  he  opened  a  wholesale  and  retail  crockery  and  glass- 
ware establishment  under  the  firm  name  of  Warden  Bros. 
This  business  was  sold  out  in  1884,  when  he  went  into  the 
real  estate  business  with  Willis  F.  Phelps,  the  firm  name 
being  Warden  &  Phelps.  This  business  was  more  congenial 
to  his  taste.  The  firm  had  under  their  control  several  large 
estates,  in  addition  to  doing  a  regular  brokerage  business, 
and  in  1889  they  added  to  their  business  the  buying  and 
developing  large  tracts  of  suburban  property.     In  this  they 



were  quite  successful,  and  some  of  the  beautiful  suburbs  of 
Worcester  owe  their  origin  to  this  firm.  Scores  of  beautiful 
houses  have  been  built  by  this  firm,  and  sold  to  people  desir- 
ing suburban  homes. 

Mr.  Warden  was  often  consulted  in  regard  to  value  of  real 
estate,  and  has  acted  as  expert  witness  in  many  real  estate 
eases  in  court.  His  services  were  often  secured  in  apprais- 
ing property  for  probate  purposes,  and  in  settling  estates. 
He  has  acted  as  conveyancer  in  a  great  many  cases.  He  held 
commission  as  justice  of  the  peace,  and  notary  public,  under 
Governors  Robinson,  Ames,  Brackett,  Russell,  G-reenhalge, 
Wolcott,  Crane,  Bates  and  Douglas. 

In  politics  he  was  always  a  Republican,  and  took  an  active 
interest  in  all  such  matters.  He  was  a  member  of  the  ward 
and  city  committee  of  that  party  for  many  years,  and  was 
inspector  of  election  several  terms.  He  was  interested  in 
the  no-license  camxjaigTi,  and  was  treasurer  of  both  city  and 
county  committees.  His  interest  in  politics  led  him  to 
attend  as  a  visitor  the  great  national  conventions  of  the 
Republican  party  at  Chicago,  in  1888,  and  at  Minneapolis, 


in  1892.  He  joined  the  Sunday-school  of  the  Park  Street 
M.  E.  Chnrch  in  1857,  and  when  that  church  was  sold  in 
1870,  he  went  with  the  rest  to  Trinity  M.  E.  Church,  and 
became  Secretary  and  assistant  superintendent  of  the  Sunday- 
school.  He  joined  the  church  in  1877,  and  was  an  active 
member  of  all  the  young  people's  societies.  He  was  Presi- 
dent of  the  Literary  Society,  a  member  of  the  Official  Board 
of  the  church  for  many  years,  holding  office  as  steward,  and 
trustee.  He  was  on  the  Finance  Committee,  assistant  treas- 
urer, member  of  the  Pulpit  Supply  and  Church  Repair  Com- 
mittee. In  1896,  when  the  church  was  repaired  and  redeco- 
rated, he  was  chairman  of  the  Decorating  Committee.  He 
also  had  charge  of  extensive  repairs  of  church  in  1905.  He 
twice  represented  his  church  at  the  Lay  Electoral  Confer- 
ence, and  in  1900  was  elected  a  reserve  delegate  to  the  Gen- 
eral Conference  of  the  M.  E.  Church,  held  at  Chicago,  111. 
He  attended  the  conference,  but  was  not  seated,  as  his  prin- 
cipal was  in  attendance.  He  was  Secretary  for  several  years 
of  the  Worcester  M.  E.  City  Mission  and  Church  Extension 
Society.  He  was  Secretary  of  the  Twentieth  Century  Thank- 
Offering  commissions  from  1899-1901,  under  whose  auspices 
the  church  debt  of  Trinity  Church  was  raised,  and  was  a 
member  of  the  committee  that  arranged  for  the  celebration 
of  that  event.  When  the  religious  census  of  the  city  of  Wor- 
cester was  taken  in  1903,  he  was  a  member  of  the  Executive 
Committee  and  formulated  the  plan  which  was  adopted  in 
dividing  the  city  into  districts,  and  in  tabulating  the  returns, 
whereby  the  record  of  112,000  people  was  gathered  in  five 
hours.  He  was  connected  with  the  Knights  of  Pythias  and 
Knights  of  Malta,  a  member  of  Montacute  Lodge  of  Free 
Masons,  Eureka  Chapter,  Hiram  Council,  and  Worcester 
County  Commandery  of  Knights  Templars.  For  four  years 
he  was  Secretary  of  the  Masonic  Mutual  Relief  Association 
of  Central  Massachusetts.  He  was  a  director  of  the  Young 
Men's  Christian  Association. 

Mr.  Warden  spent  a  large  part  of  his  winters  for  many 
years  in  traveling  in  the  South  and  Calif  ornia,  and  in  visiting 
all  parts  of  our  country  and  Canada.   He  was  interested  in 



genealogical  research,  and  has  compiled  the  records  of 
several  families.  He  married  Ella  Maria  Durfee,  April 
1876.  She  was  the  daughter  of  Benjamin  and  Betsey  C. 
Durfee,  of  Fall  River.  She  was  bom  23  April,  1854,  at  Fall 

Four  children : 

1664*        i     Florence    Durfee'    Warden,    b.    30    Dec,    1876;    m.    Miles    W. 
Tabor,   16   June,    1903. 

1665  ii     William   Vincent'   Warden,    b.    2    Nov.,    1883;    d.    at   Victoria, 

B.  C,  12  May,  1894;  buried  at  Worcester,  Mass. 

1666  iii     Charles  Franklin"  Warden,  b.  11  Dec,  1886. 

1667  iv     John  Emerson'  Warden,  b.  25  Sept.,   1897. 





^^^^^^^^^^^■'                     ■   '*!-.  ' 

L  Mm 












I— I 




Edwin  F.^  Davis,  son  of  DanieF  [Lucy*^,  Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin',  William-',  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Ruth  [Bates] 
Davis,  was  born  28  May,  1846.  He  married  Jennie  M.  Dow 
of  Corning  in  1870.  Abont  the  time  he  became  of  age,  he 
spent  some  time  in  jMassachusetts,  and  then  was  in  the  mill- 
ing business  in  Pennsylvania  for  one  or  two  years.  He  also 
followed  the  carpenter 's  trade  about  ten  years,  in  Fall  Brook 
shops.  He  then  followed  photography  about  three  years  at 
Corning,  N.  Y.,  and  at  that  time  had  the  telephone  exchange 
in  his  gallery,  by  which  he  became  interested  in  electricity. 
He  was  afterwards  ^Yitii  the  Edison  Electric  Co.  during  the 
'  New  Orleans  Exposition  and  continued  with  them  for 
several  years,  after  which  he  went  with  the  Westinghouse 
Co.  He  worked  for  them  about  three  years  contracting  and 
establisliing  plants  all  over  the  country.  He  put  in  the  elec- 
trical plant  for  the  three  state  prisons  in  New  York,  and 
has  since  had  charge  of  them. 

Two   children : 

1668  i     Maud  Alfredine"  Davis,  b.  13  Dec,  1875;   m.  Philip  Whitlock, 

17  Oct.,  1900.    One  son:  Richard  Alfred  Whitlock,  b.  22  Oct., 

1669  ii     Ruth  .J.'  Davis,  b.  31  Dec,  1882. 


Lucy  E.^  Davis,  daughter  of  DanieF  [Lucy®,  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
ueF,  Benjamin',  "William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Ruth 
[Bates]  Davis,  was  bom  20  May,  1850,  at  Caton,  N.  Y.  She 
maiTied  (1)  John  C.  White,  20  Feb.,  1870;  he  died  7  Oct., 
1872 ;  (20  Harvey  Wood,  6  Feb.,  1878 ;  he  died  23  Oct.,  1898. 
She  then  went  back  to  the  home  of  her  parents  and  assisted 
them  caring  for  her  father  in  his  last  sickness,  and  after  his 
decease,  taking  care  of  her  mother  during  her  long  illness. 

DKXTKR     FAMILY     GENEAl .( »(;  V. 



One  child  by  first  husband: 
1670*       i     Effie  Davis"  White,  b.  10  Dec,  1870. 


Mary  E.*  Davis,  daughter  of  Daniel"  [Lucy^  Benjamin^  Sam> 
ueV,  Benjamin^,  William',  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Ruth 
[Bat«s]  Davis,  was  born  11  Nov.,  1852.  She  married  Frank 
H.  Dow,  15  Sept.,  1875.  They  lived  on  their  farm  near  the 
Davis  homestead  at  Caton,  X.  Y.  ]\Ir.  Dow  takes  an  active 
interest  in  the  work  of  the  Grange. 

Two  children : 

1671         i     Harry  S.»  Dow,  b.  9  Aug.,  1878. 
1671A     ii     Jessie   Kuth^"  Dow,   b.   13   May,   1885. 




Henry  D.^  Barber,  son  of  Lucy  A.'^  [Lucy®,  Benjamin^,  Samuel*, 
Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Eeuel  Barber, 
was  born  13  Oct.,  1841,  at  Worcester,  Mass.  He  was  edu- 
cated at  the  public  schools  of  the  city  and  at  Wilbraham 
Academy.  He  was  employed  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of 
Deeds  at  the  Court  House.     In  1861  he  enlisted  as  a  private 


in  the  31st  Regiment,  Massachusetts  Volunteers,  and  was 
mustered  out  of  service  as  a  First  Lieutenant  at  Mobile,  Al- 
abama, in  September,  1865.  During  a  portion  of  his  ser- 
vice, he  was  on  the  staff  of  Brevet  Major  General  Thomas  J. 
Lucas  of  Indiana. 

Mr.  Barber  was  for  many  years  treasurer  of  the  Maynard- 
Gough  Co.,  printers,  of  Worcester,  Mass.  He  was  a  member 
of  Grace  M.  E.  Church,  and  afterwards  transferred  his  mem- 
bership to  Trinity  M.  E.  Church.     He  was  a  class  leader  and 

DEXTER     FA:\riT,Y     GKNEAT>OGY.  2(')] 

Sunday-school  supci-intcndciit  in  l)oth  Grace  and  Trinity 
churches.  He  was  many  years  a  teacher  in  the  Sunday- 
school,  and  at  one  time  was  President  of  the  Y.  ]\I.  C.  A.  of 
Worcester.  He  married  Hephzibah**  Dexter,  10  June,  1867. 
She  was  the  daughter  of  Amasa'  Dexter  of  Orange. 

One  child : 

1672  i     Hariy  EeueP  Barber,  b.  (i  Sept.,  1872. 


Georgianna'  Davis,  daughter  of  Sylvester^  [Lucy^,  Benjamin^ 
Samuel\  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
erine [Joluison]  Davis,  was  born  2  June,  1846.  She  married 
Albert  Rice  of  Barre.     He  was  a  shoe  manufacturer. 

Two  children : 

1673  i     Marion    D."   Eiee,    b.   ;    m.    (1)    Julian   Cleveland;    (2) 

George  Pratt.     Two   children:    Willie,   Florenee. 

1674  li     .Tnlni   Sylvester"  Eice,  b.  ;  ni.  Eva  . 


Alfradina^  Davis,  daughter  of  Sylvester'  [Lucy^  Benjamin% 
SamueP,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
erine [Johnson]  Davis,  was  born  6  Oct.,  1849,  at  Orange, 
where  she  spent  her  early  childhood.  She  taught  school  at 
Orange  and  Hubbardston,  in  ^Massachusetts,  and  at  Caton  in 
New  York.  She  married  James  Gray,  and  moved  with  him 
to  California,  where  they  settled  upon  a  large  ranch  near 
Hollister,  Santa  Clara  Co. 

Three  children : 

167.5  1     Eobert"  Gray,  b.  2  .Taai.,  1879. 

1676  ii     Catherine'  Gray,  b.  10  March,   1883. 

1677  iii     Alfradina"  Gray,  b.  6  Nov..  ISSfi. 



Harriet  Elizabeth-  Davis,  danghter  of  Sylvester''  [Lucy^,  Ben- 
jamin'', Samuel^  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Catherine  [Johnson]  Davis,  was  born  16  Jan.,  1851.  Her 
early  life  was  spent  on  a  farm  at  Orange,  Mass.  She.  mar- 
ried Joseph  Sargent,  9  INIay,  1871.  He  'was  a  marble  worker, 
carrying  on  a  monumental  business  in  Barre,  afterwards  in 
Gardner,  Mass. 

Three  children :  "  ' 

1678  i     William    PhilbricF    Sai-gent,    b.    21    Nov.,    1872;    m.    Jennie 

Frances  Andrews,  13  Aug.,  1897.  Two  children:  Marguerite 
E.  Sargent,  b.  27  Dec,  1898;  Francis  William  Sargent,  b. 
20  Jan.,  1902. 

1679  ii     Sylvester  Davis'  Sargent,  b.  10  July,  1876. 

1681       iii     Catherine    Elizabeth'    Sargent,   b.    2.5    April,   1880;    m.   Arthur 
Francis  O'Mally,  Aug.,  1902. 


Jennie  Etta-  Davis,  danghter  of  Sylvester'^  [Lney^,  Benjamin**, 
Samnel*,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
erine [Johnson]  Davis,  was  born  14  March,  1854.  She  mar- 
ried Edward  Everett  Washburn,  14  March,  1872.  She  lived 
on  a  farm  until  her  marriage,  when  they  moved  to  Orange, 
where  her  husband  was  connected  with  the  stove  business. 

One  child : 
1682         i     Water  Everett''  Washburn,  b.  2.5  Jan.,  1883. 


Sabrina^  Walker,  daughter  of  Phebe'  [Phebe*',  Benjamin'^,  Sam- 
uel^, Benjamin^,  William-.  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Willard 
Walker,  was  born  10  ^NEarch.  1829.  She  married  Amos  M. 
Lamb  of  Worcester  in  1850. 


Five  children : 

1683  i     Henry  Willarcr  Lamb,  b.  30  March,  1852. 

1684  ii     Pliebe  Duella'"  Lamb,  b.  at  Eoyalston. 

1685  iii     Edgar"  Lamb,  b.  Orange. 

1686  iv     Edwajd"  Lamb,  b. . 

1687  V     Walter'  Lamb,  b.  Eoyalston. 


Delina'  Walker,  dauoliter  of  Phebe'-  [Phebe^  P>enjamin^  Sam- 
neP,  Beiijainiir=.  AVilliam-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Willard 
Walker,  was  born  31  Jan..  1831.     She  married  INI.  M.  Lamb. 

Eight  children : 

1688  i     Bronson  P."  Lamb,  b.  . 

1689  ii     Howard  P.'  Lamb,  b.  . 

1690  iii  Flora  D."  Lamb,  b.  1856. 

1691  iv  William  Jiidson"  Lamb,  b.  5  May,  1860. 

1692  V  John  M."  Lamb,  b.  Jan.,  1862. 

1693  vi  Hattie  S.'  Lamb,  b.  . 

1694  vii  Mary  B.'  Lamb,  b. . 

1695  viii  Lillie  BelP  Lamb,  b.  18  Feb.,  1876. 


Harriet^  Walker,  dauohter  of  Phebe^  [Phebe*',  Benjamin^  Sam- 
nel\  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Willard 
Walker,  was  born  30  Dec,  1833.  She  married  George  S. 
Stearns    of  Warwick. 

Two  children : 

1696  i     Nellie  Etta''  Stearns,  b.  5  Aug.,  1860  ;  d.  4  March,  1891. 

1697  ii     Minnie  E.  L.»  Stearns,  b.  Sept.,  1867.    . 


Abijah''  French,  son  of  Priscilla'  [Phebe'',  Benjamin^  SamueP, 
Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Eiehard  French, 
was  born  22  Nov.,  1829.  He  married  Alary  Jane  Chase  of 
Athol.  Alass.     He  died  in  1884. 


Three  children  : 

1698  i     Adaliue  B.»  French,  b.  20  Dec,  1852 ;  d.  1  Aug.,  1854. 

1699  ii     Etta  Lois"  French,  b.  16  June,  1858;  d.  19  Sept.,  1859. 

1700  iii     Bertha  Belle"  French,  b.  3  Aug.,  1866;  d.  20  Oct.,  1882. 


Maria^  French,  daughter  of  Priscilla''  [Phebe*',  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
uel^, Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Richard 
French,  was  born  15  Dec,  1839.  She  married  Orin  Trow 
Lane,  1  April,  1861.  He  was  the  son  of  Daniel  W.  Lane  of 

Five  children : 

1701  i     Lizzie  Minnette"  Lane,  b.  1862 ;   d.  1863. 

1702  ii     May  Ann"  Lane,  b.  1865;  d.  1885. 

1703  iii     Carrie  Augusta"  Lane,  b.  1871;  m.  Howland.     Three  chil- 


1704  iv     Charles  Elliott"  Lane,  b.  1875. 

1705  V     Bertha  Alma"  Lane,  b.  1879. 


Charles  H.^  French,  son  of  Priscilla'^  [Phebe^,  Benjamin^,  Sam- 
uel*, Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Richard 
French,  Avas  born  at  Orange,  9  Nov.,  1846.  He  married 
(1)  Carrie  M.  Haskall,  1  Jan.,  1868;  she  was  the  adopted 
daughter  of  M.  Haskall  of  New  Salem.  She  was  born  1 
Jan.,  1847,  and  died  23  Oct.,  1872.  He  married  (2)  Ellen 
Elizabeth  Cheney,  11  Jan.,  1878 ;  she  was  the  daughter  of 
Damon  and  Elizabeth  Cheney  of  Warwick:  she  was  born  in 

One  child  by  first  wife,  five  by  second  wife  : 

1706  i     Angle  M."  French,  b.   1871;   ni.   Horace  E.  Newell,   15  March, 

1890.  He  died  suddenly  at  Clinton,  Me.,  Nov.,  1893.  One 
son:  Horace  Edgar  Newell,  b.  March,  1894.  She  m.  (2)  Fred 

DKXTKR     FAMI^^■     GENEAl,OnV.  2().') 

1707  ii     Aliee"   Fii'ucli,    h.    27    Nov.,   1S78;    lu.    Ivltnuiul   Mayo,    D.D.S., 

Jime,   1903. 

1708  iii     Bolle"  French,  b.  188S'. 

1709  iv     Richard  C.»  French,  b.   1888. 

1710  V     Lambert  R.°  French,  b.  1889;   d.  1891. 

1711  vi     Dorothy"  French,  b.  1896. 


George  W.^  Whitney,  son  of  Susan'  [Phebe^  Benjannn%  Sam- 
uelK  Benjamin'.  William-,  Thomas^  Dextei'l  [Thurston]  and 
Ira  Whitney,  was  horn  8  :\Iay.  1883,  at  Orange,  :\rass.  He 
married  Aburh  King,  1857. 

Five  children : 

1712  i     Eva  C."  Whitney,  b.  in  Pittsllekl,  Ohio,  6  Dec,  1860. 

1713  ii     Allison  G."  Whitney,  b.  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

1714  iii     ]\ramie  G."  Wliltney,  b.  in  Oberlin,  Ohio,  8  Aug.,  1865. 

1715  iv     FranF  Whitney,  b.  15  April,  1868. 

1716  V     Eddie  S.»  Whitney,  b.  25  Jan.,  1873. 


Nathan  H.^  Whitney,  son  of  Susan^  [Phebe«,  Benjamin',  Sam- 
ue\\  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  [Thurston]  and 
Ira  Whitney,  was  1)orn  9  Feb.,  1835.  He  married  Henrietta 
Tucker,  25  Jan.,  1863,  in  Camden,  Ohio.  She  was  born  25 
Jan.,  1835. 

Three  children  : 

1717  i     Sidlivan"  Whitney,  b.  ;    d.   in  Pittstield,  Ohio. 

.1718        ii     Willie"  Whitney,  b.  10  Oct.,  1868. 

1719       iii     Maud  E."  Whitney,  b.  21  Feb.,  1872. 


Levi  J.'  Whitney,  son  of  Susan"  [Phebe^  Benjamin",  SamueH, 
Benjamin\  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  [Thurston]  and  Ira 
Whitney,  was  born  1  Nov..  1836.  He  married  INIary  W. 


Three  eliildren : 

1720  i     Francis  G."  ^Tiitney,  Id.  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

1721  ii     Charles  W.''  Whitney,  b.  in  Oberlin  Ohio. 

1722  iii     Florence'  Whitney,  b.  in  Oberlin,  Ohio,  31  May,  1872. 


Mira  M.^  Whitney,  daughter  of  Susan''  [Phebe^  Benjamin^, 
SamneP,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  [Thurston] 
and  Ira  Whitney,  was  born  19  June,  1842.  She  married 
Henry  West,  1864:  he  was  born  Aug.,  1842. 

Three  children : 

1723  i     Charles  S.=  West,  b.  29  May,  1865. 

1724  ii     Louis   T.''  West,  b.   in   Oberlin,   Ohio,   17   March,   1867. 
172.5       iii     Hattie  A."  West,  b.  in  Oberlin,  Ohio,  25  Feb.,  1870. 


Jchn  Levi'  Ball,  son  of  Levi  Thurston'  [Phebe*^,  Benjamin'^,  Sam- 
uel^, Benjamin',  William^,   Thomas^  Dexter]    Ball  and  Al- 

mira   [Adams]   Ball,  was  born  .     He  married  Eudora 


Two  children : 

1726  i     .John  Alfred'  Ball,  b.  . 

1727  ii     Eudora  Adaline'  Ball,  b.  . 


Joseph  Elijah-  Ball,  son  of  Levi  Thurston'^  [Phebe*^,  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin',  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  Ball  and 
Almira  Ball,  was  born  1811.     He  married  Blanch  A.  Cook. 

Two  children : 

1728  i     Laura  Almira;'  Ball,  b.  . 

1729  ii     Ealph  Alphonso"  Ball,  b.  . 

DKXTKrt    l■'A.Mll,^     (;i:.\KAi,()(;v.  2<)< 


Albert  H."  Ball,    son  oT  Uydci'  Alley'  |  IMirhc''.  licii.jiiiiiiir',  Sam- 
\\e\\    Be^jamin^     William-.     Tlioniiis'     Dexter]     Hall    and 

Frances  E.  W.  [Johiisoti  |   l>;ill,  was  boni .     He  married 

Alice  E.  Hill. 

Four  eliildreii  : 

1730  i     Fay   HilF  Bal],,b.   ;    m.   Bertha  Griggs. 

1731  ii     Ida  May'  I>a]l,  1..  ;  in.  .Tames  S.  Griffin.     One  child:  George 

Truman  Griffin. 

17S'2        iii     Aley  Hayden'  Ball,  Ij.  . 

1733        iv     Euby  Josephine''  Ball,  b.  . 


Sarah  Elizabeth'  Hall,  daughter  of  Joanna'  fPhebe''.  Benjamin^ 
SamnoP.  Benjamin'.  AVilliam-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Hough- 
ton Hall,  was  born  6  :\Iay,  1852,  at  Troy,  N.  Y.,  and  died  17 
April,  1897,  at  Hard\^ack.  She  married  Alfred  C.  King 
of  Hardwick,  1  Oct.,  1878;  at  Greenwich  Villaoe,  ]\rass. 


Five  children  : 

1734  i     .Toh.n  Jloughton''  King,  li.  in  TTard\vi<'k,  3  July,  1874;  m.  6  Jan., 

1903,  Mrs.  Hattie  J.  Eollins  of  Saco,  Me.  One  son:  Charles 
Herman  King,  b.  23  Jan.,  1904.  They  reside  at  Greenwich 
Village,  Mass. 

1735  ii     Arthur  Willard''  King,  b.  in  Greeuwich,  Mass.,  2  Oct.,  1880.     He 

lives  in  Worcester. 

1736  iii     Walter  Austin"  King,  b.  in  Greenwich,  Mass.,   10  Sept.,  1882; 

m.  10  June,  1903,  Winifred  W.  Gray  of  New  Braintree,  Ma-ss. 
One  son:  Austin  William  King,  b.  31  March,  1904.  They 
live  in  Springfield,  Mass. 

1737  iv     Sarah  l\labe?  King,  b.  in  Greenwich,  Mass.,  31  Ma^-'ch.  1884. 

1738  V     Louis  EarP  King,  b.  in  Greenwicli.  ^[ass.,  9  June.  1886.     Xow 

resides  in  Boston,  !^^ass. 





John  Wilson^  Wheeler,  son  of  AA^ilson'^  [Betsey^  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^  William-',  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
arine H.  [A¥arden]  Wheeler,  of  Orange,  was  born  at  Orange, 
20  Nov.,  1832.  His  early  educational  advantages  were 
limited  to  those  afforded  by  the  common  schools,  which  were, 
open  about  two  months  in  the  Aviuter  and  kept  by  men  poorly 
paid  and  often  poorly  qualified  for  their  work,  and  by  a  few 
terms  at  Mr.  B.  AV.  Fay's  school.  But  he  made  good  use  of 
his  opportunities,  and  became  well  fitted  for  the  large  school 

dexti:r    FAMiiA     (;i;m;al( Kiv.  il(il» 

of  practical  affaiis  in  wliicli  lie  lia^  lakcii  consiiiciioiis  rank. 
]\Iuch  of  his  caflx-  life  was  passed  as  a  i'ai'in<'i-  and  carpenter 
and.  tliontih  heini;-  ('(nupellcd  lo  acee])!  these  positions, 
neither  of  tlieni  was  coiiiienial  lo  him.  Yet  unlil  a  better 
opportunity  offered,  he  worked  unconiphiinin<ily,  but  with 
the  determination  to  change  his  vocation  at  the  earliest  prac- 
tical moment.  Tn  1855  he  entered  the  grocery  store  of 
Joseph  Baldwin  of  Fitchburg,  where  he  worked  for  $125 
a  year  and  board.  His  eminent  business  ability,  which  has 
shown  itself  in  later  years,  began  to  show  itself  in  his  new  oc- 
cupation, and  he  rapidly  rose  in  the  appreciation  of  his  em- 
ployer. He  stayed  here  one  year,  and  although  offered 
more  salary,  he  returned  to  his  native  town  and  entered  the 
general  store  of  Daniel  Pomeroy,  where  he  remained  "three 
years.  In  1859  he  succeeded  Mr.  Pomeroy  in  the  business, 
w^hich  he  conducted  through  the  next  three  years  as  sole 
proprietor.  During  this  time,  although  the  financial  results 
had  not  been  large,  he  had  succeeded  in  establishing  a  repu- 
tation as  a  business  man  of  ability  and  integrity,  and  with 
the  financial  assistance  of  D.  E.  Cheney  and  R.  E.  Carpen- 
ter, he  was  enabled  to  purchase  the  grocery  store  of  A.  J. 
Clark.  These  gentlemen  loaned  him  $2,000  on  his  own  se- 
curity. He  entered  upon  his  new  venture  wdth  that  deter- 
mination w^hich  has  ^ince  been  so  clearly  shown  in  his  busi- 
ness enterprises,  and  conducted  it  with  marked  success  until 
1867,  when  he  became  a  member  of  the  firm  of  A.  F.  John- 
son &  Co.,  w^ho  had  recently  started,  in  a  small  Avay.  the  man- 
ufacture of  sewing  machines  in  Orange.  This  new  enter- 
prise on  a  wider  plan  at  once  afforded  him  a  full  scope  for 
his  marvelous  energy  and  ability,  and  there  was  need  of  all 
his  resources.  His  cool  and  careful  judgment  was  a  most 
necessary  adjunct  at  that  experimental  stage  of  the  sewing 
machine  business.  The  product  was  small,  and  the  trouble 
about  patents  was  constantly  claiming  attention,  and  it  re- 
quired the  finest  skill  and  judgment  to  successfully  carry  the 
business  through  this  trying  period.  The  style  of  machine 
was  several  times  changed  and  finally  the  firm  itself  was 
changed  to  a  corporation,  bearing  the  name  Gold  ^Medal  Sew- 
ing INIachine   Co.,  and  ^Nlr.  Wheeler  became  secretary  and 




treasurer.  It  continued  under  tliis  inanajiemcnl  until  1882, 
when  its  name  was  ehanged  to  New  Home  Sewing  Machine 
Co.,  and- Mr.  Wheeler  became  the  Vice-president  and  Treas- 
urer; in  1898  was  elected  President  as  well  as  Treasurer, 
and  from  the  beginning  he  has  been  the  financial  man- 
ager of  the  entire  industry,  whether  firm  or  corporation. 
When  the  business  started  they  employed  about  forty  men. 
The  business  ha-s  rapidly  increased  until  now  the  establish- 
ment employs  in  the  machine  and  needle  department  about 
seven  hundred  and  fifty  people,  and  the  daily  capacity 
amounts  to  nearly  five  hundred  machines  and  fifty  thousand 
needles.  This  institution  justly  ranks  among  the  leading 
and  representative  industries  of  western  Massachusetts.  Mr. 
Wheeler  has  not  only  been  the  active  head  and  manager  of 
this  large  corporation,  the  duties  and  details  of  which  are 
very  exacting,  but  he  has  also  found  time  to  interest  himself 
in  every  movement  tending  to  advance  the  interests  of 
Orange.  He  is  President  of  the  Orange  National  Bank; 
Leavitt  Machine  Co. ;  Boston  Mutual  Life  Insurance  Co. ; 
Oregon  Securities  Co.,  head  office  in  New  York;  a 
director  of  the  Athol  &  Orange  Street  Railroad,  and 
trustee  in  the  Orange  Savings  Bank.  Mr.  Wheeler  married 
Almira  E.  Johnson,  9  Oct.,  1856;  she  was  the  daughter  of 
Daniel  and  Almira  (Porter)  Johnson  of  North  Orange. 

Mr.  Wheeler  is  a  social  and  genial  man  prominently  iden- 
tified wdth  the  Masonic  fraternity.  He  was  one  of  the  found- 
ers of  the  Orange  Lodge,  was  its  first  Secretary,  and  after- 
wards its  Treasurer.  He  is  a  member  of  Crescent  Royal 
Arch  Chapter,  and  for  several  years  its  Treasurer,  and  he  is 
also  a  member  of  the  Orange  Commandery  of  Knights  Tem- 

Politically,  Mr.  Wheeler  is  a  Republican,  and  has  ever  taken 
an  earnest  and  active  interest  in  the  -success  of  his  party. 
He  has  held  various  positions,  always  discharging  his  duties 
with  honor  to  himself  and  satisfaction  to  his  fellow  towns- 
men. He  was  town  clerk  of  Orange  from  1861  to  1867.  In 
1864  he  was  appointed  a  justice  of  the  peace  by  Governor 
Andrew.  He  was  selectman  in  1866.  In  1876  he  repre- 
sented the  First  Franklin  District  in  the  Legislature,  serv- 



DEXTEK      l'.\.\lli.\      GENEAEOGV.  •21'', 

uvj:  iipiMi  llic  Fiiumce  Coniiiiilti'c.  In  1888.  hi^  was  a  dele- 
•i'ate  from  llic  Eleventh  District  to  tlic  \iitii)ii;il  i;c|)iililic;iii 
Convention  at  Chicago  wliicli  ii(»iiiiiiated  Harrison  juid  Mor- 
ton. He  was  alternate  delegate  to  the  National  Jxeinihli- 
can  Coii\-eiitioii  in  l!)l)4  wiiicli  nominated  Roosevelt  and 
Fairbanks,  and  at  the  eleetion  tlie  same  year  was  elected  by 
a  large  majority  as  a  member  of  the  Governor's  Conneil  for 
1905,  and  the  following  year  was  re-elected  to  the  same  hon- 
orable position. 

]Mr.  Wheeler  also  takes  a  decided  interest  in  agricnlttiral 
aflfairs,  and  is  owner  of  a  beautifnl  farm  near  Orange  vil- 
lage, called  "Grand  Yiew. "  He  is  a  breeder  of  fine  horses 
and  cattle  and  a  lover  of  good  stock  generally.  In  1891  he 
was  president  of  the  Worcester  Agricultural  and  ^Mechanical 
Society  of  Athol,  and  in  the  annual  report  a  high  tribute 
was  paid  to  him  for  the  enthusiasm  and  interest  he  mani- 
fested in  the  success  of  the  society.  "  INIr.  Wheeler  is  strongly 
attached  to  his  native  town,  and  although  having-  traveled 
extensively  throughout  our  country,  he  always  returns  to 
Orange  with  increased  love  for  the  beautiful  town  and  its 

The  secret  of  ]\Ir.  Wheeler's  success  is  due  to  his  tireless 
industry,  to  his  promptness,  that  never  failed  to  meet  every 
financial  obligation,  however  trivial  or  hoAvever  large :  to 
his  remarkable  personal  attention  to  details  and  to  a  probity 
and  courage,  tempered  with  caution,  which  have  made  him  sa- 
gacious and  successful  in  a  remarkable  degree.  Cautious  and 
shrewd,  a  business  man  of  the  highest  integrity  and  signal 
ability,  rich  in  experience,  large  hearted,  of  great  energy, 
faithful  in  all  his  relations,  above  fear  and  beyond  reproach. 
— such  are  the  qualities  which  have  placed  ^h\  Wheeler  in 
the  proud  position  he  occupies  among  the  citizens  of  Frank- 
lin County. 

17.S9  i     Marion  L."  Wheeler,  b.  31  May,  18.^7;  m.   (1)   John  B.  Welch; 

(2)    Everett  Swan. 

1740  ii     Clara  Jane"  Wheeler,  b.  S  June.  1S60;  d.  31  Aug.,  1860. 

1741  iii     Eosa  A."  Wheeler,  b.   14  Oct..  1861;    d.  1863. 

Percy  G.  Wheeler. 
Perlev  J.  Wheeler. 



Sarah  Warden*  Wheeler,  daug-liter  of  "Wilson^  [Betsey^,  Benja- 
min^  SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Catherine  II.  [AVarden]  Wheeler,  was  horn  23  Nov.,  1834. 
She  married  Charles  Barher  of  Orange,  10  Feb.,  1858.  He 
was  a  wheelwright.  He  was  born  12  June,  1834,  and  died 
28  July,  1899. 

Four  children :  • 

1742*        i     Charles  Herbert"  Barber,  b.  8  May,  1860. 

1743  ii     Ernest  Timothy^'  Barber,  b.  22  March,  1865;   d.  14  May,  1869. 

1744  iii     James  Arthur"  Barber,  b.  1  May,  1870;   d.  1895;  m.  Margaret 

E.  Jones  of  New  Rockland,  Can. 

1745  iv     Alice    Jane"    Barber,    b.    1    May,    1870;    m.    Herbert    Kent    of 

Rochester,    Vt.        Two    children :    Minnie   Barber   Kent,   b.    2 
April,  1889;  Vera  Alice  Kent,  b.  9  Nov.,  1893. 

J  246 

Erastus  Otis^  Wheeler,  son  of  Wilson'^  [Betsey^  Benjamin^, 
Samuel^,  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
erine H.  [Warden]  Wheeler,  was  born  27  Oct.,  1836. 

Five  children : 

1746  i     Clara  Alma"  Wheeler,  b.  19  Jan.,  1862. 

1747  ii     Abbie   Gertrude"   Wheeler,   b.   in   Northfield,   8   May,   1864;    m. 

5    Sept.,    1884,   Walter   P.   Maynard   of   Keene,   N.   H.      Five 

1748  iii     Arthur   Otis"  Wheeler,  b.  in  Northfield,   18  Nov.,  1866;   m.   23 

Jan.,  1889,  Mary  Ella  Doyle.     Two  children. 

1749  iv     Hattie  Warden"  Wheeler,  b.   27   July,   1872  ;'m.   William  Leon 

Chamberlain  of  Farley,  Mass.,  1  June,  1892.     One  child. 

1750  V     Herbert  Wilson"  Wheeler,  b.   27   July,   1872;   m.   Ellen  Bertha 

Leonard  of  Greenfield,  1  March,  1898.     Two  children. 



Frances  Dexter'  Wheeler,  (l;iiiL;h1ci-  oT  Wilson'  [Betsey^  Benja- 
min". Saniiiel\  Benjamin-'.  William-,  ThuKiM.s^  Dexterj  and 
Catherine  IT.  [Warden]  Wlieeler,  was  hovn  28  June,  1840. 
She  married  Augustus  Fry  at  Orange,  28  June,  1860;  he 
was  born  in  Jaffrey,  N.  H.,  12  Nov.,  1836.  He  is  in  the  em- 
ploy of  the  New  Home  Sewing  Machine  Co. 


Two  children :  , 

1751  i     George  Wilson"  Fry,   b.   at   Merideu,   Ct.,   19   March,   1863;    m. 

Ida  Sophia  Hastings  of  South  Deerfield,  2S'  Sept.,  1885.  One 
son:    Winthrop  Hastings  Fry,  b.  6  July,  1886. 

1752  ii     Lizzie  Adeline"  Fry,  b.  at  Orange,  10  May,  1874;  m.  Frank  L. 

Waters  of  Orange,  11  Aug.,  1897.  Two  children:  Eoderick 
Fry  Waters,  b.  2  May,  1901;  Kenneth  Horatio  Waters,  b.  20 
Aug.,  1902. 


Eliza  Ann'  Wheeler,  daughter  of  Wilson'  [Betsey^  Benjamin^ 
Samuel*,  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Cath- 
erine H.  [Warden]  Wheeler,  was  born  at  Orange.  16  June, 
1842.  She  married  Otis  J.  Stockwell,  7  July.  1868.  He 
was  born  in  Athol,  26  Sept..  1844,  and  was  the  son  of  Sylves- 
ter and  Polly  (Fay)  Stockwell  of  Athol.  His  father  was  in 
the  sash  and  blind  business  in  Athol  for  years,  until  he  lost 
his  shop  by  fire.  He  then  did  all  the  teaming  for  the  shops 
in  the  lower  village  for  many  years.  He  died  in  1890.  His 
grandfather  was  Josiah  Stockwell,  who  was  born  in  Phillips- 
ton.  Mass.,  near  Prospect  bill,  lie  was  one  of  the  old-time 
stage  proprietors,  and  ran  the  stage  line  from  Worcester, 
]\[ass.,  to  Winchester,  X.II.  Genery  Twichell  commenced 
his  career  as  a  stage  driver,  in  the  employ  of  I\Ir.  Stockwell. 
Otis  J.-  was  a  clerk  for  two  years  in  the  store  of  S.  E.  Fay, 
and  for  five  years  in  the  dry  goods  and  clothing  store  of 
Thorp  &  Sloan.  He  then  went  into  business  for  himself  in 
a  store  npou  ^lain  Street.     His  wife  also  carried  ou  the  mil- 


linery  business  on  ]\Iain  Street.  They  purchased  the  proper- 
ty where  the  store  was  located  in  1869.  They  now  live  near 
the  Athol  line  in  Orange,  and  Mr.  Stockwell  has  charge  of 
the  park  which  is  located  near  by.  They  belong  to  the 
Methodist  Church,  Mr.  Stockwell  being  a  trustee  of  the  local 

Five  children : 

1753  i     Fred  O."  Stockwell,  b.  at  Athol,   16  May,   1869;   m.   Emma  E. 

ISTe-n-ton,  26  April,  1895.  Tvro  children:  Alton  V.  Stockwell, 
b.  22  June,  1896;  Doris  E.  Stockwell,  b.  . 

1754  ii     Harry  L."  Stockwell,  b.  at  Athol,  9  March,  1872;  m.  Maggie 'B. 

Sweeney,  28  Aug.,  1895. 

1755  iii     Maria  A."  Stockwell,  b.  at  Athol,  4  Feb.,  1874. 

1756  iv     Ethel  C.°  Stockwell,  b.  at  Athol,  5  Feb.,  1879. 

1757  T     Chellis  W.'  Stockwell,  b.  at  Athol,  7  July,  1886. 

•  1250 

Evelena  Jane''  Wheeler,  daughter  of  Wilson'^  [Betsey^,  Benja- 
min^'?  SamueP,  Benjamin',  "William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Catherine  H.  [Warden]  Wheeler,  was  born  20  Aug.,  1843. 
She  married  Charles  H.  Barton,  18  Oct.,  1865. 

Three  children,  two  of  whom  died  in  infancy : 

1758  i     Alice  M."  Barton,  b.  12  March,  1867;   m.  W.   W.  Whitney,   22 

Oct.,  1889.  Six  children:  Lena  Barton  Whitney,  b.  4  Sept., 
1890;  -Bertha  Whitney,  b.  .30  Dec,  1891;  Alice  W.  Whitney,  b. 
19  March,  1893 ;  Helen  L.  Whitney,  b.  13  Sept.,  1895 ;  Marion 
E.  Whitney,  b.  31  Dec,  1900;  Charles  Willis  Whitney,  b.  8 
Xov.,  1902. 


Sarah  Maria'  Poland,  daughter  of  Betsey'  [Betsey^  Benjamin^ 
Samuel^.  Benjamin'^  William-.  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon 
B.  Poland,  was  born  1  July.  1832,  at  Winchendon.  Mass., 
and  died  17  ^Mareli.   1879.     She  married  Anson  G.  Liver- 

DEXTER     FA:MILY     GENEALOGY.  '1 1  i 

more,  2  April,  1857.     Mr.  liivri-mort-  iiiarricd  r_N    lOlizahdli 
B.  Taft,  25  Feb.,  1880;  slu-  was  born  20  iMaivb,  184:5. 

Two  children : 

17.19  i     Cliarles    Ansoir'    Livciuuirf,    li.    17    April,    18.58;    d.    17)    March, 


1760  ii     lil:i  Maria"  Liverniore,   1).   2   Feb.,   1864. 


Mary  Elizabeth^  Poland,  daughter  of  Betsey'  [Betsey^  Benja- 
mhr,  SamneP.  Belljamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Simon  Poland,  was  born  3  Feb.,  1834,  at  Winchendon,  IMass. 
She  married  Charles  P.  Streeter,  of  Fitzwilliam,  X.  H.  24 
Xov..  1863 ;  he  was  born  11  July,  1836,  and  died  at  :\Iillbnry, 
Mass.,  25  Jan.,  1898. 

Two  children : 

1761  i     Edith    R."    Streoter,    b.    at    Wincheudou,    22    Jan..    1867;     m. 

Giistav    Albert   Nendeck,    12    Xov.,    1892;    he   was   b.    in   New 
York  city,  1  March,  1866. 

1762  ii     T.illa  ^^lay''  Streeter,  b.  at  Wiiu-hendoii.  31  May,  1869. 


Charles  Townsend'  Poland,  son  of  Betsey"  [Betsey*,  Benjamin^ 
Samnel\  Benjamins  William-,  Thomas'  Dexter]  and  Simon 
Poland,  was  born  11  Feb.,  1836,  at  Winchendon,  ^Mass.  He 
married  Eliza  B.  Mee,  17  June,  I860;  she  was  born  in  Eng- 
land, 13  Jan.,  1840.  and  died  10  :\ray.  1904. 

Six  children : 

1763  i     Elmer  E."  Poland,  h.  at  Millbiiry,  20  Nov.,  1861. 

1764  ii     Carrie  M."  Poland,  b.  at  Holden,  18  Jnly,  1863;  ni.  Edward  F. 

Peters,   20   Sept.,   1885.      Two   children:    Irving  Lewis  Peters, 
b.  31  May,   1887;   Alabel  Bessie  Peters,  b.   7  Sept.,  1891. 

1765  .  iii     Jeanette  A."  Poland,  b.  at  Holden,  11  Aug.,  1864. 

1766  iv     Edith  M."  Poland,  h.   at   Milllnuy,   25   Ang.,   1866;    d.   at  Win- 

chendon,  15    Xov.,   1870. 


1767  V     Arthur  A.''  Poland,  b.  at  Providence,  E.  I.,  29  May,  1871;  m. 

Bessie  M.  Kimball,  10  Aug.,  1898. 

1768  vi     Walter  A."  Poland,  b.  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  25  April,  1884. 


Julia  Augusta^  Poland,  daughter  of  Betsey'  [Betsey^,  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^;  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon 
Poland,  was  born  16  Nov.,  1838,  at  Winchendon,  ]\Iass.  She 
married  Samuel  T.  Aldrich  of  Xorthbridge,  Mass.,  2  Aug., 
1865 ;  he  was  born  21  Dec,  1843,  and  died  15  Oct.,  1873. 

Two  children : 

1769  i     Lyman  P."  Aldrich,  b.  at  Upton,  Mass.,  7  March,  1868;   d.  at 

Westboro,  30  Sept.,  1897. 

1770  ii     Addison  S."  Aldrich,  b.   at  Northbridge,  Mass.,  14  Oct.,  1870; 

m.  Ethelyn  L.  Nelson,  24  Jime,  1903. 


Ellen  Gracia^  Poland,  daughter  of  Betsey''  [Betsey^  Benjamin^, 
SamueP,  Benjamin^;  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon 
Poland,  was  born  24  Nov.,  1840,  at  AYinchendon,  ]\Iass.  She 
married  Alvah  J.  Rice,  27  Jan.,  1869  ;  he  was  born  in  Sutton, 
Mass.,  30  June,  1841. 

Three  children,  born  at  Millbury,  Mass. : 

1771  ,  i     Florence  A.°  Eice,  b.  18  July,  1872 ;  d.  24  Nov.,  1880. 

1772  ii     Irving  A.°  Eice,  b.  7  June,  1878 ;  d.  11  Dec,  1880. 

1773  iii     Floyd  A."  Eice,  b.  12  Dec,   1881;   m.  Ella  A.  Drew,  18  Feb., 



Emma  Olive'  Poland,  daughter  of  Betse}-'  [Betsey®,  Benjamin^ 
Samuel\  Benjamin^,  AVilliam^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon 
Poland,  Avas  born  7  Oct.,  1842,  at  Winchendon,  ]\Iass.  She 
married  Silas  G.  Wood,  of  Dudley,  Mass.,  13  Feb.,  1868 ;  he 
was  born  4  :\lay,  1835,  at  Dudley,  and  died  19  May,  1902,  at 


Three  children : 

1774  i     Ernest   W.^  Wood,  b.  at  Pawtnekct,  R.   I.,   21   April.   1876;    ni. 

.Tpiinic  M.  Daniels,  22  Juno,  1898;  she  was  born  at  Hartford, 
Ct.,  19  May,  1875. 

1775  ii     Everett  S.'  Wood,  b.   at  Pawtucket,  R.  I.,   27   Sept.,   1878;   m. 

Ella  Maria  Howes,  6  Oct.,  1903;  she  was  born  at  Nortli  Den- 
nis, Mass.,  5  Dec,  1882. 

1776  iii     Herbert  P.-'  Wood,  b.  at  South  Attleltoro,  .^[ass.,  12  Aug.,  1883. 


Martin  L."  Poland,  son  of  Betsey"  [Betsey®,  Benjamin^  Samuel\ 
Benjamin',  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon  Poland, 
was  born  24  Ang.,  1845.  at  Winchendon,  IMass.  He  married 
Kate  Foley. 

Two  children : 

1777  i     Norman  L."   Poland,   b.   at   Duluth,   Minn.,   25   Jan.,    1873;    m. 

Eose . 

1778  ii     Rufus  G."  Poland,  b.  at  Butte  City,  Montana,  17  Sept.,  1876. 


Stella  E.'  Poland,  danghter  of  Betsey'^  [Betsey®,  Benjamin% 
SamueP,  Benjamin-^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Simon 
Poland,  was  l)orn  8  Aug.,  1848,  at  Winchendon,  j\Iass.  She 
married  Charles  A.  Gonld,  1  Aug.,  1872 :  he  was  horn  15 
Aug.,  1844,  at  Abington,  Conn. 

Three  children : 

1779  i     Alfred  H."  Gould,  b.  21  June,  1873;  ni.  Hattie  Hilton,  1  June, 

1902.     One  child:  Viola  Ethelyn  Gould,  b.  15  Aug..  1903. 

1780  ii     Harry  W.'  Gould,  b.  26  June.  1881. 

1781  iii     Willard  C."  Gould,  li.  11   Sent..  1S>!4. 





Addison  B."  Poland,  son  of  Betsey'  [Betsey^  Benjamin",  Sam- 
uel*, Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas'^  Dexter]  and  Simon  B. 
Poland,  was  born  26  IMarch,  1851,  at  AVincliendon,  INIass. 
When  three  years  old,  his  parents  removed  'to  Millbury, 
Worcester  County,  INIass.,  where  he  attended  the  district 
•  school  nntil  the  age  of  nine,  when  he  was  admitted  to  the 
high  school.  Soon  afterwards  his  parents  returned  to  Win- 
-ehendon,  where  he  finished  his  high  school  course,  and  en- 
tered AVesleyan  University,  ]\Iiddietown,  Conn.,  in  the  fall  of 
1868.  Leaving  college  in  1870,  on  account  of  impaired  eye- 
sight, he  soon  after  engaged  in  teaching,  first  as  principal  of 
the  Ashburnham,  IMass.,  high  school,  and  a  year  later  as  prin- 
cipal of  the  Salisbury,  ]Mass.,  high  school. 

In  1873    he  began  the  study  of  law  in  Worcester,  Mass., 
but  aft(^r  a  few  months   decided  to  return  to  teaching,  and 


became  ])rincipal  of  the  Day  street  grnninior  school  in  Kiirh- 
bui'g,  ]\Iass;  In  the  f'ollowinji'  year,  lie  I'csiyiicd  \'vit\n  iliis 
position  to  accept  the  principalship  of  the  Union  School  and 
Academy  at  Ilion,  N.  Y.  He  remained  in  charofe  of  this 
school  nntil  September,  1885,  when  he  resi^nu-d  t(»  1)ecouie 
princii)al  of  the  Jersey  City,  N.  J.,  high  school.  Two  years 
later  he  was  made  city  superintendent  of  schools  of  Jersey 
City  and  four  years  later,  ^Nlarch.  1801.  state  superintendent 
of  public  instructors  of  the  state  of  New  Jersey.  After  four 
years'  service  as  state  superintendent,  during  which  time  he 
succeeded  in  revolutionizing-  the  school  laws  of  the  state,  he 
resigned  Avhile  his  term  of  office  had  yet  two  years  to  run.  in 
order  to  accept  the  position  of  assistant  superintendent  of 
schools  in  New  York  city,  to  which  he  had  been  unanimously 
elected.  This  was  the  first  instance  in  upwards  of  a  third  of 
a  century  when  any  non-resident  had  l)een  elected  school 
superintendent  in  New  York  city,  and  was  therefore  regarded 
as  an  exceptional  honor.  After  one  year  of  successful  ser- 
vice in  New  York,  during  which  time  he  assisted  in  reorgan- 
izing the  schools  under  the  new  charter  creating  the  Greater 
New  York,  he  resigned,  March.  1897,  in  order  to  take  a  nnich- 
needed  rest. 

Eeturning  home  in  the  early  part  of  1898,  after  a  year  of 
foreign  travel,  during  which  time  he  made  with  ^Nlrs.  Poland 
a  grand  tour  of  the  world,  he  accepted  the  appointment 
unanimously  oft'ered  him  of  superintendent  of  schools  of 
Paterson,  N.  J.  After  filling  this  position  for  nearly  three 
years,  he  was  elected  superintendent  of  schools  of  Newark, 
N.  J.,  where  he  now  resides. 

In  1876  Wesleyan  University,  ]\Iiddletown.  Conn.,  con- 
ferred upon  him  the  degree  of  ]Master  of  Arts ;  and  in  1890. 
New  York  University  the  degree  of  Doctor  of  Philosophy. 

]Mr.  Poland  married  Fannie  Elizabeth  Flagg  in  1875 :  she 
was  the  daughter  of  Captain  Algernon  S.  Flagg  of  Wilbra- 
ham,  ^Nlass.  Two  surviving  children  were  born  of  this  mar- 
riage:  Ethel  Elizabeth,  born  11  June.  1883.  and  Edwin 
Flagg,  born  7  June,  1890.  His  first  wife  having  died  10 
June,  1890,  ^h\  Poland  was  married  a  second  time,  26  June. 





1784  . 







1895,  to  Mary  Bishop  Dennis,  daughter  of  Rev.  M.  J.  Den- 
nis of  Dayton,  Ohio. 


Two  children  by  first  wife,  three  by  second  wife : 

Ethel  Elizabeth'  Poland,  b.  14  June,  1883. 
Edwin  Flagg"  Poland,  b.  7  June,  1890. 
Margaret  Evangeline"  Poland,  b.  19  Sept.,  1898. 
Mary  Dennis'  Poland,  b.  22  May,  1900. 
Addison  Brown"  Poland,  b.  5  Nov.,  1902. 


Maria  Angela^  Morse,  daughter  of  Eliza  Ann'  [Betsey^  Benja- 
min^, Samuel*?  Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Samuel  Morse,  was  born  16  Sept.,  1850,  at  Winchendon, 
Mass.  She  married  Jacob  Edward  AVatson,  13  Jan.,  1881, 
at  "Worcester ;  he  was  the  son  of  W.  W.  and  Julia  A.  Watson 
of  Princeton,  Mass.     He  died  at  Worcester,  18  Oct.,  1896. 

Four  children : 

1787  i     Stella  Wheeler"  Watson,  b.  27  March,  1884. 

1788  ii     Edward  Payson"  Watson,  b.  30  Aug.,  1886. 

1789  iii     Ernest  Jacob"  Watson,  b.  2  April,  1891. 

1790  iv     Chester  Leroy"  Watson,  b.  20  Feb.,  1893. 


Elnora^  Morse,  daughter  of  Eliza  Ann'  [Betsey^  Benjamin^, 
Samuel^  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Samuel  Morse,  was  born  26  Oct.,  1855,  at  Worcester.  She 
married  Elmer  Winfield  Harrington,  28  May,  1885 ;  he  was 
the  son  of  Charles  A.  and  Lucy  (Goulding)  Harrington  of 
Worcester.     They  reside  at  Worcester. 

Three  children : 

1791  i     Helen  Lucy"  Harrington,  b.   16  Sept.,  1890;    d.   25  July,   1891. 

1792  ii     Charles  Albert"  Harrington,  b.  26  Dec,  1893. 

1793  iii     George  Elmer"  Harrington,  b.  22  Oct.,  1896. 



Emma  Elizabeth'  Morse,  tlauulilcr  of  Eliza  Aim'  I  Hotsev®,  Ben- 
.iamiir'.  SanuieP,  Benjamin''.  William-.  'Pliomas'  Dexter]  and 
SainiK'l  Moi-sc.  was  hocii  1;^  Dec.  iSaS,  at  Worcester.  Sh(_^ 
married  (1)  John  Iv  Pierce.  !(•  .Iiil\-,  1S78;  he  was  the  son 
of  J.  E.  R.  and  A.  E.  Pierce  of  Woirester.  Ifc  died  20 
vSept..  187!).  at  Worcester,  leaving'  one  cliild.  He  married 
(2)  William  T.  llarrington.  17  Aug.,  1880,  at  AVorc(>stci- :  Iw 
was  the  son  of  Leonard  antl  Elizabeth  Plarrington.  They 
reside  at  Worcester. 

Five  children : 

1794  i     Florence  Eliza"  Pieree,  b.  8  Jan.,  1879;   d.  10  Nov.,  1884. 

179o        ii     Fred  William"  Harrington,  b.  10  March,  1882;   d.  1  Feb.,  1885. 

1796  iii     George   LeonarcF   Harrington,   b.    12   Sept.,    1884;    d.    30   Jan., 


1797  iv     Everett  SamneP  Harrington,  1).  18  April.  1886. 
1  798  V     Elmer  WinfiekP  Harrington,  b.  26  July,  1889. 


Achsah  L.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Loring'  [Lnke^  Ephraim^ 
Ephraim\  Benjamin-.  AVilliam-,  Thomas^]  and  Achsah  Dex- 
ter, was  born  in  Fairhaven,  12  ]\Iay,  1838,  and  died  5  Sept.. 
1902.     She  married  John  Thacher,  7  Sept.,  1856. 

She  was  the  eldest  of  five  children.  Her  mother  being  an 
invalid,  many  of  the  household  cares  were  performed  by  her. 
When  she  married  John  Thacher  of  South  Dartmouth. 
]\Iass.,  they  made  their  home  at  Geneva,  111.,  returning  again 
to  the  East  after  several  years.  Since  1883  she  has  resided 
in  Pawtucket,  R.  I.  ^Nlrs.  Thacher  took  a  very  prominent 
part  in  religious  matters,  having  been  interested  in  all  the 
departments  of  church  work.  She  wa.s  for  many  years  a 
most  highly  respected  member  and  earnest  worker  of  the 
Park  Place  Congregational  Church.  She  taught  a  large 
class  of  young  ladies  in  Sunday-school.  The  Tarsus  ^Mission, 
connected   with   the   elnirch.   was   organized   b^    her.    T'luler 




her  care  for  fourteen  years,  many  children  have  become  in- 
terested in  mission  work.  The  aim  of  this  mission  was  to 
educate  yonng  Armenian  men  for  the  work  of  Christ.  One 
of  these  yonng  men  came  to  this  country  and  graduated  with 
honor  at  both  the  Theological  and  Medical  colleges  in  Penn- 
sylvania, a  living  tribute  to  the  memory  of  her  through 
whose  efforts  he  was  raised  to  a  useful  life.  Mrs.  Thacher 
was  a  woman  greatly  beloved  and  respected  throughout  the 
city  in  which  she  lived.  Her  work  was  among  the  lowly, 
and  this  world  is  better  because  she  lived.  Her  death  oc- 
curred 5  Sept.,  1902. 

One  child : 

3  799  i  Eoland  C.»  Thar-her,  b.  at  Geneva,  111.,  17  Dec,  1858;  m.  Lillian 
F.  .Jollie,  3  July,  1888.  Two  children:  Elizabeth  Dexter 
Thar-her,  b.  2  Sept.,  1889;  Raymond  L.  Thacher,  b.  17  .June, 



Kesiah  L.''  Dexter,  (laiiijlilcr  of  Loi'iii".;'  |  LuUc'',  K|ilii';iim'', 
Ephraiin\  HcMijaiuin '.  William-,  Thonuis^J  and  Kesiah 
[Holmes]  Dexter,  was  horn  16  Sept.,  1828.  She  married 
Seth  Alden,  Jr.,  25  Xoy.,  1847 ;  he  was  the  son  of  Seth  Alden, 
and  a  des(fendant  in  the  seventh  fj'eneration  from  John  Alden 
of  the  "Maytlo\ver. "  Tie  always  took  a  prominent  part  in 
the  affairs  of  his  town.  They  moved  onto  the  farm  where 
several  generations  of  Aldens  had  lived,  and  they  were 
blessed  witli  health,  and  lived  long  enongh  to  celebrate  their 
golden  wedding.  ]\Irs.  Alden  was  of  a  very  lively  disposi- 
tion, and  it  was  said  that  no  daughter  of  hers  ever  made  a 
more  handsome  bride  than  she  did.  She  died  Angnst,  1902. 
and  was  buried  in  Riverside  cemetery. 

Ten  children,  born  in  Fairhavc^n  : 

Susan  Maria"  Alden,  b.  4  Oct.,  1848 ;  d.  29  April,  1853. 

Liic-ia  EusselP  Alden,  b.  17  May,  1850;  d.  4  Sept.,  1851. 

Francis  LeBaron'  Alden,  b.  3  Oct.,  1852 ;  d.  1860. 

Emma  Tobey'  Alden,  b.  18  Oct.,  1854. 

Clara  Bennett"  Alden,  b.  25  Sept.,  1856;  m.  Arthur  F.  Kenvon, 
29  June,  1881.  Mr.  Kenyon  is  a  descendant  of  Roger  Wil- 
liams and  is  jjaymaster  in  a  cotton  mill. 

Charles  Edward"  Alden,  b.  27  Sept.,  1859;  d.  14  June,  1893. 

Adeline  Lewis"  Alden,  b.  23  Feb.,  1863 ;  m.  Charles  H.  Morton, 
Nov.,  1886.  Ho  was  a  soldier  in  the  Civil  War  and  a  prisoner 
in  both  Libby  and  Andersonviile,  and  is  now  casliier  in  the 
Fairhaven  Institution  for  Sayings. 

1807  viii     George  Lincoln"  Alden,  b.  12  May,  1865. 

1808  ix     Eudora  Frances"  Alden,  b.  21  July,  1867;  m.  Robert  A.  Philip 

of   California.     He  is  an  electrical   engineer. 

1809  X     Seth   Frank"   Alden.    b.    8   June,    1870;    m.   Frances   Walbert.    5 

Dec,  1900.     He  is  in  business  in  California. 

J  280 

Obadiah  D.'  Dexter,  son  of  Loring'  [lJuke^  Ephraim\  Ephraim^ 
Benjamin',  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Kesiah  [Holmes]  Dex- 
ter, was  born  12  ]March,  1832.  and  died  12  Aug..  1871.  He 
married  Caroline  J.  Chaffee.  19  Julv,  1857. 















Six  children: 

1810  i     Eloeuezer  H."  Dexter,  b.  in  Providence,  E.  I.,  16  Aug.,  1859;  m. 

Amelia  Weisenhaven,  9  Feb.,  1881.     Two  children:  Mary  E.  G. 
Dexter,  b.  12  Dec,  1881 ;  Jennie  H.  Dexter,  b.  1  April,  1884. 

1811  ii     Obadiah  D.»  Dexter,  b.  in  Providence,  E.  I.,  15  June,  1861;  d. 

27  Sept.,  1862. 

1812  iii     Carrie  J."  Dexter,   b.   16   Nov.,   1863;    m.    (l)    C.   J.   Paul,    22 

July,  1877;    (2)   Francis  S.  Chandler,  25  June,  1886. 
1S1.3        iv     Cora  L."  Dexter,  b.  in  Oakland,  Cal.,  14  Sept.,  1865;  m.  George 
E.  Bates,  9  .July,  1882.  "  . 

1814  V     Obadiah"  Dexter,  b.   in  Newcastle,  Cal.,   25  July,   1868;   d.   25 

■Nov.,  1868. 

1815  vi     Mary   J.'  Dexter,   b.   4   July,   1870;    ni.   C.   S.  M.   Bartlett,   14 

Aug.,  1887. 


William  H.^  Dexter,  son  of  Lewis'  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim*,  Benjamin^,  "William-,  Thomas^]  and  Martha  J. 
[Robbins]  Dexter,  was  born  4  Oct.,  1860.  He  married  Marj 
P.  White,  14  April,  1880. 

Six  children : 

1816  i     WUliam  H."  Dexter,  .Jr.,  b.  in  New  York  City,  12  Aug.,  1882. 

1817  ii     Leander  A."  Dexter,  b.  12  Sept.,  1884. " 

1818  iii     George  A."  Dexter,  b.  13  June,  1885. 

1819  iv     Albion  E.°  Dexter,  b.  11  April,  1889. 

1820  v     Elizabeth  J.'>  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1892. 

1821  vi     Maber  Dexter,  b.   7  May,  1895. 


Henry  H.-  Kendrick,  son  of  Harriet^  [Ephraim^  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim^,  Benjamin^,  Wiliiam^  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Dan- 
iel H.  Kendrick,  was  born  13  Oct.,  1810,  and  died  12  Oct., 
1884.  He  married  Mercv  Ann  Eavmond.  20  Dec,  1868. 
He  followed  the  sea  for  many  years. 

Tavo  children : 

1822  i     Vernon  H."  Kendrick,  b.  5  Feb.,  1874;   m.  Delina  B.  West,  12 

.June,  ]899. 

1823  ii     LaForest  W.''  Kendrick,  b.  11  Jan.,  1877;  m.  Lillian  J.  Wicks, 

9  Nov.,  1896. 



Rachel  S."  Kendrick,  daughter  of  TTarriet"  [Ephraiui'',  Kplii-aiiir^ 
p]phraiin\  Benjamin^,  AVilliam-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Dan- 
iel 11.  Kendrick,  was  born  9  April,  1843.  She  married  (1) 
Captain  John  A.  Beekerman,  25  Dec,  1860.  He  was  a  cap- 
tain of  merchant  vessels,  and  was  a  large  owner  in  coa.sting 
schooners.  lie  owTied  one  which  took  his  name.  She  mar- 
ried (2)  ]\IarciTS  M.  Thompson. 

Three  children  by  first  husband : 

1824  i     Sarah  L.»  Beekerman,  b.  2.3  Oct.,  1861. 

182.5        ii     John  A."  Beekerman,  Jr.,  b.  20  Feb.,  1873. 

1826  Hi     William    H."    Beekerman,    b.    7    July,    1879.      Three    children: 

Franees  Snow  Beekerman,  h.  18  July,  1902;  Lonis  Evelyn 
Beekerman,  b.  11  Oct.,  1903;  d.  29  May,  1904;  John  William 
Beekerman,  b.   13   Oct.,  1904. 


Hattie  L.^  Kendrick,  daughter  of  Harriet'  [Ephraim^,  Ephraim^, 
Ephraini'',  Benjamin^  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Dan- 
iel H.  Kendrick,  was  born  18  May,  1851,  and  died  26  Oct., 
1886.     She  married  Levi  L.  Phinney,  12  Nov.,  1871. 

Three  children : 

1827  i     Ada  L.''  Phinney,  b.  24  Aug.,  1874;  m.  Alton  Collins,  11  April, 

1900.     One  child :  Kuth  H.  Collins,  b.  29  June,  1904. 

1828  ii     Roland  S."  Phinney,  b.  18  Dec.,  1878. 

1829  iii     Austin  B."  Phinney,  b.  22  Aug.,  1886. 


Horace  L."*  Kendrick,  son  of  Harriet'  [Ephraim*^,  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim^  Benjamin",  William^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Dan- 
iel H.  Kendrick,  was  born  27  Dec,  1853,  at  Sandwich,  Mass. 
He  married  (1)  Ruth  :\I.  AVilder.  25  Dec,  1878:  (2)  Eliza 
Tolman  Wilder,  -4  Dec,  1894.     He  was  employed  in  a  shoe 


■    factory  when  a  young  man.     He  is  now  a  traveling  sales- 
man for  a  grocery  house.     His  home  is  in  Brockton. 

Two  children : 

1830  i     Edith  M.='  Kendriek,  b.  9  Oct.,   1879;   m.   John  S.  Tilton.   One 

child:    Euth  W.    Tilton,  b.   12   Nov.,   1904. 

1831  ii     David  L."  Kendriek,  b.  12  July.  1881. 



Ephraim  A.-  Dexter,  son  of  SamueF  [Gideon^,  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim-^,  Benjamin^.  William-.  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  Dex- 
ter, was  born  3  Jan..  1834.  He  married  Betsey  0.  Snow, 
21  Sept.,  I860;  she  was  the  daughter  of  Harvey  and  Betsey 
(Jeuney)  Snow.  He  learned  the  caulker's  trade,  and  made 
three  trips  south  for  live  oak  timber  for  ship  building.  He 
is  now  a  farmer.  He  has  been  a  selectman  and  road  com- 
missioner, and  is  now  inspector  of  cattle  and  meat. 












Five  children : 

i     Annie  L."  Dexter,  b.  at  Mattaj.oisctt,  20  Oct.,  1801. 
ii     Be.ssie  J."  Dexter,  b.  at  Mattai)oisctt,  11  March,   1866. 

Mamie  F."  Dexter,  )>.  2S  Auu.,  1872;  m.  William  Cashing.    Two 
children:    Vivian   C.   Ciishiiio.   b.    8   Nov.,   1893;    Ellsworth   S. 
Cushing,  b.  4  Feb.,  1900. 
Amy  A.''  Dexter,  b.  26  June,  1874. 

Izah   A."  Dexter,   b.   30   April,   1880;    m.   Edford  C.   Seeley,   29 
March,  1900.     One  child:  Fdtord  A.  Seeley,  b.  13'  Oct.,  1901. 


SamueP  Dexter,  Jr.,  son  of  Samuel'  [Gideon**,  Epliraim'\  Ephra- 
un\  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  Dexter,  was 
born  28  Nov.,  1835.  He  married  Lydia  C.  Hiller,  7  Sept., 
1865 ;  she  was  the  daughter  of  Seth  and  Almira  [Lewis] 
Hiller.  He  learned  the  trade  of  a  caulker.  He  is  now  a 
farmer,  and  raises  small  fruits  for  the  market. 

Seven  children : 

i     Herbert  W."  Dexter,  b.  at  ]\Iattapoisett,  3  Sept.,  1866. 
ii     Myra  C  Dexter,  b.  27  March.  1868;  m.  Stephen  S.  Hathaway. 
6   Dec,   1896.     One  child:    Elmer   B.   Hathaway,   b.   2.5   Dec, 
Martha  A."  Dexter,  b.  14  Oct.,  1869. 

Edgar  D.^  Dexter,  b.  5  Nov.,  1872.     Is  boat-builder  by  trade. 
Freeman  C.»  Dexter,  b.  4  July.  1874. 
Azubah  C."  Dexter,  b.  4  Nov.,  1876. 
Virtue   R."   Dexter,   b.    31    July.    1879. 


Sarah  A.-  Dexter,  daughter  ofEphraim'  [Gideon®,  Ephraim% 
•Ephraim*.  Benjamin^  William-.  Thomas^]  and  Laura 
[Snow]  Dexter,  was  born  21  Dec.  1817.  at  Rochester. 
She  was  educated  in  the  public  schools.  She  luarried  Na- 
thaniel C.  Kansom.  27  June*.  1809 :  he  was  the  son  of  James 
B.  and  Eunice  Ransom.  After  finishing  his  scho^%iig  in 
town,  he  went  whaling  in  the  baric  ''Barnstable."  Captain 
















Bronson  commanding,  whicli  sailed  from  New  Bedford  in 
1860.  After  three  seasons  to  the  Arctic  Ocean,  he  returned 
to  New  Bedford  in  1864.  He  soon  sailed  from  Plymouth  in 
the  schooner  "Profit,"  Captain  Bartlett,  on  a  cod-fishing 
trip  to  the  Grand  Banks.  Returning  in  September,  he  went 
to  school  at  Middleboro  for  a  few  months.  In  February, 
1865.  he  sailed  from  Boston  for  New  Orleans  in  the  bark 
"Commerce,"  Captain  Robinson,  and  was  in  the  harbor  at 
Mobile  when  the  city  surrendered.  Returning  to  Boston,  he 
sailed  in  October  on  a  whaling  voyage  mth  Captain  Hamilton. 
After  serving  three  seasons,  he  came  home  and  was  married. 
He  then  sailed  as  third  mate  on  the  bark  ' '  John  Wells, ' ' 
Captain  Dean,  in  1869,  for  the  Arctic  Ocean.  The  second 
season  the  ice  closed  in  upon  them  while  near  Point  Barrow, 
and  they  abandoned  the  ship  and  took  to  the  boats  and  went 
about  eighty  miles  toward  Behring  Straits  before  finding 
clear  water  and  other  vessels.  There  were  about  thirty  ves- 
sels in  the  fleet  and  all  but  seven  were  abandoned.  He  went 
to  Honolulu,  and  from  there  took  the  steamer  "Moses 
Taylor"  for  San  Francisco,  and  from  California  came  across 
overland  to  his  home.  His  next  and  last  voyage  in  the  Arctic 
Ocean  was  on  the  bark  "Illinois,"  Captain  Fraser,  and  he 
went  as  boat-header.  He  took  vessel  at  San  Francisco,  going 
and  returning  from  there  overland.  He  then  gave  up  the 
sea,  and  devoted  himself  to  market  gardening. 

Four  children : 

1844  i  Laura  E.''  Eansoni,  b.  16  Aug.,  187.3.  Graduate  of  Smith  Col- 
lege and  taught  school  several  years.  Married  Darius  Frink, 
5  Oct.,  1899,  and  removed  to  jSTewington,  N.  H.  One  child: 
Harold  E.  Frink,  b.  8  July,  1902. 

184.5  ii  Emiice  E.°  Eanso7n,  b.  24  Feb.,  1875.  Graduate  from  town 
school,  Avent  to  Tabor  Academy,  also  Bridgewater  Normal 
School,  and  is  now  teaching  at  ISTewington,  N.  H. 

1846  iii     Clarence  B.°  Eansom,  b.   16  Dec,   1876.     Went  to  Boston  and 

is  clerk  with  Harrison  Bros. 

1847  iv     Everett  S."  Eansom.  b.  22  Aug.,  1879.     Is  engineer  on  steam- 

ers on  the  Atlantic  coast,  also  made  one  voyage  to  California 
and  SandAvich  Islands. 



William  C.^  Dexter,  son  of  Calvin'  ICideon*',  Epliraim",  Ephi'a- 
iiii\  l^cnJMniin-',  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Catherine  [Cas- 
well] Dexter,  Avas  born  30  June,  1851.  He  married  Mary 
J.  Faunce,  14  Nov.,  1887. 

He  was  educated  in  the  public  schools,  and  afterwards 
learned  the  cabinet-maker's  trade,  but  after  serving  his  time, 
he  went  into  business  in  the  general  merchandise  line.  He 
also  has  a  large  tract  cultivated  with  cranberries. 

Four  children : 

1848  i     Liiella  P.'' Dexter,  b.  19  Aug.,  1879;  d.  6  May,  1881. 

1849  ii     Eliza   C."  Dexter,   b.   13   Sept.,   1881;   m.   Hugh   E.  McHugh,   3 

June,   1901. 

1850  iii     Harriet  K»  Dexter,  b.  27  July,  1886;  m.  Linus  S.  Eldridge,  7 

Aug.,  1902.     One  son:  William  D.  Eldridge,  b.  14  Sept.,  1903. 

1851  iv     Ethel  M.^'  Dexter,  b.  9  Sept.,  1893. 


John  S.*  Dexter,  son  of  Jolin^  [Gideon^  Ephraim',  Ephraim^ 
Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  L.  Dexter,  was 
born  3  March,  1843.  He  married  (1)  Mary  A.  Johnson,  7 
Jan.,  1870;  (2)  Delia  i\r.  Dexter,  22  Noy.,  1873. 

He  early  learned  the  trade  of  house  carpentry,  and 
worked  at  it  in  Rhode  Island  for  many  years.  He  then  re- 
turned to  his  native  town,  and  for  the  last  twenty-five  years 
has  carried  on  the  building  and  lumber  business. 

Three  children : 

1852  i     Charles  S."  Dexter,  b.  at  Mattapoisett,  7  Jan.,  1872;   m.  Mary 

E.  Wathey,  IS  .Tan.,  1S93.  He  is  a  machinist  by  trade  and  is 
in  business  at  Attleboro,  Mass.,  making  tools  for  the  manufac- 
ture of  jewelry.  They  had  one  child,  born  and  died  in  May, 





1853  ii     Walter  C."  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1878.     At  the  age  of  12  he  en- 

tered the  Friends'  School  at  Providence,  E.  I.  After  gradu- 
ating from  there  he  attended  the  BiTsiness  College  at  Fall 
Eivei',  Mass.,  and  then  spent  a  year  at  the  Textile  School  in 
New  Bedford.     He  now  resides  at  Mattapoisett. 

1854  iii     Ernest  W."  Dexter,  b.  16  May,  1887. 

Site  of  first  mill  owned  by  Benjamin^'  Dexter,  which  has  alwaj's  been  in  Dexter  family. 





Robert  L.'  Dexter,  son  of  John'  [Gideon^  Ephraim%  Ephra- 
ini**,  Benjamin",  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannah  S.  'Dex- 
ter, was  born  9  Veh.,  1847.  He  married  Kate  M.  Luce,  1 
Sept.,  1872. 

He  was  1)()in  at  ]\Iattapoisett,  and  received  his  education 
in  the  schools  of  that  town.  He  learned  the  trade  of  cabinet- 
making,  which  he  has  followed  many  years.  He  also  worked 
at  house  carpentry.  He  is  now  living  on  part  of  the  original 
Dexter  farm,  and  divides  his  time  between  developing  a 
summer  resort  and  cabinet-making.  He  wh«  at  one  time  a 
member  of  the  School  Committee.  He  l)ecame  interested  in 
the  genealogy  of  the  Dexter  family,  and  for  eighteen  years 
has  been  collecting  data  about  the  family,  and  much  of  the 
material  in  this  hook  was  collected  by  him.  He  has  no 





James  L.^  Dexter,  son  of  Jolm'    [Gideon^;,  Ephraim'',  Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^,  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Hannali  S.  Dexter,  was 

l3orn  .     He  married  Mary  S.  Gray,  6  Oct.,  1884.     He 

learned  the  trade  of  a  cabinet-maker,  and  later  worked  at 
lionse  carpentry.  He  now  lives  at  ]\Iattapoisett,  in  the 
house  where  his  father  lived  before  him.  For  a  few  years 
he  was  in  the  milk  business,  but  is  now  interested  with  his 
two  brothers  in  snmmer  cottages  at  Pico  Beach,  which  are 
•  occupied  by  snmmer  tenants. 

Three  children : 

1855  i     Florence  G.»  Dexter,  b.   25  Aug.,   1885;  m.  John  C.  Dexter,  24 

Xov.,   1904.     One   child:    Doris  Leonard     Dexter,  b.   10   Oct., 

1856  ii     Lillian  C."  Dexter,  b.  25  April,  1893. 

1857  iii     Chester  S."  Dexter,  b.  19  Nov.,  1895;  d.  5  Aug.,  1896. 



William  A/  Dexter,  son  of  Freeman'^  [Alden®,  Ephraim%  Ephra- 
ini"*,  Benja^li^^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Isabella  [Gor- 
don] Dexter,  was  born  14  Aug'.,  1843,  at  New  Bedford,  and 
died  30  Nov.,  1899.  He  niari'ied  Hannah  H.  Nye.  For  ten 
years  he  was  in  iho  employ  of  the  Fifth  Avenue  Safe  De- 
posit &  Trnst  Co. 

Seven  children,  born  in  New  Bedford: 

1858  i     Anna  I."  Dexter,  b.  31  March,  1867. 

1859  ii     William  H.''  Dexter,  b.  8  Dec,  1868;  m.  Margaret  . 

1860  iii     Thomas  N."  Dexter,  b.  13  Sept.,  1870;   m.  Kate  Mulyey.     One 

child:  A^iola  Dexter,  b.  3  April,  1894. 

1861  iv     Helen  G.''  Dexter,  b.  24  Aug.,  1872  ;-m.  John  P.  Negus,  1  .Jan., 

1891.     One  child:  Ethel  Negus,  b.  10  Nov.,  1891. 

1862  v     Gertrude"  Dexter,  b.  28  Feb.,  1877 ;  d.  15  Oct.,  1878. 

1863  vi     George  E.°  Dexter,  b.  16  Jan.,  1879. 

1864  vii     Charles  T."  Dexter,  b.  8  March,  1884;   d.  9  April,  1884. 


Lucy  A.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Stillman^  [Alden^,  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim^  Benjamin^,  William^.  Thomas^]  and  Eunice 
[Hitchmond]  Dexter,  was  born  13  Dec,  1842.  She  married 
Gideon  B.  Barlow,  Jr.,  July,  1863. 

Three  children,  born  in  IMattapoisett : 

1865  i     Edward  Albert"  Barlow,  b.  18  July,  18G4 ;  m.  Emma  Morse,  25 

April,  1889. 
186G        ii     Minnie  Alice"  Barlow,  b.  6  Oct.,  1871;  m.  -John  Duuu,  19  Nov., 

1867       iii     Herbert  Alden"  Barlow,  b.  9  Oct.,  1875. 


Euphemia  F.^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Stillman'  [Alden",  Ephraim^, 
Ephraim^,  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^]  and  Eunice 
[Hitchmond]  Dexter,  was  born  6  ]\Iarch,  1845.  She  mar- 
ried (1)  William  Gifford,  1863;  (2)  Charles  B.  Hammond, 


1871.  Mr.  Hammond  was  the  son  of  Thomas  P.  Hammond. 
For  many  years  he  was  engaged  in  whaling  trips,  sailing 
from  ]Marion,  ]\Iattapoisett  and  New  Bedford.  He  has  been 
in  nearly  all  parts  of  the  maritime  world,  and  good  luck  has 
.  always  attended  him.  In  the  fall  of  1862,  while  on  the 
bark  "Ocean  Rover,"  the  vessel  with  850  barrels  of  sperm 
oil  was  captured  and  burned  off  Western  Islands,  by  Captain 
Semmer  of  the  privateer  "Alabama."  All  hands  were 
put  into  the  ship's  boats  and  left  to  shift  for  themselves. 
They  landed  on  one  of  the  Western  Islands,  and  later 
reached  Fayal,  from  which  place  they  were  sent  to  Boston 
by  the  American  consul.  The  o-^^naers  and  crew  were  after- 
wards remunerated  for  their  loss,  out  of  the  $15,000,000 
awarded  the  United  States,  under  the  Treaty  of  Washington. 
During  his  last  voyage,  he  was  first  officer  of  the  bark 
' '  Hunter, ' '  of  New  Bedford,  sailing  in  the  xA_rctic  and  Pacific 
Oceans,  and  making  a  complete  voyage  around  the  world. 
He  is  now  occupied  in  farming  at  HammondtovTi,  Matta- 

One  child  l)y  first  husband,  five  by  second  husband: 

1868  i     Lizzie  C.=  Gifford,  b.   27  April,   1864;   m.  Gideon  Shuxtleff,  25 

Dec,   1882. 

1869  ii     Ephremia  D.^  Hammond,  b.  27  -Jan.,  1873;  m.  Byron  P.  Dunn, 

Dec,  1890. 

1870  iii     Sarah  A."  Hammond,  b.  9  May,  187-5;  m.  Franrds  G.  Allen,  31 

Oct.,  1899. 

1871  iv     Maria  M."  Hammond,  b.  31  Dec,  1877. 

1872  V     Carrie  E."  Hammond,  b.  1  Aug.,  1880;  d.  17  Feb.,  1881. 

1873  vi     Charles  S."  Hammond,  b.  29  ,Jime,  188S';   killed  by  locomotive, 

26  Aug.,  190.5. 


David  Dexter'  Clark,  son  of  Lucretia'^  [David*',  Seth%  Seth*, 
Benjamin^  AVilliam-,  Thomas^]  Dexter,  and  William  Clark, 
was  born  1844.  He  married  Xellie  Huntington,  1875;  she 
was  born  25  Aug.,  1853. 



Foul-  c'liildreii : 

1874  i     William  Dexter"  Clark,  b.  1879. 

1875  ii     Ralph  Huntington"  Clark,  b.   14  .luiio,  1881. 

1876  iii     Irving"  Clark,  b.  22  Feb.,  1884;  d.  1884. 

1877  iv     Alfred  Henry"  Clark,  b.  17  Sept.,  18.88.- 



Julia  Sargeant'  Dexter,  dantihter  of  Charles  H."  [Setli«,  Seth% 
Setli\  lienjainiir',  AVillianr,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Pierson] 
Dexter,  was  horn  4  Nov.,  1839,  at  AVindsor  Locks,  Conn. 
She  married  (1)  Thomas  Ilaskall,  26  Dec,  1860;  he  was 
born  11  .Feb.,  1827,  and  died  1863.  She  married  (2)  Her- 
bert R.  Coffin,  4  Dec,  1866;  he  was  born  6  Aug.,  1840,  at 
Rindge,  N.  H.,  and  died  9  July,  1901,  at  AVindsor  Locks, 


One  child  by  first  husband,  four  by  second  husband: 

1878  i     Thomasine"  Haskall,  b.  at  Windsor  Locks,  9  Nov.,  1862. 

1879  ii     Arthur  Dexter'  Coffin,  b.   25   April,   1868  j    m.   Cora  Drake,    11 

April,  1894.  Two  cliilclren:  Dexter  Drake  Coffin,  b.  12  Sept., 
1896;  d.  1896;  Dexter  Drake     Coffin,  2d,  b.  8  April,  1898. 

1880  iii     Clarence  Harlan'  Coffin,  b.  27  Sept.,  1869 ;  d.  9  July,  1875. 

1881  iv     Herbert   EaymoncP   Coffin,   Jr.,   b.   15   Jan.,   1871;    m.   Jean   G. 

Warbarton,  26  June,  1895.  Three  children:  Douglas  Pierson 
Coffin,  b.  10  May,  1897;  Charles  Sumner  Coffin,  b.  4  Dec, 
1898 ;  Herbert  Eaymond    Coffin,  b.  20  April,  1900. 

1882  V     Grace  P."  Coffin,  b.  at  Windsor  Locks,  2  Dec,  1873;  m.  Charles 

Henry  Cooley,  .Jr.,  of  Hartford,  Ct.,  3  June,  1903. 



Annie  Pierson^  Dexter,  daughter  of  Charles  H.'^  [Seth^,  Seth^, 
Seth^,  Benjamin',  William',  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Pierson] 
Dexter,  Avas  born  5  May,  1842,  at  Windsor  Locks,  Conn. 
She  married  Bennett  Kowland  Allen,  18  March,  1863;  he 
was  born  17  May,  1838,  at  Enfield,  and  died  11  Oct.,  1896, 
at  Hartford,  Conn. 




One  child : 

i     Charles  Dexter"  Allen,  b.   at   Windsor   Locks,   8  May,  1865;   m. 
Frances  Louise  Clark,  5  Nov.,  1890. 



Edwin  D.'  Dexter,  son  of  Charles  H.^  [Seth«.  Seth^,  Seth\  Ben- 
jamin^  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Lydia  [Pierson]  Dexter, 
was  born  24  Oct.,  1847,  and  died  26  Jan.,  1886.  He  mar- 
ried Jnlia  B.  Hayden,  15  April,  1868. 

Two  children : 



i  Florence"  Dexter,  b.  at  Windsor  Locks,  Ct.,  15  Jan.,  1869;  m. 
Col.  William  Spaulding  of  Nashua,  K  IL,  29  May,  1889.  Two 
children:  Dexter  E.  Spaulding,  b.  19  Oct.,  1890;  Sylvia  Spauld- 
ing, b.  9  June,  1894. 

ii     Annie"  Dexter,  b.  April,  1871;  d.  24  Aug.,  1872. 



Rev.  Henry  Morton^  Dexter,  son  of  Rev.  Henry  Martyn^  [Eli- 
jah^  Elijali%  Setli^  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^]  and 
Emeline  [Palmer]  Dexter,  was  born  12  Jnly,  1846,  at  Man- 
chester, N.  H.  He  married  Emily  L.  Sanford  of  Taunton, 
Mass.,  9  Jnne,  1881.  He  graduated  from  Yale  in  1867,  with 
the  M.  A.  degree,  and  from  Andover  in  1870.  He  was 
•Secretary  and  Treasurer  of  the  National  Council  of  Congre- 
gationalist  Churches  of  America,  which  erected  the  me- 
morial bronze  tablet  to  John  Robinson,  in  Leyden,  Holland, 
and  dedicated  it  July  24,  1891.  He  is  a  m.ember  of  the  Massa- 
chusetts Historical  Society,  also  the  Boston  Society  of  May- 
floAver  Descendants,  being  eighth  in  descent  from  Degory 
Priest,  one  of  the  signers  of  the  compact  with  the  Leyden  Co. 
He  was  a  delegate  to  the  first  International  Council  of  Con- 
gregationalists,  held  at  London  in  1891,  and  also  at  the 
second  jcouncil  held  at  Boston  in  1899.  He  was  formerly 
editor  and  proprietor  of  the  "  Congregationalist, "  and  was 
the  author  of  the  "Story  of  the  Pilgrims  in  America,"  in 

Two  children : 

1886  i     Marjory  Morton"  Dexter,  b.  14  Sept.,  1882. 

1887  ii     Mary'  Dexter,  b.  13  Aug.,  18SG.    ■ 


John  G.s  Dexter,  son  of  John  G.^  [Prince^,  Elijah^  Seth*,  Ben- 
jamin-';, AVilliam-,  Thomas^]  and  Eleanor  F.  [Richardson] 
Dexter,  was  born  27  Feb.,  1834.  He  married  (1)  Cath- 
erine T.  B.  Ruggles,  4  April,  1859;  (2)  Ellen  M.  Baldwin, 
16  Dec,  1903. 

Seven  children  by  first  Avife,  born  in  Rochester,  Mass. : 

1888  i     .John  W.-'  Dexter,  b.  21  Oct.,  1866;  m.  M.  S.  Schilling,  3  Jan., 

1894.  Four  children:  .John  E.  Dexter,  b.  1  Oct.,  1895;  Louis 
R  Dexter,  b.  2  Dec,  1897;  Frank  G.  Dexter,  b.  25  March, 
1899;  Harold  A.  Dexter,  b.  22  Feb.,  1902. 

1889  ii     JVank  Gibbs"  Dexter,  b.  14  .July,  1868;  d.  9  .June,  1896. 













Ele:;r.or   Ificlianlscii '   DfXtcr,  h.   Is  Oct..    ls()'.l;    in.   William    L.    II. 

Gifford,    ()    June,    1888.      Two    rhildicn:    Catlioriuf    Gifford,    1j. 

1889;  d.  at  Canihridge.  1903;    lluin|.lirey  A.     Gifford,  b.  1890. 
Harriet  Maria"  Doxter,  b.  22  Jan.,  1871  ;  d.  8  Oct.,  1871. 
Luuy  Eugglcs-   Doxter.  b.  9  Feb.,  1872;   in.-  James  P.  Porter,  25 

July,  1894.     One  son:   Llewellyn  R.  Porter,  1).  18  Oct.,  1901. 
Charles  Eujjg''  Dexter,  b.  3it  May,  1S77;   ni.  Josejiliinr  M.  Snell, 

30  March,  189S. 
]\[ary  Stanford''  Dexter,  h.  JO  July,   1^79;   ni.  Samuel  Usher,  2d, 

of    Cambridge,    Mass.,    9    Sept.,    1905.      They    now    reside    at 




Alden  Davis^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph''  [Alcleir,  Elisha'',  Setli% 
Jabez^  Philip%  William^.^^]  and  Sophia  H.  [Tink- 
ham]  Dexter,  was  horn  7  Jnly,  1868.  at  ^Mattapoisett.  ^lass. 
He  married  INIinnie  Frances  Swift.  26  Nov.,  1896,  at  Taun- 
ton, INIass.  She  was  born  23  Sept.,  1875,  at  Broelcton.  Tie 
is  a  market  man.  and  lives  in  New  Bedford. 

One  child : 
1895         i     Bernice  Alden'"  Dexter,  b.  at  Taunton,  Mass.,  19  Sept.,  1897. 







William  H.^  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph^  [Alden',  Elisha^  S('th% 
JabezS  Pllilip^  AVilliam^  ThomasM  and  Sophia  H.  [Tink- 
liam]  Dexter,  was  born  26  Jan.,  1871.  He  married  Annie 
E.  Doreher,  27  Sept.,  1891. 

Three  children,  born  in  Mattapoisett: 

1896  i     Charles  T.^"  Dexter,  b.  19  Sept.,  1898. 

1897  ii     Herman  W.'"  Dexter,  b.  24  Oct.,  1900. 

1898  iii     Margaret'"  Dexter,  b.  1904. 


Alice  M.-'  Dexter,  danghter  of  Joseph^  [Alden^  Elisha«,  Seth^ 
Jabez*,  Philip^,  William^,  Thomas^]  and  Sophia  H.  [Tink- 
ham]  Dexter,  was  born  13  June,  1874.  She  married  (1) 
Jeremiah  L.  Randall,  17  Jnly,  1891;  (2)  Webster  Kinney, 
20  July,  1897. 

Two  children  by  second  husband,  born  at  Mattapoisett : 

1900  i     Webster  Harold'"  Kinney,  b.  27  Sept.,  1901. 

1901  ii     Alden  L.'"  Kinney,  b.  10  Jan.,  1904. 


Sarah  Johnson''  Dexter,  daughter  of  Dennis"*  [Benjamin^ 
Joseph^  Benjamin",  Xoah\  Benjamin^  William^  Thomas^] 
and  ]\Iary  [Luce]  Dexter,  was  born  19  July,  1832,  and  died 
15  Nov.,  1874.  She  married  Francis  Stillman  Richardson 
of  Winchester. 

Seven  children : 

1902  i     Henrietta  Evelvn'"  Richardson,  b.   12  IMai-eh,  1854;   m.  Charles 

E.  Corey,  8  June,  187.5.     Three  children:  William,  Mabel  and 

1903  ii     Amelia  Frances'"  Eichardson,  1).  1855;  d.  1890. 


1904  iii     Augustus'"    Eichardson,    b.    26    Aug.,    1857;    m.    Martha    Ellen 

Hooper,   23   Feb.,   1882.     Eight  children:   Luella  A.,  Alice  J., 
Bertha  F.,  Laura  J.,  Arthur  S.,  Augusta,  Henry,  Walter. 

1905  iv     Grandville  Dexter'"  Eichardson,  b.  9  Oct.,  1859;  m.  Ella  Cutter, 

Sept.,   1888.      One  daughter:    Persis     Eichardson,  b.   28   Dec, 

1906  V     Frances   Stillman'"  Eichardson,   b. ;    m.    Alvin   Genderson, 

3  April,  1887. 

1907  vi     Annie  Josephine"  Eichardson,  b.   26  July,  1866;   m.  Albert  F. 

Ireland.  16    April,    1895.        Tato     children:     Helen    Gertrude 

Ireland,  b.    7   Nov.,    1897;    Harold  Stone   Ireland,   b.   1   Feb., 

1908  vii     Frederick  Clifford"'  Eichardson,  b.  10  Feb.,   1874;   m.  Elsie  J. 

Glenn,  27  June,  1905. 


Sophia-'  Dexter,  daughter  of  Dennis^  [Benjamin^,  Joseph^  Ben- 
.jamin%  Xoah^,  Benjamin",  William^  Thomas^]  and  ^lary 
[Luce]  Dexter,  was  born  1838,  and  died  27  Aug.,  1891.  She 
married  Joseph  Eoberson,  August,  1854. 

Six  children : 

1909  i     Josephine'"  Eoberson,  b. . 

1910  ii     WiiKam"  Eoberson,  b.  . 

1911  iii     Edward'"  Eoberson,  b.  . 

1912  iv     George'"  Eoberson,  li. . 

1913  V     Jessie'"  Eoberson,  b. . 

1914  vi     Chester'"  Eoberson,  b.  . 


George  Hillman--   Dexter,  son  of  Dennis^   [Benjamin'^,  Joseph^, 

Benjamin',  Xoah^  Benjamin',  AVilliam^,  Thomas^]  and , 

was  born  31  Oct.,  1849.  He  married  (1)  Alice  McDonald, 
30  July,  1875:  (2)  Amelia  A.  Haynes,  17  Sept.,  1886.  Mr. 
Dexter  makes  a  specialty  of  the  hen  business,  and  has  taken 
a  great  many  prizes  with  his  "  Dexter 's  Black  Minorcas." 

DKXTKR      F.\MII,\'      CKXK  \I  ,f)f;  V. 



Two  children  by  first  wife,  one  child  by  second : 

1915  i     Sarah    Johnson'"    Dexter,    b.    15    April,    1876;    m.    Samuel    H. 

Brooks,  1S99.  Three  children:  Dexter  M.  Brooks,  b.  14  May, 
1900 ;  Charlotte  L.  Brooks,  b.  3  Xov.,  1901 ;  Kuth  H.  Brooks,  b. 
19  Jan.,  1903.  •    . 

1916  ii     William  Herbert'"  Dexter,  b.  29  Oct.,  ISSO. 

1917  iii     Alice  May'"  Dexter,  b.  19  Sept.,  1888. 


Jonathan  L.''  Dexter,  son  of  Hiram'^    [Joseph',  Joseph*^,  Benja- 
mins X()ali\    Benjamin'^,     William-.     Thomas^]     and    Love 
[Lambert]    Dexter,  was  born  23  Jan.,  1843.     He  married 
Mary  L.  Seaverns,  7  Jan..  1875:  she  died  4  April,  1900. 


Five  cliildren.  born  in  Brookliue,  ]Mass. : 

1918  i     Lucy  Amelia'"  Dexter/ b.  25  Aug.,  1876;  m.  George  H.  Hutchin- 

son, June,  1900. 

1919  ii     Mary  Love"  Dexter,  b.  .3  Aug.,  1878. 

1920  iii     Mii-iam"  Dexter,  b.  1  Jan.,  1881. 

1921  iv     Delia  Carrie'"  Dexter,  b.  17   June,   1883. 

1922  V     Frank  SeaTerns'"  Dexter,  b.  4  Nov.,  1891. 


Mabel  A. '  Dexter,  adopted  danghter  of  William  N.^  [Foster  D.', 
John^,  Job',  Samuel*,  Benjamin',  AVilliam^,  Thomas^]  Dex- 
ter, vras  born  8  ]Mareh,  1869.  She  married  George  R.  Car- 
penter, 19  Oct.,  1890 ;  he  was  born  15  May,  1872. 

Fonr  children,  born  in  Orange,  Mass. : 

1923  i     Clara  E.'"  Carpenter,  b.  9  Nov.,  1891. 

1924  ii     Bessie  B."'  Carpenter,  b.   16   May,   1897. 
192.5       iii     Ella  E.'"  Carpenter,  b.  5  .June,  1899. 

1926        iv     Eobert  Eanies"*  Carpenter,  b.  31  Aug.,  1904. 


Frank  Albert-'  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin  Allen^  [Amasa',  Benja- 
min^  Benjamin^,  SamueP,  Benjamin^,  William^,  Thomas^] 
and  Laura  [Webb]  Dexter,  was  born  26  Nov.,  1863,  at  Rut- 
land.    He  married  Virginia  Hartwell,  1885. 

Three  children : 

1927  i     Vera  L."'  Dexter,  b.  . 

1928  ii     Frances'"  Dexter,  b.  . 

1929  iii     Lorna'"  Dexter,  b.  . 




Myra  RJ'  Dexter,  (hiiiLiliIci'  ol'  Kliliii  (X  ('.'  |  Aniasa',  l^eiijamin", 
Benjaiuiir',  Sainuol\  J^i'ujaiiiin'.  Wiiruiiu-.  'I'lioiiias^]  and 
Jane  |]Minei'|  Dexter,  was  horn  L^  .June,  1S71.  and  died  27 
April,  1904.  She  itiariMcd  (leorge  \V.  lloltoii  of  Fort  Ed- 
Avard,  N.  Y.,  in  18!)2.     'I'liey  lived  at  Winchester. 

Three  children: 

1930  i     Dwight  Dexter'"  Ilolton,  li.  4  Oct.,  1890. 

19;?1        ii     Charles  Gilford'"  Holtoii,  1).  12  Oct.,  1897. 
1932        iii      Carrio   Liniisc'"   Ildlton,   b.    27   Doc,   1902. 



Frank  E.'  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph  L.^  []\Ioses",  Benjamin^,  Ben- 
jamin'', Samuel^  Benjamin^  AVilliam-,  Thomas^  |  and  Sarah 
J.  [Wood]  Dexter,  was  ])orn  25  Dec,  1859.  He  married 
Cora  IT.  Lee,  15  Aug.,  1883;  she  died  15  Ang.,  1888. 




Two  children 

1933  i     Edith  L.'"  Dexter,  b.  20  Dec,  1883. 

1934  ii     Eobert  L.'"  Dexter,  h.  16  April,  1887. 


Fred  Abbott"  Dexter,  son  of  Joseph  L.^  [Moses^,  Benjamin^, 
Benjamin",  SamneP,  Benjamin^  AA^illiam^,  Thomas^]  and 
Sarah  J.  [Wood]  Dexter,  was  born  17  Oct.,  1862,  at  Orange, 
]Mass.,  in  what  is  known  as  the  Albee  house  on  East  Main 
Street.  He  passed  two  years  of  his  life  in  the  house  he  was 
born  in,  when  his  parents  removed  to  Athol.  His  education 
was  obtained  in  the  public  schools  of  that  town,  but  he  left 
when  only  half  through  the  hioh  school,  to  enter  upon  a 
business  career,  being  at  th;it  time  14  years  of  age. 
He  spent  three  and  one-half  years  as  clerk  in  an  Athol  cloth- 




ing  store,  when  he  accepted  a  position  as  manager  of  the 
Orange  Clothing  Company,  Jan.  1,  1882,  being  then  in  his 
19th  year.  He  managed  the  store  for  three  years, 
when  he  was  taken  into  partnership,  and  has  since  been  one 
of  the  proprietors  as  well  as  manager.  He  is  one  of  the 
founders,  and  has  always  held  the  office  of  Treasurer  of  the 
Leavitt  Machine  Co.,  and  for  a  number  of  years  has  had  full 
care  and  management  of  this  business.  In  1892  he  and  his 
partner  opened  a  store  in  Athol,  which  is  one  of  the  princi- 
pal mercantile  establishments  of  that  town.  He  is  a  director 
in  and  Vice-president  of  the  Orange  National  Bank,  and  is 
a  member  of  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  both  the  Orange  Sav- 
ings Bank  and  the  Orange  Co-operative  Bank.  He  was 
Treasurer  of  the  First  T^niversalist  Society  of  Orange  for 
ten  years,  and  held  the  office  of  Secretary  of  the  Orange 
Board  of  Trade  for  five  years.  He  is  an  Odd  Fellow  and  a 
]\rason.     He  married  Flora  L.  Putnam,  26  Feb.,  1884. 




One  child : 

1935  i     Bayard  Putnam"'  Dexter,  b.  14  April,  1885.     He  graduated  from 

the  Phillips  Exeter  Academy  in  the  class  of  1905  and  entered 
Cornell  University  at  Ithaca,  X.  Y..  the  same  year,  and  is 
taking  the  mechanical  engineering  course. 


Mabel  L."  Dexter,  daughter  of. Joseph  L.*  [Moses^  Benjamin*^, 
Benjamin'^  SamiieP,  Benjamm',  William-,  Thomas'^]  and 
Persis  [Lord]  Dexter,  was  born  3  June,  1865.  She  mar- 
ried Arthur  A.  Prentiss. 

Two  children : 

1936  i     Pauline  Moore'"  Prentiss,  b.  1891. 

1937  ii     Alton"'  Prentiss,  b.  1897. 


Henry  L.-'  Davis,  sun  of  Nelson  D.-  [Dexter',  Lucy^  Benjamin', 
SamueP,  Ben,jamin"%  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and  Ade- 
laidi-  M.  [Wescott]  Davis,  Avas  l)orn  20  Aug.,  1856,  at  Caton. 


lie  iiuiriit'd  riichc  .M.  While.  IS. Inn..  1S77,  lie  \\;is;i  car- 
]ionter  l)\-  trade.  He  died  7  .\u^-.,  l!H)(l.  She  died  iii  Cul- 
orado.   Dec.  l!)()l. 

Two  etiildi'(Mi  : 

3938  i      William"'  Davis,  b.  1S7S;   killed   h.v  cars.  :\laivli,  1896. 

1939  ii      Adt'lino'"  Davis,  b.  4  :\lay,  ISSi';   ,„.   William  Cliureli  of  rolorado 

Springs,   IG   .\ii^..    l!Mll.     One  dau«jliter.   li.    LI    Feb.,  19U4. 


Emma  A.''  Davis,  dauuhtei-  of  Nelson  I).'  1  Dexter',  Llley^  Ben- 
jamin^, SaniueP,  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Jidia  K.  \  Uakei"']  Davis,  was  boi'u  8  Jime,  1868,  at  Caton. 
X.  Y.  She  married  .lohii  C.  Roe,  1  :\rarch,  1888 ;  he  was  the 
son  of  Daniel  B.  and  Mariiai'et  (Franderhoff)  Eoe.  They 
resid(^  on  a   fariii  at  Caton. 

Six  ehihli-en  : 

1940  i     Florence'"  Eoe,  b.  Nov.,  1888;  d.  Sept.,  1895. 

1941  ii     Stanley  X.^i  goe,  b.  23  Sept.,  1890. 
1941:       iii     Harry"   Roe.  b.   April,   189:1. 

1943  iv     Earl'"  Roe,  b.  March.  1897. 

1944  V     Grace'"  Roe,  b.  IS  Dec,  1901. 

194.1        vi     Charles  Lawrence"  Rce,  1).  L*0  Dec,  1903. 


Frederick  Albert"  Warden,  son  of  John  D.^  [Xarcissa'^,  Lucy'', 
l^enjamin",  Sanuiel',  Ben.iamin-\  AVilliam-,  Thomas^  Dexter] 
and  Sai'ah  [Nichols]  Warden,  wavS  born  24  April,  187").  in 
Fall  River,  INIass.  He  was  edncated  in  the  pnblie  schools  of 
Fall  River,  and  immediately  after  leavin"'  school,  entered 
the  employ  of  \j.  Nichols  &  Co.,  fnrnitnre  dealers.  He  mar- 
ried Emma  B.  (lei-i-y.  4  .Nov.,  18!)li.  al  Fall  River. 

Two  children  : 

1946  i      Mary  Louise"  W:ir(l(  ii.  li.  17  Ort.,  1897. 

1947  ii      Earl   Frederic'"  Warden,  b.  HO    Dec,  1899. 






•  )  I  •) 


Florence  D.''  Warden,  daiiiihter  of  William  A.^  [Narcissa^, 
Luey^.,  Benjamin''.  Samnel"*,.  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas' 
Dexter]  and  Ella  ^I.  [Dnrfee]  Warden,  was  born  30  Dee., 
1876,  at  Worcester,  INIass.  She  married  Miles  Warden 
Tabor,  16  Jnne,  1903,  at  Worcester,  Mass. 


One  cliild : 
i     Franklin  Warilen'"  Tabor,  b.  17  May,  1905. 



Effie  D.»  White,  danghter  of  Lucy  E.^  [DanieF,  Lucy«,  Ben- 
jamin",  SamueP,  Benjamin^  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
John  C.  White,  was  born  10  Dec,  1870,  at  Corning-,  N.  Y. 
She  married  Charles  A.  Carr.  :\r.  D..  7  May,  1891.  Dr.  Carr 
is  a  w^ell-known  physician,  and  in  addition  to  a  regular  prac- 
tice, he  is  a  specialist  in  the  treatment  of  the  eye,  throat 
and  nose.     He  was  for  several  veai's    health  officer  of  the 












1 95;i 




1 955 




townsliip  (if  { 'oi'iiiiiu'.  and  a  iiiciiihcf  dl'  ilic  iJnai'd  nf  Alder- 
men of  the  eity  of  C'oi-iiiim'. 

One  child  : 
1949  i     Harold  W.'"  Carr.  )i.  jit  ('(.niiiii;.  X.  ^'..  -24  .lunc.  1892. 


Charles  Herbert'  Barber,  son  of  Sarah  W.^  [AYilson^  Betsey". 
Benjamin''.  SannieP.  Benjamiir\  William-,  Thomas^  Dexter] 
and  Charles  W.  Barber,  \va.s  born  8  ]\Iareh,  1860.  He  mar- 
ried Eliza  Lncelia  Walker  of  Greenwieh,  Afass.,  9  Nov.,  1883. 

S(>V(Mi  children  : 

Carrie  May"'  Barber,  b.  15  May,  1884. 
Oscar  Herbert'"  Barber,  b.  7  Dec,  1885. 
Arthur   Wilson'"  Barber,   b.    16  Feb.,   1887. 
Mattie  Lucelia'"  Barber,  li.  1   .Inly,  1S,S9. 
Angle  Eosetta'"  Barber,  li.  11   Feb.,  1891. 
Laura  Tsaliella'"  Barber,  1).  14  .luly,  189.3. 
vii     Alta  Estella"'  Barber,  b.  IcH  June,  1896. 


Bessie  J.^  Dexter,  daiijihter  of  Ephraim  A."  j  SanmeF.  Oideon*^. 
Ei)hraim\  Ephraim*,  Benjamin".  AVilliam-.  Tliomas^  |  and 
Betsey  O.  [Snow]  Dexter,  was  ])oi-n  11  Alarch,  1866.  She 
married  Captain  Francis  A.  Bowman,  6  July,  1886.  lie  was 
the  son  of  Captain  Luther  and  Hannah  (Hiller)  Bowman. 
He  was  a  sea  captain,  and  made  many  voyages  betAveen  porbs 
on  the  Vnited  States  Coast,  also  between  the  United  States 
and  England.  He  wa.s  once  wrecked  on  the  coast  of  Ireland. 
He  made  one  whaling  trip,  sailing  in  the  bark  ''Commodore 
iMorris.  "■  In  1876  he  took  command  of  the  schooner 
" Alarysville.'"  A\]ii('h  was  carz'ying  lumber  betAvcen  the  Bay 
of  Fnndy  and  Boston.  In  1882  he  came  home,  and  was 
made  jnlot  foi-  Bn/zards  Bay  and  vicinity,  lie  is  now  em- 
ployed by  II.  E.  Converse  as  conniiandci-  ol'  bis  steam  and 
sailing  yachts. 
One  child : 

1957  i      Edna  F.'"  Bowman,  b.  at  ^^atta|.oisett,  17  Sept..   IsvU. 




Amy  A.9  Dexter,  daughter  of  Ephraim  A.^  [Samuel',  Gideon«, 
Ephraim",  Ephraim*,  Benjamin^,  A¥illiam-,  Thomas^]  and 
Betsey  0.  [Snov/]  Dexter,  was  born  26  June,  1874.  She 
married  William  H.  Hammond,  3  Nov.,  1893. 

Three  children : 

1958  i     Elton  F.'"  Hammond,  b.  at  Mattapoisett,   4  Feb.,  1896. 

1959  ii     Earle  D."  Hammond,  b.  at  Marion,  24  Aug.,  1897. 

1960  iii     Alice  C"  Hammond,  b.  at  Mattapoisett,  22  Nov.,  1899. 



Charles  Dexter^  Allen,  son  of  Annie  P.^  [Charles  H.',  Seth«, 
Setlf',  Setli^,  Benjamin^,  AVilliam^,  Thomas^  Dexter]  and 
Bennett  R.  Allen,  was  born  8  May,  1865,  at  Windsor  Locks, 
Conn.  He  married  Frances  Louise  Clark  of  Hartford, 
Conn.,  5  Nov.,  1890. 


Four  children : 

1961  i     Sylvia  Mary'"  Allen,  b.  at  Windsor  Loeks,  10  May,  1892. 

1962  ii     Louise  Pierson'"  Allen,  b.  at  Windsor  Locks,  10  Oct.,  1893;   d. 

15  April,  1897. 

1963  iii     Marian"-  Allen,  b.  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  10  March,  1896. 

1964  iv     Barbara'"  Allen,  b.  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  1  Sept.,  1901. 

Jonathan  Dexter,  the  first  of  this  line,  api)eared  at  ^Mansfield. 
Ct.,  in  the  early  times,  but  where  he  was  born  and  whom  he 
married  has  not  been  ascertained.  The  Slafter  Genealogy 
states  that  his  son,  Daniel,  born  1765,  married  Roxa  Slafter. 

Daniel  Dexter,  son  of  Jonathan,  was  born  11  Sept..  1765;  died 
27  Sept..  1848 ;  married  Roxa^  Slafter,  daughter  of  SamueP 
[Samuel-,  John^].  She  was  born  29  Nov.,  1767;  died  17 
March,  1812. 

Children  : 

i  Asahel  Dexter,  li.  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  1788;  ni.  Susan  Austin, 
27  Sept.,  1818.  He  was  Captain  of  Paris  Furnace  Company, 
140th  X.  Y.  Eegiment,  in  War  of  1812,  and  was  in  active 
service  six  months.     Children,  born  in  Paris,  N.  Y. : 

1.  Susan  Dexter,  b.  5  Feb.,  1820;   d.  15  March,  1880. 

2.  Lovira  Dexter,  b.  24  Oct.,  1821. 

3.  Emily  Dexter,  b.  5  April,  1824;   d.  18  July,  1882. 

4.  Charles  Dexter,  b.   15  Feb.,   1829;   m.   Alniira  L.   Ham- 

niett,  14  May,  1851,  and  they  had  one  child,  Charles 
Albert  Dexter,  b.  at  Clayville,  N.  Y.,  24  June,  1857. 
ii     Tryphosa  Dexter,  'b.  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  1792;  d.  ISIO. 
iii     Daniel  Dexter,  b.  1800;  d.  1822. 
iv     Chester   Dexter,    b.    5    Oct.,    1804;.  m.    Ann    Williams.        Three 

v.     Sanuiel   Freeman    Dexter,   b.   13   Aug.,   1806;    m.    (1)    Caroline 
Eisley,   (2)   Melvina  C.  Daily,   (3)   Deborah  Soper.     Children: 

1.  Daniel  Dc.xter,  b.  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  23  Dec,  1832;  d. 

27  Jan.,  1855. 

2.  Lucy  Ann  Dexter,  b.  at  Auburn,  X.  Y.,  24  Sept.,  1834. 

3.  Henrv  Daniel    Dexter,  b.  1837. 


4.     Emmet  Dexter,  h.  12  Dec,  1847;  d.  1?  March,  1866. 
.5.     Jaue  Dexter,  b.  1-5  Nov.,  1849;   d.  19  Feb.,  1855. 
6.     Freeman  Dick  Dexter,  b.  at  Paris,  X.  Y.,  16  July,  1852; 
m.  Snsanua  A.   Smith,  .30  April,  1874.     . 

Henry  Daniel  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel  Freeman  [Daniel,  Jona- 
than] and  Deborah  [Soper]  Dexter,  was  born  2-1  March, 
1837.  He  married  Sarah  'M.  Bentlv  of  Paris,  X.  Y.,  30 
:\rarch,  1857. 

Xine  children : 

i     William  Daniel,  b.   25  March',   1858;   d.   6  Jnh-,  190.3 ;' m.  Kate 

Dailey,  30  June,  1896. 
ii     Emma  Xettie,  b.  13  Aug.,  1859;  m.  George  Smith,  12  Xov.,  1880. 
Two   children:    Eobert   Earl   Smith,   b.    15    Nov.,    1883;    Eeba 
M.  Smith,  b.  11  Oct.,  1888. 
iii     Charles  Henry,  b.  19  Sept.,  1863;  m.  Kate  Brower,  6  Aug.,  1884. 
Three  children:  Delta  V.,  b.  1  March,  1886;  m.  Edward  New- 
house,  23  June,  1905;  Libbie  L.,  b.  11  July,,  1890;  Jessie  M., 
b.  14  Feb.,  1896;  d.  21  June,  1896. 
iv     Jennie  Louisa,  b.   S'  Aug.,    1865;    m.   William  H.  MeCann,   31 

Jime,  1893. 
V     Delta  Elnora,  b.  28  Aug.,  1868 ;  d.  26  Dec,  1874. 
vi     Colonel  Wallace,  b.  13  May,  1870;  d.  25  Dec,  1874. 
vii     Horace  Fred,  b.  31  Jan.,  1872;  d.  26  Dec,  1874. 
viii     Walter  Vincent,  b.  12  April,  1874;  d.  12  April,  1874. 
ix     Eobert  Emmet,  b.  5  July,  1877;   d.  10  Sept.,  1877. 

Freeman  D.  Dexter,  son  of  Samuel  Freeman  [Daniel,  Jona- 
than] and  Deborah  [Soper]  Dexter,  was  born  16  July,  1852, 
at  Paris,  X.  Y.  He  lived  upon  his  father's  farm  until  he 
M'as  14  years  of  age.  In  1866  he  went  to  live  with  a 
farmer  in  AVest  Winfield,  where  he  remained  three  years, 
when  he  started  in  business,  repairing  organs  and  other  mu- 
sical instruments,  and  later  he  built,  some  musical  instru- 
ments. In  August,  1897.  he  took  out  a  patent  in  the  United 
States  and  Canada,  on  a  two-manual  reed  organ,  which  was 
an  improvement  in  tone  over  those  in  common  use.  Pie  con- 
tinued'tuning  and  is  aetivelv  enaaged  in  that  business  at 




the  present  time.  ITe  has  tuned  nearly  seventeen  thousand 
instruments.  He  moved  to  Earlville,  N.  Y.,  in  1901.  He 
married  Susan  A.  ^^mith,  30  April,  1874. 

Five  cliildren : 

i  Inez  May  Dexter,  b.  3  Feb.,  1880;  d.  f)  Aug.,  1888. 

ii  Henry  Daniel  Dexter,  b.  11  Nov.,  1886;  d.  13  Aug.,  1887. 

iii  Clara  Belle  Dexter,  b.  7  March,  1888. 

iv  Mabel  Ellen  Dexter,  b.  10  Jan.,  1892. 

V  Otto  Freeman  Dexter,  b.  30  May,  1895. 


Abbott,  Elvira  B.,  181 
Abernathy,  Conant,  60 
Adams,  Almira,   171 

Benjamin,  99 
Aiken,  John,  62 
Alden,  Adeline  Lewis,  285 
Charles  Edward,  285 

Clara,   285 

Eudora  Frances,   285 

Emma  Tobey,  285 

Francis  LeBaron,   285 

George   Lincoln,   285 

John,   285 

Lucia  Eussell,   285 

Seth,  285 

Seth  Frank,  285 

Susan  Maria,  285. 
Aldrich,  Addison  S.,  278 

Lyman  P.,  278 

Samuel  T.,  278 
Allen,   Albert,   114 

Alice,   12-16 

Almira  Warner,   143 

Andrew,   76 

Anna,    88-89 

Annie  P.,  316 

Annie  Pierson,  298 

Anson  F.,  88 

Barbara,  317 

Bartlett,    75 

Bennit  E.,  316 

Bennit   Rowland,   298 

Charles   Dexter,   299-316 

Clarissa,  89 

Daniel,   10-11-13 

David,   51-88 

Ebenezer,    13 

Eluthera,   89 

Eliza  A.,  100 

Elizabeth,  13 

Francis   G.,  296 

Frederick,   88-89 

John,  13 

Joseph,    13 

Louise  Pierson,   317 

Lydia,   88 

Marian,  317 

Allen,  Mary,  lO-l;; 

Moses,  88-143 

Eoanna,  94-148 

Sabra,   86-142 

Sarah,  13-31-46 

Sarah  B.,  89 

Samuel,  13 

Sylvia  Mary,  317 

Thomas,    13 

Willard,  88-89 
Aired,  Sarah,  182 
Ames,  Daniel  H.,  116 

Elizabeth  H.,   116 

Governor,  253 

Jane  L.,  116 

Loring  T.,   116 

Mary  T.,  116 

Oliver,  191 

Thomas  C,  63-116 
Amidon,  Alice,  51-89 
Anderson  Almeda,   140-222 

Betsey,  222 

Timothy,  222 
Andre,  Major,  40 
Andrew,  Governor,  271 
Andrews,  Bertha  May,  210 

Carrie    Dean,    209 

Charles  H.,  209 

Charles   Henry,   128 

Jennie  Frances,  262 

John   Dexter,   210 

Mary,  181 

President,  220 

Sarah  Lizzie,  210 

William  Francis,   209 
Annable,   John,   15 

Mary,   15 
Annis,  Joseph,  77 
Antony,  Jessie,   79 
Armsby,  George  F.,  211 
Arnold,  John,  20 

Sarah,    12-19-28 

Samuel,   11-18-19-20-21 
Ashley,   Oscar,   211 
Athern,    Belcher,    61 

Keziah,    60 
Atkins,  Waty,   77 



Atwood,  55 

Hannah,  142 
Austin,    Alniena,    142 

David,  43 

Susan,    317 
Babcock,    Caleb,    182 

Jason,  33-49 

Mary,   27-42 
Bacon,   Cloves  N.,   136 

Mr.,  207 
Baker,  Abigail,   246 

Bennet,   246 

Julia  E.,  246 

President,  220 

Winfield,   147 
Balch,  Kate,  161 
Baldwin,  Ellen  M.,   199-300 

Joseph,  269 
Ballard,   Edward,   93 

Hephzibah,   58-93 

Keziah,  95 
Ball,  Aaron  Laurence,  172 

Albert  H.,  172-267 

Aley  Hayden,  267 

Almira,  266 

Benjamin  Franklin,  173 

Bertha  Buckner,   172 

Constance  Lincoln,  172 

Elijah,    55-100-171-172 

Edith  Preble,  172 

Eudora  Adaline,  266 

Esther,  Elizabeth,  172 

Eay  Hill,  267 

Floyd,  172 

Fordyce,  58-99-171-172-178 

Frances   E.  W.,   267 

Frank  William,  172 

George  Elijah,  171 

Harry,  172 

Harry  Perkins,  172 

Herbert  James,  172 

Hyder  Alley,  172 

Hyderlah,  100 

Ida  May,  267 

James   Henry,   172 

Jay,  172 

Joanna,  100,  173 

John  Alfred,  266 

John   Levi,   171-266 

Joseph,  100 

Joseph  Appleton,  172 

Joseph   Elijah,    171-266 

Joseph  Gilbert,  172 

Ball,  Joseph  Norman,  172 

Laura  Almira,  266 

Levi  Thurston,  171 

Louis  Caleb,  172 

Lucinda  M.,   100 

Lucy  Maria,  172 

Mary  Adaline,   172 

Maria  Almira,   171 

Mary  Frances,  171 

Phebe,  57-58 

Phebe  Ann,  171 

Pauline  Sarah,   171 

Ealph  Alphonso,  266 

Eay,   172 

Robert    Elijah,    172 

Euby  Josephine,  267 

Ruth,  172 

Samuel  Wiley,  173 
Bangs,  Elijah,   90 
Barber,  Alice  Jane,  274 

Alta   Estella,   315 

Angle   Eosetta,    315 

Arthur  Wilson,  315 

Carrie  May,  315 

Charles,  274 

Charles  Herbert,  274-315 

Charles  W.,  315 

Ernest  Timothy,  274 

Harry  Eeuel,  229-261 

Henry  D.,  260 

Henry  Davis,  149-168-229 

Heloise,  229 

James  Arthur,  274 

Jerijah,  60 

Laura  Isabella,  315 

Lucy  A.,  260 

Lucy  Ann,  98 

Mattie  Lucelia,  315 

Oscar  Herbert,  315 

Eeuel,  99 

Eeuel,  167-169-260 

Sarah  W.,  315 
Barden,  Frederick,  76 
Barlow,  Biah,  74 

Ebenezer,  30 

Edward  Albert,  295 

George,  27-32 

Gideon  B.,  295 

Herbert  Alden,  295 

Joseph,  27 

Minnie  Alice,  295 

Moses,  12-17-19 

William,   108 
Barnes,  Eussell,  52 



Barrett,  Anna,  58-93 
Barrows,  Hannah,  30 

John,    20 

Lucy,  110 
Barstow,  Caroline,  73 

Elizabeth  Penn,  73 

Helen,  73 

Mary  Tobey,  73 

Nathan,  42-73 

Nathan    Hammond,    73 
Bartlett,   Captain,  290 

C.  S.  M.,  286 
Bartol,  Clara  B.,  194 
Barton,  Alice  M.,  276  . 

Charles  H.,  276 
Bascom,    Lucinda,    40-65 
Bass,  Hannah,   101 
Bassett,   54 

Calvin  H.,  139 

William,  11 
Bates,  Betsey,  123 

Betsey  Eames,  66 

Elizabeth,   64 

Frank,  165 

George   E.,   286 

Governor,  253 

Katherine  Lee,  220 

Mary,   165 

Euth,    99-165-166 

Sarah  W.,   193 

William,  11-193 
Battle,  Clarissa,  87 

Elizabeth,  87 

Esther,   87 

Ichabod  Dexter,  87 

Lourinda,  87 

Lydia,   87 

Mary  C,  87 

Phineas,   50 

Phinehas  P.,   87 

Ehoda,  87 

Sherman,    50 
Baxter,   Cora,  201 

John,  75 

Sally,  75 
Beal,  Mary,  95 
Beaa,  Betsey,  82 

Mary,  81 
Beard,  Kirby,  63 
Beckerman,  Frances  Snow,  287 

John  A.,  287 

John    William,    287 

Louis  Evelyn,  287 

Sarah  L.,  287 

Beckerman,  William  H.,  287 
Bennett  Sadie,   119-204 

Elizabeth,  181 
Benson,  Priscilla,  27-43 
Bently,  George  F.,  189 

Sarah  M.,   318 
Besse,   Anthony,   14 

Elisha,  81 

Samuel,  81-191 
Bessey,  C.  E.,  220 
Bigelow,    Abiel,    54 

Vishti,  103 
Billingham,  Eebecca,  47-81 
Bishop,   Kate   E.,   143-224 
Bissell,  Frederick  E.,  196 
Blackmore,  Abbie,   63-115 
Blackwell,  Seth,   29 
Blanchard,  Darwin,  67 
Blankenship,   James,   38 
Blakie,  Dorothea,  122 
Boardman,  Mary  E.,  82 

Mary  Edna,  137 
Boodry,   Nathan,   104 
Belles,  John  Dexter,   191 

Eebecca,    104 
Bolls,  Ebenezer,  38 

Mehitable,   18 
Booth,  Sarah  E.,  240 
Boltwood,  Eunice  C,  196 
Bourne,   Elizabeth,   28 

John,  28 
Bowerman,  Thomas,  16 
Bowles,  Benjamin,   25 

Eunice,  37-63 
Bowman,  Edna  F.,  315 

Francis  A.,  315 

Hannah,  315 

Luther,  106-315 
Boynton,  Mary  A.,  82 
Boyce,  Alaric,  243 

Amanda,   243 

N.  Gertrude,  243 
Bracket,  George,  253 
Brackett,  J.  Q.  A.,  191 
Bradford,  W.  M.,  11 

George  William,  52 
Braley,  Lurana,   106 

Lurana  K.,   182 
Brewer,    Delia,    130 
Brewster,  Fear,  48 

William,  48 
Brightman,  Frank  B.,  201 
Bronson,  Victoria,   171 
Brooks,  Charlotte  L.,  305 



Brooks,  Dexter  M.,  305 

Otis,  160-168 

Euth  H.,  305 

Samuel  H.,  305 
Brower,  Kate,  318 
Brown,   Betsy,   178 

Joseph,  79 

John,   105 
Brownell,  Hannah,  46 
Browning,  Ella  B.,  242 

Ella  S.,  158 

Jacob,  242 

Zuriah,    242 
Bryant,  Clement,  103 
Buckley,  C.  &.,  212 
Buel,  Edward,  42-73 

Edward  W.,  73 

Eliza  L.  B.,  73 

Laura  J.,   73 

Marretta,  73 

Eeuben  D.,  73 

Sarah  Jane,  73 
Buffum,  Esek,  56-57 

George,    56-57 

Cromwell,   52 

Hosea,    92 
Bump,  Seth,  43 
Bumpes,   Elenor,   26-39 
Burbank,  Ezra,  105 

Mary,  64 

Mary  J.,  64 
Burge,  Joseph,  14 
Burgess,   Betsey,   60 

Martha,  47-82 

Prince,   61 
Burk,  Hannah,  79 

Howard  M.,  67 
Burnell,  Jonathan,   34 

William,  34-35 
Burnett,  Esther,  90 
Burnham,  Ann,  96 
Bush,  John,  70 

Persis,  70 
Burt,  Luthervia,  148 
Butler,  B.  F.,  191 

Mary,    27-39-40 

Eebecea,  40 

Thomas,  40 
Calhoon,  Charles  S.,  194 
Calligan,  Mary  Susan,   149-227 
Cambridge,  William,  62 
Campbell,  William  D.,  188 
Candido,  Amelia,  193 

Candidu,  Emma,  193 

Joseph,  111-193 

Thomas,  193 
Cannon,  Abigail,  34-64-118 

Ebenezer,    35-42 

Joseph,  34 

Nathan,  42 
Carlton,  George,  128 
Carll,  Ellen  E.,  136-216 
Carmen,    Nellie,    172 
Carpenter,  Abbie  L.,  162 

Abbie  Louise,   249-250 

Agnes,   52 

Alice,  52    • 

Bessie  B.,  306 

Caroline,  11-41 

Charles  H.,  164 

Charles  Hudson,  248-249 

Clara -E.,  306 

Ella  E.,  306 

George  E.,  306 

Juliana,  52 

Lillian   Gertrude,    249-250 

Melinda,  248 

Minniola  Louisa,  249 

E.  E.,  269 

Eobert  Eames,  306 

Seba,  248 
Carr,  Charles  A.,  313-314 

Effie  D.,,  313 

Harold  W.,  314-315 
Carry  Mary  Ann,  77 
Cass,  John,  54 
Caswell  Catherine,  186 

Thomas,  77 
Cathell,  Betsey  W.,  110 

Caleb  Strong,  110 

Fanny  W.,  110 

Hannah  D.,  110 

Henry  Nelson,  110 

James,   59-109 

Jane,  110 

Jane  Tobey,  110 

Phebe  B.,  110 

Sally,  110 

Susan  S.,  110 
Cayle,  Isabelle,  142 

Susan,  142 
Chadwick,  Tamez,  24 
Chaffee,  Caroline,  285 
Chamberlain,  Philo,  65 

William  H.,   211 
William  Leon,   274 
Chandler,  Charles,  64      _    . 



Chandler,  Gorbett,  ()2 

Francis    S.,  286 

John,  70 

Lydia,  63-117 

Pliny  Fisk,   145 
Cbanning,  William  H.,  211 
Chapin,  Philma,   121 

Ehelura,  65 
Chase,  J.  P.,  78 

Mary  Jane,  263 
Chead,  David,   23 

Elizabeth,  23 

Samuel,   15-23 
Cheney,  Abigail,  86 

Allen,   142 

D.  E.,  269 

Damon,   264 

Ebenezer,  86 

Edward  Turner,  87 

Edwin  Thayer,  143 

Elizabeth,    264 

Ellen  Elizabeth,  264 

Frank,   223 

Horace  B.,  223 

Hannah,  86 

Henry,  142 

John,   87-100-170 

John  Humphrey,  170 

Julia  Ann,  170 

Julia  Maria,   143 

Lucien  West,   143 

Lucy,  86 

Luther,  142 

Luther  Norman,  143 

Milla,   86 

Moses,  50-86-142-143 

Nathaniel,  86 

Nathan  Parmenter,  170 

Ehoda  B.,   143 

Ehoda  Battle,  87 

Euth,   86 

Samuel,  86 

Susan  A.,  223 
Child,  Joseph,  31 
Choate,  John,  233 

Eobert,  233 

Sarah,  233 
Church,   Charles,  28-29 

Hannah,  27-40-41 

Lois,  29 

Eichard,  28 

William,  311 
Clapp,  Charles  S.,   196 

Ealph,  113 

Clark,  Mr.,   141 

Alfred  Henry,  297 

Charles  S.,  141 

David  Dexter,  196-296 

Erastus,  113 

Ebenezer,  35 

Elizabeth,  36 

Frances    Louise.    299-316 

Florella,   148 

George  P.,  175 

Irving,  297 

Lillian,   156-240 

Lucretia,   296 

Martha,  33-60 

Mary,  32 

Melinda,   130 

Mercy  Smith,  196 

Pallas   E.,   240 

Ealph  Huntington,  297 

Sarah,   171 

Susan  H.,  201 

William,   13  3-196-296 

William  Dexter,  297 

William  S.,  240 
Clarke,  Henry  O.,  248 

Josiah  H.,   248 
Cleveland,   Florence,    261 

David,  56 

Nathaniel,  45 

Julian,  261 

Willie,    261 
Clifford,  Irene,  132-212 
Clifton,   Benjamin   D.,    134 

Edwin  E.,   134 

Julia  M.,   134 

Martha  W.,  134 

Obcd  D.,   134 

Priseilla   C,   134 

Sarah  M.,  133 

Savcry,  43 

Timothy,   133 

Timothy  A.,  134 
Cluett,  Charles  F.,  119 
Coffin,  Arthur  Dexter,  298 

Charles  Sumner,  298 

Clarence  Harlan,  298 

Dexter  Drake,   298 

Douglass  Pierson,  298 

Grace  P.,  298 

Herbert  E.,  297 

Herbert  Eaymond,  298 

Julia  S.,  29*7 

Phebe  C,  108-184 
Coggswell,   Sarah,   96 



Cole,  Timothy,  56 
Coleman,  Hezekiah,  76 

Maria  T.,  200 
Collins,   Abigail,   16 

Alton,  287 

Euth  H.,  287 
Colson,  Herbert  D.,   118 
Coman,  Katherine,  220 
Compton,  Kittie,  182 
Converse,  H.  E.,  315 

James,   51 
Conant,  Anna  W.,  148 
Cones,  Bertrand  A.,  134 
Cook,  Blanch  A.,  266 

William,  79 
Cooley,    Charles   Henry,   298 
Coombs,  Perez,  43 
Coon,  Mary,  75-130 
Cooper,  Lydia,  53 
Copeland,   201 
Copeman,  183 
Corbet,  Lois,  102 
Corning,  John,  19 
Cory,  C.  M.,  189 

Charles  E.,  303 

Mabel,   303 

Preston,  303 

William,  303 
Cosby,  Catherine,  30-44 
Cowan,  Abner,  182 

Charles,  182 

Deborah  D.  L.,  181 

George,  182 

James  P.,  182 

Joshna,  M.,  182 

M.  E.,  243 

Mary  W.,  181 

Lidora   C,   3 

Lidora  S.,  181 

Lorenzo,   182 

Lydia  P.,  181 

Seth,  106-181 

Seth  L.,   181 

Sophronia  D.,  181 

William  P.,  182 
Cowin,  Israel,  43 

Nat,  42 
Cox,  Doctor,  78 

Charles,  216 
Craigg,  198 
Crane,  Governor,  253 
Crandall,  Edward,  138 
Crawford,  John,  51 
Crocker,  Clarissa,  61-63-115 

Crowell,  Paul,  15 
Crowell,  Polly,  110 
Gushing,  Ellsworth  S.,  289 

Vivian   C,  289 

William,  289 
Cutter,  Ella,  304 
Daffern,  John,  13 
Daggett,  Joseph,  132 
Daily,  Melvina  C,  317 
Dalton,  John,  171 
Dana,  Mary,  75 

Mary  J.,  131 
Danford,  George,  22 
Danforth,    Elizabeth,    143 
Daniels,  Jennie   M.,   279 
Davenport,  Amanda,  186 
Davidson,  Abitha,  121 

William  E.,  77 
Davis,  Adelaide  M.,  310 

Adeline,  311 

Alfradina,    169-261 

Cassie  D.,   162 

Catherine,   261-262 

Charles    H.,    247 

Cornelius  H.,  247 

Cynthia   Ann    161-247  • 

Daniel,    98-99-161-165-166-258-259 

Dexter,  98-160-161-165-168-246 

Ebenezer,  33 

Edwin  P.,  166 

Edgar  M.,   247 

Edwin  P.,  258 

Elizabeth   Emily,    161 

Emily,  246 

Emma  A.,  247-311 

Erastus  Andrew,  161-247 

Georgianua,   169-261 

George  E.,   162 

Hannah,  103 

Harriet,  169 

Harriet   Elizabeth,   262 

Henry  L.,  246-310 

Horace  D.,  246 

Jennie,  E.,  169 

Jennie  Etta,  262 

Joanna,   96 

John,         57-58-93-96-97-98-99-160- 

Joseph  Augustus,  161 

Julia  E.,  311 

Louis  B.,  247 

Lucy,  57-160 

Lucy  Ann,   999-167-247 



Davis,  Lucy  Dexter,  96 

Lucy  E.,  167-258 

Lynval  A.,  161 

Mary,  37-63 

Mary   Addie,   247 

Mary  E.,  167-259 

Maud  Alfredine,  258 

Narcissa,  98-162 

Nelsou  D.,  310-311 

Nelson  Dexter,  161-246 

Nelson  Norris,  247 

Norris,   98-161-165-247 

Philetus  A.,  161 

Euth,   166-258-259 

Kuth  J.,  258 

Simon,  54 

Sylvester,      54-57-99-158-168-261- 

Wilber  W.,  247 

Willie,  247 

"Willie  E.,  162 

William,  311 
Day,  Eufus,  88 
Dean,   198 

Captain,  290 

Eoxana,    48-85 
Delano,  Elizabeth,  77 

Elizabeth  P.,  134 

Mary,  43-76 

Euth,   43-76 

William,   106 
Dennis,  Adonjah,  87 

Eunice,  87 

Julia  Ann,  141 

Lucy,  51-87 

M.  J.,  282 

Mary  Bishop,  282 

Samuel,  87 
Dewey,  Maria  C,  94-156 
Dewing,  Hannah,  95 
Dexter,    Aaron,    94-153-154 

Abbie,   133-212 

Abbie  A.,  123-200 

Abbie  C,  204 

Abbie  M.,  135-213 

Abiel  P.  E.,  180 

Abigail,       11-14-15-22-23-24-30-34- 

Abigail  Church,  113 

Abigail  H.,  204 

Abner,   76 

Achsah,  105-107-180-283 

Achsah  L.,  180-283 

Ada  M.,  181 

Dexter,  Addie  E.,  211 
Addie  L.,  182 
Addie  M.,  131 
Adelaide  S.,  204 
Adin  Urial,  122 
Adrianna,  212 
Agnes  Mary,  215 
Ainsworth,   108-184 
Alanson,    136 
Albertina  E.,  183 
Albert  G.,  109 
Albert  H.,  146 
Albert  L.,   190 
Albert  M.,  116-202 
Albert  Maurice,  244 
Albert  Morton,  202 
Albion  E.,  183-286 
Alden,  59-63-110-117-192-193- 

Alden  D.,  203 
Alden  Davis,   301 
Alexander,  109-189-190 
Alice,  24-31-34-59-146 
Alice  B.,  216 
.      Alice   M.,   119-203-303 
Alice  May,  305 
Alice  Eider,   195 
Alice  S.,  82 
Alice  W.,  194 
Allen,  74-80-128-209 
Allen  Caleb,  65 
Allen  M.,  81 
Alma,  51-84-140 
Almira  M.,  128 
Alonzo,  82 
Alpheus,  111 
Alston  S.,  136 
Ama  A.,   289-316 
Ama  L.,  190 
Amasa,       47-81-82-94-137-138-148- 

Ambrose,   120 
Andrew,  117-203 
Andrew  J.,  122 
Ann,  16-24-72-78-132-143 
Anna,      42-43-51-59-88-94-104-147- 

Anna  I.,  295 
Anna  M.,  138-156 
Anna  Wheeler,  88 
Anne,  41 
Annie,  77-299 
Annie  D.,  136 
Annie  L.,   289 



Dexter,  Annie  P.,  199 

Annie  Pierson,  298 

Anson,  82 

Arethusa,  84-140 

Arianah   F.,   136 

Ariedana,  45 

Arthur,  79-211 

Arthur  A.,  184 

Arthur  Delano,   215 

Arthur  Fry,  160 

Arthur  H.,  202-203 

Arthur  Job,   245 

Arthur  S.,  209 

Arthur  N.,  195 

Arlothea,  115-199 

Asahel,   317 

Augustus  C,  126 

Augustus  Charles,  70 

Aurelia  A.,  137 

Avery  G.,  205-206 

Avery  J.,  40-65-119 

Azubah,  45-60-77-78-79 

Azubah  C,  289 

Barzillias,  79 

Bayard  Putnam,   310 

Benjamin,  17-19-20-21-22-23-27- 
100-105-117-132-133  -  134  -  135- 
147-148-149-151-153-156  -  158- 

Benjamin  Allen,  149-227-306 

Benjamin  D.,  11-12-215 

Benjamin  F.,  109-135-189-215 

Bernice  Alden,  301-302 

Bernard  Leon,  244 

Bertha,   45,  211 

Bessie  J.,   289-315 

Bessie   N.,   190 

Bessie   L.,   215 

Bethial,  27-38 

Bethsheba,    138 

Bethsheba  Carver,  84 

Betsey,  38-58-64-82-94-95-100-103- 

Betsey  Elizabeth,  63 

Betsey  0.,  315-316 

Betsey  E.,   115-136 

Betty,  31-32-50 

Biah,   128 

Browning  Dewey,  242 

C.   Henry,   117 

Caleb,  34-35-38-59-108-111-112-194 

Dexter,  Calvin,  108-109-182-186-187- 

Calvin  H.,  183 
Calvin  S.,  183 
Carlton,   190 
Caroline,  42-73-75-129 
Caroline  E.,  135 
Caroline  H.,  133 
Caroline  Martha,  233-234 
Caroline  Mary,  158-242 
Carrie  A.,  184 
Carrie  J.,  286 
Carrie  Mabel,  206 
Carrie  E.,  190 
Cassandra,  85-142 
Catherine,  77-79-291 
Cecilia,  79 
Charity,  138-139-140 
Charity  W.,  139 
Charity  Williams,  84 
Chatrles,  38-40-62-64-6)5-71-75- 

Charles  Albert,  317 
Charles  Delivan,  120-205 
Charles  E.,  121-128-146-183-209 
Charles  Frederick,  116 
Charles  H.,  197-198-297-298-299 
Charles  Haskall.  114 
Charles  Henry,  318 
Charles  Knowlton,  206 
Charles  L.,  71 
Charles  Phineas,  155-156-236-237 

Charles  Eugg,  301 
Charles  S.,  82-291 
Charles  T.,  192-203-295-303 
Charles  W'.,  204 
Chandler,  67 
Charlotte,  75-76-212 
Charlotte  Maria,   196 
Chester,  317 

Chester  B.,  64-67-119-205 
Chester  Bascom,  121 
Chester   S.,   294 
Chloe,   123 
Christina,    106 
Christina    E.,    181 
Clara  A.,  180 
Clara  Belle  B.,  19 
Clara  H.,  111-112-194 
Clara  L.,  236 
Clara  Lunetta,   146 
Clara  M.,  123 
Clarence   C,   190 



Dexter,  Clarence  W.,  197 
Clarinda,  215 
Clarissa,  42-72 
Clark,  50 
Clement  E.,  180 
Cliflforcl  H.,  80 
Clifton  C,  216 
Colonel  Wallace,  318 
Constant,  17-19-21-31-36-47-81-136 
Content,  16 
Cora  L.,  286 
Cordelia,   212 
Cornelius,  16 
Crighton,  85 
Cynthia,  76 

D.  Gilbert,  66-207 

Daniel,    20-21-22-40-66-78-123-124- 

David,    27-31-36-39-40-46-59-64-65- 

66-67-79-80-81-94-112-113   -   123- 

David  A.,  210 
David  B.,   81-115 
David  Erwin,  153-231-234 
David  H.,  75-124-125-131 
David  Hazeltine,  207 
David  W.,  204 
Davis,  59-245 
Deborah,      17-26-41-60-62-112-113- 

Deborah  E.,  129 
Deborah   F.,    122 
Deborah  O.,  137 
Delia  Carrie,  306 
Delia  M.,   195-291 
Delilah,  62 
Delta  Elnora,  318 
Delta  v.,  318 
Dennis,   132-211-303-304 
Desire,  38 

Dewey  &  Co.,  241-242 
Dinah,  18-19 
Dolly,  41-70-71 
Doris  A.,  210 
Doris  Leonard,  294 
Dorothy  M.,  213 
Dorothy  May,  236 
Drusilla,  31-32 
Dwight  Hodge,  222 
E.  Allen,  46-135 

E.  Milton,  71 

Ebenezer,   30-44-45-59-78-79-80 
Ebenezer  H.,  286 
Edgar  D.,  289 

Dexter,  Edith,  64 
Edith  Delano,  213 
Edith  L.,  308 
Edna,  130 
Edna  May,  245 
Edward,  12-27-42-43-74-79-90- 

Edward  Dean,  62 
Edward  G.,  83-138 
Edward  Mansfield,  158-242 
Edward  S.,  149-183 
Edward  T.,  182 
Edwin  C,  119 
Edwin  Douglas,  299 
Edwin  Grant,  138-220-221 
Edwin  D.,  199 
Edwin  F.,  200 
Edwin  S.,  136 
Eflfie  Etta,   121 
Effie  Eosa,  128 
Elbert  H.,  216 
Eleanor,  41-48 
Eleanor  F.,  300 
Eleanor  M.,  66-67 
•Eleanor  Eichardson,  301 
Eleazer,  83-84-138-139-140 
Elenor,  26 
Elias,  37-62 
Elihu,  54 
Elihu    O.   C,  307 
Elihu  Osgood  Clark,  149-228 
Elijah,    35-36-37-60-61-114-115-199 
Elijah  C,  115 
Elisha,  37-44-45-63-75-116-117- 

Elisha  L.,  116-201 
Elisha  M.,  129 
Eliza,  211 
Eliza  A.,  111-193 
Eliza  Bigelow,   199 
Eliza  C,  184-291 
Elizabeth,        10-11-14-17-24-25-35- 

36-37-59-60-61-62-63-76-80    -    81- 

Elizabeth  A.,  183 
Elizabeth  J.,  286 
Elizabeth  L.,  215 
Elizabeth  P.,  190-213-215 
Elizabeth  W.,  183 
Ella,  211 
Ella  F.,  215 
Ella  L.,  135 
Ellen,  78-207 
Ellen  A.,   188     • 



Dexter,  Ellen  L.,  119 
Ellen  M.,  71 
Ellen   T.,    195 
Ellen  W.,  188 
Elliot    Beckwith,  85 
Elsie  F.,  190 
Elnathan,  25 
Elwell  v.,   138 
Elwood  W.,  189 
Ephraim,         19-21-22-25-33-34-35- 

58-59-104-105-107-109-110  -  111- 

Ephraim  A.,  185-288-315-316 
Epipheny,  43 
Emeline,  300 
Emma  A.,  111-194 
Emma  J.,  202 
Emma  L.,  118 
Emma  Nettie,  318 
Emma  S.,  203 
Emma  E.  C,  194 
Emily,  71-317 
Emily,  108 
Emily  B.,   132 
Emily  ¥.,  202 
Emmet,  318 
Enoch,  30-45-79 
Enos,  45 
Ernest  L.,  204 
Ernest  W.,  292 
Erwin,   81 
Esther,  45 
Ethel  M.,  291 
Eunice,       42-43-45-79-116-117-183- 

Eugene  Avery,  121 
Euphemia  F.,  192-295 
Evans  K.,  202 
Everett    Augustus,      152-153-231- 

Experience,  43-45 
Ezra  H.,  117-202 
F.  Arvilla,  244-245-246 
Fanny  Beckwith,  88 
Fanny  Eunice,  236 
Fanny  S.,  239 
Fanny  Sarah,   155-156 
Fayette,  66-123 
Flora  Ella,  160 
Florence,   299 
Florence  A.,  197 
Florence  Belle,  125-207 
Florence  G.,  196-294 
Florilla  P.,  106 

Dexter,  Fortunatus,  18 
Foster  B.,  143 
Foster  D.,  24 
Foster  Dennis,  88 
Frances,  9-13-71-153-156-158 
Francis,  82 
Frances  E.,  117-137 
Frances  Henrietta,  70-125 
Frances  Louisa,  128 
Francis    C.  L.,  131 
Frank,  67 

Frank  Albert,  227-306 
Frank  E.,  307 
Frank  Edward,  230-231 
Frank  G.,  300 
Frank  Gibbs,  300 
Frank  H.,  189 
Frank  M.,  190 
Frank  Eussell,  195 
Frank    Seaverns,    306 
Franklin  B.,  133 
Franklin  Bowditch,  212 
Franklin  Greenwood,   216 
Fred  Abbott,  230-231-308-309 
Freddy  B.,  227 
Frederick,  146 
Frederick   C,   201 
Frederick  Homer,  120-121 
Frederick  L.,  195 
Freeman,  47-81-111-136-192-295 
Freeman  C,  289 
Freeman  D.,  318-319 
Freeman  Dick,  318 
Garret  S.,  130 

George,   111-117-122-132-135-211 
George  A.,  286 
George  Augustus,  245 
George  E.,  183-295 
George  Edward,  159-244 
George  F.,  145-192 
George    H.,    116-202-211 
George  Hillman,  304 
George  Mills,  70 
George  Parsons,  196 
George  S.,  123-130-207 
George   T.,   138-216-217-218-219 
George  Turrell,  145 
George   W.,       94-128-148-201-244- 

George  W.  S.,  209 
George  Washington,  158 
Georgie  Etta,  202 
Georgianna,  210 
Gershom,   18-26 



Dexter,  Gertrude,  l'!t"i 
Gertrude  L,  206 
Gertrude  Isabella,   120 
Gertrude  W.,   202 
Gertrude  Wilson,  215 
Gideon,  31-32-43-47-59-82-108- 

Gideon  F.,  47 
Gideon  L.,  183 
Gilmore,   105-181 
Gladys  Maria,  244 
Godfrey,  79 
Grace  E.,  180 
Grace  Ethel,  215 
H.  C,  243 
Hadassah,  65 
Harold,  242-300 
Harold  S.,  189 
Harper  D.,  76 
Harvey,  63-202-203 
Harvey  K.,  80 
Harriet,   71-108-114-132-184 
Harriet  Augusta,  70 
Harriet  Clark,  114-197 
Harriet  Jane,  90 
Harriet  Maria,  301 
Harriet  N.,  82-291 
Harriet  S.,  125-126-127 
Harriet  Siverly,  70 
Harris  H.,  80 
Harvey,   117 
Hannah,      18-19-25-31-38-40-41-45- 

46-52-57-58-67-77-80-82-90    -    92- 

96-99-100-112-118-146-189  -  190- 

.Hannah  J.,  64-189 
Harriet  Jane,  145 
Hannah  L.,  291 
Hannah   S.,      107-109-187-188-293- 

Helen  A.,  70 
Helen  Augusta,   127 
Helen  G.,  192-295 
Henrietta,   193 
Henry,  78 

Henry  A.,  109-137-191-192 
Henry  B.,   137-204 
Henry  C,  136-216 
Henry  Clay,  155-156-234-235-236 
Henry  Daniel,  317-318-319 
Henry  G.,  211 
Henry  K.,  194 
Henry  M.,  115-182 
Henry  Martyn,  199-300 

Dexter,  Henry  ^Iont<r'niicry.   70 
Henry   Morton,    200-300" 
Henry   N.,    111-112-192 
Henry   V.,   82-216-220 
Henry  Vaughn,  137-222 
Henry  Walker,  88 
Henry   W.,    185 
Hephzibah,  93-149-168-229-261 
Herbert   Arthur,   227 
Herbert    C,    228 
Herbert  Eugene,  160-245 
Herbert    W.,    289 
Herman   Francis,   158-241 
Herman   W.,   303 
Hiram,    133-212-305 
Horace,  71-85-88-113-127-135- 

Horace  Fred,  318 
Horace  Lyman,  215 
Horace   N.,   184 
Hoyt,  149-229 
Ichabod,  32-33-48-49-50-51-53- 

Inez  May,  319 
lona  F.,  224 
Ira,   75-132-133 
Irene,   65 
Irene   B.,    196 
Irene,  65-67-119 

Isaac,    30-31-32-44-47-77-78-81-82 
Isaac  v.,  78 
Isaiah,    35-37-62-63 
Israel,  78 
Izah  A.,  289 

Jabez,    16-17-24-25-26-34-37-62 
Jairus  A.,  136 
James,    11-12-16-17-19-20-21-24-28- 

James  A.,  118-128-204 
James  Ambrose,  206 
James   F.,   181 
James  L.,  187-294 
James   Pitkin,    113 
James  E.,  65-122 
James  Smith,   210 
James  W.,  64-118-204 
Jane,         27-28-43-59-63-75-85-109- 

Jane  C,  130-188 
Jason   L.,   109-190 
Jean,  28 
Jediah,  45 

Jedidah,    27-28-48-79-85-141 
Jennie,  122 



Dexter,  Jennie  H.,  286 
Jennie  Louisa,  318 
Jerusha,    79 
Jesse,  44 
Jessie,    207 
Jessie   M.,   80-318 
Joan   C,    182 
Joanna,  19-20-21-22-36-60-180- 

Joanna  P.,  180 
Job,   33-50-51-87-88-89 
John,      10-11-12-14-16-17-18-19-23- 

26-38-40-44-51-64-66-77-78    -   81- 

87-107-109-114-118  -   122  -   136- 

John  A.,  79-123-128-129 
John  Albert,  75-210 
John  Bangs,  90 
John  Bernard,  158 
John  C,  117-196-205-294 
John  Freeman,  83 
John  G.,  199-300 
John  Gibbs,  61-114-199 
John  Henry,  122 
John  Kempton,  80 
John   L.,   204 
John   E.,   300 

John  S.,   122-136-187-195-207-291 
John  Sidney,  66 
John  W.,  300 
Jonathan,        25-27-30-31-38-40-41- 

44-46-48-51-67-70-71-77-80    -    85- 

Jonathan  K.,  80-135-215 
Jonathan  L.,  305 
Jonathan  M.,  41-125-126-127 
Jonathan  Mills,  67-68-69 
Joseph,        16-24-30-32-33-43-45-51- 

75-78-80-132-133-203-212    -    301- 

Joseph  B.,  115 
Joseph   Clark,    94 
Joseph  Dean,  84-139-140-222 
Joseph  Franklin,  222 
Joseph  H.,  41-78 
Joseph   L.,    149-307-308-310 
Joseph  Lord,  230 
Joseph  T.,  204 
Joseph  W.,  41-71 
Josephine  M.,  71 
Joshua,  26-37-76 
Josiah,    19-20-21-22-30-31-46 
Josiah  A.,   134-213 
Julia  A.,   207 

Dexter,  Julia  S.,   199 
Julia  Sargent,  297 
Judah,   83 
Kate,   79-122 
Kate  F.,  190 
Katherine,  45 
Katie,  119 
Katie  S.,  119 
Kesiah,       59-104-105-107-109-110- 

Kesiah  L.,  285 
Kezia,   81-82 
Keziah,   61 
Keziah  L.,  180 
Laban  H.,  66 
Laura,  66-67-121-289-306 
Lawrence,  192 
Leander  A.,   286 
Leonard,  41 
Leonard  S.,   107-182 
Lemuel,  62 

Lemuel  LeBaron,   136-201 
Lena  B.,  202 
■  Letta,  229 
Letitia,  78 
Levi,   128 

Le-wis,    82-108-137-183-192-286 
Libbie  L.,  318 
Lillian  C,  294 
Lillian  L.,   189 
Linda  W.,  189 
Linus  G.,  71 
Linus  W.,  41-71-72 
Listha,  78 
Lizzie  A.,  123-190 
Lizzie  C,  200 
Lizzie  Lina,  121 
Lizzie  W.,  204 
Lois,  28-34-81 
Louisa,   82-127 
Louis  E.,  300 
Louise  G.,  202 
Lorenzo  D.,   106-182   • 
Loring,  105-107-180-283-285 
Lorna,  306 
Lovira,  317 
Love,  305 
Lucia  Frances,  160 
Lucie   A.,    67 
Lucius  C,  205 
Lucius  T.,  119 
Lucinda,  119-121-145 
Lucretia,  113-196 



Dexter,  Luella   P.,    291 

Luthera  G.,  141 

Luthcra  Gorham,  85 

Lurana,  109-185 

Lucy,         50-57-58-62-76-86-96-111- 
133-142-145-161-162-165    -    167- 
.    Lucy  A.,  192-295 

Lucy  Ann,  317 

Lucy  Alden,  111 

Lucy   Amelia,   306 

Lucy  B.,   196 

Lucy  H.,  149 

Lucy  M.,   140 

Lucy  Euggles,  301 

Luke,   59-105-180-181-182 

Luna  Jennie,  121-206 

Lydia,  45-50-62-64-76-78-79-87- 
115-134-185-194-202-203  -  288- 

Lydia  D.,  76 

Lydia  S.,  202 

Lyna,   245 

Mabel,  286 

Mabel  A.,  224-306 

Mabel  Augusta,  120 

Mabel   Ellen,   319 

Mabel  L.,  230-231 

Mamie  F.,  289 

Maria,    80-156-231-234-236-239 

Maria  C,  241-242-243 

Maria  L.,  108 

Mariah,  46 

Marion,  203-236-245 

Marion  H.,   213 

Marjory  Morton,   300 

Martha,  34-58-59-104-114-115- 


Martha  A.,  83-289 

Martha   C,    115-118 

Martha  J.,  286 

Martha  J.  W.,  128 

Martha  M.,  81-116-135 

Mary,  11-12-13-15-16-17-18-19- 
23-24-25-26-33-37-40-42-43  -  49- 
52-53-62-63-65-66-67-72-73  -  74- 
75-77-79-81-82-83-84-89-90  -  108- 
113-122-132-133-135-137  -  141- 
185-186-187-188-196-199  -  211- 

Mary  A.,   76-128-129-189 

Mary  A.  E.,  116 

Mary  Ambrosia,  120-206 

Mary  Ann,   76-201-209 

Dexter,  Mary  B.,  216 
Mary  D.,  7,  180 
Mary  D.,   9-205-206 
Mary  E.,   22-137-183-216 
Mary   E.    C,   286 
Mary    Eliza,    78-80 
Mary  Ellen,   196 
Mary   H.,   212 
Mary    Hynkley,    114-199 
Mary   J.,    118-136-286 
Mary   L.,    204-211 
Mary  Lizzie,  160-246 
Mary  Love,  306 
Mary   M.,   130-210 
Mary  Melisse,  83 
Mary  P.,   129-200 
Mary  Stanford,  301 
Mary  Snow,   80 
Mary  Wilson,  209 
Margaret,    245-303 
Matildy,  79 
Maurice,  158-243-244 
Mehitabel,  22 
Mercy,         16-25-46-47-48-51-57-58- 

Mercy    Hinkley,    88 
Melinda,   79 
Melintha  C,   185 
Melvin  A.,  65-122 
Melvin   Adam,   122 
Meriam,   16 
Merinda,   203 
Meribah,   31-32-47-203 
Milton   I.,    192 
Milton   L.,    128 
Minnie  A.,  194 
Minnie   Frances,   302 
Miriam,  50-86-306 
Moores,   E.,   118-204 
Moses,    91-94-119-149-151-169-230 
Myra   C,   190-289 
Myra    Jane,    117 
Myra  E.,  228-307 
Nancy,    60-82 
Nancy  M.,   140-222 
Nathan,    27-31-32-40-42-65-122 
Nathaniel,    47-60-80-81-115 
Nettie  Louise,  230-231 
Nina,  229 

Noah,   19-20-27-43-76-133 
Oakley  White,  207 
Obadiah,  286 
Obadiali    D.,    180-285-286 
Olive,  39-41 



Dexter,  Oliver,  S-9-41-70-71-127 
Oliver    F.,  186 
Otto  Freeman,   319 
Ozra  Lafayette,  120 
Pamelia,   75-80-130-210 
Patience,   26 
Paul,   31 
Peleg,  .30-44 
Perley  Hyde,  207 
Perries,  75 
Persis,  203-310 
Phebe,  58-99-169-170-171-172- 

Phebe  A.,  186 
Phebe  P.,  224 
Philander  E.,   186 
Philena,    90 

PhHip,    11-12-16-24-26-30-38-46-64 
PhiHp  Lee,  242 
Polly,   59-62-75-76-111-136 
Prince,    3'5-61-114-115-199 
Priseilla,    43-75-76 
Eachel,   107-182-183-184 
Eachel  S.,   183 
Ealph   C,   195 
Eaymond  Henry,  149 
EelDecca,  45-64-79-136 
Eebecca   H.,    64 
Eebekah,   59-112 
Eemember,   149 
Eeuben,    27-40-41-45-72-73 
Ehoda,  50 
Eichard,   190 
Eoama,    136-227-228-229 
Eobert  A.  P.,  285 
Eobert   E.,   201 
Eobert  Emmet,  318 
Eobert  L.,    187-293-308 
Eobert  W.,  215 
Eoberts,  78 
Eobinson,  82 

Eodolphus  W.,  76-132-133-211-212 
Eoland  Foskett,  244 
Eosana,   45 
Eose,   17-18-19 
Euey,    242 

Eufus,  37-77-109-135-215 
Eufus  N.,  135 
Euth,         27-34-40-51-77-89-90-133- 

Euth  F.,  210 

Sally,    51-58-90-140-145-205 
Sally  Beckvnth,  85 
Sally  Etta,  205 

Dexter,  Salome,   114 

Samuel,        9-19-21-22-32-33-42-43- 

45-47-48-49-50-52-53-74  -  75  -  79- 

80-81-83-84-85-108  -  129    -    130- 

Samuel  Adams,   70 
Samuel  B.,  63-85-115-200 
Samuel  E.,  129-210 
Samuel  Freeman,  317-318 
Samuel   Stillman,    94-156-157-241- 

Samuel  W.,  136-140 
Sarah,         16-18-21-22-24-27-28-31- 

32-33-37-43-53-61-62-75-80    -    82- 

Sarah       A.,     111-137-184-186-193- 

Sarah  Abigail,  80 
Sarah  Allen,   80 
Sarah  Ann,   114 
Sarah   C,  46 
Sarah  F.,   145-181 
Sarah   H.,   41 
Sarah  J.,  129-307-308-211 
Sarah  Johnson,  303-305 
Sarah  M.,  67-75^30-131-210 
Sarah  S.,  117 
Sarah  W.,  117 
Selina,   65 
Seth,  19-20-21-22-24-26-35-36- 

37-48-59-60-61-62-63-84    -    112 

Seth  L.  M.,  135-215 
Seth  P.,  129 
Silas,   26-39-40 
Silvia,  41 
Silas  B.,  119-205 
Simeon,         58-94-153-154-155-234- 

Smith,  79 
Solon,  82 

Sophia,   60-61-76-132-304 
Sophia  E.,  115 
Sophia  H.,  301-303 
Sophia,  211 
Sophronia,  65 
Sophronia  P.,  106 
Stella  A.,  71 
Stella  G.,  138 
Stephen,  11-12-15-16-23-31-32- 

Stephen  E.,  201 
Stephen  T.,  82-136 
Stillman,  111-192-295 



Dexter,  Susan,   74-;n7 
Susan  A.,  204 
Susan  J.,   191 
Susanna,   43-48-58-79-80 
Susannah  P.,  42 
Sumner,    21-75-81-108-129 
Sydney   C,   202 
sVlvia,    77-82-197-198 
Thankful,        26-28-36-37-43-60-61- 

Theresa,   78 
Thirza,    85 
Thomas,  8-9-10-11-12-14-17-18- 

22-23-28-31-32-36-48-59  -  80  -  84. 

Thomas  A.,  189-190 
Thomas  D.,    5-6-7-8-9-10-11-15-118 
Thomas  N.,  295 
Trustum  Durell,  149-227 
Tryphosa,   317 
Urial,  65-122 
Urial   Sherman,   114 
Vera  L.,   306 
Vincent,   78 
Viola,   295 
Virtue  E.,   289 
Walstein,  190 
Walter  C,  292 
Walter  F.,  192 
Walter  G.,  192 
Walter  Vincent,   318 
Walter   W.,    119 
Warren,   79-108-114-185 
Warren  J.,   80 
Warren  P.,   122 
Weston    A.,    111-194 
Willard,   84 
William,  11-12-17-23-24-25-60- 

70-78-79-106-113-114-140    -   183 

William  A.,  118-192-295 
William  Alfred,  140 
William   B.,   115 
William  C,  118-187-291 
William  Charles,  236 
William  D.,  8-9 
William  Daniel,  318 
William  E.,  79 
William  F.,  128 
William    H.,    128-183-203-286-295- 

William  Herbert,  305 
William  N.,  143-306-224 

Dcxt(>r,  William   1'.,    181 

William  R.,  117 

William   S.,  80 

William    W.,    59 

Williams,  M4 

Willie    11.,    146-188 

Willoughby,  79 

Wilson,   74 

Winfred,    200 

Zenas,  51 

Zenas  H.,  145 

Zenas    Hinkley,    90 

Zoath,  .38-105 

Zuriel,  22 
Dillingham,  Charles,   117 

Charles  H.,  203 

Edward,  11 
Dilloway,  Merebah,  31 
Dix,  Justus  H.,  65 

Lucinda,   122 
Dooley,  Mary  J.,  143-224 
Doolittle,   Colonel,   50 
Dornie   Captain,    195 
Dorcher,  Annie  E.,  303 
Douglas,  Charles  Erwin,  198 

Edward   A.,   197 

Edwin  A.,  114 

Edwin  Dexter,  198 

Ellen,  198 

Governor,  253 

Harriet,  198 

Harriet  Dexter,   197 

Isabella,  198 

Mary    Eliza,   -224 

W.  W.,  211 
Dow,  Esther  A.,   172 

Frank  H.,  167-259 

Harry  S.,   259 

Ina   M.,   245 

Jennie  M.,  166-258 

Jessie  Euth,  259 
Doyle,   Mary   Ella,    274 
Drake,  Cora,  298 
Drew,  Ella  A.,  278 
Dudley,    Francis,    102 
Dunbar,  Belinda,  112 
Dunham,    Clifford,    132 

Harriet,    75-132 

Thubeal,    132 
Dunn,  Byron  P.,  296 

John,  295 
Durfee,  Benjamin,  255 

Ella  M.,  165 

Ella  Maria,  255 



Durfee,  Nancy,    181 

Susan  G.,  134-213 
Eager,  Abigail,  48-85 

Sally,   51-89 
Eaton,  Calvin,  93 

Fanny  J.,  171 
Eames,  Abigail  A.,  66-123 

Julia  A.,  66-123 

Sarah  Burt,  184 
Earle,  Samuel  A.,  190 
Eaton,  John  W.,  77 

Sarah  J.,   184 
Eddy  W.,  92 
Ed-n-ards,    Deborah,    75-129 

George  W.,  186 

Lydia  A.,  118 

William,    80 
Egge,   Arthur,   122 
Eldridge,  Linus  E.,  291 

William  D.,   291 
Ely,  Eichard  T.,  222 
Ellis,  Charles,  37 
Endicott,   5-6 
Ensign,  Welling,  130 
Erwin,   Helen  Marion,   225 
Everts,  A.,   137 
Failing,   Louise    T.,    190 

William  A.,  190 
Faunce,   Mary  J.,    187-291 
Fay,  B.  W.,   268 

James  P.,  90 

Job,  158 

S.  E.,  275 
Field,  Lillian  Adell,  143-224 
Fish,  Mercy,  14-22 
Fisk,  Thomas,  98 
Fitzpatrick,    Mr.,    207 
Flagg,  Algernon  S.,  281 

Fanny  Elizabeth,  281 
Fletcher,  Francis,  102 
Foley,  Kate,  279 
Forbush,  Jerusha,  53 
Forbes,  Susan,  183 
Ford,  Charles  M.,   78      . 

Minnie,    223 

.Josiah,    55 
Foss,  Euphrata,  137 
Foskett,  Martha  Stella,  158-244 
Foster,   Anna,  44-77 

Caroline,  104 

Edward,   44 

Nancy,    100-178 
Fountain,  Minerva,  180 

Fowle,  Eudora,  266 
Fox,   Eliphalet,    102 
Frances.,  Helen,   73 
Frazer,    Captain,    290 
Freeman,  Alfred,  78 

Benjamin,   78 

Edmund,   9-11-48 

Eliza,   78 

Eliza   Ann,   78 

Elizabeth,  48 

George  W.,  78 

Hatsuld,  15 

John,  11-47-48 

Mary  Al,  78 

Mercy,  78 

Thankful,  9-47-48 

Whitman,  78 
French,    Abijah,    170-263 

Adaline  B.,   264 

Adams,    87-143-170-223-224 

Alice,   265 

Angie    M.,    264 

Arville,  170 

Augusta,   170 

Azubah,   170 

Belle,  265 

Bertha  Belle,  264 

Charles  B.,  247 

Charles  H.,  170-264 

Clara  Eleanor,  224 

Clarence  C,  247 

Cora,  223 

Dorothy,    265 

Edward,  247 

Elvirus  Franklin,   223 

Etta  Lois,  264 

Frank,  223 

Ida  M.,  247 

Joseph   A.,  247 

J.  Margaret,  223 

Lambert  E.,  265 

Levi  F.,  170 

Lysander,   143-223 

Marcus,  247 

Maria,    170-264 

Mary  A.,   143-223 

Melvin  L.,  247 

Minnie   May,  224 

Moses  C,  143-224 

Priscilla,  263-264 

Priscilla  E.,  170 

Ehoda,  223-224 

Eichard,    100-170-263-264 

Eichard  C,  265 

Waldo,  223 



Frend,    John,    9-12 
Frink,  Davis,  290 
Harold   R.,   290 
Frishmuth,   Caroline  G.,   126-208 

Frost,  Merinda,  63-117 

Peter,  45 
Fry,  Augustus,  275 

George  Dexter,   148 

George  Wilson,  274 

Elizabeth   Ann,   148 

Ellen  S.,  148 

F.  A.,  94 

F.   Arvilla,   148 

Flora  Arvilla,  158 

Job,  94-148 

Job  Warren,  148 

Lizzie  Adeline,  274 

Martha  Jane,  148 

Pennald,   148 

Winthrop  Hastings,  274 
Fuller,  Andria  C,   76-133 

Samuel,   52 

William,  104 
Furbush,  Jerusha,  90 

Rosanna,  91 
Furgers,  John,  45 
Gage,  Levi,  56 
Gardner,  Benjamin   O.,   142 

Charlotte,   80 

Cynthia,  79 

Grace,   184 

Henry,  79 

Jason,  78 

Rebecca,  80 

Susan,  79 

Sophronia,    79 

Stephen,  45 

William,  45 
Garney,  Anna  K.,  146 
Garton,  Andrew  J.,  161 
Gates,  Benjamin,  60 
Gavett,  William,   129 
Gaylord,  Eleazer,  113 

Elizabeth,   113 

Sylvia,  60-113 
Genderson,   Alvin,   304 
Gerry,  Emma  B.,  251-311 
Gibbs,  Joanna,  36 

John,  36 

Joseph,    61 
Gifford,   Catherine,  301 

Elizabeth   A.,   128-209 

Humphrey  A.,   301 

Lizzie  C,  296 


Gifford,  Lucy  E.,  192 

William,   295 

William  L.  R.,  301 
Gilbert,  Alice,  70-126 

Persis,  51-87 
Giles,  Mr.,  53 
Gillette,  Mattie  R.,  193 
Glenn,  Elsie  J.,  304 
Goddard,  Moses,  50-55 
Godfrey,  Azubah,  45-78 

Hannah,  45-79 
Goodell,  Ephraim,  103 

Hannah,  103 
Goodnow,   Benjamin,   56 
Goodspeed,   Burbank   S.,   186 

Hiram  H.,   186 

Nettie,   186 
Gould,  Agnes,  78 

Alfred  H.,  279 

Charles  A.,  279 

Cordelia,  141 

Ella  Maria,  222 

HaflSeld,  222 

Harry  W.,  279 

Henry  B.,  140-222 

Lydia,  222 

Matilda,  82 

Olive,  84-139 

Thomas,  78 

Viola    Ethelyn,    279 

Willard   C,  279 
Gordon,  Isabella,  192 
Gorham,  De  LaFayette,  83 

Mary,   138 

John,  48-83-138 

Sally,  83 

Sarah,  83 

Stephen,    83 

Susan,    83-138 

Thomas,  83 
Granger,   Otis  P.,   75 
Graves,  Eleazer,  32 

Minnie  Emmelin,  159-244 

Nathaniel,  32 
Gray,  Alfradina,  261 

Catherine,  261 

James,   261 

Mary  S.,  294 

Robert,  261 

Winifred  W.,  267 
Greaton,  Colonel,  40 
Greenhalge,  Governor,  253 
Greenwood,  Nellie  J.,  138-216 
Griffin,  George  Freeman,  267 

James,  139 



Griffin,  James  S.,  267 

Lora  R.,  71 
Griggs,  Bertha,  267 
Hall,  Abner,  72 

Amalin,  111 

Arethusa,  111 

Charles,  111-181 

Charles  D.,  73 

Emily,  72 

Eveline,  111 

George  Chandler,  173 

Houghton,  100-173-267 

Irene,  40-67 

Jennie  Louisa,  173 

Joanna,  267 

Josephine   Augusta,   173 

Larnet,  59-105-111 

Laura    A.,    72 

Lucy,  72 

Martha,   72 

Martin,    111 

Mary,   111 

Nathan,  72 

Sarah  Elizabeth,  173-267 

Willard  Houghton,  173 
Hallett,   Abigail,   10-15 

Andrew,    14 

Annie,  14 

David,  15 

Ebenezer,  15 

Elizabeth,   15 

John,  14 

Jonathan,    10-11-14-15 

Mehitable,    11-14-15 

Thomas,  15 

Timothy,   15 
Hamilton,  Captain,   290 
Hammett,    Almira   L.,    317 

Epipheny,   27 

Herbert,  134 

James,    76-134 

James  Edward,  134 

Mary  Ann,  134 

William  Frederick,  134 
Hammond,  Alice  C,  316 

Allen  T>.,  216 

Allen  Dexter,   136-216 

Benjamin,  27-32 

Carrie  E.,  296 

Charles  B.,  295-296 

Charles  S.,  296 

Clara  L.,  201 

Clara  Lucinda,   136 

Dorothy,  216 

Earle  D.,  316 

Hammond,  Elton,  316 

Ephremia  D.,  296 

Israel,  32 

John,   18-19-22 

Joseph,  29 

Patience,  24-37 

Paul,  43 

Maria  M.,  296 

Martha  M.,  216 

Mary,  28 

Noah,  81-135-216 

Nathan,  27 

Eowld,  22 

Sarah  A.,  296 

Seth,  81 

Thomas  P.,  296 

William,   104-316 
Handy,  Captain,  191 

Caleb,   76 

Sarah,    18-26 
Harding,    Thomas    C,    132 
Hardy,   Maria   L.,  94 

Phineas,    155 

Maria,    155 

Sarah,    155 
Harlow,    Abner,   190 
Harkness,  54 

Harper,  Robert  D.,   126-208 
Harrington,  Charles  A.,  282  . 

Charles    Albert,    282 

Elizabeth,   283 

Elmer   Winfield,    282-283 

Everett   Samuel,   283 

Fred.    William,    283 

George   Elmer,   282 

George  Leonard,  283 

Helen  Lucy,   282 

Jerusha,    78 

Leonard,   283 

Lucy,   282 

William   T.,   283 
Harris,  Eliza  A.,  78 
Harrison  Bros.,   290 

Jessie,  247 

Mary  T.,   247 
narrower,  Paul  Dexter,   202 

James   S.,   202 
Hart,  Edward  Dexter,   183 

Ward  W.,   183 
Hartshorn,   Emma  F.,   134 
Hartwell,  Samuel,  101 

Virginia,   306 
Harvey,  Mary  E.,  202 

Stephen,  77 
Harwood,  Hannah,  101 
Haskall,   Carrie  M.,  264 

OKXTER      FAMILY      GENKAI,()(;  Y. 


Haskall,   t'omfort,   SH 

David,  (52 

Deborah,  35 

M.,  264 

Seth,  62 

Thomas,   297 

Thoinasine,  298 

Zclnilon,  36-37-62 
Haskell,  C.  Henry,  199 

Deborah,    59 

Mary   M.,    199 

Thankful,  36 

Thomas,   36 

William  C,  114-199 

William  Prince,  199 
Haskins,  Bertha  L.,  211 

Eben  Franklin,  210 

Emily,   64 

Kuth,   211 
Hastings,    99 
Hatch,  Hannah,  59 

Eiith,   34 
Hathaway,  Annie  E.,  116-202 

Betsey,   64 

Ebenezer  E.,  64 

Elmer  B.,  289 

Isaac,  64 

Judah,  64 

Mary,  30-46 

Nathaniel,   64 

Patia  A.,  64 

Paul,  182 

Philip  D.,  64 

Eahama,  27 

Seth,  28 

Stephen  S.,  289 
Hawley,   Hiram,  41     • 
Hayden,   Julia  B.,   299 
Haynes,  Amelia  A.,  304 
Hayward,  Zadok,  55 
Haywood,  Benjamin  C,   71 

Priscilla,  102 
Havok,  Orrin  C,  171 
Haven,  Lucy  S.,  138 
Hazeltine,  Chloe,  66 
Hazzard,  Henry  C,  IS'4 
Headman,  Maggie  A.,  129-210 
Heard,  Phebe,   74-128 
Hecox,  Austin  N.,   131 
Hedge,  Asa,  50-86 

Deliverance,  86 

Elisha,  48-86 

John,    86 

Solomon,   86 
Herrick,  Nancy  C,  137 
Herrington,  Fanny  T.,   197 
Hicks,  Alexander,  214 

liickH,   liell.'  li.,  214 

Edward   E.,   213-214 

Edward  II.,  214 

ElizaI)oth    D.,    214 

Fl.irence  K.,  214 

Louise  E.,  214 

Samuel  E.,  134 
Hill,  Alice  E.,  267 

Lucy,  98-161 
TTiUer',  Almira,  289 

Barnabas,  64 

Carrie  Edna,  188 

Desire   Smith,   64 

Esther  E.,  185 

Elisabeth  L.,  109 

Nathaniel,   104 

Nathaniel  P.,  185 

Joseph,  188 

Lydia,  59-112 

Lydia   C,   289 

Nellie   M.,   188 
■  Prince,    104 

Rebecca,  38 

Sarah,    189 

Seth,  289 

Sophia   W.,    185 

William  F.,  193 
Hillman,    Stephen    P.,    141 
Hilman,   Betsey,   75-132 

Samuel,   17 
Hilton,  Hattie,  279 
Hillis,  Eebecca,  26 
Hinckley,   Abigail,   150 

Sarah,    211 

Thomas,    9-11-150 
Hinkley,  Mercy,  50 

Euth,   51 

Thomas,    50-51 
Hitchmond,    Eunice,    192 
Hixson,    Elkanah,    56 
Hoadley,   Luther,    60 
Hoar,   Anna,   56 
Hockin,  Martha  J.,  117 
Hodge,  Allie  Martin,  227 
Holden,   David,   86 

Emily,    98-160 
Holbrook,   Enos,  57 
Holmes,    Alice,    38-105 

Ebenezer,    59-105 

Hannah,   105-111 

Kesiah,    105-180 

Mary,  105 

Mary  A.,   202 

Susan  H.,  105 
Holt,   Jennie,   52-90 
Holton,  Carrie  Louise,  307 

Charles   Gilford,    307 



Holton,  Dwight  Dexter,  307 

George  W.,  228-307 
Hooke,  Humphrey,  5 
Hooper,   Martha  Ellen.,   304 
Hopkins,    Giles,   -14 
Horton,  Francis  L.,  65 
Hoskins,    Eben    Franklin,    130 
Hosmer,  Mary,  102 
How,  Anna,  54 

Elder,  54 
Howard,  Charles  H.,  209 

Deborah    J.,    203 

Edgar  Ephraim,  156 

Edward  Ellis,   128-209 

Elmira,    170 

Joanna,   98  ■ 

Lucy   Ann,    98-161 

Stephen,  98 
Howe,  Arthur  Otis,  206 

Carlton  Dexter,  206 

Carlton   Durant,   206 

Charles,  70 

Desire,   15 

Elsworth  E.,  223 

Ella  Maria,  279 

Herman  Alline,  206 

John,  70 

Josiah,  98 

Marshall  Avery,   206 

Marshall  E.,  206 

Marshall  O.,  120 

Mary,   98 
Hoyt,  Laura  Dona,  210 
Hubbard,   Daniel,    151 

Maria,   151 

Susan,  151 
Hudson,  Margaret,  247 
Huffman,  Harriette  Heloise,  229 
Hunt,  Julia  A.,  143 

Samuel,  17 

Sophia,  51 
Hunter,  Thomas,  33 
Huntington,  Nellie,  296 
Huntley,   Orris    P.,    181 
Hutchins,  Edw.,  55 

Jacob,  54 
Hutchinson,  George  H.,  306 

Samuel,   6 
Hyde,  Mary,  123 

Mary  E.,  207 

President,  220 
Ireland,  Albert  F.,  304 

Harold  Stone,  304 

Helen  Gertrude,  304 
Jackson,  Andrew,  157 
James,  Etta,  193 

William,  220 

Janney,  Charles  H.   G.,  200 

Hattie  A.,  200 

Nellie  B.,  200 
Jenks,  Dr.,  125 
Jenkins,  Catherine,  145 

Frederick  W.,  145 
Jenney,  Betsey,  104 

Caleb,  116 

Charles  H.  W.,  181 

Elizabeth,  215 

Priscilla  J,  191 
Jennison,  Catharine,  149 

Nathaniel,  149 

Eeuben,  149 

W.  R.,  149 
Jewett,   Ann,   96 
Johnson,   A.  F.,  269 

Almira,    271 

Almira  E.,  271 

Catherine,    168 

Catherine  Underwood,   168 

Daniel,  53-86-271 

David,    52-53 

Esther,  53-91-150 

Francis  W.,  66 

Frances  E.  W.,  172 

G.   Harry,   245 

Grove  E.,   92 

Hadassah,    40-67 

Joel,   98 

John,   84-140 

Jonah,  53 

Jonathan,   53 

Katherine,  99 

Martha,   86 

Martin   L.,*  206 

Mary,   87-140 

Mary   A.,    291 

Melinda,    98 

Patty,   53-91 

Perry,  168 

Polly,  53 

Ealph   Edward,   245 

Roxalana,  40-67 

Sally,  53-91 

Sarah,    91 

Solomon,   33-52-53-91 

William,    140 

Zebadiah,  53 
Jollie,  Lillian  F.,  284 
Jones,  Horace  L.,  170 

John  C,  170 
Keen,  Mercy,  74 
Keith,    Mercy,    72 
Kelley,  Emma  F.,  118 

George  H.,  105 

Mary  E.,   111-194 



Kelley,  Mary  Josephine,  189 
Kellogg,   Abby   E.,   143-223 

Clarinda,    223 

John,    223 

John    S.,    139 
Kenipton,    Mary   S.,    79 

John,    79 

Simeon,   77 
Kendall,  Daniel,   54 

David,   54 

Eleazer,    54 

Frances,  54 

Hannah,  54 

Lucy,   54 

Mary,  54 

Jonas,  54 

Euth,   54 

Susanna,    54 
Kendrick,  Beulah  B.,   184 

Daniel,    107 

Daniel    H.,    184-286-287 

Edith    M.,    288 

Henry   H.,    184-286 

Harriet,    286-287 

Harriet   L.,    184-287 

Horace   L.,    184-287 

LaForest   W.,   286 

Eachel   S.,   184-287 

Vernon    H.,    286 
Kenny,  Captain,   40 
Kennedy,    Betsey,    53 
Kent,    Daniel,    90 

Herbert,    274 

Minnie    Barber,    274 

Vera    Alice,    274 
Kenyon,   Arthur   P.,    285 
Kimball,   Alice,   230 

Bessie    M.,    278 
King,  Aburh,  265 

Alfred    C,    267 

Arthur    Willard,    267 

Austin   W.,   267 

Charles    Herman,    267 

Collings    H.,    91 

Corrella,    64 

Herman,    267 

John,    53-91 

John  Houghton,  267 

Joseph,    91 

Louis  Earl,  267 

Luther,    91 

Sarah   Mabel,   267 

Walter    Austin,    267 
Kinney,   Alden  L.,   303 

Emma  J.,  74 

Olive,    134-215 

Webster,    303 

Kinney,  Webster    llurold,    303 
Kirby,   Mary,   24-37 
Knight,    George,    67 

Jennie    E.,    146 
Knot,    Gorg,    11 
Kn-owles,    Samuel,    95 
Knowlton,   Rosa  L.,   120-205 

Maria,   140 

Israel, .  140 

William    S.,    67 
Ladner,   Bismark,    204 

Henderson  Lake,  204 

Ralph    Dexter,    204 

Wellington,  204 
Lake,   Flavilla,   204 
Lamb,   Amos    M.,   262 

Bronson  P.,   263 

Dexter,    65 

Edgar,    263 

Edward,    263 

Flora  D.,   263 

Frances  M.,   169 

Hattie   S.,   263 

Henry  Willard,  263 

Howard  P.,  263 

Israel,    100-169 

John   M.,   263 

Lewis,    41 

Lillie   Bell,   263 

M.  M.,  263 

Mary   B.,   263 

Phebe    Duella,    263 

Walter,   263 

William  Judson,   263 
Lambert,  Adeliza  Boyden,  184 

Love,    133-212 
Lawson,  Mary  L.,  83-138 
Landers,   James,    135-216 

John    F.,    216 

Katie,    216 

Mary,  216 
Landfear,   Delia   C,   206 
Landon,  Mills  J.,  71 
Lane,   Carrie   Augusta,   264 

Charles   Elliott,   264 

Daniel    W.,   264 

Helen  A.,  73 

Lizzie   Minnette,   264 

Mary  Ann,   264 

Orin  Trow,   264 
Lanigave,  Isaac  S.,  183 
Lano,    Bertha   Alma,   264 
Larkin,  Rosalie  C,  71 

Sarah,    102 
Lawton,    George,    23 

Isaac,  23 

Job,  14-23 



Lawton.  John,  23 

L.   G.,  219 

Thomas,   23 
Lawrence,  Cornelia  Ainsworth,  184 

Edward  E.,   184 

Ebenezer,  48 

Joseph,  55 
Lake,   JPla villa,    118 
LeBaron,  Harriet,  116 

Harriet  W.,  201 
LeCroix,    Arenand,    209 
Lee,   Annie,   180 

Cora   H.,    231-307 

Captain,   40 
Legate,  Francis,   141 
Legg,   Betsey,   58-93-95 

David,    93-95 

Gershom,    95 

Hannah,    93 

John,    95 

Levi,    95 

William,    95 
Leland,    Silence,    103 

Thomas,    103 

James,    103 
Leonard,    Etta,    216 

Ellen   Bertha,   274 
Lettenmayer,  Hattie  S.,   189 
Lewis,  Cheney,   87-143 
Lindsley,  Henry  A.,   193 
Lincoln,  Calvin,  127 

Minnie,    172 
Livermore,  Anson  G.,  276-277 

Charles   Anson,    277 

Ida  Maria,  277 
Lobdell,  Lucy  L., 
Lombard,   Mary,    103 
Long,  John  D.,   191 
Lord,   Aaron,   55 

Asa,    53-99-169 

Esther,   91-146 

J.    99 

Joseph,    32-53-146-149-150-151 

Joseph   G.,  147 

Lausinda    E.,    147 

Luther,   91-147 

P.,  99 

Persis,  91-94 

Pressen,  55 

Eobert,    194 

Thomas,  55-56-149-150 

Unity  W.,   149 

Vashney,  91-146-147 

William,  55 
Lowell,  Harvey  A.,  83 
Lovetts,  Phinehas,  95 
Luce,  Almira  E.,  211 

Luce,  Amy,  189 

Caroline,   132-211 

Hannah,   109 

Kate   M.,    187-293-294 

Lydia,   116 

Mary,    75-132-189 

Mary    T>.,    211 
Lucy,    Amy,    109 

Mary,    109 
Lyman,   Ann   E.,    135-215 

Harriet,    143 

Moses,  198 
Macumber,   Josiah,   37 

Josiah  J.,   181 
Maddox,  Frances,   210 
Mallory,    Sally,    114 
Manchester,  Mercy,  14-23 
Mann,    Benjamin,    54  56. 
Mansfield,   W.   H.,  41 
Marble,    Eobert,    32 

Sarah  C,  12-17 
Margot,  Eugene  F.,   136 
Mark,  Lillie  C,  172 
Maston,  John,  27 
Marsh,   Deborah,    66 
Marshall,  Colonel,  39 
Marston,    Frank,    138 
Mattison,    Brownson,    120-206 

Fred  Brownson,  206 

Kate   Dexter,   206 

Orren    V.,    129-130 

Eosa  Mary,   206 

Winnie    Cornelia,    206 
Maxwell,  Frances,   73 
Mayhue,   Ella   L.,   190 

Martha,   46-81 
Maynard,    Charles    E.,    131 

Walter  P.,   274 
Mayo,    Anna,    48-83 

Edmund,   265 

Ella    Caroline,    242 

Helen,   242 

John,    83 

Martin   W.,    158-242 
McDonald,   Alice,   304 
McCann,  William   H.,   318 
McConnell,   Eliza   H.,    70 
McCrellis,    Edward,    123 
McHugh,   Hugh   E.,   291 
McKenzie,  Albert  Edward,  209 

Donald,   209 

Frederick   W;.,   209 
McKinley,  President,  243 
McLeod,  Donald  C,  209 

Edward,    78 
McLean,   Hester,   94-153 
MePherson,  Annie  B.,   172 



McPherson,  Even  R.,  172 

Maurice,   119 

Ross,  172 
Mee,  Eliza  B.,  277 
Meggs,  Allice,  34 

Ebenezer,   34 
Meiggs,   Mary,   104 

John,    73 
Mellany,  Sally,   60 

David,   43 
Mendall,    Hannah,    74-128 

Nathan    S.,    190 

Sarah,    63-116-117-202 
Merithew,  Edgar  S.,  193 

Elias,    112 

Henry,    193 

Joseph    Russell,    193 

Russell,    111-193 
Merriani,    Loranna,    98 
Merrick,   W.,   48 
Merry    Eliza,    75-132 
Metcalf,    55 

Joseph,    99 
Middlemas,    George,    79 
Miller,    Mary,    12-17 

Henry  L.,    216 
Miner,  B.   F.,   149-229 

Benjamin    Randall,    228-229 

Betsey,  66 

David  Earl,   230 

Jane,   228 

Mary  Elmira,   228-229 

Mary    J.,    149 
Mirriam,   Aseph,   98 
Miriam,   John,   102 

Sarah,    102 
Minott,   Mary,    102 
Mirrick,   Sarah,   48 
Mitchell,    Andrew   F.,    211 
Mixter,    William,    145 
Monks,  E.  Gertrude,  191 
Morehouse,   Somers,   236 
Morse,   Alice   Bertha,    179 

Ann  W.,  66 

Charles  S.,   179 

Ebenezer,   69-70 

Eleanor   C,   71 

Eliza    Ann,    282-283 

Elnora,   179 

Emma,   295 

Emma    Elizabeth,    179-283 

Everett    Augustus,    179 

Everett  Larue,   179 

Florence  G.,  179 

Frank  L.,   137 

Harriet,   41-71 

Harriet   S.,   69 

Morse,    Henrietta,    69 
Jedediah,    30 

Maria    Angela,    179-282 

Mary  F.,  41-71 

Samuel,    101-179-282-283 

Sarah    Jane,    179 
Morton,    Abner,    54-56 

Al)raham,    53 

Alexander,    91-146-226 

Almon,  147-227 

Andrew,   90 

Benjamin,        33-52-53-56-58-90-92 

Betsey,   91-147 

Charles,   226 

Charles  H.,  285 

Charlotte,   75 

Chester,    91 

Chloe,    90-146 

Clara,  92 

Dexter,   147-226 

Edna,  226 

Edgar,  227 

Eunice,  92 

Frank,   147 

George,   52 

George  L.,  146-226 

Hannah,   55-56-57-58-147 

Harrison,    147 

Helen,    226 

Hephzibah,   92 

Hiram,    90 

James,    53-90-91-146 

Jane,    90 

Jonathan,    52-90 

Lewas,    226 

Louisa,   147 

Lois,    53-146 

Lucy,    92 

Margery,    52-53 

Martha',   226 

Marv,    52-53-61-92-115-116-147 

Millard,    227 

Molly,   52-53 

Moses,    226 

Noah,   32 

Proctor,    226 

Richard,   32-52 

Sally,   92 

Samuel,    32-92-147-226-227 

Sarah,   52 

Shatley,    147-226 

Submit,    52 

Susan,   92 

Sylvester,    147 

liriah,    226 

Willard,   227 



Morton,  William,   147-226 
Moseby,  Elizabeth  A.,   117-203 
Moulton   &  Herriek,   155 
Mulvey,  Kate,  295 
Mumford,    John,   20 
Myra,   Kate,    79 
Nash,   Daniel  W.,   117 
Nealev,    Charles    C,    130-210 

Clarence,    210 

Mabel,    210 
Ne^s.   Ethel.    295 

John    P.,    295 
Nelson,   Abigail,    95 

Ethelyn   L.,   278 

Grershom,    95 

Hannah,    95 
Nendeck,   Gustav   Albert,  277 
Nestell,  Frances,  172 

James,  172 

Sanford  L.,   172 
Xewcomb,    Abigail,    141 

Alm.a   Maria,    141 

Julia   Alma,   141 

John  Joseph,  141 

Joseph,    84-141 

Sarah  W.,   141 

Samuel    William,    141 

William    Adonijah,    141 
NeAvell,   Horace   E.,   264 

Horace   Edgar,   264 
Newhall,    Thomas,    98 
Newhouse,    Edward,    318 
Newland,   Frances,   143-224 
Newton,  Benjamin  D.,   139 

Chloe,    139 

Charles,    139 

Elvira  N.,  139 

Gardner,   84-139 

Grace  Mav,   160-246 

Israel,    160-246 

.John,   139 

Lemuel,    139 

Lucy  E.,  178 

Luke,    139 

Naomi,    139 

Silas,    84-139 

Stephen   E.,    139 

Stephen  Dexter,  139 

Susanna   Freeman,   139 
Nichols,  Fred,   264 

L.,   311 

Lafayette,  251 

Sarah   L.,    165-251 
Nickerson,  Eldad,  45 

Eliza   A.,    115-200 

James,    45 

.Jesse,    45 

Nickerson,   Mary,    45 

Widow,    44 
Noble,    Charlotte,   196 
Nolen,    George,    252 
Norris   Malatiah,   82-137 

S.   B.,   136 
Norton,   Charlotte,   133 

Ida,   211 

Lucy,  133-212 

Serena   T.,   117 
Noyes,   Mary,   179 

Thomas,   179 

Thomas   Edward,    179 
Nutt,  Abraham,   33 
Nye,    Betsey   E.,    190 

Charles    P.,    188 

Cynthia,    111-112-193 

Elizabeth,    130 

George   A.,   194 

George   B.,   46 

Hannah  H.,   295 

Hannah   G.,   112 

Henry   W.,   112 

Louisa,    112 

Mary    A.,    112 

Eebecca,    112 

Sophia,    185 

Stephen,   59-112 

William  W.,   112 
Oakes,    George,    233 

Martha,   233 
Oliver,   Ann,  12 

.!.,    8-9-12-93 

-James,  32 

.John,    32 

Eobert,  32 

Thomas,   12 

William,   32 
O'Mally,  Arthur  Francis,  232 
Osborn,  Ella  B.,  179 
Osgood,    E.    Aline,    71 
Page,  Estella  Freese,  222 

.Joseph  C,  140-222 

Captain,   51 

Timothv,   88 

Mary,  88 
Paine,  Francis,  179 

Josie  Maria,  179 

Nancy,   179 
Palmer,   Emeline,    115-200 
Parker,  Eliza  J.,  201 

Emma  A.,  201 

Joseph  B.,  132 

Mary  A.,   201 

Nathaniel,   116 
Parmenter,   Nathan,    86 
Parmelee,   Charlotte  Jane,   131 



Parmelee,  Dwight  Dexter,  IIU 

James,  131 

James  A.,  75 

Mercy   Elizabeth,    131 
Park,   Mathew,   78 

Miranda,   66 
Parker,    Caroline    A.,    201 

Nathaniel,  201 
Parlin,   Kate    A.,    190 
Parlow,    Albert   M.,    133 
Parsons,   Darius,    142-222 

George   Taylor,   222 

Mary  A.,   196 
Patterson,   Charles  C,   148 
Paul,   C.   J.,   286 
Pay  gent,    Cynthia,    77 

Caroline,    77 

Elizabeth,   77 

Henry,    77 

Henry    A.,    77 

Jane,  77 

John,   77 

Joel   M.,   77 

Lemira,   78 

Lydia,   77 

Margaret,   77 

Mary  Ann,  77 

Sarah,   78 

William,   77-78 

William  H.,  77 
Payne,   Charles  E.,   194 

Clara  E.,   194 

Daniel,    111-194 

Isabella   P.,    194 

Mary  E.,  194 

Susan  H.,  194 
Peach,  Charles,   79 

William,  79 
Pearce,   Anna,   117 
Peck,  Jane,  141 

Luthera    M.,    142 

Mattie  L.,   142 

Mary,    141 

Mary  A.,  85 

Milton,    141 

Nellie  Emily,   142 

S.   E.   Willard,   142 

Samuel  Dexter,   142 

Sarah  B.,  142 

Susan  Ann,  142 

Walter   Lewis,    142 

William  C,  142 

Willie,  142 
Peet,  E.  W.,  218 
Percival,  James,  11 
Pcnniman,   Sarah,   90 

Sarah  P.,  149 

Perkins,   Fordyce   B.,   137 

Lot,   42 

Louisa  M.,  185 
Perrington,  Elizabeth,   115 
Perry,   Elizabeth,   44 

Louis,  44 

James,   29-44 

Lucy,  44 

Nancy,   99 

Sarah,  44 

Stephen,   28-29 

Thomas,   29-44 
Peters,   Edward   F.,   277 

Clara  A.,  172 

Irving  Lewis,  277 

Mabel   Bessie,    277 
Phelps,  Joel,  136 

Willis  F.,  252 
Phinney,  Ada  L.,  287 

Austin  D.,   287 

Levi  L.,  287 

Eoland  S.,  287 
Pierce,  A.  E.,  283 

Charles  B.,  185 

Florence  Eliza,  283 

J.  E.  E.,  283 

Joanna,  105 

John  E.,  283 

Mary  D.,  234 
Pierson,    Lydia,    114-198 

William  S.,  198 
Pilkins,  Mary,  112 

Polly,   59 
Pindel,  Salome,  45-79 
Pitcher,   Cynthia,  46-81 
Poland,  Addison  B.,   178 

Addison    Brown,    280-281-282 

Arthur  A.,  278 

Betsey,   176-276-277-278-279-280 

Carrie  M.,  277 

Charles  Townsend,   178-277 

Edith    M.,    277 

Edwin   Flagg,    281-282 

Ellen  Gracia,   178 

Elmer   E.,    277 

Emma  Olive,  178 

Ethel    Elizabeth,    281-282 

James,   178 

Jeanette  A.,  277 

John,  178 

Joseph,  178 

Julia  Avigusta,  178 

Margaret  Evangeline,  282 

Martin  L.,   178-279 

Mary    Dennis,    282 

Mary    Elizabeth,    277 

Nathaniel,   178 



Poland,  Norman  L.,    279 

Eufus   G.,   279 

Samuel,   178 

Sarah  Maria,  178-276 

Simon   B.,        177-178-276-277-278- 

Simon  Brown,  100-176 

Stella  E.,  178-279 

Walter  A.,  278 

Wlieeler,   178 

William,  176-178 
Pomeroy,   Daniel,    269 
Poor,  Christopher,  234 
Pope,  Henry  D.,  133 
Porter,  C.  Herbert,  201 

James  P.,   301 

Llewellyn  E.,  301 
Powers,    Elmer    D.,    146 

Frank,   146 

Joel  Lj^sander,   146 

Louisa,   90-145 

Lvsander,    146 
Pratt,    George,    261 

John   C,   103 
Preble,  Emily  M.,   106 
Prentiss,   Alton,   310 

Arthur    A.,    231-310 

Pauline   Moore,   310 
Pognanum,    7-8 
Prence,    Fear,    48 

Governor,   48 

Thomas,    9-11 
Preble,  Esther,  100-172 
Preston,   Louisa,   41-70 
Prescott,    Jones,    102 

Samuel    102 
Priest,  Degory,  300 
Purrington,   Mary   A.,    118-204 
Putnam,   Flora   L.,   231-309 

Susanna,   57 
Quinn,    Mary,    122 
Eamsey,   Augusta   A.,   156 

Allan    Clark,    240 

Camilla    Euth,    240 

Geneva  Isadore,  240 
Horace    Hartwell,    156-240 

Lillian  Jane,  240 

Luther,   94-156-240 

Marion  Olive,  240 

Maud  Evelyn,  240 

Mary    Augusta,    240 

Orrin   B.,    156-240 

Orrin  Walter,  240 
Eand,  Alice,   149 

Anna,   103 
Eandall,   Benjamin   A.,   203 

Randall,  Charles,    112 

David,    34 

Eunice   M.,    203 

Huldah,   63-117 

Jeremiah  L.,  308 

Lewis,  63 

Patience,    26 

Eachel,  37-62 
Eansom,  Clarence  B.,  290 

Eunice,  289 

Eunice  E.,  290 

Everett  S.,  290 

James  B.,   289 

Laura  E.,  290 

Nathaniel  C,  289 
Eawson,  Edward,  66 

Ellis,  65 

Mary,   103 
Eay,  Bertha,  172 
Eaymond,   John,    84-145 

Mercy  Ann,  286 

Sullivan,  103 
Eeed,  Eliza  L.,  66 

Joseph,  95 

William,  145 
Eeese,  Hattie,  171 
Eice,  Albert,  261 

Alvah  J.,  278 

Florence  A.,  278 

Floyd  A.,  278 

Irving  A.,   278 

John  Sylvester,  261 

Marion  D.,   261 

Martha,    103 

Mary  Ann,  86 
Eichardson,  Alice,  304 

Amelia  Frances,  303 

Annie,  136 

Annie   Josephine,   304 

Arthur  S.,  304 

Augusta,  304 

Augustus,   304 

Bertha   F.,    304 

Eleanor  F.,  304 

Francis   Stillman,   303 

Frederick   Clifford,  304 

George  0.,  169 

Grandville  Dexter,  304 

Henrietta  Evelyn,   S'03 

Henry,    304 

Luella  A.,  304 

Laura  J.,  304 

Persis,   304 

Walter,  304 
Eickett,  Joanna,  48 
Eipley,    Gerti'ude,    190 



Eipner,  Edward,  74 

James,  74 
Eisley,  Caroline,  S'17 
Eobbins,  Martha,  108-183 
Boberson,    Chester,   304 

Edward,  304 

George,  304 

Jessie,    304 

Joseph,  304 

Josephine,    304 

William,    304 
Eobinson,  George  D.,  191 

Captain,    290     . 

Governor,    253 

Denison,  51 

John,    300 
Eoe,   Charles   Lawrence,   311 

Daniel  B.,  246-311 

Earle,   311 

Florence,  311 

Grace,  311 

Harry,  311 

Margaret,    246-311 

John  C,  311 

Stanley  N.,  311 
Eogers,  Mary  S.,   64-118 

John,  96 

Lizzie   A.,   171 
Eollins,  Hattie  J.,  267 
Eounsvell,  Mercy,   112 
Eowe,  David,  129 
Eoyce,  Nellie  Gertrude,  158 
Euggles,  184 

Benjamin,    49-54 

Catherine   T.   B.,    199-300 

Lemuel,  54 

Martin,  -84 

Samuel,  54 

Susanna,   103 

Timothy,  22-32 

Unity  W.,  150 
Eunnells,  Phebe  A.,   133 
Eussell,  George   S.,   74 

Governor,   253 

William  E.,  191 
Eyder,  Allen,  129 

Lydia,  45 
Sampson,  Mercy,  37-62 

John,  148 
Sanford,  Emily  L.,  200 
Sargent,  Ara  Leona,  228 

Catherine    Elizabeth,    262 

Francis    William,    262 

Joseph,   262 

Sargent,  Marguerite,   262 

Sylvester  Davis,  262 

William  Philbrick,  262 
Saunders,  Ann,   12-15 

Eben,   16 
Savery,  Arlothea,  61-114 

Lizzie  L.,  134 

Mary   E.,    134 
Schilling,    M.   S.,   300 
Scott,  Anna  M.,  149 

Aurea,  229 

Byron   K,   234 

D.    Hubbard,   234 

Nelson,    152 
Scroggs,   Emma   L.,   204 
Seaverns,    Mary  L.,   305 
Seeley,  Edford  A.,  289 

Edford   C,   289 
Semmer,   Captain,   296 
Sewell;  Samuel,  54 
Sexton,    Lot,    92 
Shaw,  Albert,  181 

Eliza  Lenora,   136-216 

Mary,   81 

Mary  B.,  136 
Sheldon,  M.  Louisa,  149 
Shelmira,  George  W.,  122 
Sherman,   Albert,    115 

Hannah  W.,  104 

Lois,   28 

Mary,  17 

Euth   L.,   203 

Thomas,  64 

William,  17-18 
Showatter,  Emma  T.,  247 
Shrive,  Euth,  26 
Shurtleff,   Gideon,   296 
Sibley,   Eunice,   87 
Simonds,    Ellen,    66-123 
Skife,  Stephen,   11 
Slafter,  John,  317 

Eoxa,  317 

Samuel,   317 
Sloan,    Thorp    &,    275 
Sloeum,  President,  220 
Smalley,  Henry,  203 
Smeed,  John,   32 
Smith,  Eev.  Mr.,  60 

Aaron,  32 

Abner,  50 

Amos   K,   88 

Ann,  78 

Archie  David,  207 

B.,   56 

Caroline  Dexter,  74 

Carrie  Barstow,   74 



Smith,  Charles,    183 

Charles  F.,  194 

Clarinda,    80-135 

Daisy  Dexter,   207 

Daniel,   74 

Daniel  Herbert,   74 

David,    120-206 

Edith  E.,  180 

Ephraim,   32 

George,    318 

George    W.,    180 

Ithames,   103 

Leonard   Dexter,    74 

Lillian  E.,  180 

Lizzie  Mabel,  207 

Lucia,    96 

Mary  Addie,  74 

Mary  Esther,  207 

Mary  Leonard,   74 

Nathan,    186 

Eeba   M.,    318 

Eobert  Earl,  318 

Susan  A.,   319 

Susan  J.,  136 

Susanna  A.,  318 
Snell,  Josephine  M.,  301 
Snow,  Aehsah,  107 

Adaline,    105 

Avery,  104 

Betsey,   104-288 

Betsey  D.,  288 

Dennis,    104 

Duleina,   104 

George  A.,  106 

Hannah,    38-64-186 
"    Harry  F.,  209 

Harvey,    104-288 

Irving,   209 

Ivory,   104-109-185 

James,    59-104 

James  M.,   185 

James  Winslow,   105 

Jane,  104 

Jennes,   186 

Jesse,  103 

Joshua,  25 

Julian,  105 

Kesiah  Snow,  104 

Laura   A.,   186 

Levi,  104 

Luke,   104 

Lydia  H.,  186 

Martin,   104-105 

Mary  D.,  186 

Mercy,   25 

Nancy,  104 

Snow,  Nicholas,  26 

Prince,  59-104 

Eachel,  104-107 

Eufus  A.,  186 

Sarah  A.,  186 

Seth,  29 

Stephen,   104 

Sumner  D.,  186 

Thankful,    64 

William,    104 

Wyatt,    72-104 
Sober,  Kesiah,  34-58 
Soper,  Deborah,   317 
Southworth,   Arethusa,   111 

Constant,    9 

Eunice  K.,   183 
Southard,  Clara  A.,  247 
Spaulding,  Dexter  E.,  299 

Sylvia,  299 

William,  299 
Spooner,   Amaziah,   89 
Sprague,    Noah,    27 

Noah,   Jr.,    23 
Stamford,  Alonzo,  91 
Staples,  Ebenezer  P.,  85-141 

Susanna,   85 
Starrett,  Janett,  78 
Stearns,  George  S.,  263 

Minnie  E.  L.,  263 

Nellie  Etta,  263 
Stephens,  Isaac,  24 
Stephenson,   Charles,    70-127 

Charles  Henry,  127 

Henry  Dexter,   127 

Preston  Tapley,  127 

Euth,  127 
Stevens,  Charles,  149-229 

Levi,  84 
Steward,   James,   18 
Stewart,   Annie,   245 

Cornelius,    75 

Elizabeth  Davis,  161 

Eev.  Samuel  B.,  127 

Wellington,   161 
Stockwell,  Alton  V.,   276 

Chellis  W.,  276 

Doris  E.,   276 

Ethel  C,  276 

Fred  0.,  276 

Harry  L.,   276 

Josiah,  276 

Maria  A.,  276 

Otis  J.,  275-276 

Polly,  275 

Sylvester,  275 
Stokes,  Hampton,  45 



Stone,   Clark,   55 

Gregory,  53 

Hannah,  53 

John,   53 

Jonathan,   54 

Joseph,   84 

Nathaniel,    54 

Simeon,    54 

Martin,   248 
Streeter,  Charles  P.,   277 

Edith   E.,   277 

Lilla  May,  277 
Studley,    Mary,    46-80 
Sturges,    Edward,   15 
Sturtevant,   Eunice  C,   140 

Jonathan,   S'4 

Mary   D.,    139 
Summers,  S.  F.,  100 
Swan,  Everett,   273 
Sweeney,  Maggie  B.,  276 
Swift,   Asa   E.,    189 

James,    170 

Minnie   Frances,    301 

Lydia   C,   109 
Thacher,  Achsah  L.,   284 

Elizabeth   Dexter,    284 

John,   283 

Lemuel  F.,  85 

Eaymond  L.,  284 

Eoland  C,  284 
Thompson,  George,  129 

Harriet  E.,  83-138 

Lydia,  61-115 

Marcus  M.,   287 

S.   A.,   211 
Thurston,   Harriet,   57-87-100-170 

John,   103 

Levi,    56-58-99-100-169-170-266 

Lewis,   103 

Phebe,  57-100-169 

Polly,  47 

Priscilla,   57-100-170 

Samuel,    48 

Sibyl,    48 

Susan,  100-170 

Susanna,  57 
Tilton,  John  S.,  288 

Euth  W.,  288 
Tinkham,  Abraham,  203 

Abram,  117 

Ella  J.,   203 

Charles  H.,  203 

Clark,  203 

Ida  M.,   203 

Mary  L.,  20S 

Sophia  H.,  118-203 

Tiukluuii,  Thomas  C.,  1^03 
Taber,   Joseph   B.,   72 

Mary  H.,   76-133 

Silas,   201 
Tal)or,  Florence  D.  W.,  312 

Franklin  Warden,   313 

Miles   W.,    255-312 

Miles  Warden,   313 
Taft,  Elizabeth  B.,  277 
Talbot,   Thomas,   191 
Tapley,  Adaline  R.,  127 

Henry   F.,    127 
Taylor,  Caroline  Angelia,  142-222- 

Cassandra,  222 

Fanny,  138 

Henry,   72 

John  Gorham,  138 

Lemuel  F.,  142-222 

Levina,    138 

Maria,   40-67 

Mehitable,  IS'8 

Nathan,  83-138 

Sarah  Arabella,   142 

Seth,  138 

Susanna,  55 
Tenney,  Elizabeth,  95 
Tinney,    Zenas   D.,    90 
Tisdaie,   Clara'  Louise,   156 

Eunice  Louise,  236 

William,    236 
Titcomb,  Miriam  F.,  101 

Miriam  Fales,  179 
Tobey,  Anna,  41 

Elizabeth,  12-17 

Mary,  27-41 
Todd,  W.  D.,  220 
Tolman,  Edith  Helen,  209 

Edward  Mills,   126-208 

Frances  H.,  208 

Frances   Henrietta,   208 

James  P.,   70-125-208 

James   Sewall,   126 
Town,   Samuel,  52 
Townsend,  Charlotte  A.,  179 
Tripp,  Stephen  A.,  116 

Sylvanus,  63 
Troope,  William,  8 
Tryon,   H.  G.,  196 
Tucker,    Addison,    147 

Alfred,   92-147 

Ebenezer,   92 

Henrietta,   265 

Joshua,  53-91-147 

Martha,   91 

Eobert,   91-92 

Sally,  147 



Tucker,  Wilcott,  147 
Tupper,  Thomas,  11 
Turner,  Captain,  39 

James  B.,   82 
Tuttle,  Charles,  96-178 

Frances,    58-93-96 

Jedediah,   93-96 

John,   96 

Lucia,  93 

Simon,   96 
Twichell,  Genery,  275 
Tyler,  Xathan,   98 
inter,  Hannah,  83 
Underwood,   Henry,   40 

Mary,  95 
Usher,   Samuel,  SOI 
Van  Ostrand,  Dexter  H.,  65 
Ver    Valen,    Lewis,    129 
Yincent,   Elizabeth,   9-10 

Hannah,  44 

Philippa,   44 

Sarah,   9-12 
Vrindal,    Edmund,    66 
"Waite,  Benjamin,  52 

Martha,  33 

Mary,  149 
Wakem,  Minerva  E.,  192 
Walbert,  Frances,   285 
Walker,  Delina,  169-263 

Eliza  Lucelia,  315 

Harriet,  169-263 

Phebe,   262-263 

Sabrina,  169-262 

Willard,  169-262-263 
Wallingford,  Ezekiel,  49 
Warbarton,    Jean    G.,    298 
Ward,   Carrie,   129 

Frederick,    75 

Frederick  B.,  129 


Helen,  129 

Jennie  M.,  129 

Martha,  129 

Sarah   C,   129 
Warden,  Abbie  L.,  164 

Abbie  Louise,  248 

Abbie  Nichols,  251 

Catherine  H.,   100 

Charles  Franklin,  255-256 

Earl  Frederick,  311 

Ella  M.,   253-313 

Florence  D.,   313 

Florence  Dui'fee,  255 

Frederick   Albert,    311 

John,  ■  98-162-163-164-167-248-251- 

Warden,  John  D.,  311 

John  Davis,  165-251-252 

John  Emerson,  255-256 

Mary  Louise,  311 

Narcissa,  98-162-166-248-251-252 

Samuel,  164 

Sarah,  311 

Tamasin,   164 

William  A.,  252-253-254-313 

William  Albert,  165 

William  Vincent,   255 
Washburn,  Edward.  Everett,   262 

Elizabeth,  77 

Elizabeth  L.,  135 

Walter  Everett,  262 
Wathey,  Mary  E.,   291 
Waters,  Albert,  223 

Frank  L.,  143-223 

Franklin  L.,  223 

John  J.,  223 

Kenneth  Horatio,  274 

Olive,  223 

Eoderick  Fry,  274 
Waton,  Elkanah,  48 
Watson,  Edward  Payson,  282 

Ernest  Jacob,  282 

Chester  Leroy,  282 

Jacob,  Edward,  282 

Julia  A.,  282 

Mercy,   48 

Stella  Wheeler,  282 

W.  W.,  282 
Wayt,  Sarah,  54 
Webb,  Ebenezer,  55 

Laru-a  O.,  149-227 
Weisenhaven,    Amelia,    286 
Welch,   John   B.,   273 
Welsh,   William   P.,   123 
Wescott,   Adelaide  M.,   246 

Darius,   181 
West,   Charles  S.,  266 

Delina   B.,   286 

Hattie   A.,    266 

Henry,   266 

Lois,    35 

Louis  T.,  266 

Timothy,  34 
Wheeler,  ^99 

Abbie   Gertrude,   274 

Ada  Maria,  225 

Almira,   224-225 

Anna,    163 

Anna  Maria,  145 

Annie  Douglas,  225 

Arthur  Otis,   274 

Benjamin   Dexter,    100 



Wheeler,  Betsey,    57-58-100-176 
Caroline,   170 
Catherine  Elizabeth,  175 
Catherine    H.,    268-274-275-276 
Catherine    Holmes,    173-175 
Clara  Alma,   274 
Clara  Jane,  273 
Charles,   88 
Charles  A.,   144 
Charles   Alexander,    180 
Charles  Augustus,   224 
Charles  Douglas,   225 
Charles   Sprague,   225 
Daniel,  88-89 
Ebenezer,   102-103 
Edward,  102 
Ella,   121 

Eliza   A.,    101-174-175 
Eliza  Ann,  179-275 
Eliza  Jane,  145 
Elizabeth,   102 
Emerald,   103 
Emily  Davis,  175 
Ephraim,  103 
Erastus  Otis,  175-274 
Esther,   102-103 
Eugenia   Fales,   180 
Evelena  J.,  174-175 
Evelena  Jane,  276 
Fanny,   226 

Frances   Dexter,   175-275 
Frank  Allen,  225 
Franklin,    145 
George,  88-101 
Geroge  W.,   171 
George  Warren,  101-179 
Hannali,    102 
Harriet  Erwin,  226 
Hattie  Warden,   274 
Helen  Eliza,  226 
Herbert  Wilson,  274 
James,  102-103 
Joanna,  102 
John,  85-89-102 
John  W.,  174-175-257-268-269-270- 

John  Wesley,  100-178 
Jonathan,  lOS' ' 
Josephine,   145 
Lydia,  102 
Lydia  S.,  171 
Margaret,    103 
Marion  L.,  273 
Marion    Bernard,    226 
Martha,    91-146 
Mary,    102-103 

Wheeler,  Mercy,    103 

Mira,  171 

Moses    Allen,    145-225-226 

Nathan,    103 

Nathan    H.,    171 

Nancy   Maria,    175 

Nancy   N.,   178 

Percy   G.,    273 

Perley  J.,  273 

Priscilla,    103 

Eachel,   103 

Eebecca,   102,   103 

Eosa  A.,  273 

Euth,   101 

Sally,   88-103 

Samuel,  102 

Sarah,   102 

Sarah   Frances,   145 

Sarah    W.,    173-175 

Sarah   Warden,    274 

Silence,    100-1  OS' 

Sina,    103 

Susan  Grace,  180 

Susanna,  103 

Thankful,    102 

Theodosia    M.,    133 

Thomas,    51-88-101-143-145-225 

Thomas  S.,   103 

Timothy,   102 

Warren,   100 

William,  101 

William   A.,    224-225 

William  Augustus,   88-99-143-144 

William  Fiske,   144-225 

William  Stephen,  225 

Wilson,     100-173-174-268-274-275- 

Zaccheus,    58-100-103-173-176-178- 
Whipple,   Gertrude   Bailey;   180 
White,   Abigail,   95 

Alice  W.,  276 

Allison   G.,   265 

Amy,   130 

Dolly,  41 

Effie   D.,   313 

Effie  Davis,   259 

Haven    L.,    ISO 

Jane,    130 

John    Albert,    130 

John    C,    164-258-313 

Justice,    35 

Lancing,    130 

Lucetta,  IS'O 

Lucy    E.,    313 

Mabel    Helen,    125-207 



White,  Mary,   130 

Mary  D.,   65-120 

Mary  P.,   183 

Ona,   75-130 

Phebe  M.,   246-311 

Sherwood,    IS'O 

Sally,    65-119 

Sarah,    130 

Wells  M.,   67 

Wyman,    130 
"V^Tiiteridge,   Thomas,  60 
Whitlock,   Philip,   258 

Eichard   Alfred,    258 
Whitney,  Alice  G.,  265 

Alice  W.,  276 

Bertha,    276 

Charles  W.,  266 

Charles  Willis,  276 

Eddie   S.,   265 

Eva  C,   265 

Prances  G-.,  266 

Frank,    265 

Florence,   266 

Oeorge  W.,   265 

PEelen  L.,   276 

Ira,   100-171-265-266 

Ira  H.,  171 

E.  P.,  161 

Eena,  276 

Eevi  J.^  265 

Eevi   L.,    171 

Mamie   G.,   265 

Marion   E.,    276 

Mary   W.,    265 

Maud    E.,    265 

Mira  M.,   266 

Nathan,    103-265 

Parish   H.,   171 

Sullivan,   265 

Susan,    265-266 

Susan   H.,    171 

W.    W.,    276 

Willie,  265 

Zelin  M.,  171 
Whittaker,  William,  58 
Whittelsey,  E.  G.,  243 
Whittum,  Bertha  Hastings,  171 

George  E.,  171 
Wicks,  Lillian  J.,  286 
Wickes,  W.  K.,  238 
Wiggin,  James  B.,  140 
Wiley,  Cornelia  M.,   100-172 
Wilder,  Eliza  Tolman,  287 

Euth  M.,  287 
Willard,  Wales  H.,  67 
Williams,   Ann,   24-317 

AVilliams,  Charity,  48-84 

Jacob,  84 

John,  16-24 

Eoger,  285 

Sally,  48-84 
Wilson,  President,  220 
Wincote,  Lizzie  A.,  137 
Wing,  Abner,  138 

Mary,   76 

Kezia  A.,   181 

SalHe,   82 

Sally,    47 
Winston,   Orsamus,   118 
Winter,    Timothy,    103 
Winthrop,   Governor,  5 
Winslow,   Alice,  50  • 

David  L.,   88 

Hezekiah,    50 

Edward,  19 

Ezra,  50 

James,    18 

Job,    50 

Kenelen,  11-50 

Keziah,   60 

Eichard,    50 

Eosamond,   50 

Samuel,    22 

Tisdale,    29 
Wiswell,  Charles  Dexter,   207 

Charles   H.,   125-207  ■ 

Kittie,    207 

Margie,    207 
Wolf,  Charles,  234-236 
Wolcott,   Governor,   253 
Wood,  Colonel,  40 

Everett  S.,  279 

Ernest  W.,   279 

Harvey,    167-258 

Herbert  P.,   279 

Horace  L.,  180 

Jacob,    102 

Lueinda,    90-145 

Maiy   P.,    116 

Sarah   J.,   149 

Sarah  Jane,   2S'0 

Lewis  S.,  180 

Lucy  E.,   259 

Mary  P.,  202 

Eachel,  102 

Silas  G.,  278 

Warren,    41 

William,    11 
Woodbridge,  Benjamin  E.,  50 
Woodbury,   Captain,   98 
Woode,   Ann,    13 

Annie,    13 



Woode,  Elizabeth,   13 
Martha,   13 
Mary,   13 
Eichard,   9-13 
Samuel,  13 
Sarah,  13 

Woode,  Thomas,  13 

•loseph,  45 

Jesse,  54 
Wyett,  Sarah,  112 
Young,   Adaline   Barry,   225 

Eobert,   32